The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 24

“Alright, look, I’m going to go listen to this thing now,” Tiff declared with an air of finality. “If you drop me into trance, Erin, I just don’t know if you’ve then been programmed to do the same to Alice and order us all over to Dillon’s. I’m gonna go rule out this message first. Just trust me, sit tight, and I’ll be back soon.”

Erin and Alice both looked poised to protest, but held their tongues.

Tiffany nodded. “I’ll be right back. And if I come back through acting super weird,” she looked to Erin now, “you can trance me.”

“You better believe I will!” Erin replied heatedly.

Tiffany smiled. “I’m counting on it.” She then ran over and planted a tender kiss on Erin’s lips. Erin blushed and smiled in return, one of the wholesome, full smiles that were repeatedly melting Tiffany’s heart.

“Good luck Tiff,” Alice added. She had curled up on the sofa, her head hiding behind her knees.

Tiffany thanked her and made her way out of the lounge to Alice’s bedroom, closing both doors behind her. She didn’t want them to hear what was going to be said.

She didn’t know what to expect from the recording. She knew she didn’t want anything bad to happen to Alice and Erin, but the thought of losing her control to Dillon exhilarated her.

Why, though? Dillon was an asshole! Why would she want to lose her control to him?

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

She realised she didn’t care who controlled her. Dillon certainly wouldn’t be her first choice. In fact, in any list of any length, he would be firmly nestled at the bottom. But he had potentially done something that meant he might be controlling her already… She could feel her knees wobble and her pussy throb at just the thought of it. God, what was happening to her?!

No matter what, she wanted to ensure her friends remained safe. Therefore, she had to listen to the voicemail to see if it had programmed her, Alice, and Erin. If it had, then she could try and undo it.

Although, she thought, maybe her fate was simply sealed. Game over. Dillon would be her master, and she wouldn’t care about anything else anyway. It was terrifying, yet as her heart pounded in her chest, she could feel her own wetness as she settled herself on Alice’s bed.

She redialled the number to Alice’s voicemail and, looking at the door guiltily, slipped a hand under her panties and started teasing herself to the thought of becoming mindless and obedient.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

As the first message played, she sighed softly as her finger slid past the slickness of her arousal into her needy pussy.

”Alice what the FUCK!!” Dillon’s voice roared out of the phone again. Tiffany squirmed as Dillon and Ross had their scuffling about moment over the line.

“Do you know what your vicious fucking friend just did to me?! Get the fuck back here now or I’ll fucking hunt you all down and—AHHH, FUCK! Ross! Fucking Hell!”

The call became incoherent once more as Dillon and Ross argued. Tiffany considered skipping it, but she felt so simultaneously hot and anxious that she was unable to really do anything else but listen as she continued to finger herself. Then Dillon came back on the line for the final section of the message.

”Alice, we’re fucking done, you hear? Next time you phone me up freaking out and whatever the fuck, you can just rot in hell. Fuck you and your crazy bitch friends. If I ever see you again, I’m going to fucking hurt you.”

The call ended, and the automated voice started droning out call information once more.

Tiffany’s heart pounded in her chest. Any moment now the message would play. The one that might enslave her… She put the phone on speaker and placed it on the bed next to her.

The phone beeped, and the message began. Tiffany didn’t even realise that she was holding her breath.


Her own voice, but different, sounding unnatural due to the splicing. Her own words being used as a weapon against her was unsettling. She felt a pit in her stomach as she relived the confusion and sudden panic that had washed over her the first time the message had played.

Dillon’s voice spoke again, the calm and composed tone unnerving in itself. “If Erin is there, pass the phone to her, and tell her to listen to this.”

She remembered Alice’s blank, empty eyes and expressionless face as she had obeyed Dillon’s instructions. Tiffany squirmed and gripped the sheets on Alice’s bed with her free hand, the tension and excitement overwhelming her senses.


Tiffany wondered for a moment if the triggers really should have worked on Alice and Erin at all. Her being in the room at the time and not being the one to actually speak the triggers clearly wasn’t enough to stop them from falling into trance. Technically, she was saying the required words, albeit through a recording. It could arguably be interpreted one way or the other, and Tiffany realised she could easily program Alice and Erin both to react differently next time.

“Erin, put Tiffany into a trance now.”

Tiffany’s heart felt like it jarred to a horrific stop upon hearing those words again. Her throat seized up and her entire body felt like it had turned to stone, except her pussy, which pulsed with erotic glee and demanded more.

She breathed, a long slow exhale that loosened her tense joints, though only a little. She wasn’t about to be tranced by Erin. It was okay. She was okay.

Just horrendously aroused. She wanted to feel disgusted at herself for being so turned on at her own fear of helplessness, but her mind felt sticky and anxious and warm and too horny for anything else to fit.

She realised that she needed to calm down so she could listen to this next part of the call. By this point the first time around, she had wildly jabbed at the screen of Alice’s phone in an attempt to hang it up. She remembered clearly pressing something on the phone’s screen, but she had knocked it away with her other hand a fraction of a second later so she didn’t know what it was.

“If Tiffany isn’t there, ignore that last command,” Dillon’s voice spoke over the phone again. Tiffany perked up immediately. That was something new! She had no recollection of that being said from before. She plunged a second finger into her soaked opening, roughly dragging her panties down her legs with her other hand to get them out of the way.

“Now, Alice, if it’s just you on the phone, keep it by your ear and go somewhere where you will have complete privacy for the next few minutes. Erin, if you are holding the phone, tell Alice and Tiffany if they’re there to follow you and find a place where you will have a few minutes of privacy.”

The line went quiet for a moment, Dillon’s calm breathing sounding over the line as he waited. Tiffany vividly pictured herself mindless and blank, standing next to the others as they waited for Dillon’s next words. She whimpered slightly as her pussy quivered around her fingers, and slowed her pace to keep herself on the edge. After about half a minute, Dillon spoke again.

“If you are alone, keep holding the phone to your ear. If there is more than one of you there now, put it on speaker and hold it out so everyone can hear.”

Tiffany pictured her mindless self picking up the phone and holding it in the palm of her hand, in clear earshot of all of them. She felt sweat form on her brow and bit her lip to stifle a moan.

“Alice, Erin, Tiff. I am speaking to whoever is there right now. You want to do everything I say, everything Dillon says. Any idea I have you think is a great idea. Any suggestion I give you, you want to follow it as completely as you can. None of the previous alterations in your mind from before this phone call will work anymore.”

Tiffany’s heart leapt even higher in her heart. Dillon had done it, hadn’t he? She would do anything he said now, and if that last part was true, Erin wouldn’t even have been able to put her into a trance to remove her programming, because all previous suggestions and triggers would be defunct. She was a slave now. Dillon’s slave.

With that thought, she orgasmed. Hard. A torrent of pleasure shocked her entire body, and she clasped her free hand over her mouth to stifle her screams. Wave after wave pulsed through her and she bucked and pushed her fingers inside her, clamping her legs around them and feeling like she was squeezing every last drop of bliss she could out of herself. Panting heavily, she then realised Dillon’s voice was still talking over the phone, and she had missed a lengthy chunk of his words.

“...until you reach me on the phone. You will feel guilty for everything bad you did to me, and feel like anything bad I did to you was deserved and justified. You will want to apologize to me and beg my forgiveness.”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow at this while her breathing began to calm. She gently tested her tender and bruised neck, and didn’t feel like it was at all deserved or particularly justified. Before she could think more about it, Dillon kept speaking.

“If you think you or anyone with you didn’t hear or understand all of the suggestions I just gave you, you will replay this message when it finishes. If you heard and understood all of the suggestions, you will wake up when this message finishes.”

The message then ended and started to recite call information. Tiffany looked down at the phone in confusion. Something wasn’t adding up. It felt like she had absorbed some of Dillon’s instructions but not others.

When the phone’s automated voice offered the option for it, she hit a button to replay the message, and felt a brief crisis over not knowing if she was replying the message because she had missed something and was curious about it, or if she had been programmed to replay the message and had no choice in the matter.

Trying to put that conflict out of her mind, she listened to the full message again, this time paying extra special attention to the part she missed. She felt an excited chill grip her as Dillon got to that part.

“When I say ‘Sleep for me,’ you will drop back into this trance state. When I say ‘Obey me,’ you will obey me without question. You won’t try to change any of my suggestions, you won’t want to. You want to phone me at the first opportunity you get, and if you can’t get me on the phone, you will get ready to come visit me until you reach me on the phone. You will feel guilty for everything...”

Having caught up now, Tiffany let the message play out to the end again, feeling utterly confused. If they had all heard that, then they would have been calling Dillon and getting ready to go to him. Plus, upon hearing the trigger just there, Tiffany should have fallen into trance.

They must not have heard the rest of his message. They simply couldn’t have. So then how? Tiffany pressed a button to repeat the call again and then turned off the speakerphone to instead hold it to her ear. But then a thought struck her, and she threw the phone to the foot of the bed. The message played out completely inaudible to Tiffany, even as she strained to hear it. Relief and understanding washed across her face, with an undercurrent of disappointment.

* * *

“Holy fuck!” Erin exclaimed a few minutes and a lengthy explanation later. “Tiff, you magnificent bitch! You didn’t hang up the call, but you pretty much muted the fucker!”

Erin grinned broadly while Alice smiled in relief. Tiffany felt a soothing flow of calm fill her up.

“So that’s it, then?” Alice asked hopefully. “We’re not under any hidden control?”

“Nope.” Tiff smiled. “Because we didn’t hear any of his instructions, including the one to wake up. We were trapped in trance for hours until Marion came home and called Trev and Lucy.”

“Huh, don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but thank fuck for Lucy, right?” Erin whistled a relieved tone.

“Urgh.” Alice moaned, flopping onto the sofa. “What a way to lose a day, though. I’m feeling no better rested, and I’m nauseous and starving at the same goddamn time. I’m ready for cuddles and Disney movies now! I need them bad…

Tiffany felt more than ready for movies and cuddles, and possibly something else. Although she felt better now that they had established that Dillon hadn’t done anything to them, she still felt the pressure of her thoughts pushing on her mind.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Not yet! She still knew herself, she enjoyed both dominance and submission… This latest fixation on being controlled was clearly an after effect of feeling like Dillon had done something to her. It had been terrifying yet exciting, a guilty thrill of her fantasy of losing all control. The thought clearly had gained such leverage because she all but believed that her free will had been compromised. Now that she knew she was safe, the thought would fade. Wouldn’t it? She just needed to put it out of her mind, that was all...

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Tiffany felt like pulling at her hair. It wouldn’t go away! Trying to distract herself, she shook her head and added onto Alice’s complaint. “It has kinda messed up our schedule somewhat,” she remarked glumly.

Erin balked at this. “What schedule? Dude, you both get to sit around watching Peter fucking Pan all afternoon! I’m the only one on a schedule!”

Tiffany turned to Erin and took a step closer to her. Erin neither shrank back or puffed up but her expression betrayed her. Tiffany easily noticed her slightly bitten lip, that fiery playfulness in her eyes, and her tempered breathing. Erin was baiting her, trying to get a rise out of her. She liked playing the disobedient slave, she wanted Tiffany to put her in her place.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Tiffany considered dropping to her knees before Erin. She could admit she didn’t want to be the mistress anymore. She could say how she felt, that she wanted and needed to be controlled. But would Erin understand? Would she be disappointed in her for failing to be the mistress?

She wanted to be controlled, she needed it, true, but it wasn’t the only thing she wanted. She wanted Erin to be happy, too. The two desires duked it out in Tiffany’s mind as she slowly scanned Erin all over.

After a suitably tense pause, she decided to gently stroke Erin’s short hair, smiling at her with predatory eyes. Tiffany knew Erin wanted to be controlled too. It would be unfair to force her into the position of the controller. Besides, just because Tiffany herself wanted to be controlled so badly at that moment, it didn’t negate her enjoyment of the control she held over her slave. Erin shivered with excitement and closed her eyes as Tiffany softly caressed her cheek.

“Erin… Sweetie… You’re going to run all the errands you need to run for me, and you’re going to like it. You’re going to relish every opportunity to obey, and you’re going to fantasize about your reward the entire time you’re taking care of things.”

“Mmm… fuck.” Erin sighed. Then she blinked her eyes open and her expression changed to one of dismay. “Oh fuck!” she exclaimed.

Tiffany raised an eyebrow. “What? What’s wrong?”

Erin winced and slapped her forehead. “I forgot, I got a thing on tonight! I need to go back to my shithole apartment! God dammit!”

“Oh.” Tiffany felt herself deflate somewhat. “Didn’t you need to go back to your apartment anyway?”

“No. I wasn’t going to bother. I left all my stuff at Josh’s when we left for Dillon’s—I was gonna swing by there to grab it all as the last thing I did before I came back here. Now the day’s half gone, and I barely have enough time for any of it!” Erin started pacing around the living room in frustration. “And I’m still in these fucking purple pyjamas! Urgh!”

Alice sniggered from the sofa. “Well the pyjamas you can just strip out of,” she joked. “I won’t peek… And you can trust me because I can barely open my eyes right now.”

Tiffany stifled a chuckle as Erin’s cheeks burned furiously. She lay a friendly hand on her slave’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s go to Alice’s room. You can get changed while we figure this out.”

Erin bit back on whatever angry words she was about to unleash and instead nodded briefly in assent. As they both made to leave the lounge, Alice called after them with her face buried in a cushion, “Please don’t have sex on my bed! That wouldn’t be cool!”

“Kinda want to have sex on her bed just in spite now…” Erin muttered as she pushed her way into Alice’s bedroom and immediately tore off her top.

Tiffany watched as Erin finished stripping, her checks warming to a rosy pink and a smile spreading across her lips. “Now now, that would be rude,” she commented playfully. “Especially if she isn’t invited.” A scratch in her throat made it clear that she needed to talk less, still.

Completely naked now, Erin stormed up to Tiffany and pushed her against the wall. “Making out’s okay though, right?” she asked with a devious grin before attacking Tiffany with her lips. It took Tiffany completely by surprise, so much so she offered no resistance as Erin grabbed both of her wrists and pushed her arms against the wall.

Warmth spread through her from her mouth as Erin’s tongue rekindled her arousal. She left her hands in place even as Erin ran her fingers down Tiffany’s arms all the way to her breasts. Erin quickly found Tiffany’s nipples, gave them both a playful pinch, and broke away from the kiss as her Mistress gasped in surprised delight.

Erin grinned as she drank in Tiffany’s reaction. She then leaned in close to Tiffany’s ear as one of her hands trailed its way down to her panties.

“I just wanted to let you know how hot I found what you said to me about running your errands, Mistress. I will enjoy it, and I’ll very much look forward to my reward when I finish it all.”

“G- Good!” Tiffany gasped as Erin’s fingers found her slick folds and started massaging her clit with practised tenderness. “Fu- ck! Okay, yeah!”

“So I was thinking…” Erin purred into Tiffany’s ear as Tiffany moaned and whined needily. “I could get the groceries, drop them back here, then go get some clothes and notes from your apartment… Take care of the stuff from my apartment, sleep there because it’ll be late when I finish… Then grab my stuff from Josh’s apartment tomorrow morning before coming back here… How does that sound?”

Tiffany was barely listening to anything Erin was saying. Her mind was awash with pleasure and fantasy. In her mind her hands were chained to the wall, her neck collared, and Erin was programming obedience into her with each stroke of her skilled finger. She was gasping for breath when she answered. “Yes! Fuck, yes! Don’t stop!”

Erin continued. “And then when I get back here, we can discuss all the rewards and punishments and lessons your heart desires with this slave.”

Tiffany bit down on Erin’s naked shoulder and screamed into it as she writhed around her touch, the orgasm shuddering through her body like an avalanche. Her hands dropped from their imaginary prison above her head and clamped onto Erin’s bare shoulders, grabbing and squeezing with carnal impulse.

As the waves of pleasure started to ebb away, Erin withdrew her hand and Tiffany gradually released her from her hands and teeth. Erin turned to examine the bite mark in the mirror and bit her lip. “Nice! That’s a good one. Promise to give me a matching pair tomorrow?” She motioned to her other shoulder.

Tiffany blinked several times as she found her mind rearranging into some kind of order. She glanced at the large teeth-indented mark on Erin’s shoulder and her eyes went wide. “Shit! Doesn’t that hurt?”

“It does!” Erin grinned as she started locating and putting on her clothing from the day before. “Just the right amount, I might add.”

“Oh, okay then.” Tiffany sighed in relief. “Well in that case sure, I’ll give the other side a go, so long as you earn it in a similar manner.”

Erin almost laughed as she wrestled with her tangled hoody. “Not a problem!” she called out from the depths of the fabric as it slid over her head.

“But I’m thinking…” Her tone became more serious the more she dressed. “We need to be smarter with our security here. I mean, I shoulda seen something like this coming because I pulled a similar one on you with Lucy’s trigger.”

Tiffany considered this. “None of us could have seen that coming, though I agree that we need to look at our security. What needs to happen though is I need to change my trigger for you. I only have triggers from you and Lucy, and I trust you both. The only reason I didn’t have you drop me earlier was in case you were compromised, but now I know you’re not. Now I know none of us are. Dillon almost had us, but he didn’t put any thoughts in our head.”

Erin nodded along as she finished gathering her things. “Alright, so yeah, change my trigger, and change Alice’s as well. I guess that way Dillon can’t use his recordings against us again.”

“Seems fine to me,” Tiffany agreed, taking a seat on the bed. She spotted her own phone on the bedside table and grabbed it. “What do you want your trigger from me to be?”

“You’re going to let me choose my own trigger that makes me mindless and obedient to you?” Erin asked, perking up in complete surprise.

Tiffany shrugged with a playful smile. “Yeah! I mean why not? You’re more creative with them than I am anyway.” She frowned with worry. “Is that okay?”

“It’s fucking fantastic is what it is!” Erin bounced on the spot. Tiffany sighed in relief, then enjoyed Erin’s excitement as she started sprouting suggestions.

“Erin in Entrancement? Entranced Erin? I can’t think of any famous Erin’s apart from that one played by Julia Roberts, and I can’t even remember her weird ass name. I’ll totally settle for a three or four barrelled alliteration. Empty Erin? Empty Entranced Erin?”

“How about ‘Entirely Empty Erin’?” Tiffany suggested.

Erin beamed. “I love it! And we can do things like have a trigger for making me super horny or totally chilled out! Really Relaxed Erin… Absolutely Aroused Erin. Oh! Oh! Clucking Chicken Erin! No, wait! Excited Emu Erin!!

“Excited Emu?” Tiffany repeated, her voice a blend of nervous amusement. “Do I even want to know?”

“Oh come on!” Erin grabbed Tiffany’s arm in excitement. “We were supposed to do Emus the other night, but we got distracted! We need to make up for that!”

Tiffany laughed. “Alright, alright! But just the trance trigger for now, you need to get going!”

“Blah, you’re right.” Erin stuck out her tongue. “Fine, trance me! Mould my mind to your wicked will, Mistress.” With the last word, Erin bowed her head and looked up at Tiffany with a gaze of longing obedience that sent a shiver down Tiffany’s spine.

Tiffany smiled and glided her hand across Erin’s vision as she said, “Sleep, Erin, sleep.”

Tiffany kept her focus and changed Erin’s trigger as planned, waking her up immediately after. They left the bedroom together and, after Erin called out a cheery goodbye to Alice, Tiffany walked her to the apartment’s door.

Just before she opened it, Erin turned back to Tiffany, her expression suddenly grim and serious. “We’re going to have to do something about him you know. He tried to mess with us, with you, so he needs to pay.”

Tiffany looked at the floor for a moment. More drama, more responsibility. But Erin was right. Dillon was now a problem with what he knew and how he’d already tried to use that knowledge.

Fuck it. Looking back up, she made her own expression one of resolute determination. “We will. I need to think of how, but we will.”

“I actually have a couple of ideas forming.” Erin grinned. “But fuck me the time, I really gotta go. Talk about that tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tiffany agreed. “We’ll figure it out, all of it.”

“Also, you need to tell me what went down between you and Alice last night! You didn’t let me remember anything from trance, and I’m dying to know here!”

Tiffany smiled slyly. “Has it crossed your mind that that was by intention?”

Erin squinted but failed to hide her amusement. “Oh you’re sooo evil! I love it!” She leaned in and they shared a deep, passionate kiss that after a few moments threatened to turn into something more.

“Okay okay going!” Erin said as she broke away. “I’ll see you soon with the groceries, okay?”

“Sure,” Tiffany replied happily. “Though fair warning, we may be passed out.”

“Fair. Fair.” Erin chuckled as she opened the apartment door. With one final kiss and exchanging of farewells, she was gone, and Tiffany closed the door behind her, sighing deeply as she leaned against it and sank down to the floor.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Even though Erin was “hers” now, interactions with her were still never simple. Tiffany was left feeling exhilarated and confused. She really wanted to be Erin’s slave instead of the other way around, but she also held a deep desire for her to be happy, and slave Erin was the happiest Tiffany had seen her since she’d met her. How could she take that away from her now?

She pulled herself to her feet and meandered back to the lounge where Alice was waiting. No longer lying down, Alice was sitting upright and smiled sweetly as Tiffany entered the room.

“That’s Erin gone?” she asked

Tiffany nodded meekly. “Yeah.”

Alice stared deeply into Tiffany’s eyes. “So I can stop pretending now?”

Tiffany felt her throat dry up like it was baking in the desert sun. “Y- Yes,” she barely managed to whisper.

Alice said nothing for several seconds, simply gazing at Tiffany with an intense zeal. Then, in one fluid motion, she slid from the couch and sank to her knees, chest thrust forward and arms clasped neatly above her bare knees. Her unblinking eyes were alight with passion, though her voice was calm, even serene as she spoke.

“How may this secret slave serve you, Mistress?”

Tiffany gulped as her fingers and toes clenched. She could feel her mind explode with fantasies as her pussy ached for Alice’s touch.

“I’m sorry I’m not ready to tell Erin yet,” Tiffany murmured as her hands fidgeted restlessly with each other.

“It doesn’t matter to me, Mistress,” Alice replied with melodic clarity. “I’m happy to serve openly, secretly, in pretty much any way you want of me.”

Tiffany took a deep breath in an attempt to keep her composure. “Good.” She nodded. “Um, g- good girl.”

Alice smiled briefly before repeating, “How may I serve?”

Tiffany could picture endless possibilities, but found that in more and more of them, Alice wasn’t the one doing the serving.

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

She found herself shaking her head slowly, her eyes closing, and in her mind, a thousand images rushed before her before everything fell into place.

Gently she gave her orders. “Alice, stand up.” As Alice picked herself up and stood at attention for her Mistress, Tiffany found herself placing her hands on both of her slave’s shoulders.

“God you’re perfect.” She sighed. “You’re like an angel. You’re the sexiest woman I have ever seen.”

“I’m still me, Tiff…” Alice smiled sheepishly as her cheeks turned rosy. “Don’t make me die of flattery here.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tiffany blushed herself. “It’s just that it’s true. I mean, I’m so happy with how things worked out with Erin, there’s something between us now that I wouldn’t trade for anything. But…” She took a deep breath. “She’s not the reason I did any of this… You are.”

“I know, Mistress,” Alice replied, placing a hand on top of Tiffany’s. “You wanted me, and now I’m yours. I’m sorry I fought you so hard over the last few days. I had no way to know this would feel so good… So right. I can’t wait to serve you.”

Tiffany bit her lip. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and had to take another deep breath. After a long pause, she nervously said, “That’s the thing. You’re not going to serve me…”

I want to be controlled. I need to be controlled.

Tiffany let go of Alice and sank to her knees. Her heart hammered in her chest and her head felt as light as air, a single thought driving it now. Warm, sticky pleasure filled her up as she felt her entire mind and body give in and submit.

“I’m going to serve you,” she said.

“I need to be controlled.”