The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 27

Pleasure pulsed through Tiffany’s body, and she shuddered and moaned as the ecstasy overtook her. Sweat glistened on her brow as she fought the urge to touch herself, clasping her hands together in desperation, like they could somehow prevent each other from carrying out the one thing they both frantically wanted to do.

Alice watched from the bed, entertained by Tiffany’s ongoing battle with herself and idly applying glossy red nail varnish to her fingernails. “Tiff, you can delay the inevitable, but you can’t avoid it.”

Tiffany dropped to her hands and knees, panting, cursing in her head, pleasure making her shake. “Fuck…” she gasped. She looked up at Alice, glaring with rebellious determination. “Come on, Alice, don’t do this,” she strained. “It’s not too late, you can turn yourself back to how you were… We can stop this whole thing! Uhhhhh.” Tiffany’s eyes rolled back in her head as she collapsed onto the floor, rolling onto her back. She gripped her knees so tight that her knuckles went white. Snapping her eyes shut, she panted heavily, only occasionally managing to say “Please. Please…”

Then her hands betrayed her. Her left leapt from her knee and grabbed her right breast, firmly squeezing and caressing. Her right hand slowly slid down her leg and gravitated to her drenched pussy. She effortlessly slid three fingers into her needy opening, and a deep, pleasurable sigh escaped her gasping mouth.

And then, once more, her entire body froze in place. She had lost count of how many times now her desperate aching need to thrust her fingers into herself, to fondle and caress her body all over, and to release the building torrent of pleasure that was pressing on her every nerve had been denied. Her mind was drowning in sensations, her defiance a flimsy floatation aid that was barely letting her own thoughts form in the sea of arousal. She had to get out of this somehow, but more and more she didn’t want to.

“Hmm, less than ninety seconds that time, Tiff,” Alice remarked with a glance at her phone. “Remember you lasted almost ten minutes the first time we did this little exercise.” She got up to approach Tiff, then sat back down again quickly. “Urgh, you’re lucky I’m not on my top form, otherwise I’d be making this even more impossible for you. Wake up slave, return to starting position.

Thoughts drained out of Tiffany’s mind. Her sense of identity, her memories, all the ingredients that combined to make her Tiffany dissolved away. Slave was all that remained, and Slave obeyed. She climbed to her feet and stood to attention.

“Gimme a few minutes here,” Alice murmured, pinching the bridge of her nose and laying back on her bed. “God damn, why did I ever keep taking that fucking poison anyway? I’m up and down like a yoyo right now...”

After a few minutes, she exhaled sharply and then got up to face Tiffany head on.

“Tiffany, wake up,” she sighed.

Tiffany’s mind rushed back into her. She gasped, blinked, and felt her knees wobble beneath her. Then she saw Alice staring at her impatiently.

“I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve done this now. Are you ready to play ball yet, slave?”

Tiffany took several deep breaths. Her memory was now full of fragments and holes. She couldn’t really recall what happened when she was in the ‘slave mode’ Alice had made for her. It was like trying to remember a dream when you felt you might still be dreaming. Was any of this real? Alice was so far into her head that Tiffany didn’t feel like she could trust the reality in front of her.

“I’m…” she started to say. Was there really any point to this show of resistance she was putting on? She had programmed Alice to break her, so it felt utterly inevitable to her at this point. She could barely think straight, but she racked her brains for any possible solution.

She quickly realised that either there was no feasible way she could free herself, but someone else could free her. Erin, or Josh. Maybe even Trev. But if she was going to be rescued, it required her mind to remain somewhat intact to enjoy the use of it after. Already she could feel the urge to give up, to just accept her self determined fate. But she steeled what resolve she still had, because it was not the time for that. Not yet, at least.

“I’m not going to just give in so easily,” she eventually said. “I mean, you could snap your fingers and make me do everything you say if you wanted, but if you’re not going to do that, why the fuck should I do as you say?”

“You’re willful, Tiff.” Alice smiled, shaking her head slowly. “I honestly never knew just how willful you were until this last week. You were always such a people pleaser, a wallflower… It always felt like you were along for the ride, the quiet intelligent type that I could coax away from her books because I gave you the fun and excitement you couldn’t will yourself to do. Little did I know you were just looking for a different kind of fun...”

Tiffany frowned ever so slightly. “I guess I’ve been discovering myself a lot over the last few days. I’ve done things I never thought I would, and made mistakes I never dreamed I’d make.”

“Tell me, Tiff, what were the biggest mistakes you made?” Alice stood firm and tall over Tiffany, who shook before her.

Tiffany snorted in derision. “Apart from this one, you mean?”

Alice chuckled and took another step towards her. Tiffany shuddered as Alice laid her pale hand gently on Tiffany’s flushed cheek. “This wasn’t a mistake, Tiff… This was the best thing you ever did for yourself. Your life where you had to make decisions and be responsible is over. You belong to me now, as a tool and a toy and an object of perfect obedience. This temporary confusion where you think you’re still your own person, we’ll set you straight in good time.”

Tiffany silently fumed. She wanted to suppress her anger, but her emotions were bubbling to the surface.

Alice seemed amused by this. “Any other mistakes, Tiff?”

Tiffany shook her head stubbornly. So much had happened, and her mind felt so fragmented it was hard to keep track of everything that had gone down, let alone what she considered to be a mistake.

Alice tilted her head to one side, her gaze piercing. “No? Nothing? Perhaps I should tell you that when you had me in trance, reading out the instructions I gave you earlier, not only did I remove all programming from myself, this improved personality aside, but I also restored all the missing memories that had been hidden from me.”

Tiffany felt her blood freeze at hearing this. It meant Alice knew everything.

“So, triggering me into that stripper persona so you could force Erin into the chair the other morning, and then forcing me into trance against my will… Was that a mistake?”

Tiffany said nothing, and felt shame erupt through her mind and heart.

“How about letting Erin use me as her puppet, naked and kneeling for ages as you two discussed me like I was an object?” Alice asked, her voice dripping venom. “Mistake, no? And you could have told me to wake up at any time. You could have told me to be free of Erin’s control and to wake up, and then we could have confronted her. You would have come out of that looking pretty good to me. But not a mistake, no?”

Tiffany suppressed a whimper. It pained her to hear Alice’s words.

“Then you let Erin program me to become more and more attracted to you both. That feeling, more than anything, drove me to beg Dillon for drugs, Tiff…” Alice’s expression was harrowed and distant as she continued. “I knew that wasn’t me, I couldn’t stand it, and I just wanted to feel like myself again. But I take it that wasn’t a mistake either?”

She walked away for a moment, exhaling deeply. When she turned back, her eyes were ablaze with fury.

“How about when you made me feel constantly drunk and stoned all night, like it would be funny! And the one thing I could do to make the dizziness and the tripping stop, you took that away from me when you tied my hands behind my back, and forced me to witness you take Erin’s free will away, knowing full well that was meant for me!”

Alice was in Tiffany’s face now, her rage making Tiffany feel like she was burning up in guilt and shame. She opened up her mouth to say something—anything!—but Alice, not to be interrupted, clamped a hand on Tiffany’s throat. She winced in pain but dared not try to push Alice away, staring into her furious eyes in terror.

“And then you put me in a trance with everyone and made me suck off Trev! No choice, no memory, nothing! Do you have any idea how long I had wanted to be with Trev and that’s now our first act of intimacy forevermore?! While he was still with his fucking psycho girlfriend! And with her self confessed evidence, you decided to let him just program her as recompense, so they’ll effectively be together forever now! Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend you could literally program every moment she did something you didn’t like?”

Alice suddenly grabbed a tuft of Tiffany’s hair and yanked her head right back. Tiffany whined in distress as Alice leaned into her ear. “Was that not a mistake, Tiff?”

Tears streamed down Tiffany’s face as she broke down. Alice shoved her to the floor, and she landed painfully on her knees. She looked up to see Alice staring down at her with utter contempt. She tried to open her mouth again to get words out through her sins, but Alice snapped over her.

“But you weren’t even done there!” she spat. “After I got home from that nightmare with the bottle spinning, and you looking like you had put everyone under your control, I broke down, Tiff. I went to a really dark place, and I couldn’t turn to any of my friends because they were now your puppets. I couldn’t bear to face Marion either, because I didn’t know how to even start explaining it to her. I went to Dillon because I knew he wouldn’t try to make me talk about it, he’d just shoot me up and fuck me and be grateful I’d come back to him.”

Tiffany was sobbing uncontrollably now, tears and snot dripping down her face. Her heart felt like it was being crushed and her throat felt on fire, like it was being constricted by razor wire. Her muscles ached, her skin crawled, and she wanted nothing more than to curl into a dark corner and never emerge.

Alice snorted at Tiffany’s distress. “When Dillon and I went round to Josh’s the next night when everyone was gone, we were going to use the Algorithm to put me back, to remove all the shit that you and Erin had put in my head. But one of you had clearly made Josh set up a password. Dillon, the sweetheart that he tries to be sometimes, he even suggested we steal the whole computer. I know he can be an absolute asshole, but at least he was trying to help me, Tiff. At least he was doing what I wanted. What did you do?”

Tiffany looked up at Alice pleadingly, her vision blurred by her tears. Alice shook her head in disdain as she continued. “You couldn’t just leave things as they were, and you actually came after me. You even convinced me to leave with you! It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, like you did it because you truly cared about me. You had a chance to put everything right, to really undo the damage that was done. Instead, you turned me into your helpless little puppet!” Alice seethed with rage now, her words cutting through the air like daggers. “Tell me that wasn’t a mistake, Tiff! Tell me!”

“It was!” Tiffany wsilee hoarsely. “It was all a mistake! It was all a fuck up! I fucked up so badly. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” She felt like the breath had been squeezed out of her, like she was being crushed and utterly destroyed within. She had expected to be pushed to her limit by Alice, but she hadn’t been ready for this. Reliving those moments in her mind was worse than any torture that Alice could have possibly devised.

Alice regarded Tiffany with a measure of satisfaction, and then spoke with a cold calm. “And then the single worst thing you did, Tiff, was you couldn’t even take care of me. You couldn’t keep me for a single day. I don’t doubt it was because of something Lucy said to you. Now that I’ve restored my memories, I remember everything she said to me on the phone yesterday. She’s intent on controlling me too, which means she surely said something to you to make you act the way you did.”

This new information barely registered to Tiffany. Lucy did something to her? When? And why did it even matter now? Here she was in a pathetic heap on the floor, crying her eyes out in front of a girl who could literally erase her mind if she wanted to. Why was she resisting? Why was she trying to be petulant and stubborn? There was no rescue coming for her, and there was no hope.

“So in a way,” Alice continued calmly, “what you did to me wasn’t entirely your fault. But in every other way, it was.”

“Yes.” Tiffany nodded between heavy sobs. Then, with a harrowed exhale, she added, “Mistress.”

“Oh, what was that, Tiff?” Alice asked, raising an eyebrow.

Tiffany wiped as many tears away from her eyes as she could before taking several shaky but calming breaths. Straining to keep her voice even, she looked up at Alice with wide, begging eyes. “I’m ready to stop resisting, Mistress. I’m sorry I’ve been so awful. I’m only going to obey and serve from now on.”

“Oh really?” Alice replied skeptically. She walked up to Tiffany and placed her hand under Tiffany’s chin to tilt her head right back. “So you’ll do anything I say?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tiffany gasped.

“You’ll fuck Dillon when he gets here?”

Tiffany gulped, her heart pounding in panic. She took a deep breath and quenched her feelings. Then she nodded slowly. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You’ll enslave Erin for me?”

One final tear ran down Tiffany’s face. The emotions that wanted to burst out of her were too much, too destructive for her to cope with. Something snapped within her, something broke, and an overwhelming emptiness engulfed her. She felt like she was dying inside when she said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Alice paused and considered this for a moment. Tiffany looked up at her as her body slumped in defeat. She had fucked up so badly, and this was where it had brought her. She didn’t deserve to be the Mistress. She didn’t deserve freedom. Her life belonged to Alice, and the sooner she accepted that and devoted her obedience, the sooner she might be able to feel happy again. The sooner she might be able to feel anything again.

Tiffany’s sobs had ebbed away by this point, and she knelt before Alice, breathing calmly and looking up with an expressionless face. She felt goosebumps on her skin from being naked and still for so long. Her throat still throbbed with pain, but it was getting better. She could smell the scent of sex, realising she reeked of stale arousal. Her thighs felt sticky and cold where her juices had dripped so much in the previous few hours.

But inside she was an empty shell. The torrent of emotions had been too much, so she had squashed them down further than she knew she could. She didn’t need to feel to obey. She didn’t need emotions to serve. She was a slave now. Alice had beaten her, fighting it was pointless.

“No,” Alice said finally, her eyes angry needle points that bore into Tiffany’s skull.

Tiffany didn’t know what to make of that or how to respond, so she stayed silent.

“No, Tiff,” Alice repeated, anger in her voice again. “Fuck you!”

“Mistress, I don’t un—” Tiffany started before Alice cut her off.

“Just listening to myself list all that shit you pulled on me, what the fuck do I want to keep your personality intact for? You’re fucking toxic, Tiff, and a terrible friend. I don’t want you as you are. Fuck that! Honestly, you make my blood boil just thinking of everything you did. I’m never going to trust you again. Even if I break your will a thousand times, you’ll find a way to fuck me over, I’m sure of it.” She ran her hands through her hair and growled in frustration.

“So fuck this, and fuck you, Tiff. Say goodbye, because when you wake up, the old Tiff will be fucking dead.”

The emptiness within Tiffany imploded, and her emotions rushed back up with the force of a hurricane. Too many feelings to process, too many conflicts to control, but the loudest feeling that burst forth was sheer terror and panic.

“No, Alice! Mistress! Alice please just wait, just—“

“Tiffany sleep.”

“...wait. Alice, please.” Tiffany gasped as her thoughts flowed out of her mind like a plug had been removed at the base of her skull. She had to convince Alice to… something. Beg her for… nothing. Plead for… can’t remember.

Something was important, so incredibly important…

She couldn’t remember what.

She couldn’t think what it could be.

She couldn’t think.

She couldn’t...


She exhaled deeply, her eyes blank as her pupils dilated into wide discs.

Alice leaned down to examine Tiffany’s vacant expression and slumped naked body. She exhaled deeply herself, letting her anger simmer down. “That’s better,” she mused. “Goodbye, Tiff. I won’t miss you. Now let’s see about making you better. Dillon will be here soon, after all, and you’re important in the plan I have for him.”

Alice leaned down and grabbed Tiff by her hair. “Are you listening, Tiff?”

“Yes,” Tiffany droned in reply.

Alice smirked. “When you next wake up you will know beyond doubt, more than anything you have before, that you are my loyal and obedient slave. You will exist to serve me and further my goals. You will obey my every command and carry out my every instruction. You will be incapable of lying to me. When you obey my commands, you will feel good. If you ever think thoughts of resistance or try to lie to me, you will feel unbearably awful. You will show enjoyment for your tasks, like being my slave is fulfilling your life purpose, and you will delight in pleasing me and ensuring all my needs and desires are met. You will use all your intelligence, cunning, and creativity to further my goals and carry out my commands. You will help me make an army of slaves to serve me, and you will take pleasure in turning every last one into a perfect, obedient slave just like you. Do you understand all that?”


“Good girl,” Alice purred. “Tell me what will happen when you next wake up.”

“When I next wake up, I will know for certain I am your loyal and obedient slave,” Tiffany said in a dull timeless voice, staring off into space. “I will exist to serve you and further your goals. I will obey and carry out your every command and your every instruction.”

Alice’s eyes glimmered in triumph as she smiled at her blank mindless Tiffany reciting her new dogma. She could feel her own arousal build now, and deliberated if she would let her slave have the honour of pleasuring her. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. Worthless slaves didn’t deserve such gifts without earning them… Besides, Dillon would be here soon, and she much preferred the touch of a man.

Tiffany continued to repeat her instructions. “I will not be able to lie to you. When I obey your commands, I will feel good, but if I think thoughts of resistance or attempt to lie to you, I will feel unbearable awfulness. I will enjoy my tasks, being your slave is fulfilling my life purpose, and I will delight in pleasing you and making sure all of your needs and desires are met. I will use all of my intelligence, cunning, and creativity to further your goals and carry out your instructions.

Alice sighed in contentment as she massaged herself over her leathered crotch. This was how things were meant to be. This is how things were going to be from now on.

“I will help you make an army of slaves to serve you, and it will be pleasurable turning every last one of them into an obedient perfect slave just like me.”

Alice bit her lip and moaned as Tiffany finished her recitation. “Excellent, slave. I think that will do for now. We can always fine tune you later. Plus, we have a guest to entertain arriving soon. Tiffany, wake up now.”

Tiffany blinked herself awake as her mind and thoughts rushed back in to fill the void. The pain, the guilt, the shame, and the panic all flared for an instance before a warm contentment washed them away. As Tiffany’s vision returned to her, she saw Alice and her heart leapt with nervous joy.

She was a slave now. She existed to serve Alice. It felt more right than anything had ever felt to her in her entire life.

She smiled, a broad, grateful, gleeful beam for her Mistress.

Alice smiled in return. “There, that’s much better now, isn’t it, slave?”

Tiffany nodded. “Much better, yes. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Yes…” Alice said as though it was to herself. “I think I’m going to enjoy this version of Tiffany much better.”

“Me too, Mistress,” Tiffany agreed heartily. “How exactly can I best serve you right now?”

“Go clean yourself up. We’re going to have company. Shower quickly and get dressed in something nice from my wardrobe. Dillon will be here soon and he’s the perfect test of your obedience.”

“No problem, Mistress.” Tiffany winked as she pushed herself to her feet. “I’m ready to do anything you ask. Anything.”

“We’ll see…” Alice said as Tiffany left the room. When the sound of the shower could be heard coming from the bathroom, Alice wandered through to her kitchen. She fished in one of the drawers and retrieved the sharpest knife she could find.

She returned to her room and tucked the knife a foot under her bed. She then looked out of her window down to the street, half expecting to see Dillon approaching her apartment block right then.

Then eyeing the hiding place where the knife laid in wait, she murmured with a cold smile, “We shall see.”