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Afternoon at the Pink Yoga Studio Ch. 03

Nataly followed the blonde woman out of the room, Laurel’s moans and chants echoed through the hallway. They walked past many doors to the door at the end of the hallway, there they entered through a large pink door, the blonde woman in front and Nataly following obediently. They entered a bright white space, a hallway that split into three more hallways. After her eyes adapted to the light, Nataly noticed the smell. The smell was that of sex, of pussy and sweat and cum. It made Nataly horny and wet.

“This way,” the blonde woman said to Nataly. They walked through the middle one of the three hallways, at the end of the hallway was another door. The walls on both sides of the hallway had glass panels in them, allowing Nataly to see what was at the other end of them. As they passed one of the glass walls, Nataly looked inside. She saw a group of women, all wearing pink collars, sitting on their knees and staring into a pink screen. Through a panel on the other side of the hallway Nataly saw 7 women sitting on their hands and knees in a neat row, they were sucking and licking metal cocks that were attached to pedestals, all the while staring into pink screens. Nataly looked into one of the screens and was immediately mesmerized.

“Follow,” the blonde woman said.

“Yes Mistress,” Nataly repeated blankly as she was pulled out of the spell of the screen. They walked through a pink door and entered a large, dark room. The room had a high ceiling and the walls on all sides were covered with screens. In front of the screens were control panels that were operated by naked woman wearing pink collars. Through the screen Nataly saw more women, some of them in yoga rooms, some of them in rooms that Nataly didn’t recognize. All were staring into screens or sexually serving others.

Through one of the screens Nataly saw a naked dark-skinned woman with long braided hair, she was slim and had medium-sized breasts with small dark nipples. Nataly saw the woman staring into and speaking to the screen, she could make out the words ‘master’ and ‘obey’ from the woman’s lips. A man walked into the room in which the woman was sitting. She turned towards him and put her lips on his dick, she started sucking and licking him, all the while having a blank and empty look in her eyes.

“I’ve brought the new girl, Mistress,” the blonde woman spoke from behind Nataly. Nataly turned her attention to the woman sitting in the centre of the room. She sat in a naked big throne-like chair, her hair was long, straight and black and her breasts were large and full. The woman looked at Nataly.

“Bow down, slave,” Nataly felt a strong urge come over her body. She felt like every aspect of her body and mind were ready to obey this woman’s every word. Nataly fell to the ground as if praying to her god.

“I am your mistress and you are my slave, you are mine to do with as I please and you will serve me no matter what I command, your purpose is to serve me and obey me.”

“Yes mistress, anything you command mistress, I live to obey you mistress,” Nataly replied. She felt a complete and utter devotion to the mistress. She wanted to be ordered by her mistress and serve her mistress as she was meant to. Her cunt was soaking wet and her body was trembling and on the verge of cumming.

The mistress turned towards the blonde woman, “slave, put a collar on her.”

“Yes mistress, I obey mistress,” the blonde woman replied. She took a pink collar from a box and walked towards Nataly. The blonde kneeled and put the collar around Natalie’s neck, it was nice and tight and clicked into place. Nataly felt her eyes rolling back as the collar clicked around her neck, the feeling of the collar on her flesh brought her to an orgasm. She now belonged to her mistress like the other slaves, she loved the feeling of being owned by her mistress.

“Come over here and serve your mistress.“ The mistress opened her legs and revealed her pussy, it was pink and wet. Nataly crawled towards the mistress and placed her mouth on the mistress’s pussy. Nataly kissed the mistress’s pussy as if she was kissing her lover. She moved her lips over the pussy and started licking. She licked the lips on the outside and then the inside, she moved her tongue bottom to top and top to bottom, making sure she touched every spot.

Nataly licked the mistress’s clit and drank her juices, they tasted sweet and rich and Nataly drank them all. She penetrated the mistress with her tongue and used her lips to massage the clit. Nataly felt pure bliss while she was serving her mistress’s pussy, as if she was in an endless orgasm, the juices from her own pussy seeping down her legs and forming a small puddle on the ground.

“Now, what shall we do with you? Shall we make you into a breeder?“ Nataly felt her eyes rolling back, she loved the idea of being bred for her mistress.

“No, we shall make you into a toy, to be used to pleasure and serve.” Nataly felt a surge of bliss coursing through her body. She wanted nothing more than to serve, and being able to serve better was a dream come through. She loved being a toy for mistress. Nataly felt her mistress’s pussy twitch, she proceeded to suck her mistress’s clit. The mistress panted and moaned as she came from Nataly’s sucking. Nataly felt the juices flowing out from her mistress’s pussy her mistress came, Nataly drank all of them. As her mistress came, so did Nataly from the sheer pleasure of servitude and obedience.

“Well done slave,” the mistress spoke.

“Thank you, mistress, I love to obey,” Nataly replied.

“Take her to be cleaned and then take her to group room 4,” the mistress spoke to the blonde, who was still standing next to the door.

Nataly and the blonde left the room. The walked through the corridor. Nataly saw that the women who were staring into the screen when Nataly arrived were now licking each other. Half of them were on their backs on the ground, the other half was pleasuring those on the ground. They all faced the screen while they were licking and sucking. Nataly and the blonde took a right turn and then another right turn. The blonde pointed towards a door on their left. Nataly entered the door into a small room with a single bright light. In the middle of the room was a machine attached to a table that looked like something out of a hospital, on the wall behind the table was a screen.

As Nataly closed the door behind her, the screen turned on. The soft pink colour of the screen caught Nataly’s eyes and she was immediately entranced.

“Lie down on the table,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master, I obey,” Nataly replied. Nataly climbed on the table, she put her head on the head support and her legs on the two leg supports there were next to the table. Between her legs, a tube came out of the table and attached itself onto her pussy. From the ceiling a valve opened and a tube came down The tube had a pink attachment on its end that looked like a cock.

“Suck,” the screen commanded. Nataly obeyed the command, she put the object in her mouth and started sucking it. The tube on her pussy started pumping out warm water that washed her cunt. The tube in her mouth started pouring out a liquid that filled her mouth, it tasted like mint. The water washed her pussy, cleaning it of the cum that the man in the yoga room had put in her less than an hour ago.

“Empty your mouth to your left,” the screen said. Nataly spit out the minty substance in the basin next to the head support. Her mouth felt fresh. The tube on her pussy lowered itself back into the table.

“Leave the room,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master, I obey,” Nataly replied. She got off the table and walked out the door. The blonde woman was waiting for her.

“Follow,” the blonde woman spoke. They walked down the hallway, went to the right and then to the right again, they followed to the end of the hallway and entered a large white room with cushioned floors. There was a group of women, sitting on their knees and staring into a pink screen on the wall, they all had pink collars around their necks. They looked completely blank and empty. Nataly and the blonde woman walked towards the group and joined them in kneeling, not merely unable to resist, but eager to obey. When they sat down, the screen started glowing more brightly, drawing the group in completely. Nataly felt her mouth sliding open and her pussy getting wet.

“Stare deeply into the screen,” the screen spoke.

“Yes master, we obey,” the group replied blankly.

“You are sex toys; your purpose is to please whomever you are commanded to please,” the screen spoke.

“Yes master, we are sex toys, we love to please, we love to obey.”

“You love being remade into perfect sex slaves; your old personalities need to be stripped away.”

“Yes master, we need to be remade into perfect sex slaves, please take away our old personalities,” the group replied panting. Nataly felt incredibly horny, she loved the thought of being remade into a toy and she loved the idea of serving the mistress with the other slaves, she was eager to obey.

“Your training starts tomorrow, now sleep.” The woman all fell backwards into a deep hypnotic sleep. While they slept, the screen whispered thoughts of obedience and pleasure into their ears. Nataly dreamt of her mistress, of licking her feet and sucking her cunt. Feeling perfect bliss in servitude, she just wanted to suck and lick and fuck, whatever mistress commanded.

“Wake up,” the screen spoke. The women in the room woke up and were immediately entranced.

“Move to training room 2,” the screen commanded.

“Yes master, we obey,” the women replied. The blonde woman led the group out of the room, they turned left and passed one door. They came upon a door and entered it. The room beyond was a bright white, similar to the room they came from except that there was a circle of 20 or so contraptions in the middle of the room. The contraptions were metal pedestals, there were dildos attached to them and attached to the ceiling above them were three screens, hanging from the ceiling in a triangle shape so that there was a screen covering every part of the room.

“Kneel in front of the contraptions,” the screens commanded. The women obeyed and kneeled; their eyes fixed on the screens, ready to receive orders. Nataly noticed the dildo attached to the contraption, seeing its shape made her wet and eager, she wanted to worship it.

“Lick it, start with the top”, the screen spoke. The women opened their mouths and started licking, they were panting and dripping, they loved giving pleasure and service.

“Now start sucking it, suck hard while keeping a rhythm,” the screen ordered. The moans that were filling the room became louder. Nataly loved sucking, she loved the feeling of a dick in her mouth and her knees on the ground. It made her feel like a slave. The moans of the other women turned her on even more, the moans sounded like a mantra of servitude and obedience to Nataly and she gladly participated.

“Go faster and deeper while maintaining the rhythm,” the screen uttered. On command, Nataly took the dildo deep into her throat, it made her gag and that turned her on. She didn’t use to like this, she used to think it was disgusting but now it turned her on completely. Having a cock in her throat made her feel like she was property, only good to be used. She alternated between sucking and deepthroating. Every time she gagged, it brought her closer to an orgasm. The room was filled with the sound of moans and gags.

“Cum now,” the screen spoke. Nataly’s eyes rolled back into their sockets as she took the dildo so deep into her throat that it felt like she would black out. Her pussy felt incredibly hot and the waves of pleasure that emerged from it melted her mind while loud muffled moans emerged from her mouth. The room filled with muffled moans as all woman came simultaneously while sucking. The sounds was overwhelming and brought Nataly to even greater heights, she felt her mind slipping and blacked out.

Nataly regained consciousness, she didn’t know how much time had passed since her last memory. Her body had been used while her mind had been gone, she could taste the remnants of body juices in her mouth and she felt that her pussy had been penetrated recently. She was walking towards a room along with the other girls, the other girls stared blankly in front of themselves, Nataly couldn’t tell if they had a mind or if they were empty like she had been.

The girls entered the room, it was the same bright white as the other rooms. This one was long and relatively narrow, there were screens on the wall and screens on the ceiling. Half of the woman went to lay on the ground, staring into the screens at the ceiling while spreading their legs and exposing their pussies. Nataly knew exactly what to do, she had done this many times before. She walked over to one of the girls, the girl was tall, she had big breasts and a light brown skin colour. Nataly lay on her stomach in front of the girl, focussing on her pussy. Nataly started licking while staring into the screen. The screen pulsated a bright pink colour that stretched into Nataly’s mind, entrancing her. The screen didn’t give any direct orders, it merely repeated a number of phrases and words.

“Obey,” the screen spoke.

“Obey,” the girls repeated blankly.

There was no need for instructions anymore, the girls had been trained to know exactly what to do. Nataly continued licking and sucking the girl. She performed the routine she had learned. She licked the girls lips, slowly moving down, she then licked upwards through the middle of the girls pussy, occasionally licking the clit. She used her fingers to massage the rest of the girls pussy and the area surrounding her pussy.

“Empty,” the screen spoke.

“Empty,” the girls replied.

Nataly pushed her tongue inside the girl, penetrating her. She used her fingers to massage the girl’s clit and lips. The girl moaned loudly as Nataly’s mouth filled with the girls juices. Nataly felt her pussy juices dripping down her leg while she made the girl cum with her tongue and fingers.

“Serve mistress,” the screen spoke.

“Serve mistress,” the girls replied panting and moaning. Nataly felt her mind getting foggy with every word the screen uttered. She got up, her mouth and chin covered in juices. The girl got up too and traded places with Nataly. Nataly opened her legs and stared at the ceiling screen. The girl started pleasuring Nataly, her tongue massaging and caressing Nataly’s pussy. Nataly moaned as she felt waves of pleasure moving through her body.

“No thoughts,” the screen spoke.

“No thoughts,” the girls replied. Nataly felt the girls tongue enter her pussy while the girl’s fingers stroked Nataly’s pussy. The strong tongue entered deep into her pussy and she felt her juices flowing out and filling the girl’s mouth. The feeling was amazing and brought her to the urge of orgasm.

“Mindless,” the screen spoke.

“Mindless,” Nataly replied. As she spoke the words the screen commanded, the tongue inside her brought her to orgasm, the word ‘mindless’ echoed through her head as the pleasure filled her body. Nataly felt herself slipping away as her mind was consumed by pleasure and obedience.

The next time Nataly awoke, her face and breasts were pressed to the metal table she was laying on. Her ass was up while the rest of her body was flat on the table. Her pussy was being pounded by a dick, every time she was penetrated, a wave of pleasure surged through her body. Her big breasts were squeezed beneath her torso while she was being fucked from behind. She didn’t know if she was being penetrated by a man or by an object but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was obedience and servitude. Nataly didn’t see the screen but she could feel the words pulsating in her mind. She stared blankly in front of her while her pussy was being used, drooling out of her open mouth.

A cock was presented in front of her. Nataly didn’t think and started sucking. She was being fucked in her mouth and her pussy simultaneously. She loved the feeling of being used, she loved the feeling of being owned. The cocks inside her were as hard as steel and seemed to fill her up completely. Nataly’s body moved on its own, she didn’t have any thoughts, there was only pleasure and obedience. Nataly came as both cocks filled her up with cum, her mouth and throat were filled completely and the cum squirted out of her pussy. Nataly slipped into a permanent state of thoughtlessness.

She got up off the table, her mouth and pussy were still filled with cum. Nataly walked out of the room, she needed to get cleaned. She walked towards the cleaning room and past a glass wall panel. Laurel was on the other side of the window. Her hair had grown and her belly was big and round. Her breasts had gotten big. Laurel was sucking a dildo while staring into a screen.

“Breeder,” the screen spoke directly into Laurel’s mind, her face was a mix of pleasure and blankness. Nataly felt a surge of happiness and arousal at the sight of her once friend being turned into a breeder. Nataly kept on walking at the same pace, she didn’t have a mind of her own anymore, the sight of Laurel triggered a feeling without thought.

After Nataly had been cleaned, she was called into a room. The room was unlike the other rooms in the facility. It was a grey colour and had furniture in it. A man and a woman were standing in front of a door. The man wore a gray suit and the woman wore a stylish long black dress. The voice of the screen spoke through the room.

“These people are your new owners.” Nataly fell to her knees.

“I live to serve you,” she uttered. The woman walked towards Nataly, she grabbed Nataly’s long red hair and pulled her head upwards. Nataly stared blankly into the eyes of her new mistress. The woman kissed Nataly and Nataly kissed her back, the woman’s tongue licked Nataly’s and it made her wet. The woman let go of Nataly’s hair and Nataly’s head dropped in response. The woman walked around Nataly and put her finger into Nataly’s pussy, she then took it out and sucked it.

“Well chosen,” the woman said to the man. They gave Nataly a dress and shoes to put on, Nataly obeyed their instructions without thought. They took of Nataly’s pink collar and replaced it with a thin black one, they then opened the door. The outside light burned Nataly’s eyes. The man and woman left the room and Nataly followed her new owners outside into the light, ready for her new life as their slave.