The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 25

Tiffany woke up in Alice’s bed groggy and with her throat feeling dry and sore once more. The last time she had looked in the mirror, the bruising had been horrendous all the way across the front of her neck. She definitely had no plans to leave Alice’s flat until she had to, and that was going to be on Wednesday to go and see Josh about the portable version of the tablet he would be working on with his classmate that evening.

Alice lay next to her, still asleep by all appearances. It made sense, they were both still pretty exhausted. A glance at her phone told her it was five in the morning. She sighed in frustration and tried to fall back asleep.

The plan was to hunker down and rest for the next couple of days, and to help Alice with any withdrawal symptoms she experienced. Being able to drop her into trance and redirect her energies had proved to be invaluable, so much so that Alice had remarked in awe more than once that the Algorithm could be used as a legitimate rehabilitation therapy device.

Tiffany hadn’t disagreed, although to her the Algorithm was a device for her to use to manifest her fantasies. It felt too dangerous to let loose on the wider world, as any benefit it could bring was counterbalanced by such unimaginable amounts of harm it could cause. Tiffany knew that she needed to be sensible and practical in using the Algorithm, and that ultimately she should be the one solely responsible for deciding what it got used for.

However, this was at odds with her current predicament, in which she had pledged her obedience to Alice and requested that her sexy, slim blonde friend take on the persona of her Mistress. She was yet to actually do any programming to Alice in trance to this effect, but knew that it would be the next step to completing the illusion.

However, since Alice was completely under Tiffany’s control, she was only too happy to follow Tiffany’s instructions to take part in the power exchange. Her first instruction had been for them to both get some much needed sleep and figure out the rest later.

Tiffany had reluctantly agreed at the time. It barely scratched the itch she felt, her need to be controlled, but she also felt the exhaustion overpower her, and she had fallen asleep within minutes of crawling into bed next to her soon-to-be Mistress. The rest of the day had been spent resting, watching films on Alice’s sofa, and more resting.

Alice had stuck to her word and had been ordering Tiffany about the entire time. Tiffany had brought her glasses of water on demand, she had always been the one to change out the DVD, and after they had woken up from napping to find that Erin had come and gone, Alice ordered Tiffany to put all of the groceries away and re-organise her kitchen while she was at it.

All of these instructions Tiffany obeyed dutifully, hoping that they would satisfy her need to be controlled. She found that far from satisfying the itch, her acts of service were so mild and unassuming that the cravings to feel her mind being warped were getting stronger than ever.

But Alice made the good point that they were both needing rest. She had been periodically throwing up, and Tiffany’s throat remained persistently swollen and sore. So she played the obedient role, all the while feeling like it was more a poor roleplay than any actual exchange of power.

The sleep had been needed though, and with the amount of rest they got, they barely saw Marion all evening. Eventually moving to Alice’s bed to settle down for the night, Alice’s final command was for Tiffany to sleep well. At least she could follow that.

However, now that she was awake, she was imagining endless scenarios of her enslavement.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Images flashed in her head, a ton of them overlapping until they started to appear in some manner of sequence, enveloping her mind and vision with surprising and vivid clarity.

She was kneeling at Alice’s perfect feet, licking her heels clean at the snap of a finger, and having her hair stroked as words of encouragement kept her in a deep, tranquil, obedient trance.

The image changed.

Now she was walking through a park with Alice, hand in hand, laughing and joking. Then Alice turned to her, looked into her eyes, and her mind instantly turned to mush. Mindlessly, obediently, she was led to a quiet spot where she pleasured her Mistress with her mouth.

Another image.

Now she was tied up, arms tight behind her back, her ass pointed as high in the air as she could manage, and her face pressed into the floor. She recited long mantras of obedience, each mistake she made being punished with increasingly painful floggings. Her tears of pain soaked the carpet just as her arousal dropped from her pussy.


This time she was kneeling on the floor, naked except for the leather collar around her neck, holding a pose of submission and presentation as Alice talked with her friends, Josh and Trev. The three of them talked about how Tiffany had at one time controlled all of them, and they all expressed their complete lack of surprise that she was now a mindless obedient slave. The more they commented on how useless, slutty, and pathetic she was, the more Tiffany felt her horny juices trickle down her bare thigh, waiting, ever hopeful that she would be used as a fuckdoll by one or all of them.

Then Dillon flashed into her mind. She was with him, riding his hard cock enthusiastically. There was Alice, passed out on his bed next to them, out of her mind on some drug he’d given her. Tiffany asked if she was okay, and Dillon responded by smacking her and telling her to shut up and obey. Tiffany complied, and after shooting his load, Dillon shoved her off him while laughing. He then grabbed her by her hair, and pain spiked through her as he yanked her roughly through his flat to where Ross sat on a sofa.

She begged them both to fuck her, to use her, to break her. Barely aware of what was even happening anymore, she felt one of them enter her from behind as she took the other deep into her throat. Being pounded from both sides, smacked and brutally fucked, her eyes streamed and her mind dissolved into a haze of pleasure and pain. Once they filled her up with their cum, they pushed her roughly to the floor, and she obediently crawled into her cage, a tiny cramped mesh meant for small dogs. Exhausted and spent, she passed out still murmuring that she needed to be controlled.

Tiffany clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle her moans as she came, the fingers of her other hand having stroked her clit to climax while her mind was absorbed in her waking dreams. Alice still slept soundly next to her, and Tiff tried to repress her urge to buck her hips from the pleasure, lest she disturb her soon to be Mistress.

The daydreams, the visions, whatever they had been had been so intense, increasingly so as they progressed. She had never experienced them so vivid before, or as specific. Her fingers still toyed with her clit as she slowly came down from her waves of pleasure.

Did she really want to be treated so badly by Dillon? Did she really want to lick shoes clean and be flogged for not remembering to recite words correctly?

Yes, she thought instantly. Yes she did. She wanted all of that and more.

But she couldn’t remember wanting it so badly before today. Was the Algorithm having such a profound effect on her despite her not having been programmed?

She tilted her head to one side. Could this be a result of programming? Thinking about it, Tiffany realised that, not counting the recent near miss with Dillon, she had only been in trance for Erin and Lucy. Lucy’s programming she undid almost immediately after it was instilled in her, so that left Erin. She had been in trance under Erin’s control for several hours a couple of nights ago. Erin had made her think that it was Alice who had captured her, completely warping her perception and making her believe it entirely. She could have done anything else to Tiffany, but she apparently hadn’t, and instead submitted to Tiffany’s control.

Or had she? Had this been a long running plan of Erin’s where she pretended to submit but was really just enjoying watching Tiffany become overwhelmed by an increasing need to submit?

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Tiffany ran her hands through her hair. She wanted Alice to wake up so she could command her to do more things. Naughtier things. She felt a temptation to prod her awake, but Alice’s last instruction was for them both to rest, and interrupting that would feel like breaking the spirit of the instruction.

Instead, she lay her head back down and tried to get more sleep.

It was some time after 8 a.m. that Alice’s phone started buzzing, waking Tiffany up. She leaned across to grab it before it disturbed Alice. Her heart leapt in her chest when she saw that it was Dillon.

Panic and indecision gripped Tiffany. On one hand, she knew Dillon was an abusive asshole who she wanted nothing to do with. On the other, she wanted to be controlled, she needed it, and that need felt like a clamp slowly closing around her mind. Her fingers hovered over the answer button, and she felt her heart pounding in her chest.

Alice was asleep. She couldn’t control her when asleep. Dillon could control her now. Not only that, but he would fuck her, abuse her, and not let her escape. The more helpless she felt, the hotter it would be.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

God, she needed it. It wasn’t just her occasional fancy of submission, it was a physical need like hunger or thirst, and right now it ached.

Whimpering slightly, Tiffany’s thumb moved and pressed the reject button. The phone fell silent.

She sighed deeply. It was too risky to answer a call from him right now. She felt ready to do anything for anyone, and she knew that it wasn’t right.

Somehow, somewhere, she had been programmed with this thought.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Exactly! That! It aligned so neatly with her own occasional fantasies that it felt like her own thoughts just hyped up with excitement. And that made it so hard to resist. She wanted to be controlled, after all. The want had mutated into a powerful, primal need, and as she thought about it, she realised she didn’t even want to try and fight this new driving instinct of hers.

The dominant within her cried out in protest at her train of thought as Tiffany crawled out of bed to go freshen up. As she showered, she lost herself in her fantasies again. This time she was being forced to do things she never wanted to do, each time getting more and more aroused the more humiliated she felt. She shuddered as horror mixed with intense arousal and, despite how sensitive she felt having touched herself so recently, she ended pressed up against the shower wall with the head carefully positioned to pour pleasure over her insatiable pussy.

After another orgasm wracked her body, she sank to the floor of the shower and held herself.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

More images flashed through her mind. Pictures and scenarios where she was mindless, obedient, controlled to the point that she didn’t even recognise herself anymore. Image after image poured through her mind, her obsession gorging on each fantasy, faster and faster. There were too many to process, too many to handle. Cradling her head as the shower poured over her naked skin, she gasped for breath as she felt her chest tighten.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

She was whimpering with her eyes closed, so she didn’t notice Alice enter the bathroom. It was only when Alice threw up loudly into the toilet that she snapped out of her fugue state and clawed her way back to reality.

Turning the shower off, she quickly wrapped herself in a towel and knelt down next to Alice, placing a damp hand gently on her shoulder.

“Hey. You okay?”

“No,” Alice replied, head still buried in the bowel. “You?”

“No.” Tiffany shivered. She did her best to push down her own crisis and asked, “What can I do to help you?”

“Just…” Alice paused to spit in the toilet. “Just stay with me, please?”

Tiffany nodded. “Anything,” she said.

After a few more moments, Alice sat back from the toilet, flushed it, and smiled feebly at Tiffany with her extra pale but still beautiful face. “Thank you,” she said softly. “And how about you, Mistress? How can I help you?”

Tiffany leaned into Alice and felt her slender arms envelope her. Shivering, she whispered the words that were slowly taking over her mind.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.” She looked up at Alice pleadingly. “Please control me. I need it…”

“Okay.” Alice nodded gently. “Come with me.”

Tiffany followed obediently, slipping in and out of a daze as she did so. She could see Alice was also struggling, but all she could think of was how grateful she was to have an instruction to follow.

Alice led her to her bedroom and instructed Tiffany to sit, wait, and relax before disappearing.

It took constant effort, but Tiffany found that she was able to relax. She took deep breaths, and every time images or thoughts tried to form in her mind, she let them pass through without focusing on them. After a few minutes, she felt calmer than she had in days.

Alice returned shortly after holding a glass of water in one hand and a mug of tea in the other. She passed the tea to Tiffany and sat at her desk, nursing the water.

With a thoughtful expression, she leaned towards Tiffany and said, “So tell me, what exactly does being controlled mean to you?”

Tiffany stared at Alice for a good few seconds before she opened her mouth to respond. She then closed it again when she realised she didn’t know how to answer. What did it exactly mean to her? Honestly, that was tricky. Was it simply being told what to do and obeying, or was it having all choice taken away from her? Was it something she consciously abided by, or something she literally had no say in? Or was it even both? Or neither?

“I, umm…” Tiffany faltered.

Alice smiled faintly. “I want to help you, Tiff. I want to obey you and help you and do anything you wish of me, but I need to understand your wishes first. I did my best to give you commands to follow and stuff last night, and you called me Mistress and everything, but I don’t think that’s what you were really after. I’m not sure you understand what it is you want.”

“Okay.” Tiffany nodded. She ran her hands over her face and through her hair before blinking several times at Alice. “So, like, I want to be controlled. I need it. I guess by that I mean that I want to be like I’ve made you. I want to be a slave and serve you.”

“Right,” Alice nodded, “but I don’t feel very controlled right now, even as your slave acting as your Mistress. I mean yes, you control me, and I’m acting the way you want me to, but you specifically programmed me the night before last to stay myself, to not do anything that felt dangerous or unsafe, and to let you know when I’m not happy with anything you ask of me. I feel safe and cared for and if anything more in control of myself because you changed my cravings for drugs, alcohol, and even cigarettes into a craving to look after myself, be true to what I really want, and to face my emotions instead of hiding from them. I can even call you Tiff whenever I want. When I call you Mistress, it’s because I choose to, or it at least feels like it.”

“I guess I don’t want to feel like that.” Tiffany sighed nervously. “I guess I want to feel like I’ve had all my choice taken away, like I have no say in what I do. I want to be made to do things I normally wouldn’t ever want just to drive home the feeling that I have no control over myself.

“Well if that’s the case, I think you need to drop into trance for me to make those kinds of changes…” Alice trailed off, her voice betraying her discomfort at the idea.

A red flag waved across Tiffany’s mind at this suggestion. Sure, part of her screamed out for her to agree there and then, but a more measured, less fun sounding voice in her head reminded her that allowing herself to be changed in trance was dangerous, and potentially a one way ticket to complete submission. Her pussy squealed in delight at the prospect, but her mind struggled to ratify the choice path. Yes, she needed to be controlled, but closing off all other avenues seemed drastic.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

The thought was slowly making everything else less important. The more she tried to rationalise things, the more she craved complete submission.

“No, I can’t do that.” Tiffany shook her head. “I need to be controlled, sure, but if I let myself be tranced, I’m worried I’ll be undone…”

“So then, what do you want?”

“I don’t know! I want to be a fucking slave, okay?” Tiffany jumped up from sitting on the bed to pace restlessly around the room. “I want to be made to lick your feet, to mindlessly service you at the snap of your fingers. I want you to force me to do embarrassing things! Humiliating things even! Walk into class with a vibrater driving me crazy, flash strangers in the street, fuck random people just because you tell me to! My fantasies are wild, and some of them are so fucked up! I even want you to pimp me out to Dillon, that’s how messed up I feel!”

Tiffany sank to her knees before Alice as the blonde’s eyes went wide with surprise. “Dillon? Really? Tiff, what is going on with you?”

“I don’t know!” Tiffany wailed. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. “I think someone at some point put this thought in my head, and now it’s taking over. I’m obsessing, I need to be controlled. I need it! Please, Mistress! Please control me!”

“Okay, okay…” Alice soothed. “Calm down, take a deep breath.

Tiffany did this, and a mild calmness spread through her at doing what she was told.

“Good. Now, take your phone and call... let’s call Lucy. She can put you into trance if you ask her, right? That’s still there?”

Tiffany picked up her phone and started to scroll down her call menu when she stopped and looked up suspiciously. “Wait, why put me in trance?!” She shook her head. She had followed Alice’s instructions automatically without really thinking about it, but she knew she didn’t want to go into trance.

“I’m going to find out what thought is in your head making you act this way… I’m going to help you, Tiff, make you better. If that isn’t controlling you, I don’t know what is?”

Tiffany started breathing sharply and heavily. Alice planned to remove this thought from her? If she did, she wouldn’t feel this way anymore?

“Come on, Tiff…” Alice said. “Call Lucy. Let me help you…”

Tiffany looked down at her phone. Her finger hovered over Lucy’s name, ready to call her up. Let Alice help… Help her to not be controlled anymore...

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Tiffany put her phone down and looked up at Alice, dead in her eyes. For a split second there was a silent understanding between them, and Tiffany saw Alice’s eyes fill with fear.

“No! Tiff! Wa—”

“Sleep, Alice, Sleep!” Tiffany snapped.

Alice’s protest drowned in her mouth as her entire body slumped in her chair. Her eyes remained staring at Tiffany, except they now stared right through her, glossy and distant. Alice heaved out a deep sigh as all remaining tension left her body, and then her breaths became slow and even as her mind sank deep into trance.

Tiffany got to her feet and approached Alice slowly.

“I didn’t want to do it this way.” She sighed. “I wanted you to understand, to do what I needed you to do… I need to be controlled. I wanted you to control me without needing to change you, but I guess that just won’t work…”

She stroked Alice’s cheek. Her pussy quivered with anticipation. She enjoyed this power, yes. It was hot, fuck it turned her on, and it was something she enjoyed, something she wanted.

But through it she would get what she needed, and with that knowledge she felt her pussy moisten with warm sticky arousal.

“I’ll change you back when I’ve had enough. It’ll be okay. Trust me.”

Alice remained unblinking and unresponsive. A living statue, her chest rose and fell slightly with each even breath. Otherwise it was like she was frozen in place.

“Alice, are you in a deep mindless trance?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes,” came her dull, toneless reply.

“Good,” Tiffany said. She bit her lip as she slipped a finger over her clit and started stroking, heat rising throughout her body. “When you wake up from this trance, you will be a sexy, domineering, powerful Mistress. You will move and talk with a commanding presence. You will demand obedience from your slaves and tolerate no resistance. Understand?”

“Yes,” Alice said mindlessly.

“Fuck… Yes… Mmmmm,” Tiffany moaned, stroking herself more as she felt her cheeks flush and arousal flood through her. The words poured out of her mouth without pause or filter apart from her heavy panting breaths. “You will… You will feel powerful and love feeling in control. You will use all of your wit and cunning to break my will, train me as your slave, and use me for whatever purpose you want. Being in charge turns you on. Commanding me brings you satisfaction. You want to humiliate me, objectify me, degrade me, and force me to do things I don’t want to do, understand?”

“Yes,” Alice said again.

Tiffany shuddered and felt an orgasm crash through her. She sank to her knees and almost laughed with the pleasure pulsing in her head and her heart, gasping and moaning and smiling up at Alice.

As she came down from her bliss, Alice remained motionless, empty, and blank above her. Tiffany struggled to her feet and regarded her programmed doll with lust and admiration. However, getting her release meant her head felt less clouded by arousal, and she resolved to make the most of that.

She let out a sigh of anticipation. “Almost done… Okay, Alice, when you wake up tomorrow morning. All of your programming will be gone apart from the programming I installed in you the night before last. Understand?”


“And when I say ‘sleep, Alice, sleep,’ it will no longer put you into trance. You’ll go into trance when I say, ‘Alice through the looking glass,’ and this will not disappear tomorrow morning, understand?”


“Good girl,” Tiffany cooed. “Oh, and one last thing. You won’t remember anything from this trance, and you won’t remember being my slave yesterday, understand?”


“Good,” Tiffany said. She took a deep, nervous breath. Was she sure she wanted to do this? Even if it was only for a day?

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Who was she kidding?

“Alice, wake up now.”

* * *

Josh arrived at the rundown apartment block and did his best to settle his nerves as he looked at the surrounding street and buildings. He seemed to be standing in a textbook example of a rough neighbourhood. He had never been to this side of town before, and he felt glad that he hadn’t traveled in his fancy sports car.

Not wanting to linger, he took out the key to unlock the building’s door before he realised that the lock was broken and it swung open on creaking hinges that he would have found hilarious in most other settings.

At least there was nobody around, he thought, as he made his way to the correct apartment. He took another two keys out of his pocket to let himself in. He didn’t know where he had gotten all of these keys from, but he knew that he Didn’t Need To Know, so that was okay.

The apartment was shabby, barely furnished, drafty, and smelled of mould. It consisted of a tiny lounge and kitchen combination, though as Josh saw the single other door leading to what looked like a cramped cupboard with a toilet squeezed in, he realised that this was the whole place, and that the single camper mattress on the floor was where the lone occupant presumably slept… somehow. A persistent drip from a soaked patch on the ceiling made itself known every few seconds in one corner of the dank dull room.

Josh looked around the place feeling a growing dismay. Who lived here? Who couldlive here? He Didn’t Need To Know that either, but he did wonder.

What he did Know was that he needed to wait. There was a delivery arriving soon, and when it did, he would Know What To Do next.

* * *

Tiffany whimpered as the duct tape wrapped around her wrists. Her ass was still stinging, fresh red marks adorning it. Her hands were firmly pressed together, obediently, as Alice finished binding them.

“On your knees,” Alice ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.” Tiffany nodded before dropping as quickly as she could. Her knees cried out in pain as they collided roughly with the carpet, but she ignored it. She looked up at her Mistress standing before her, her eyes slightly watering. Alice towered above the now topless Tiffany, all power and poise, and looked down at her like she was dirt on her shoe. The blonde still wore the same pyjamas as before, but the expression on her face and the way she held herself made Tiffany feel like it was a different person looking down at her. The kind, tender, playful Alice that she knew was nowhere in sight.

Alice grabbed a fistful of Tiffany’s hair and pulled until her nose was less than an inch from Alice’s pajama shorts. An invigorating scent filled Tiffany’s nostrils, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped with need. She could feel her own pussy like it was on passionate fire, burning with a desperate craving that was being constantly denied.

“You want to eat me out, don’t you, slave?” Alice said, pulling Tiffany’s head back so she could see the needy expression on Tiffany’s face.

“Yes!” Tiffany rasped, before quickly correcting herself. “Yes, Mistress.”

“You’re a complete slut, aren’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Tiffany nodded as much as she could with her hair firmly in Alice’s grip. She tested the strength of the tape that bound her wrists and found there was no give. She was feeling more submissive and helpless by the second, and was loving every moment of it.

Alice grabbed one of Tiffany’s nipples and squeezed it hard. Tiffany gasped in pain and had to focus in order not to cry out.

“Little sluts should be punished, don’t you think?” Alice said with a cruel smile.

Tiffany could barely speak as the pain took her breath away. She felt her mind melting as the intensity of the pain and pleasure mixed into an intoxicating cocktail. “Yeeees… Miss… Ahah! Mistress!”

“Get up!” Alice yanked Tiffany up by her hair and Tiffany whined as her feet scrambled to get her standing. No sooner than she was upright, Alice gave her tender ass another whip with a leather belt she had fished out of her closet. Tiffany winced and shuddered. She could feel her arousal seeping down her leg, her panties thoroughly soaked now.

Then Alice pushed her onto the bed, face down on the covers. Tiffany squeaked into the duvet as the belt came down onto the soles of her bare feet. The stinging was sharp and overwhelming, but Tiffany was determined to take it. She was being trained, commanded, controlled. She would take it.

This happened several more times, each time the belt felt even more painful than the last until tears streamed down Tiffany’s face and she breathed deeply through the pain.

“Are you going to be a good slave for me?” Alice asked like she was talking to a misbehaving child.

“Yes! Yes, Mistress!” Tiffany croaked, on the verge of sobbing. “Please, I’ll be a good girl, Mistress!”

“Yes, you will,” Alice confirmed. “Aren’t you going to thank me for punishing you?”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Tiffany blurted out. Her head swam, her mind reeling from the pain while simultaneously drowning in pleasure. She closed her eyes and floated on a cloud of enveloping sensations, only vaguely aware that her ankles were being taped together now as well.

“You were made to be a slave, Tiff,” Alice remarked as she pulled her legs up next to the hands behind her back. She began taping Tiffany’s ankles to her wrists. “This is how you’re supposed to be, and how I’m supposed to be.”

Tiffany couldn’t respond other than to let out a soft moan. She couldn’t move, and certainly couldn’t resist as Alice pushed her onto her side. She opened her eyes just in time to see Alice produce a sleeping mask from somewhere. The confident blonde smiled with satisfaction before slipping the mask over a compliant Tiffany’s eyes.

Tiffany shuddered and moaned with delight as Alice ran a single sharp fingernail over her body.

“I have great plans for you, slave. You’re going to be ever so good to me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tiffany said with respectful obedience.

“Good girl.” Alice stroked Tiffany’s hair. “But I am going to demand a lot from you, slave. Are you ready for your first test?”

Tiffany nodded eagerly. “Yes, Mistress. Anything, Mistress.”

“Good,” Alice said. Tiffany heard some shuffling, and a few moments later she felt Alice climb onto the bed, kneeling over her. Her nose instantly filled with the scent of Alice’s pussy, and Tiffany’s own arousal went wild. It was all she could do not to moan loudly with the exhilaration she felt.

“Ok then. Your first test…” Alice said from somewhere above Tiffany, “is to make me cum before you run out of air.”

Before Tiffany could even process those words, Alice’s knees clamped around her head. Just as suddenly, Tiffany’s airways were cut off as Alice’s pussy pressed down on her face. Her nose was pressed firmly against the top of her Mistress’s crotch, and her mouth was smothered by Alice’s slick folds and wet clit.

Fighting off the instinct to panic, Tiffany did what she knew a good slave would and started to lick, her tongue finding a way to massage Alice’s clit despite her complete lack of space to move.

The lack of oxygen was one distraction that Tiffany pushed through as she licked and sucked and massaged while encouraged by Alice’s soft moans above her. Being on her side but having Alice sit on top of her was a strain on her neck, and where Alice’s legs jabbed into her was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Most of all her own pussy throbbed in a mixture of intense arousal and neediness, and it seemed the more she licked, the more her own pleasure grew.

It was getting harder though. She was feeling lightheaded now, her heart was pounding, and she could feel spots in her vision even though it was too dark in her blindfold to see them.

But Alice was bucking and squirming encouragingly. “Yes! Yes, good slave. Yes! Fuck, yes!”

Tiffany powered through, licking with single-minded determination. Alice continued to moan, while Tiffany felt weaker and weaker. Just when she felt like she couldn’t continue, Alice started to scream, holding her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise of her orgasm. Spurred by the knowledge that it was almost over, Tiffany put all her remaining resolve into licking a last few times to prolong Alice’s pleasure. Only when it felt like she was drifting away did Alice roll off her, allowing her to breath once more.

She sucked in a huge, gasping lungful of air, followed by another and another. Alice gently patted her from where she lay next to her on the bed. “Well done, slave, you passed. Mmmm, you passed well.”

Tiffany couldn’t respond. She was still heaving in huge gasps of air, a feeling of relief washing over her. Alice had started to stroke her skin and bite her gently on her neck and shoulder, which felt heavenly, but it didn’t prevent a nervous thought from creeping into her mind.

If she hadn’t succeeded in making Alice cum, would she have suffocated? Would Alice have known what to do?

The thought sobered Tiffany’s fancy for fantasy right up, and she realised that she was getting too carried away. She needed to fix Alice, and then get help to fix herself. Yes, she needed to be controlled, but she needed to live first!

Alice crawled out of bed as Tiffany’s breathing started to calm down. “Well done, slave. I think I’ll give you a break before your next test…”

Tiffany finally felt ready to speak. She coughed, cleared her throat, and said, “Alice through the lo—” and then was abruptly cut short when what felt like a rolled up pair of socks was stuffed into her mouth.

“Mmmm! Mmmph! Mmmtmmth!” Tiffany tried to protest, but Alice stuffed the socks fully into her mouth. Before she could push them out with her teeth or tongue, she heard the sound of more duct tape being torn off the roll and tried once more in vain to say Alice’s trigger before several pieces of tape were pressed over her mouth.

Tiffany tried to flail and thrash, but her arms and legs were completely immobilised.

“Oh stop struggling, Tiff, it’s pathetic,” Alice ordered in a bored voice. “And not very slave-like, I might add.”

Tiff ceased her attempts to break free. “Mmmmmlmm, mmleeamme!” she pleaded, “mmms mmsm mmlmm ammme mmms...”

Alice snorted in derision. “It’s quiet time now, Tiff, unless you’d like more discipline…”

Tiffany knew this wasn’t an empty threat, the soles of her feet still felt tingly from their earlier punishment. She stopped trying to talk through her makeshift gag and felt her mind race to analyse the situation.

She was bound completely, gagged and blindfolded… Fuck that wasn’t a good start.

At the back of her mind, an excited voice couldn’t stop announcing to the rest of her how utterly fucking hot the whole situation was. She did her best to ignore it and take it seriously.

But what could really Alice do? What was her game here? Sure she had Tiffany at her mercy now, but she couldn’t keep her like this indefinitely...

“I’m very disappointed in you, slave,” Alice finally said. “You were doing so well too, but I thought you might still feel the need to be disobedient.”

Tiffany felt Alice grab her thumb and press something against it. Her phone, she realised, but it was too late to try and make things more difficult for Alice.

Shit. What could Alice possibly want with her phone? She felt the mattress shift as Alice sat on the bed next to her. Over the frantic beating of her heart, she thought she might be hearing the sound of Alice typing a message.

“I wouldn’t worry, Tiff,” Alice said in a soothing voice that Tiffany found unnerving. “You’re going to get what you want here. You want to be controlled, right? Up ’til now, you’ve been playing along with me, but I haven’t really pushed your limits yet. You’re happy so long as I press your submissive buttons, but you’re not going to go along with everything I want from you. You can put me in trance and turn me into anything you want me to be. I may not remember being under your control, but the gaps and the memories on either side of them are telling enough.”

Tiffany was getting more and more worried now. She frantically ran through her options and realised she only had two: lie still and listen or futilely try to move and talk, get punished for it, then lie still and listen. At least by listening she’d hopefully find out just what Alice’s plan was here.

“While you’re still able to put me in a trance, you’re the one in control still. But don’t worry,” Alice said in a reassuring tone, “I’m going to change all that for you now.”

Alice went silent for another moment. Then Tiffany snapped her eyes shut as her blindfold was taken off to stop the sudden light from dazzling her.

“Here,” Alice said, and Tiffany slowly opened her eyes to see her phone screen being held up for her. “What do you think?” Alice asked with a sinister glint in her eye. Tiffany looked from Alice to the phone screen, and started to read while Alice scrolled for her.

Morning Erin, hope you slept well, we missed you here last night :( I’d call you but my voice is still a bit sore. Marion says I need to stop talking so much, FML. Anyway, I had an idea just now, inspired by fuckface dillon actually- I’d like you to call me, but I’m going to let it go to voicemail—in the voicemail put me in trance and remove all my programming except your trigger for me, then wake me up straight after. That way no matter what happens I always have a way to deprogram myself saved on my phone! You can call me a genius later. XD Anyway, get your sexy ass back here as soon as you can, it’s not as fun without you ;) xoxo

When Tiffany finished reading the message, she screamed into the gag.

“Oh don’t worry, slave…” Alice stroked Tiffany’s cheek with a beautiful, deadly smile on her face. “I’ll take care of you. You’ll be well and truly controlled, just like you’ve been wanting.”

Tiffany was full out panicking now that she knew Alice’s plan. It was what Dillon had done to them all. All Alice had to do was hang up or mute the call once Erin had said Tiffany’s trigger, and Tiffany would fall into a deep, mindless, vulnerable trance, with only Alice there to program her.

To brainwash her.

To turn her into a slave.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled

Fuck! No! Not like this! She had turned Alice into someone she wanted to be controlled by for a day, just to get her submissive needs out of her system! If Alice stayed like this, then Tiffany couldn’t even imagine what she might do.

This was bad, really bad! She had to do something! Anything!

But she couldn’t, and instead Alice sent the message.

* * *

Erin had woken up stiff and sore. Her bed truly sucked. She had nevertheless gotten herself sorted and out of the door as soon as she could and was on her way to Josh’s flat when her phone buzzed with Tiffany’s text.

She read it over and smiled.

She dialled Tiffany’s number the moment she got off the bus, as there was a short walk to go before she reached Josh’s flat.

After waiting for the voicemail to start recording, Erin started talking animatedly.

“Hey Tiff! I actually slept like shit, but never mind! I missed you guys too, but I did the thing I needed to do so at least there’s that. I’m just about to get to Josh’s to pick up my shit, then I was going to get whatever lecture notes I can for you and Alice, but I’d fucking love to swing by first and do that crap later. Gonna be good having my skateboard back from Josh’s though. I swear yesterday was maybe the first day I didn’t roll anywhere in months, it was weird, man! But oh yeah, I think you’ve got a good idea going, just so long as nobody who trances you is crafty enough to remove my triggers for you—oh that’s right, I have two! Totally was going to tell you that later but what the hell, right? Anyway, you ready? You ready?”

Erin paused for effect then sang into the phone, “Her Mind Was Tiffany Twisted!”

Grinning wildly to herself, she then put on a deliberately slower and clearer tone than her normal voice. “Tiff, every last bit of programming that has been put into you will be completely removed when you wake up with the sole exception of triggers I’ve programmed into you. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed, renewed, confident, and beautiful.”

Erin paused as she considered saying something else, but decided against it, instead opting for, “Wake up now.”

She paused for a moment then returned to her excited boisterous voice. “Hahaha, suckeeeer! You’re going to turn into an Emu in the next few hours completely at random, and you can’t do anything to stop it! God I hope I’m there to see it… Looking forward to kneeling for you soon, Mistress… Laters!”

She hung up the phone and then chuckled to herself. Man that Emu thing was so tempting to actually do… Eh, the time would come… Tiffany actually trusting her to hold triggers for her gave her a strange fuzzy warm feeling in her chest. Or maybe she was just hungry. Either way, she didn’t want to lose that privilege, so she found that it was easier than normal to behave herself.

She reflected on this for a few minutes, secret programming or something more natural? Lost in thought about it, she soon reached Josh’s apartment block and let herself in with her key.

As she climbed the stairs, she wondered if perhaps having Tiffany send a similar “programming cleanse” on her would be a good idea. It wasn’t full proof, but it would give them both a chance to escape unwanted or hidden programming at any time.

Then again, Erin wasn’t too worried. Sure, they’d had a close call with Dillion, but otherwise they weren’t in any real trouble with the Algorithm. If Tiff somehow got compromised, Erin knew that she’d be able to bail her Mistress out. She’d do whatever it took to help Tiff, she knew that. At the same time, she knew Tiff would be there for her if she was the one under the influence of unwelcome programming. The knowledge of that made her feel safe, and the strange warm fuzzy chest feeling came back as well.

Honestly, Erin thought, the only scenario where they’d have to worry is if they both fell under the influence of someone else’s programming at the same time. But honestly, what was the chance of that happening?

She chuckled to herself again as she opened the door leading into Josh’s apartment. She closed the door behind her and had barely gotten inside when her heart leapt out of her chest.