The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Mistress Crimson faces Michael Pinolva

Chapter 9: Mistress Crimson vs. Michael Pinolva

Tanya glanced at the clock on the dash as her driver pulled into the parking lot. She had arrived at the Pinolva Palace precisely 12 minutes early for her 3 o’clock meeting with Michael Pinolva. Yesterday her lust spell had lasted a little over half an hour. She patiently waited a few more minutes before chanting with lustful intensity.

I dedicate this afternoon, to love, to lust, to passion, to the goddess Aphrodite, and to all things sexy and free.

A minute later she walked confidently through the front door of the hotel, wearing a leather dress that pushed the boundary between business casual and dominatrix. The cleverly camouflaged crop, clasped to her left thigh, heavily implied the later.

An entourage of 4 of her crimson puppets followed along behind her, but they weren’t wearing any puppet goo, and she wasn’t pulling their strings. They were dressed in long coats, concealing seductive leather outfits.

Her group was led down a long flight of stairs, deep into the basement of the building. At the bottom they made a left, and then walked through a heavy wooden double-doorway held open by security guards. Inside they saw a cozy conference room where 5 old white guys in fancy suits sat around an impressively phallic table. Pinolva sat at what can only be described as the balls of the table, laid back in his recliner with his legs spread wide, as if he was sporting a 6 foot long mahogany woody.

Thank you for inviting us here today,” Tanya greeted the old men. Then she walked around the table, shaking their hands and memorizing their names and faces. From left to right they were Jeffery, Harvey, Michael, Davey, and Chuck. No last names were given.

The first two men were unimportant nobodies, undoubtedly misogynist lechers with just enough money to buy Pionolva’s favor. The middle one was completely expected, Pinolva himself, but the last two were quite surprising.

“Dafuq are the Cock brothers doing here?! in a meeting to sell outfits for casino bimbos?” Tanya wondered silently to herself. She had thought that the scope of their scheme was to build a patriarchal male fantasy land. The Cock brother’s presence at this meeting implied there was far more to it than that.

“Are the international lube barons here to bankroll the bimbofication project?” Tanya pondered privately whilst keeping a friendly expression on her face. “With their wealth they could take this worldwide and brainwash all womankind.”

The implications were mindboggling, but the meeting had to proceed. “This is my only chance to get Pinolva alone. I ain’t gonna ruin it by letting em know that I know bout his plan.” She let go of all worries and fears with a confident affirmation. “It don’t really matter. Whatever they’re planning’s gonna fall apart once I make Pinolva submit to me and become my obedient puppet.”

The question Tanya should have answered was, ‘why did the Cock brothers bother showing up to this meeting at all?’ She failed to consider the possibility that they were here to see a demonstration of the process. They were, in fact, here to witness Tanya and observe her mental faculties. If Pinolva could take a Savvy businesswoman and make her behave like a hyperhorny fuckslut, then the Cock Brothers would sign on as business partners.

The savvy businesswomen stared at the five men sitting before her. She took three steps towards the front of the room, then one deep breath to calm her worried mind. Her puppets followed obediently in line.

You all know the strategy to get ahead in the entertainment business,” Tanya began in a sultry tone. The enchanted coral, dangling from her ears, pulsed with invisible energy, amplifying her natural charm. She captivated them with her voice whilst stealthily pulling out her crop and subtly shifting into position to strike.

You cater to horny people, looking to blow a load of cash. They come in frustrated after a long hard work week. You give them something pretty to look at as they lose their money at your games. They focus on the pretty little things and forget about the rest of the world.

THWAP, her crop landed suddenly and the first puppet sprung into motion. They pulled off their coat, revealing a sexy body coated in skimpy brown leather straps which interlocked in an intricate pattern, putting their soft skin on display. They slowly walked around the table, swaying their hips, back and forth.

Look at that outfit,” Tanya lustfully demanded as her puppet did a little twirl. “See for yourself just how easy it is to give in to the lust of leather.

All five men were eager to oblige, as the pretty little puppet bent over and touched their toes in a sudden drop. Their ass was practically in Jeffery’s face, a perfect round and squishy distraction to ensure that these men would let Tanya’s suggestions sink in.

The lecherous businessman reached out to give that tantalizing booty a squeeze, so the puppet simply rolled forwards, deftly dodging the advance. This teasing display left a tent in his trousers which made it crystal clear that Jeffery was hung.

Envision the way it clings to their curves,” Tanya continued, “bathed in the flashing lights as they stroll seductively past the slut machines. Your patrons hardly notice as their credits drop, steadily downwards towards that inevitable zero. They just stare at the pretty outfits without a care in mind.

THWAP! A second puppet stripped off their jacket on cue and began a sexy dance around the room. They wore a skimpy leather dress with a low cut neckline that nicely displayed their busty chest. The bottom half of their round and shapely bottom hung out the alluringly low cut bottom of their sexy black leather dress. It jiggled and wiggled, turning every step into a lustful distraction to enhance the power of Tanya’s suggestions.

You’ll come to see my dresses as a gorgeous ass set for your new casino.” Tanya said with a wink and a smile, as her puppets’ hips swayed back and forth. She watched the eyes of the men as they watched the alluring dance. She smiled internally at the telltale signs that all of her subjects exhibit when they give in to the pleasure trance.

We custom tailor each piece to ensure that it’s stunningly beautiful, from top,” Tanya paused for emphasis, tracing a finger across her crop, “to bottom. It’s simple supply and demand really. Your audience demands a sexy look that keeps them coming back, and coming time and again. I demand quality work from my employees to supply the custom pieces you require. And you’ll find that your profits swell uncontrollably when you meet my demands.

THWAP! Another puppet stripped to reveal a fascinating leather bikini, made of hardly any leather at all. Their bouncy chest was barely contained by a pair of small leather circles connected by an array of thin leather straps. Their bottom was covered in much the same way. In fact, the largest pieces of fabric they wore, as they sauntered around the room, was the matching cuffs around their wrists and collar around their neck.

Leather is dominating the fashion market this year,” Tanya continued, “filling everyone’s minds with lust. You can see for yourself that my outfits are irresistibly captivating. Imagine how easily your customers will submit to my power. Do you want to dominate with my outfits? or do you want to submit?“

THWAP! The fourth puppet stripped off their jacket, revealing a tantalizing miniskirt below a tightly laced corset. Their hands traced seductive lines across the fabric as they walked round the room on display. Their subtle movements and sexy style drove all the men wild with lust. Every eye in the room was upon them and every cock was diamond hard.

I think my outfits have spoken for themselves,” Tanya concluded with a smile. “You’re obviously waking up to the idea that my outfits are irresistible. It’s easy to think of all the profits you’ll make once you sign me on to your team. You know what you want. So let’s make a deal.

The five men just stared dumfounded, with lustful smiles on their faces. They had forgotten all but three things during Tanya’s presentation: the models were hot, the clothing was sexy, and they all secretly wanted to submit to Tanya. They blinked, then nodded approvingly at one another in silent conversation as they continued to wake up from the stunning performance.

You’re hired,” said Harvey, “Now you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve got a very important hands on meeting to attend with Mr. Johnson.” Then he slinked out of the room, failing to hide an obvious erection.

We should get going as well,” Davey said as he nodded in agreement. “I trust you to handle things from here Mr. Pinolva.

That’s quite the outfit sugar,” Pinolva said, as the of his co-conspirators left the room. “If you smiled a little more you could be a dancer at one of my clubs. Now what do say we go up to my suite and consummate this deal?

Lead the way,” Replied Tanya, in a lustful voice which concealed the disgust she was feeling. Then she turned to her puppets and said. “You lot head home. You performed wonderfully. I’ll take care of things from here.

Tanya noticed that the same two bodyguards were waiting outside the conference room door. “These must be Pinolva’s personal body guards,” she realized, as they stepped into the elevator.

“Damn you’ve got some nice legs” she thought, assessing the strength of the guard on her left. “and you’ve got like 20 concealed restraints,” she covertly counted as the elevator ascended. “Looks like my kind of party.”

A chime rang out and the doors opened up. Michael stepped out first, and walked all the way down to the end of an unexpectedly short hallway, which led to the door to his private suite. The Guards took up positions on either side of the door as Pinolva motioned Tanya inside.

Make yourself comfortable baby, they won’t bother us in here,” Michael said, gesturing at a luxurious sofa which faced away from his private bar. “I’ll go fix us something to drink.

Tanya sat down on the sofa and pretended to fix up her makeup. She held a tube of lipstick in her hand as she spied on him with her pocket mirror. Through this tiny circular reflection she witnessed Michael Pinolva pour from two distinct decanters. Both drinks looked almost perfectly identical, but Tanya’s was almost certainly laced with some kind of knock out drug.

Where I come from it is customary to seal a deal with a toast,” Pinolva explained as he handed Tanya her glass. “Single malt, aged 18 years just like the company I built. I propose a toast to our future together as business partners.

Where I come from it is customary to seal a deal with a kiss,” answered Tanya. “And what better way to loosen our lips than a stiff drink of whiskey. Cheers.

They clinked glasses and each took generous sips before leaning into a kiss. Tanya pretended to swallow, whilst keeping a mouth full of drug laced whiskey. She could already feel the drug sinking in by the time Michael lowered his glass. “Damn, this shit is strong!” she worried, as she started to feel woozy and disoriented “I’ve got to act fast.”

Tanya’s lips pressed lightly up against Michael’s, then she reach around the back of his head and pulled him firmly against her. His lips parted and his tongue darted out. Her lips parted and she pressed her tongue against his, forcing her way in. Then she grabbed him by the hair and spat the drugged liquid into his mouth.

She pulled him downwards and towered above him, keeping him locked in a kiss to prevent him from spitting out the drugs. Then she reached into a secret pocket on her ass to retrieve a hidden vial of puppet goo. She was just about to open it when Pinolva made his move.

Jaaame! Fighluck!” He called out in garbled English through the mouthful of knock out juice.

“Thighlock?” thought Mistress Crimson. “Did he just say Thighlock?! Is that the name of his bodyguard? Why are they named thighlock?” Then she heard footsteps rapidly approaching and turned to see an unexpectedly pantless bodyguard sprinting forwards.

“Oh my Goddess!” Tanya thought. “Those are the most magnificently massive thighs that I have ever seen before. I could watch you run all day long and Oh fuck they’re leaping at my face!” The spectacle of those marvelous thighs almost distracted Tanya enough to not notice, as the second bodyguard stepped into the doorway and threw something thin and shiny.

“Those thighs are moving too fast to dodge!” Mistress Crimson realized too late. “I’ve got to block them qui- oh shit what was tha—”

Clack! Clack! two pairs of handcuffs collided simultaneously with her wrists as she raised them in defense. The impact pulled her arms behind her back, where the two cuffs locked together.

“How the fuck did they do that?” Tanya wond-

WHAM! Thighlock’s pelvis collided with her face and their legs wrapped tightly round her head. The two fighters tumbled down onto the sofa and they held her tightly in a thigh lock.

You licking mmm... LISTEN here sugar tits,” said Michael, slurring his words just a little. The drug was impeding his mind but he had not consumed enough to pass out. “You’s going to become... a thoughtless ditz and obees, OBEY me, whether you like it or not.

Hell no!” Mistress Crimson declared. She opened her vial of puppet goo and twisted her body, flinging it blindly at Michael. Some of it landed on his crotch and melted a hole through his pants. She formed it into a sharp ring around his cock, then tightened it into a painful vice grip. “call off your guard or I’ll squeeze the life from your cock!

Tighlot,” said Michael, in a high pitched voice. “The tunder tie technique if you peas.

“The thunder what technique?!” Tanya worried, as the thighs around her head began to vibrate and thrum with incredible power. She squeezed the ring with all her magical might. Michael screamed out in agony, but it was too late to call off the attack.

BATHOOM! A deafening sonic boom erupted forth from those magnificent thighs, as thighlock’s muscles flexed fast enough to break the sound barrier. The resulting thunderclap hit her brain with a bang and nearly knocked her unconscious in an instant. Her vice grip on Pinolva’s cock loosened as she lost focus on the spell.

You’re going to feel dizzy, lightheaded, and drained for a while,” Thighlock whispered in a comforting voice as he ran his fingers through Tanya’s hair. “And that’s okay. It’s okay if your dazed and disoriented mind just drifts along in my words. Here in my luscious thighs you don’t need to think at all. Not when It’s so much easier to just kiss and lick and tune out the world around you.

Tanya’s lips started licking and kissing all on their own. She kissed up and down and back and forth covering every inch of luscious muscular thigh with lovely little kisses and licks, eliciting pleasant moans from above. “Thighlock’s thighs are so powerful and seductive” she thought to herself as her own lust spell amplified her desire to worship and be crushed by those glorious thighs.

Several minutes flashed by in a hazy blur of thighs, as Tanya gave in to her desires. The micro dose of drug quickly ran its course, but the lust spell kept her thunder-clapped mind in a constant state of thigh desire. She hardly noticed as Michael got to his feet and walked over to look down on her. The spectacular thighs enveloping her head demanded the undivided attention of her lustful lips and disoriented mind.

You’re going to be my mindless plaything soon,” Michael’s voice laughed down from above as Tanya focused on kissing and pleasing the delicious thighs that were easily squeezing the thoughts from her seemingly overwhelmed and lust filled mind.

I’m going to enjoy playing with your body once I bimbofy your mind,” his voice continued in an evil monologue, but the words were meaningless compared to the magical thighs that held Tanya in a lustfully crushing embrace.

But you’re not like the other bimbos,” Michael Monologued on as Tanya lost herself in thighs. Her breasts were suddenly bare and she could feel a pair of hands groping and squeezing, but she was too busy pleasing and worshipping Thighlock to care.

Oh no. You’re something special, Mistress Crimson!” Michael Declared, whilst pinching both nipples for emphasis. He didn’t notice that Tanya’s brain woke up at the mention of her alto ego. Thighlock didn’t notice either because Tanya never stopped kissing their massive muscular thighs.

When I’m done having my fun, you’re going to get the MP Ultra treatment, then serve on my private guard,” Michael explained as his hands reached downwards. Mistress Crimson’s mind was clearing, but she was still too disoriented to do anything but pretend to be dazed.

You will crave obedience to my will. You will serve and protect me as your Master, alongside all the other ‘heroes’ who thought they could take me down,” Michael finished as he thrust a finger inside.

What I’m saying here,” Michael stated as his digit thrust deep inside. “Is that I’m gonna take that whip of yours, and you’re going to be my slave like back in the good old days when metro was great.

Tanya could barely think, but she couldn’t lay idly by any longer. She reached out with her magic and reformed the ring, squeezing with all of her might. Unfortunately Michael noticed before her puppet goo ring was complete.

Thighlock!” He demanded. “Another thunder thigh technique, if you will. One thigh aught to do it this time.

Yes Sir.” Thighlock answered as their left thigh obediently began to thrum with power. For a moment there was a calming stillness and then.

BATHOOM! Mistress Crimson’s world went dark.

* * *

Later that night, when Blair and Martha showed up to meet Tanya, they almost walked into an ambush. Twenty heavily armed and armored assailants were waiting inside the door with stun batons, knockout gas, and tranquilizer rifles. The fight would have ended in less than an instant, in a tragic defeat for the magical duo.

Fortunately Martha was on high alert. She had spent the day alone, taking lots of time to wake up and recover from the intense brainwashing session. When Blair returned and recounted her tale, she knew that their fight was far from over. She opened her eyes and her second sight and saw right through the ambush.

They knew right away that Tanya was in incredible danger and that the two of them couldn’t handle it alone. They needed a powerful ally if they wanted to have any chance in this impossible fight. There was only one hero they knew of who might possibly be able to help. Reluctantly Blair pulled out her business card for “’Cheshire Cat Investigative Services’. She didn’t want to be in his debt again, but she was waking up to the fact that this was her only chance at success.