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Afternoon at the Pink Yoga Studio

Chapter 2

“Hey Lisa, what room are we in?”

“Room 7, down to hallway to the left.”

“Thanks!” Nataly exclaimed, “Well, come along,” she said, turning to Laurel. It had been a few weeks since they met. They had seen each other only two times since they met at the party, so Laurel was a bit surprised when Nataly asked her to come along for a yoga session. They did hit it off really well and Nataly was just her type, so Laurel decided to accept the invitation. She had not yet asked if Nataly was into girls, but if she was, Laurel figured that a private yoga session was a great place to find out. As she walked into the pink room, her confidence started to falter a bit. It was intimidating to join a girl she hardly knew in a private yoga session.

“Did you remember to bring a mat?” Nataly asked.

“I did, where is the changing room?” Laurel replied.

“Look around you, do you see a changing room? It’s a private room we can change in here.” Nataly said, as she took off her blouse. Laurel was slightly startled at the idea of changing in front of Nataly, but Nataly didn’t seem to mind at all. Before Laurel knew what was happening, Nataly had taken off al but her panties.

“Like what you see?” Nataly said with a teasing hint in her voice. Laurel couldn’t help but stare at Nataly’s breasts, they looked soft and sexy.

“Turn around,” Laurel said.

“What, don’t want me to see you?” Nataly teased.

“Yes, exactly, now turn around” Laurel replied with a hint of playfulness. Nataly complied and turned around. Laurel took her top and pants off. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had dark brown hair and that was cut into a cute bob, her skin was a milky white tone. Her breasts were rather small when compared to Nataly’s, but laurel had always appreciated them, they complimented the rest of her physique. Laurel put on her yoga pants and her top and turned to Nataly.

“So, when is the instructor coming?”

“There is no instructor, how do you think this place is so affordable?” “The instructions come through the screen,” Nataly pointed at the tv-screen hanging in the other side of the room. “So, are you ready to begin?” Laurel nodded and they both walked towards the screen.

The screen flicked on and revealed a soft pink colour. “Let’s start with a warmup,” the voice from the screen spoke. “

“Move your arms above your head and put your hands together, forming a spear-like pose.”

“Good, now move your weight to your right foot, lower your left leg slightly and press your left foot to your right ankle.” Laurel stumbled a bit but managed to regain her balance.

“Very good, now move your body towards the ground, placing your belly on the ground, than push yourself up with your arms, while focusing your gaze on the screen, make your body straight as a plank.” Both girls followed the instructions. Laurel felt herself getting a bit dazed as she looked into the screen.

“Now move your legs towards your body, placing them beneath your frame to move to a sitting position while keeping your eyes fixed on the screen.”

“Now stare deeply into the screen.”

“You love to obey.”

Laurel was startled, she felt an urge to repeat the message but managed to supress it.

“I love to obey,” Nataly responded blankly.

“What the hell? What’s going on?” Laurel exclaimed to Nataly. Nataly didn’t respond, when Laurel turned to look at Nataly, she found her only staring at the screen with an empty look in her eyes.

“Remove your top,” the screen said.

“Yes master, I love to obey,” Nataly responded emptily as she pulled up her top and took off her bra. Laurel looked at Nataly’s breasts, her nipples were a deep pink and very hard. Laurel felt a mixture of fear, panic and arousal, she felt herself getting hot as she looked at Nataly’s large breasts and empty look, she wanted to join her in serving the master. No! these weren’t her thoughts, someone else was making her want this, she had to resist.

“Stare deeply into the screen.” Both girls complied, Laurel couldn’t stop herself from obeying the order, Nataly complied instantly.

“Nataly, take her top off,” the screen spoke.

“Yes master, I love to obey,” Nataly replied blankly. Laurel felt a surge of fear. She couldn’t look away from the screen as Nataly got behind her. She felt Nataly’s hands pulling up her top, before she knew it, Laurel lifted her arms to help in her undressing. Nataly threw Laurel’s top in the corner of the room.

“Nataly, caress her breasts,” the screen said.

“Yes master, I love to obey,” Nataly responded. Laurel felt Nataly’s breasts pressing against her bare back. Nataly’s hands moved to her breasts and started stroking her. Laurel felt herself getting hot and wet as Nataly started to tease her nipples.

“Nataly, stroke her sex,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master, I love to obey,” Nataly responded. Laurel felt Nataly’s hand slide down from her breast to her thigh. The hand stroked her leg gently before sliding between her legs and stroking her pussy. As Nataly started to kiss and lick Laurel’s neck, Laurel felt her panties getting drenched and her nipples getting hard.

“Stop it,” Laurel said, panting for breath. She felt her mind being swept away as she stared into the deep pink screen, her will to resist slowly fading. Laurel moaned as Nataly pinched her nipple and slid her hand into Laurel’s pants. Laurel moaned once more, louder this time, as Nataly’s fingers entered Laurel’s pussy, sliding in and out while the base of her hand and the rest of her fingers massaged Laurel’s clit and labia.

“You love to obey,” the screen spoke.

“I love to obey,” moaned Laurel while Nataly licked her neck.

“You want to serve your master.”

“I want to serve my... no... master,” moaned Laurel as she tried to resist.

Suddenly, a man walked in, he was tall and naked. He closed the door behind him and turned to Nataly.

“Your master has arrived,” the man said.

“Yes master, I love to obey,” Nataly responded instantly.

“Take of your pants and get on you hands and knees,” the man ordered.

“Yes master,” Nataly responded. Laurel tried to look as Nataly assumed the position but couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. Laurel listened how Nataly panted and moaned as the man penetrated her. The sound of his dick moving inside Nataly’s soaking pussy made Laurel incredibly hot. She felt horny and envious, she wanted to have Nataly, she wanted to join Nataly.

“Stare into the screen,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master,” Laurel replied.

“You love to serve,” the screen spoke.

“I love to serve,” Laurel moaned.

“You want to give yourself to your master.”

“I want to give myself to my master,” Laurel replied.

“You are a slave for your master,” the screen said.

“I am a slave for my master,” Laurel replied panting. Nataly moaned loudly as the man came inside her.

“Laurel,” the man spoke “come over here and clean my dick.”

“Yes master, I love to serve you,” Laurel replied eagerly. She walked over to the man and sat on her knees, she opened her mouth and started licking and sucking the man’s dick. The salty taste of his cum combined with the taste of Nataly’s juices. Laurel’s mouth was filled with sex juices, the thought of serving her master this way brought her to orgasm. As she moaned, some juices escaped her mouth, Nataly licked them off Laurel’s face to make sure none of master’s seed would be wasted.

“You two, make out,” the man said. Laurel and Nataly instantly kissed. Their tongues touched each other as they shared the taste of their master’s sex. Laurel felt incredibly horny and eager to please her master; her juices dripped down her leg.

“Take off your pants and panties and lay on your back,” the man said to Laurel. Laurel tore off her remaining clothes and assumed the position. The man’s dick was hard and big, Laurel’s pussy was soaked and eager.

A woman walked into the room. She was naked except for a small pink collar around her neck. She short dark hair and large breasts.

“Nataly, follow,” the woman spoke blankly. Nataly instantly got up and followed the woman out of the room. Laurel didn’t mind. She was utterly devoted to her master and hardly noticed her fellow slave leaving the room. She was completely focussed on her master and the thought of serving him gave her a feeling of bliss that she never knew was possible. As the man pushed his dick into her, a shock went through her body. The feeling was incredibly, a mix of orgasmic sexual pleasure and devoted servitude sparked through her body and mind.

She started chanting: “Yes master, I love to serve you master, I am your devoted slave.” She screamed and moaned as the man ravaged her pussy, her juices drenching the floor. She came as the man grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple hard.

“Thank you master, I love to serve master,” Laurel screamed as the pleasure tore through her mind. As the man came inside her, she orgasmed even harder. Her master’s cum filled her entire pussy, there was so much of it, Laurel felt grateful to have been used by her master.

“Thank you master, I am your devoted slave master, I love to serve you,” she moaned. Laurel got up and started licking the cum that dripped from her pussy off the ground. She couldn’t let her master’s seed go to waste. She licked and sucked until the floor was clean and her mouth was full of cum. The sensation of tasting her master’s seed made her eyes roll back with pleasure as she came once more.

“Stare deeply into the screen,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master, I obey,” Laurel replied. She got off her knees and sat down in front of the screen. The devotion she felt for the man she had just called master instantly faded away as she turned her attention to the screen. The screen turned to a lighter, more vibrant pink colour. Laurel felt it reaching deep into her mind, she was going to be programmed and she was ready to love every second of it.

“You will forget what happened today.”

“I will forget what happened today,” Laurel replied blankly, cum dripping from her mouth.

“You will forget the one who brought you here.”

“I will forget the one who brought me here,” Laurel replied.

“You will sign up at the front desk.”

“I will sign up at the front desk,” Laurel uttered.

“You will feel the need to return, you need to be controlled.”

“I will feel the need to return, I need to be controlled,” Laurel felt her pussy twitch as she spoke.

“Your purpose is the obey your master.”

“My purpose is to obey my master,” Laurel replied, feeling herself getting very horny.

“Good girl, get dressed and wake up,” the screen spoke, as it’s light faded.

“Thank you master, I love to obey,” Laurel replied instantly. She grabbed her clothes and put them on. She rolled up her mat and put it into her bag. It had been a good idea to try out the new yoga studio, she felt very relaxed. Laurel ignored the other mat on the floor, someone probably forgot it.

“So, how was the session?” Lisa asked.

“It was great, I would love to sign up.”

“That’s perfect, just sign right here,” Lisa said smiling.

“Thanks a lot, I really can’t wait to come back for another session.”