The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 26

Tiff pulled against the tape binding her arms and legs, trying to stretch it one way then the other, then putting all her mediocre might into tearing it apart. All the time she grunted and cursed through her stuffed mouth while looking up scornfully at Alice. The tape held fast, and the only thing she accomplished was tiring herself out.

Alice had left Tiffany’s phone a few inches from her face to taunt her. Now the gloating blonde was getting changed out of her pyjamas into a set of red lace lingerie, over which she pulled some black leather tights and a matching front zip bralette which left all of her stomach and most of her shoulders bare. She turned to face Tiffany, and though her face was still deathly pale and her hair somewhat unkempt, Tiffany couldn’t help but find her irresistible. The distraction only lasted moments as her mind returned to her ongoing struggle. But even though she redoubled her efforts to break free, she knew it was futile. Her muscles aching with the effort, she stopped trying and breathed heavily through her nose to catch her breath.

“It’s good to look the part, you know?” Alice remarked as she fished out a pair of black heels that matched her outfit. “It helps me get into the role, anyway.” Her outfit complete, she stood to let Tiffany see. “What d’ya think?”

Tiffany glared. If she could have spoken, she would have immediately dropped Alice into trance. But she may then have admitted that the thin leather-clad blonde was so fucking sexy it physically hurt. Only her knowledge of what was to come kept her head clear. It felt like she had let her arousal get the better of her one too many times, and now she was really paying the price for it.

Alice seemed amused by Tiffany’s ire. “Now, be honest with me, Tiff… Are you looking forward to becoming my slave for real? Nod your head like a good girl now.”

Tiffany stayed ridged, staring at Alice with determined defiance. The truth was she was still very much at war with herself. The part of her wanting and needing to be controlled was stronger than ever, but now she found herself in this literal bind, and the rest of her had rallied.

She needed to be controlled on her own terms, or at least by someone whom she could feel safe with. On impulse and fuelled by aroused fantasy, she had turned Alice into a demoness who would push things ridiculously beyond her limits and reduce her free will to smouldering ash. No matter how hot that sounded, she knew the danger outweighed everything else.

What she couldn’t figure out was who had hijacked her mind and tweaked her submissive side into overdrive like this. She simply couldn’t put her finger on that, and soon stopped trying as it seemed futile at this point. She had the ability to do or say nothing. From the moment she had programmed Mistress Alice into existence, she had sealed her fate. Tears fell down her face as the bitter reality sank to her core.

Then her phone rang a few inches from her ear.

“Ohhhh,” Alice said coyly. “I wonder who that could be. Oh look, it’s Erin.” Alice looked into Tiffany’s eyes, triumphant fire burning within them. “Well we’re rather busy here aren’t we? I do hope she leaves a message.”

Tiffany wriggled towards the phone, thinking perhaps she could answer the call with her nose and somehow warn Erin about what was happening. The minute she got close, however, Alice placed the sole of her high heel onto Tiffany’s neck and pressed lightly. Pain flared up through Tiffany’s bruised skin, and she immediately froze.

Alice smirked. “Careful, Tiff. Your neck is healing so well, we wouldn’t want to set you back, would we?”

Tiff exhaled a frustrated snort through her nose. She closed her eyes and sobbed as the call rang out. She wished and willed and prayed that Erin wouldn’t fall for Alice’s trap. She desperately hoped for a miracle.

Alice removed her heel from Tiffany’s neck and crouched down so she was level with her face. She softly caressed Tiffany’s cheek and said in a soft, soothing voice, “Hey, Tiff. Don’t worry.”

Tiffany opened her bleary eyes to see Alice look at her with kindness now. The contrast was unsettling, as it looked like the old Alice was there again. Tiffany gazed into her hazel eyes with pleading confusion.

Alice spoke gently. “You’ll enjoy being my slave, you’ll see. I’ll program you so it’s all you want and all you know. I’ll get rid of any other words that anyone else has put in your mind. You’ll be mine and mine alone, and blissfully happy about it.”

More tears fell down Tiffany’s face, but she couldn’t look away from Alice’s eyes. She couldn’t do anything. A grim acceptance of her fate started flooding through her, a numbness that spread to her fingers and toes like frostbite.

A ping from Tiffany’s phone caught Alice’s attention. “We have a voicemail,” she said serenely as she pressed a few buttons.

“Such a lovely slave you have in Erin,” Alice then remarked as the automated voice announced the voicemail. “I look forward to having her be my slave too, now.”

Tiffany’s calm was shattered by these words. Her heart started pounding in her chest once more and for the last time she screamed in vain through the socks stuck in her mouth. Not Erin! She found she didn’t care about her own fate anymore, but the stakes were now higher than ever. Despite all evidence pointing to it being fruitless, Tiffany began to thrash and pull against the umpteen wraps of tape that held her again.

“Hey Tiff!” Erin’s excited voice poured out of Tiffany’s phone, and Tiffany felt her heart seize up in panic. She stopped struggling, her mind and very essence fixated on Erin’s words.

“I actually slept like shit, but never mind! I missed you guys too, but I did the thing I needed to do so at least there’s that. I’m just about to get to Josh’s to pick up my shit, then I was going to get whatever lecture notes I can for you and Alice, but I’d fucking love to swing by first and do that crap later.”

If only Erin hadn’t left, Tiffany thought miserably. She would have noticed the weird behaviour and done something about it… What the fuck did Erin have to run off to do last night anyway? Tiffany felt a surge of anger pulse through her as Erin continued talking.

“...yesterday was maybe the first day I didn’t roll anywhere in months, it was weird, man! But oh yeah, I think you’ve got a good idea going, just so long as nobody who trances you is crafty enough to remove my triggers for you—oh that’s right, I have two!”

Tiffany sighed and felt the spike of anger melt away. It really wasn’t Erin’s fault, she had done everything Tiffany had asked of her and more.

There had to be something! Anything! She had been at Lucy’s mercy and got herself out of it! She was completely under Erin’s control before yet came out on top… surely this wouldn’t be it? Marion would burst in! Trev would arrive unexpectedly! Someone, anyone, Tiffany begged for divine intervention.

“ tell you that later but what the hell, right? Anyway, you ready? You ready?”

There was no miracle for her. No hope. No escape.

Yes, Tiffany thought. She was ready. She just hoped that Erin would forgive her, for everything.

“Her Mind Was Tiffany Twisted!”

Tiffany closed her eyes and felt her mind sink peacefully into the abyss.

* * *

Erin’s jaw dropped as she saw Trev leaning on Josh’s impressive kitchen island with a cereal bowl and box of lucky charms next to him. He had a spoon in his mouth, his hair was mussed up, and he wore a vest top and lounging pants that he had clearly borrowed from Josh. His dark green eyes looked at Erin with a mixture of surprise and fear.

Taking the spoon out of his mouth, he took a couple of steps back before saying, “’Sup, Erin?”

Erin felt a rush of heat to her loins and was suddenly lightheaded as she gazed mesmerised by Trev. With his scruffy appearance and casual attitude, he was exactly the same as always, yet suddenly everything was different.

She had always found Trev attractive, sure, but with him being constantly in a relationship and her having plenty of avenues to get some dick when she wanted it, she always shrugged off that attraction as background noise and manageable.

Now it was invading her every sense, wrapping itself around her brain, and lighting a fire between her legs. She wanted him, she adored him, and she wanted to make him happy.

Erin knew what typically made men happy.

She blinked several times and took a deep breath in, shaking her head and then grinning. “Sorry! You surprised me is all!” She continued entering the apartment, hoping her blushing wasn’t too obvious to Trev. She approached the kitchen island and leaned over it, gazing at Trev with intense zeal as Trev retreated a couple of steps from the other side.

“How you been?” Erin asked, trying to sound casual. “It’s been a few days.”

“Yeah,” Trev replied. “Um, good, thanks… You?”

Erin grinned again. “Oh I’ve been great. Really great.” She unzipped her hoody and shuffled out of it, throwing it haphazardly onto the island.

“What’d you do to your forehead?” Trev squinted. “Looks painful.”

“Oh this?” Erin’s hand automatically touched the scabbed skin where she had self inflicted her latest skateboarding injury. “It’s fine, I fucked up a hurricane stall a few nights back, it was rather spectacular. I got back up and nailed it right after, even with blood in my eye.” Erin laughed at Trev’s shocked expression, and slowly stalked her way around the kitchen island.

“That’s why I stick to virtual skateboarding…” Trev commented, as he started to edge around the sofa to keep distance between him and Erin.

“You okay dude?” Erin remarked as she cautiously approached the sofa, not taking her eyes off him once.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Trev insisted in an unconvincing tone.

“I dunno, you just seem nervous,” Erin remarked. She inched left on one side of the sofa, and Trev inched right on the other side. She then inched right and he left.

“Nervous?” Trev’s voice faltered. “Why… why would I be—“

Erin vaulted the couch and sprang at Trev, who scrambled backwards until he collided with the wall.

“Wa-wa-wait!” He threw up his hands as if trying to push back a hurricane. “Erin, wait!”

Erin bit her lip as she halted just out of Trev’s reach. “Yeah, seem pretty nervous to me…” She chuckled. “What’s going on?”

“Okay.” Trev sighed heavily and ran his hand over his forehead and face. “Okay look…”

The hunger in Erin’s eyes was apparent as she scanned Trev up and down. When he couldn’t muster any words, she took a gentle step closer.

“Trev, you need to relax…” she urged him softly. “Come on, you can tell me anything.”

In a gentle motion, she took both of his hands in hers and lowered them down to his sides. She smiled sweetly at him even as he sweated and swallowed nervously. She leaned closer and closer until they were almost nose to nose.

“I screwed up,” Trev said eventually, sighing and closing his eyes. “You were all in trance and I let Lucy change you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let her, I should’ve done something…”

Erin didn’t move, she just looked at him thoughtfully. Trev opened his eyes and looked at her nervously.

“So, um, yeah, I mean, we can change you back though… The Algorithm is right here, I can, we can put you back to how you were before. E-Erin?” Trev stammered. “Sa-say something…”

Erin leaned back a fraction to be able to look into Trev’s eyes clearly. She nodded calmly and said, “That makes sense.”

“I am so sorry! Please forgive me. I got caught up in the moment with what Lucy was saying, I would never do anything like that. I don’t know what got into me.”

Erin smiled. “Trev, I feel like I’ve skipped a page here. I’m gathering you’re talking about when we were all in trance yesterday. All I remember is Lucy waking us up, which I’m super fucking grateful for by the way.”

“Okay,” Trev replied, taking another deep sigh. “Before she woke you up, she said that you’d all behave differently around me.”

“Yeah?” Erin asked, biting her lip. Ever since she took Trev’s hands in her own, she had felt electric tingles on her fingertips. Her pussy was dripping wet, she absolutely needed Trev to push his way inside her, and soon. But he was freaking out right now, and Erin knew she only had to let him vent and then offer him comfort with her words and her touch and her willingness to please. “How did she say we’ll behave?” She dared moving one hand onto Trev’s chest just at the lip of his vest top so her fingers brushed his chest hair.

“Like, um, you’ll be in love with me and stuff,” Trev said nervously.

Erin’s eyes lit up with affection, and she gazed at him with adoration and a beaming, beautiful smile on her face. “Yeah?” Not breaking eye contact, she carefully guided Trev’s hand to her waist then rested her own hand on the back of his neck. She twirled her fingers gently through his hair, and silently delighted as she saw him relax.

Trev sighed, like a weight was gradually being lifted from his chest. He then almost laughed as he said, “Yeah, and she said that you’d want to do anything for me and make me happy.”

Erin closed her eyes and couldn’t help as she uttered a soft moan. “Well that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?” she said playfully, opening her eyes again and batting them at Trev. “So why so nervous?” She grabbed Trev’s other hand and guided it to her breast, pushing it firmly in place so she could enjoy the sensation of him squeezing her. Trev gasped in surprise but made no effort to move or recoil. Erin then slid the tips of her fingers under the elastic of his lounging pants.

Trev was blushing furiously as Erin leaned closer. “Maybe you were worried I’d be mad?”

He nodded briskly, his breathing getting heavier.

“I didn’t need to be programmed to find you fucking sexy, dude.” Erin smirked as she slid her hand further down Trev’s pants. She wasn’t surprised to find his dick waking up under there, and from what she felt, she was going to enjoy it once it was paying full attention to her. “But knowing your own girlfriend wanted to program me with the hots for you… Well then, that’s information that changes things.”

Trev stiffened as Erin tenderly grabbed his hardening dick. Stammering, he could barely get a coherent word out. “Er-Wa-I-You do—”

“Sssshhh…” Erin placed her free index finger against his lips while her occupied hand gave a slow, sensual stroke of Trev’s now full erection. “Like I said, you need to relax. Nothing bad is happening… You have nothing to worry about.”

She planted her lips on his, tender at first while Trev was still too shocked to react. Then she bit his lower lip gently, coaxing his mouth to open as he exhaled a sensual sigh. Then, feeling his reluctance crumbling, she teased him with her mouth and lips, each time drawing back after brushing his lips and enjoying that he was starting to move forward after she withdrew to chase her. This game of cat and mouse lasted mere moments before Trev gave in and met Erin’s advance with his own passionate kiss.

Erin moaned softly as Trev’s tongue tackled her own, and his hands grabbed her firmly and pulled her into him. She felt herself melting with the heat that was building up in her pussy and spreading throughout her body, and she found her hands gravitating down to Trev’s crotch to stroke his cock and gently squeeze his balls. Erin broke the kiss to focus more on what her hands were doing, and as she sank to her knees, Trev moaned gratefully and ran his hands through her short hair.

Erin looked up devilishly before taking Trev’s cock into her mouth, playing with the tip initially before taking it deep, over and over. At the same time, she cast her eyes up to him and moaned with enjoyment as her own arousal grew.

The key with blowjobs, she found, was to get the guy worked up to the point he was ready to explode and then stop and invite them inside her waiting wet pussy instead. It made for a quick and more eager fuck on the guy’s part, which is just the way she liked it.

But this time was different. She wanted to make Trev happy above all else, and she also knew from her experience that the guy, almost without fail, loved to be sucked dry. ‘Not a drop on the floor: he’ll be back for more’ she recited in her head as she took Trev right down her throat. They loved that too, but it was harder to keep up. She would though, for him, because he was sexy and gorgeous and his happiness mattered more than anything. She would do anything for him, a blowjob was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Oh fuck oh oh…” Trev gasped. Erin strategically positioned herself to receive his load as he emptied into her. Her mouth filled with his cum and she lovingly swallowed and licked every last drop. Trev moaned and sighed until finally Erin released him, licked her lips, then grinned up at him.

“See?” she said wryly. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Wow. Just wow.” Trev sighed. “I’ve never- I mean, that was, I, I um…”

“Aww, baby… Has Lucy never done that for you?”

Trev turned a deeper shade of red, mumbling, “Erm, I, uh…”

Erin pulled herself to her feet and shushed him once more. With zealous glee in her eyes, she bit her lip playfully before offering. “Want me to teach her?”

* * *

Lucy stood outside the store anxiously, looking at its imposing signage and intimidating displays while holding her elbow to comfort herself. What was she doing here?

‘Trying to be a good girlfriend,’ she impatiently reminded herself. She needed to do whatever it took to win Trev back after what had happened yesterday.

She had gotten home after their fight and written sixteen different versions of an apology letter before crying herself to sleep. How was she supposed to be a good girlfriend if she had been specifically ordered to stay away from her boyfriend? And she couldn’t even go force Alice, Erin, and Tiffany to go and fall under Trev’s control, because he had told her to stay away from them as well. And she couldn’t be a good girlfriend if she openly defied his wishes. No, that wouldn’t do. But she was going crazy doing nothing. She had to do something, something to prove to him how devoted she was to being a good girlfriend to him. Her mind was swimming with stupid ideas and crazy thoughts, she could barely think straight anymore.

She had skipped class that morning. On the one hand, a good girlfriend wouldn’t flunk out of school in case that meant she couldn’t be near him anymore. On the other hand, this was an emergency. And desperate times called for desperate measures. And at least coming all the way to this side of town meant that she was very unlikely to bump into any of her classmates.

Gritting her teeth, and determined to not fail, she went inside.

The inside of the store was lit with a rich purple light, the windows almost entirely opaque. Upon the floor were three long rows of black shelving, fully stocked and sitting at an angle from the walls. More shelves adorned the walls up to the ceiling. In the back was a dark oak door with a sign that said ‘employees only’. On the right wall, almost directly in front of the door, was a long glass counter. The toys of all shapes and sizes that filled the counter were lit with a phosphorous bulb.

Behind the counter sat a woman with green disheveled hair, two tufts of which framed her face. Her deep purple apron contrasted the black of her clothing. Upon it was written the store’s name, Violet Delights.

Lucy shuddered and immediately turned to peruse the items on the shelves. The last thing she wanted to do was to interact with a dirty sex shop worker.

She focused all her attention on the latex outfits in front of her. Yes, she’d take some of those. Handcuffs and harnesses? Absolutely. Ball gags? Disgusting, but she’d do it if it proved to Trev she was willing to do anything for him. Then he’d forgive her, then he’d take her back. Surely.

She kept browsing. A sex swing? Maybe… She had no idea if he’d like that. They never really talked about sex and fantasies or anything quite so disgusting. Over the last few days, Lucy had effectively thrown herself at him every chance she had, because she knew he liked sex. Before then they barely had sex. Before then, she had been frustrated at him for spending time with his friends while she slept with his roommate behind his back.

She knew that James certainly liked being told what to do and would shut up and let her call the shots when they had slept together, but the times her and Trev had had sex before were usually when he was upset at her, and she wanted to stop him from thinking bad thoughts about her. She never wanted to have sex before they were married, but she didn’t think they’d get there if she didn’t cave to the unquestionable truth that all men craved sex, and without it they would leave.

But in both cases, while previously having hardly any sex and in the last few days of having lots, she still didn’t really know what Trev liked.

Well, fuck it, she would just have to guess.

She turned around and swore as she almost collided into the shopkeeper. Jumping back, she tensed as the green haired woman looked her up and down appraisingly.

“Welcome to Violet Delights,” she began through a forced smile, her voice a drone like she had said the same phrase fifty times too many. “I’m Violet, is there anything I can help you with today?” With her greeting done, the smile faded from her face, and it was clear she would rather have remained at the desk undisturbed.

“Um...” Lucy turned scarlet. What could she say? She was looking to buy as much kinky shit as she could in the hope that her acts of self degradation would endear her to her boyfriend because she upset him by making his female friends helplessly attracted to him? “I’m looking for a few things that my boyfriend will enjoy,” she mumbled with her eyes cast downwards.

“Uh huh.” Violet rolled her eyes. “You realise I’m going to have to ID you at the till, right? This place isn’t for minors.”

“I’m… I’m nineteen!” Lucy protested meekly, looking up to see Violet’s unimpressed face.

“Good, it’s just that you look like you should be in high school or something. Don’t need that hassle added to my day.”

“I know,” Lucy sighed. “I get that a lot.”

Violet sized Lucy up one more time. “Trying to impress the boyfriend huh? Let me guess, you cheated on him?”

Lucy coughed. “Excuse me?” She clutched her elbow again to try and steady herself. There was no way this pathetic clerk would know what she did. Besides, that was in the past. Lucy was going to be nothing but a Good Girlfriend from now on. The best, even. This wasn’t about atonement, just about being who she needed to be. She squared up to Violet and said, “Absolutely not. I would never.”

It was hard to tell if Violet bought it, but at least she was moving on. “So what, then? Birthday? Or are you about to do the nasty for the first time?”

“I um…”

Violet sighed. “Look, I’ve worked here long enough to know that a pretty little thing like you doesn’t just walk into a sex shop looking like a lost lamb because you’re in touch with your inner kink. I can’t help unless you give me something to go on.”

Lucy never felt so unwelcome in a store before. She considered leaving right then, but then she’d be back at square one. She’d just have to endure this bitch. She wasn’t doing this for herself, after all. “I just want him to know I’m going to be a good girlfriend for him,” she replied, her voice catching in her throat as she said it.

Violet looked satisfied, if only for a moment. “Ah, alright. So you’ve bagged yourself a hottie and are worried you’re going to lose him if you don’t deliver in the sack…”

Lucy frowned. She technically wasn’t far off with that. “Yeah,” she muttered. “I guess.”

“Well, for that, I recommend playing the long game.” Violet smirked as she turned around to guide Lucy through the store. When she realized Lucy wasn’t following, she cleared her throat and gestured to her. “You start small, and little by little introduce him to one thing then another, all the time hinting that it’s only him you do this for, and no other woman you know likes doing it. Soon, you’ve planted the seeds that you’re the kinkiest, dirtiest girl he could ever hope to get, and if he loses you, he loses it all. He’ll be eating out of your hand in no time.”

Lucy listened with rapt attention. The green haired sex shop freak was actually speaking some sense. She could show Trev her value and simultaneously keep him coming back for more. If she just introduced one kinky outfit or item after another, it should keep him interested enough for her to convince him she was right about the girls. Once they were his, they would also be hers, and she could use them all she wanted to keep Trev sated and herself pampered.

It still didn’t answer how she was supposed to get him back while not being able to contact him, but she knew he would call her back eventually, and when he did, she would be ready.

As Violet took Lucy around the store, picking out choice items for her and telling her when each outfit or toy should be best used, Lucy started to see things fall back into place for her.

After ringing up two full bags of merchandise, Lucy spent a considerable sum of her student loan in paying for the goods.

“Thanks for shopping at Violet Delights,” Violet said, a strange look on her face as she stared at Lucy, pondering something.

“Thanks.” Lucy began the struggle of trying to pull her phone out while holding the two unwieldy bags when she noticed Violet had walked around the counter right up next to her.

“One other thing.” Violet jabbed a finger into Lucy’s shoulder. “Whatever you do, don’t let her go. She might think she wants to, but you know better. If you love her, you need to make her see that. Make her see the truth. Don’t. Lose. Her.”

Lucy took a few cautionary steps backwards. “Her?”

Violet shook her head. “Him, sorry.” She walked back around the counter, waving Lucy off before flopping down onto the stool, holding her head up with one hand as she stared through the glass display. “Just… Don’t lose him.”

“Oh, okay,” Lucy said. That suddenly got weird, but at least having made her purchase she could go now. She quickly left the store and set about hailing an uber on her phone.

Something Violet had said though did resonate with her.

”Make them see the truth.”

Perhaps she was going about this the wrong way. Perhaps she had to make Trev understand what a good girlfriend was rather than try so hard to act within the boundaries she had set herself. Because a good girlfriend would want her man to be happy with all the women he desired. It wasn’t her fault that he didn’t see that, but it was her responsibility to make him see. A good girlfriend wouldn’t let him continue being wrong.

Yet there was still the instruction to not contact him. That was tricky, and a good girlfriend wouldn’t ignore that instruction without a very good reason. But a good girlfriend might bend the rules a little to get around it without outright breaking it. Lucy was smiling in triumph as new ideas fell into her head. Minutes later, she got into her uber and placed a call on her phone.

* * *

Josh wiped the sweat from his brow and took a step back to admire his work. The delivery had arrived eleven minutes into the window in which he expected it. The delivery person looked more than a little surprised to be delivering it all to the tiny dank apartment in which Josh was waiting, but Josh assured him it was all as planned.

Sitting in front of him was a newly constructed computer system, identical to the one that sat in his room back at his lavish apartment. He had all the required software on a memory stick to recreate the Algorithm to every last detail. He also installed the additional features he had been working on over the last few days. Lastly, he tested the detection of the motion sensor, ensuring it would be activated several seconds after the door to the apartment was opened.

Job done, Josh got ready to leave. He wouldn’t be surprised if he forgot all about everything he had done there once he left, but that thought didn’t bother him. It would be a pity though, as he felt he’d done an impressive job in just a few short hours. Just as he moved towards the apartment door, his phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID with some curiosity before answering.

“Lucy. Hi.”

* * *

“And finally, you will no longer lose your current persona after any amount of time. You will stay this way indefinitely. No triggers or commands will make you change back to the way you were.”

She stood at perfect attention as she read from the card in her hands. She read every line as rehearsed with Mistress, her intonation and delivery impeccable. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Alice said in a dull drone.

“Fully awaken now.”

Alice inhaled deeply and rolled her shoulders as animation returned to her body and awareness to her eyes. She looked at the naked slave before her and smiled. “Did you read it exactly as instructed?”

“Yes, Mistress,” her slave dutifully replied.

Alice’s eyes gleamed triumphantly. “Did you pause, delay, or otherwise deviate from the spirit of my instructions?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Good slave.” Alice sat on her bed and motioned the slave towards her. “Kneel.”

She dropped to her knees and looked up at her Mistress with dispassionate obedience.

“Slave, what is your name?” Alice asked, an amused smile spreading across her face.

She thought about this, eventually answering, “I have no name.”

“But what was your name before I turned you into the perfect slave?”

She frowned and squinted now. Had she ever had a name? If Mistress said she did, she must have. Nervously, she answered, “I don’t remember.”

“What is your purpose?”

“To serve you with complete obedience, unbreakable loyalty, and utter devotion, Mistress.”

Alice sighed happily and walked around the room. “Good, slave. Very good. Now, does the name ’Tiffany’ mean anything to you?”

She thought about this. “No, Mistress.”

“Excellent,” Alice replied. “Until further notice, your name is now ‘Slave,’ understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” Slave replied with an obedient nod.

“Now then…” Alice stood over Slave and gazed down at her with a predatory grin. “Tiffany come back.”

All of a sudden, Tiffany was Tiffany again. She inhaled deeply and then shrank back as Alice loomed over her. Fear flooded through her where moments prior there had only been calm obedience. The urge to panic was overwhelming, but she knew that it would be fruitless. She couldn’t feel the tendrils of control that were rooted deep into her mind, but she knew they were there. She looked up at Alice, gorgeous, powerful, irresistible Alice. She felt like a fly caught in a web, powerless and defeated.

Alice gazed down at her, a smug calmness in her expression that bothered Tiffany to no end. She was clearly waiting for Tiffany to say something. Tiffany didn’t want to give her the satisfaction, but she also had an endless series of questions.

Her first practically spilled out of her lips. “Why? Why let me come back out?”

Alice’s smiled, that heart meltingly beautiful smile that at any other time would lift Tiffany’s spirit but was now crushing it. Alice was enjoying this so much because Tiffany had programmed her to. She had literally created her own jailor for the prison that was now within her mind.

“Because, Tiff, I want to talk to you,” Alice admitted, before a glint of mischief entered her eyes. “And, of course, play with you.”

Tiffany took a slow, deep breath in to steady herself. The reality of her situation was far more stark to her now than her latent fantasies. Her mind felt clearer than it had in days. That in itself was something she immediately wondered about.

“You’ve removed all my other programming while I’m like this, haven’t you?” she asked. The more information she could digest, the more of a chance she gave herself of somehow finding a way out of Alice’s control.

“I have.” Alice nodded. “As you are now you are not under any compulsions or control.”

“But you can change me back into… Into that mindless slave shell whenever you like.”

“Well yeah, I figured it’s good to compartmentalise,” Alice explained. “This way, you still get to be you when I feel like it. But if you disappoint or bore me, well then I can turn you into something that would amuse me more. But I’d rather have you in your own mind, just behaving properly.”

“Behaving properly?” Tiffany repeated, an eyebrow raised.

“Like a good little slave should.” Alice smiled sweetly. “It’s one thing for me to plant new personalities in you or fill your mind with compulsions, but what I really want is an untampered Tiff becoming the perfect slave for me.” She ran her fingers under Tiffany’s chin. Tiffany tried not to shudder at Alice’s touch, but it was impossible. What could she do? She knew that the last thing she should do is piss Alice off.

“Yeah, Alice, you’ll have to put me into slave mode because me as myself becoming your slave, that’s not going to happen.” Tiffany cursed herself the moment the words left her lips. Her defiance was only useful if she held any bargaining position to speak of, and she didn’t.

“Oh Tiff, I’m glad to hear you say that,” Alice purred. “It’s going to make this all so much more fun. Now, say ‘I live to serve you, Mistress,’ or I’m going to do something most distressing to you.”

Tiffany mulled this over. She may as well just say it. It would surely be foolish to risk Alice’s wrath when she was in such a helpless position. But at the same time, to just roll over and give in just didn’t feel like her. She didn’t want to sass Alice either for risk of backlash, so she instead elected to just stare back at her, defiant in her silence.

“Fine. Have it your way.” Alice smirked. She returned to the bed and took out her phone.

Tiffany watched her with nervous curiosity before slowly getting to her feet. She didn’t feel like there was any thought in her mind telling her what to do. She really was, for the time being, back to her own self. And with her own thoughts, she wondered whom Alice was calling.

Alice stared at Tiffany as she enthusiastically spoke on the phone. “Dillon! Hiiiiii!”

Tiffany suddenly felt a chill spread through her body. Alice wouldn’t… Surely she couldn’t!. Tiffany found herself involuntarily backing up towards the door.

Alice covered the phone’s microphone for a moment and said, “You’re a statue, Tiff.”

Instantly, Tiffany’s feet were rooted to the floor. Her arms wouldn’t move. She couldn’t move. Her eyes fixed on Alice who simply returned to her call.

“No, sweetie, nobody here is going to sleep for you. Nice try though, I admit I’m impressed by your enterprising attitude.”

Tiffany tried to cry out in protest, but her mouth also wouldn’t open, and she couldn’t even make a moan of distress. All she could do was look at a delighted Alice and listen to her call with a man that repulsed and terrified her.

“Oh definitely!” Alice purred after listening for a while. “No hard feelings at all. In fact, Marion won’t be back for hours. You want to come and play with a new toy I’ve got here? Hmm, let me show you.”

Alice took the phone away from her ear and pointed it at Tiffany. As the camera shutter sound clicked, Tiffany fought as hard as she could to move, to rush Alice, grab the phone, smash it, and escape. But instead she couldn’t move a single muscle. She was naked and frozen and Alice had just taken a picture of her. Her heart jolted in terror. She had never sent nudes to anyone, and now she was helpless to prevent Alice from sending one to a man she completely distrusted. Her eyes started to tear, and not just from lack of blinking.

“You get that?” Alice asked, back on the call now. “Yes, I thought you’d like it. Well, if you can get over here soon she’ll be ready for you. Call it a peace offering on my part.”

Tiffany’s heart felt like it was turning to stone. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but at the same time her mind couldn’t focus on anything else.

“Sounds great. Yeah, see you soon.” Alice hung up the call and placed the phone down. She then slowly approached Tiffany, savoring the frozen state of her quarry.

“Guess who’s coming to pay us a little visit?” Alice whispered into Tiffany’s ear. “Let’s see how well we can train you before he gets here…”

Tiffany couldn’t speak, move, or even blink. But trapped within her mind, she screamed.