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Afternoon at the Pink Yoga Studio

Chapter 1

“It was fun, see you again soon!”

Nataly waved to her friends as she left the café. It had been a good time meeting up with her friends. Nataly had been a bit intimidated. Most of them had serious jobs and were thinking of starting a family, Nataly was still working odd jobs and never seemed to be able too keep a boyfriend or girlfriend around for more than a few months. She hadn’t really experienced that part of her life as something out of the ordinary, but apparently, she really was lagging.

That realisation left her a bit startled, she hadn’t felt this stressed since university and it was not a state of mind she longed to return to. Luckily there was another event planned today: her weekly yoga practice. Nothing relaxed her like yoga did. She had dabbled in some other sports and relaxation exercises like mindfulness, but nothing hit the spot quite like yoga did.

The yoga studio was a couple of streets from the café, it was an inconspicuous building, a single door in between two nightclubs. Behind the door was a small lobby with a counter, a few chairs, tables and some flyers on yoga and health.

“Hey Nataly, good to see you,” the girl behind the counter said. She was a slim 20-something blonde with hair up to her shoulders and a kind smile. Nataly had thought about asking her out, but she had so far always forgotten to do so after the yoga sessions.

“Thanks Lisa, it’s good to see you too, what room am I in today?”

“Room 4, to the left, have a good session!” Nataly smiled as she walked past the counter into the corridor. Nataly entered room 4 and put her bag down. The room was rather small and was painted a soft pink colour. There was a chair in the corner, a mirror on wall and a tv screen on the wall across from the mirror. Nataly put down her Yoga mat and locked the door to the hallway. As she started to undress, she looked in the mirror.

Her friends may have fancy jobs and stable relationships, but at least she had a rocking body. She was average in height, rather slim and a bit muscly. Her skin was a very light white and her red hair went down to her just below her breasts. Her breasts were firm and larger then would be expected of someone so slim, her nipples were a deep pink tone and she had a few cute freckles on her cheeks and nose.

She put on her black yoga pants, het sports bra and her bright red sports top. She rolled out here yoga mat and sat down in front of the screen and pressed the remote to begin the session. The screen turned to a deep pink and Nataly was greeted by a familiar voice, “Welcome to the session” the voice spoke.

“For our first position, please stand up and point you arms towards the sky.” Nataly stood up and performed the position the voice ordered. Her body getting a bit tingly and warm.

“Good, please move to slowly touch your feet with your fingertips.” Nataly followed the instructions and stretched to her toes, her body getting hotter.

“Now, place yourself on the ground and raise yourself up with your arms, curling your back up a bit, keep your eyes at the screen.” Nataly moved into the new position and gazed at the screen. The screen was a very deep colour, it commanded her attention and made her want to gaze deeper into it.

“Now move to sit on your knees, your body upright and relaxed, do not take your eyes of the screen.” Nataly obeyed, she couldn’t look away from the screen and felt herself being drawn deeper into it.

“Stare deeply into the screen,” Nataly couldn’t disobey.

“You feel relaxed.”

“I feel relaxed,” Nataly said.

“you like feeling relaxed.”

“I like feeling relaxed” Nataly repeated.

“Following instructions helps you feel relaxed.”

“Following instructions helps me feel relaxed,” Nataly felt her body getting hotter.

“you love obeying instructions.”

“I love obeying instructions,” Nataly’s body got even hotter.

“you love to obey.”

“I love to obey,” Nataly spoke while staring deeply into the screen.

“you are a slave.”

“I am a slave,” Nataly repeated obediently.

“you love being a slave.”

“I love being a slave,” Nataly felt herself getting wet with anticipation, her body knowing exactly what to do.

“Good slaves serve their Master.”

“Good slaves serve their master.”

“Good slaves give themselves to their master.”

“Good slaves give themselves to their master,” Nataly repeated.

“you are a good slave, you love to serve your master.”

“I am a good slave, I love to serve my master,” Nataly moaned slightly as she spoke those words.

“Are you ready to serve your master?” the voice spoke.

“Yes master, I am a good slave, I love being a good slave, I love to serve my master, I live to serve my master, I want nothing more than to give myself to my master” Nataly spoke blindly, she felt her underwear getting soaked and her body getting ever hotter, she loved feeling obedient and staring into the deep pink screen.

“Take off your clothes,” the voice said.

“yes master, I obey master,” Nataly stood up and took of her top, bra, pants, and panties, her nipples were hard and her panties were drenched and smelled like sex.

The voice stopped and the door into the room opened. A man walked in. “Your master is here,” the man said.

Nataly turned her gaze from the screen to the man, “Yes master, how can I serve you, master?” The man unzipped his pants, lowering them to his knees, revealing a big, erect cock. Nataly felt her pussy juices seep past her legs. She got on her knees in front of the man.

“Good slaves love to serve their master,” Nataly started sucking the man’s cock. It was big and hard and warm. Nataly loved the feeling of the man’s cock in her mouth, she loved the feeling of moving her lips back and forth over it and she loved licking it. She loved feeling obedient and serving her master with her mouth, she felt blessed to be able to fulfil her role as her master’s slave. She felt a tilt and then felt her mouth being filled by the man’s cum.

“A good slave serves her master perfectly,” the mantra echoed through her head as she drank the man’s cum, not spilling a single drip. Her mind went blank with euphoria and bliss, she felt her pussy tightening as an orgasm coursed through her body. She let out a loud moan as she swallowed the last of the man’s cum.

“Thank you master, I love to serve you master,” she said to the man.

“Lay on the ground and spread your pussy for me.” A wave of bliss went through Nataly’s head as she received her master’s orders. She got down on the yoga matt and put her back to the floor. She opened her legs and spread her soft pink pussy with her fingers. Smooth and shaven as master had ordered.

“Please use me master, I live to be used by you master,” saying those words made Nataly even more horny, she got so hot from the idea of being used by her master. The man took off his pants and sat down on his knees. He used his hand to bring his cock towards Nataly’s pussy. The feeling of the man sliding his hard cock into Nataly’s soaking pussy was overwhelming. Nataly’s pussy felt extremely sensitive, every twitch and thrust of her master’s cock felt like an ocean wave in her mind. She felt her mind being washed away by every thrust, lost in a constant rush of bliss.

“Yes master, use me master,” Nataly screamed.

“I love to serve you master; I live to be your slave.” Every mantra she screamed filled her with bliss. The man pulled his cock out of Nataly and went to lay on his back.

“You go on top now, slave.”

Her master calling her ‘slave’ sent a thrill through Nataly’s body. “yes master, I love to serve master” Nataly said panting. She climbed on top of the man and lowered her pussy over the man’s hard cock. The feeling of being penetrated felt even more intense in this position. Nataly let out a load moan. Her master put his hands on her hips and moved her up and down.

“Yes master, I love to serve master” she moaned as moved up and down the man’s hard cock. Her body felt amazing; this was the best sex she’d ever had. The feeling of the man’s cock moving up and down in her pussy melted her mind away until she was nothing but an obedient mush of pleasure and servitude. The man’s breath shocked and Nataly felt the hot sensation of cum in her pussy. She screamed with pleasure as her master filled her with his seed.

“Thank you master, I love to serve you master,” Nataly moaned as she was engulfed by an orgasm.

“Clean it up” the man said. “Yes master, thank you master,” Nataly got off the man and started cleaning his cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked every drip from her master’s cock. The taste of her own juices and the man’s cum pushed her into an additional orgasm

“Good slaves serve their master completely and perfectly,” echoed through her head as her eyes rolled back in a wave of pleasure. The man got up, put his clothes back on and walked out of the room. Nataly was still on the yoga mat, waiting for her next command.

The screen turned back on. Nataly’s gaze turned to it instantly. The deep pink made her mind go blank. “You have been a good slave.”

“I have been a good slave,” Nataly said blankly, feeling a surge of joy as she uttered the words.

“You will not remember anything that happened.”

“I will not remember anything that happened,” Nataly repeated.

Nataly woke up. She was on the Yoga mat and drenched in sweat. She got up, rolled her Yoga mat up and put her normal clothes back on. She left the room and walked to the counter. “How was it?” Lisa asked.

“It was great, I feel very relaxed,” Nataly answered.

“Why don’t you bring a friend next time? first lesson’s free.”

“I don’t know,” Nataly said, “I’m not sure my friends would be into yoga.”

“You would love to bring a friend next time,” Lisa said.

“Yes, I would love to bring a friend next time,” Nataly repeated blankly.

“Well, see you next time!”

“Yeah, see you next time!” Nataly said as she waved to Lisa and walked out the studio.