The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Sultry Girl fights a seductive puppet master.

Trance Advisory: This chapter is designed to entrance the reader and induce sensations of pleasure and pain. Not everyone likes painful sensations, and that’s okay. If you drift off into trance while reading this, you will only feel sensations that sound enjoyable to you.

Chapter 5: The Crimson Puppeteer.

Blair and Martha were reunited the following weekend. Martha agreed to be Blair’s sidekick, but she wouldn’t fight crime with Sultry Girl until her magic was stronger. For now she was training and acting as secretary in their new office. Technically it was just a room in Blair’s apartment, converted into an office, but it was a big step forwards in Sultry Girl’s superhero career. A sign outside read ‘Sultry Girl and Lustry Lass: Heroes for hire’. Now they could meet with clients in a professional setting, and store their files in an organized way. All they needed was some clients.

The first three days of business were slow, and barely profitable. Blair helped find a missing child and some lost pets. She also helped a man evict his drunken and abusive ex boyfriend. Her first big case came in on day four. Ruth, a nightclub owner, came to her asking for protection. Ruth explained that nightclubs on her street were being robbed. The culprits struck early Saturday mornings, after the crowds died down but before the money from their busiest business day could be deposited. Four clubs had been hit that month. Ruth was worried that her club would be the fifth.

Blair did some research before showing up. She found out that the other clubs were all owned by the same man, Michael Pinolva. This wasn’t surprising. Pinolva industries owns half the businesses in downtown Metro. Michael was a vicious businessman who used his power and influence to launch a political campaign. Blair hated his politics, which were a massive step in the wrong direction for woman’s rights and the LGBT community. If somebody was purposely striking a blow against Mr. Pinolva, the last thing Blair wanted to do was stand in their way.

Ruth’s club, on the other hand, seemed worth protecting. Blair showed up at 3am, just as the bartender was announcing last call. She ordered a drink to calm her anxious brain, then waited for the place to empty out. For the next half hour she slowly sipped her rum and coke, trying to focus on anything beyond the mind numbing dance music. When the inebriating liquid ran out, she blinked her eyes and stared into the empty glass.

We meet again. I’m so glad you could make it.” A familiar voice whispered sweetly into Blair’s ear.

Blair spun around, and recognized the woman from the kink party. She was wearing the same crimson latex dress. No. That’s not quite right, Blair realized. The color was the same, and it clung to her curves in the same intoxicatingly sexy way, but the pattern was different. She sat down next to Blair and locked eyes. Her stare was intense, so hard to look away from. Blair hardly noticed when the music shut off and the last of the dancers stumbled towards the door.

What do you mean you’re glad I could make it? “ Blair inquired, trying to make sense of the statement.

I want your magic,” The woman replied, as if that somehow explained everything. Her voice was slow and sweet, like honey. Words rolled smoothly off her tongue and stuck deep in Blair’s brain. “Specifically I want those earrings with the lust spell. But where are my manners. My name is Tanya, and most people call me Mistress Crimson.

It’s a pleasure to officially meet you Tanya,” Blair Responded. “You can call me Blair. I can craft you a pair, enchanted with the same spell. It will cost you quite a lot though, and the effectiveness of the spell will depend on your own magical abilities.

Money is not an issue,” Tanya replied. “How soon will they be ready?

I can craft the earrings on the next full moon. Then it will take a complete lunar cycle to weave the enchantment. So about 6 weeks.

Too long,” replied Tanya. “I’ll buy the pair you’ve already made.

Hold on a second,” said Blair. “What do you intend to use them for? Those earrings are charged with my own magical energy and could easily be traced back to me.

I need them to help me get alone with Michael Pinolva.” Tanya explained. “I need to do it before he passes the Homemaker act.

I’m sorry.” Blair replied “I would love to take down Pinolva, but I’m not ready for this. Mr. Pinolva is one of the strongest men in town. What would I do if you fail and he traces the magic back to me?

Don’t be sorry,” said Tanya. “I was hoping to do this the hard way. I’ve wanted to conquer you since that night at the party, and now I will get what I want. You were hired to defend this club, and I’m the one who’s been hitting the clubs on this street. I could easily take you by force and make you do anything. Instead I propose that we wager on the outcome of our fight. If I win, you sell your earrings to me. If you win, I’ll quadruple your commission for defending this club.

You think you can take me?” Blair tried to sound tough, but her mind was filling up with seductive thoughts of being dominated by Mistress Crimson. She pushed all those thoughts from her head then offered a counter proposal that she hoped would give her an edge. “I accept your wager, but on one condition. You only win the fight if I agree to give you the earrings before the sun rises. This shouldn’t be a problem, seeing as you can easily force me to do anything.

Tanya thought about that for a moment, then agreed. ”I accept your terms. Let’s take this outside. I don’t think either of us wants to trash the place.

Blair invoked her earrings as they walked to the side door. ”Feel the fire, embrace the flame. Oh Hestia I call your name. Eternal hearth burning so bright, grant me your sacred fiery might.” She felt the energy of the Hearth Goddess rush through her, and she coated her entire body in a thin layer of dancing flames. Her clothing glowed red below the firelight but it wouldn’t burn off unless Sultry Girl wanted it to. She was learning to control her powers.

The door opened to a secluded alley, and four figures stepped out of the shadows. Each of them was covered from head to toe in a crimson latex suit. They moved in unison, as if they shared a single mind. Meanwhile Tanya stood in the doorway, moving her hands like she was pulling on invisible strings. The assailants responded to Tanya’s motions as if they were puppets. Sultry Girl decided to take out the puppets first, and then deal with the puppeteer. That was her first mistake.

The crimson puppets closed in and lunged towards Sultry Girl. Two went high and two went low, each one grabbing for a different limb. She didn’t question what they were trying to do. That was mistake number two. She was playing into Mistress Crimson’s hand without suspecting a thing. Each mistake drew her deeper into a cunning trap, that she was blissfully unaware of.

The fiery superhero let her instincts kick in and launched a perfect counter attack. She leapt up to the right and kneed a crimson puppet in the face. All her fire concentrated into the strike at the moment of impact. Her opponent dropped down in a single attack, knocked out but still alive. Blair didn’t notice, but the crimson suit did more than just protect him from the fire. Mistake number three was not noticing how deep she was falling into the trap. She was losing the fight without even realizing what was happening.

The blissfully oblivious witch spun around and aimed a flaming kick at a second puppet. They blocked the kick, but got taken out by a fiery explosion to the gut. Two down, two to go. This was almost too easy. She didn’t know it, but Mistress Crimson was thinking the exact same thing. That was mistake number four. She was in deep trouble now, and soon she would be completely ensnared.

The remaining pair of puppets lunged forward, each reaching for an arm. Sultry Girl tried to leap back, intending to follow up with a flaming counterattack. She tried to jump, but her knees buckled under her and she barely kept her footing. The puppets grabbed her arms and forced her up against the wall. Then their hands roamed her body. They sensually caressed as much of her as they could reach. A pleasant tingling sensation followed moments after their touch. It felt so arousing that she leaned into it when one of them grabbed her ass and the other started fondling her chest.

For a few seconds she didn’t know how to react. The mindlessly horny witch just stood there unable to think. That was mistake number five. She managed to gather her wits momentarily, but trap was complete and there was no way out. The flaming fighter focused her fire below the puppet’s hands. They recoiled in pain, and she finished them quickly with a pair of flaming punches. That’s when she noticed that her arms were coated in crimson. It wasn’t just her arms. Her right knee, left leg, and most of her torso was also covered as well. She tried to rush towards Tanya, but she slipped when her knees buckled again. Her body felt so heavy that she could barely stand.

You feel that buckling sensation in your knees girl. That’s my puppet goo, making you bow down to me. I see you’re strong enough to resist its pull, but soon your mind will give in to me. I’ve got your entire body covered and I can make you feel anything I want you to feel.

Sultry Girl felt like she was slowly sinking to her knees. She found that if she focused she could overpower the sensation, but it took an immense amount of effort just to move her legs. With intense focus she regained control of her body, but that sinking feeling never went away. Every time she lost focus, even for a moment, she felt herself drop.

Mistress Crimson watched her plaything struggle for a while. Then she taught her new puppet a lesson about who pulls the strings.

The helpless hero charged forward and aimed a fiery punch. At the last possible moment she felt a sharp pinching sensation on her nipples, followed by a lingering warmth. The sudden jolt of pain and pleasure dropped her concentration and she swung wide as her knees buckled uncontrollably. She turned and launched a second punch, but was overcome by the sensation of a cane thwapping against her ass. For a moment all she could think about was the intense stinging pain. Then a soothing warmth wiped that thought away. She tried to swing again, but a second cane strike overpowered her mind. Then a third strike followed, as Mistress Crimson leapt back out of melee range.

That’s when Sultry Girl started to notice how aroused she was getting. Every sensation induced by her puppet master made that arousal grow stronger. Everything from the gentle rubbing on her crotch, to the squeezing of her breasts. Even the red hot stinging on her ass was making her mind melt with pleasure. She knew that she would lose control if she didn’t end the fight quickly.

The fiery female stumbled forwards with a desperate flaming fist. Her mistress merely moved back a step and made her moan in pleasure and pain. She couldn’t get close enough to land a single blow, and soon she wouldn’t be able to fight back against the overwhelming sensations. Soon she wouldn’t want to fight back against the pleasure. Her mind was already filling up with wonderful thoughts about how good it would feel to give in.

Sultry Girl pushed all those thoughts from her mind, focusing completely on the fight. She wasn’t ready to give in, not yet. She charged forward feigning a flaming punch, intending to unleash a devastating spin kick the moment Mistress Crimson tipped her hand. She prepared her mind for the enticingly erotic sensation that she knew was coming soon.

Instead she felt a pulling, like a string forcing her to follow through with the feigned punch. The lower half of her body planted itself for a kick and the upper half lunged helplessly forward. She stumbled and fell to the ground. That’s when the irresistibly arousing sensations kicked in. She felt a rubbing sensation over her crotch and a sensual squeezing on her breast. A moan escaped her lips despite her efforts to maintain control.

Then a hand grabbed her tightly by the hair and forced her head down into the ground. At the same time that cane returned to her ass and started mercilessly thwapping. Sultry Girl whimpered and moaned as the sensations overpowered her mind. She pushed her ass into the air and her face down into the ground. Invisible strings were guiding her now, and her whole body shivered in pleasure when she gave in to their pull.

You’re mine now girl,” Mistress Crimson said, as she slowly sauntered forwards. “Give in and tell your Mistress who you belong to.

Something about those words made Sultry Girl realize the gravity of her situation. This was the point of no return. She wanted to give in, but she needed to fight back. If she didn’t fight back now, if she didn’t find some way to turn this battle around, then she was going to lose herself to Mistress Crimson’s control. She steadied her mind, pushed out all of her distractions and doubts, then gathered her energy for one final assault.

Never!” Sultry Girl declared, launching a fireball at Tanya’s feet. It exploded violently and for a moment she was completely free of the puppet goo’s control. This was her final chance to turn the fight around. She charged forward blindly and unleashed a fiery flurry of savage strikes.

Mistress Crimson had specifically modified her puppet goo for this fight, protecting her from the fire. The sudden burst of light broke her concentration, but she was not worried. She blocked each strike with the expert precision of a trained martial artist, and let Sultry Girl play out her fury. When it was over she redoubled her magical efforts to control the fiery fighter. It wouldn’t take long for the exhausted witch to sink back into her control.

Sultry Girl punched and kicked. She fought like her mind depended on it, letting loose a devastating combo that would have left any normal fighter lying face down in the dirt. But she was fighting against a well trained and powerful adversary. Her momentum slowly faded as exhaustion sunk in to her heavy tired muscles. Her strikes were almost as slow and sluggish as her dazed and dizzy mind.

Mistress Crimson knocked her backwards with a decisive counter, then reestablished control of the puppet goo. Sultry Girl’s plan didn’t work! She had thrown everything into that attack, but Mistress Crimson was still standing strong. There was only one thing she could do in a situation like this. It was the only thing she could think of doing. She knelt down to the ground and her flames went dark.

To be continued...