The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 41

“Good girl,” Tiffany said, placing her hand on Erin’s face. “Tell me how much you want to kiss me right now.”

“You have no fuckin’ idea,” Erin replied, staring greedily at Tiffany’s lips. She leaned in, only to be blocked by Tiffany’s three fingers.

“Ah ah ah…” Tiffany tutted. “Not yet. You need to earn it…”

Erin growled playfully in frustration, straining against her restraints and then rolling her eyes in defeat.

“You do need to release some of that tension, though,” Tiffany mused, leaning towards Erin and running her hands slowly down Erin’s body. “I wouldn’t want you to burst or anything…”

“Oh you’re soooo considerate,” Erin replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. When she saw Tiffany tilt her head and look back at her expectantly, she was quick to add, “Mistress.”

Tiffany changed her slight frown into an approving smile. It was a good start, influencing Erin’s behavior with nothing but an expression. She hoped to take things much further with time. She turned to her roommate, who had been patiently watching everything unfold while also on her knees. “Hannah.”

“Yes, Mistress?” Hannah replied with a hopeful smile.

Tiffany battered her eyelids. “You want to help Erin loosen up, don’t you?”

“Ye- yes, Mistress!” Hannah struggled to control her nerves.

“Good girl,” Tiffany said. She then slid off the bed once more. Slowly and deliberately, she placed her hand on Hannah’s. She looked into Hannah’s eyes as their fingers interlaced, giving the redhead a reassuring smile before she guided her hand onto Erin’s shoulder. She then manipulated Hannah further, pushing her softly to turn and lean towards Erin. Erin watched Tiffany at first, curiosity glinting in her gaze. When it became clear what Tiffany was up to, she smiled devilishly and then turned to face Hannah.

Hannah gave one last look at Tiffany, then sighed and instead looked into Erin’s eyes. Erin tilted her head to one side, a playful energy bubbling through her. Hannah was tense and rigid, but equally determined as she knelt facing the bound tomboy.

Tiffany gently stroked Erin’s cheek, and ran her other hand through Hannah’s hair. Erin leaned into Tiffany’s touch, craning her neck as Tiffany caressed it. Hannah closed her eyes and exhaled a slow breath. Tiffany continued her tender touch on both of them, feeling like she was transmitting her will into them through her affection. It took some time, but she was in no rush. Each gentle caress or tender stroke seemed to be melting the tension out of Hannah, and soon she was leaning into Tiffany’s touch the same way Erin was. Both of the girls elicited soft sighs, eyes fluttering closed periodically as they sank into the feel of Tiffany’s loving touch.

When she determined that they were ready, Tiffany moved Erin and Hannah closer towards each other, watching Hannah for signs of distress. Much to her delight, Hannah took well to the change, her nose brushing against Erin’s cheek. Erin uttered a nearly silent mewl of enjoyment, nuzzling against Hannah and then kissing her cheek. Tiffany ran her hands through both girls’ hair, and felt a deep pleasure in imagining herself as a puppeteer controlling their every breath.

Hannah returned the soft tender kiss on Erin’s cheek, and for the next few moments they each planted tiny kisses on the other as their lips moved closer, inch by inch. Hannah’s cheeks were flushed a crimson scarlet and Erin was breathing deeply and calmly as their lips first met. Tiffany bit her own lip as she watched the tender kiss progress into something more playful. Erin sighed with enjoyment as Hannah relaxed into the bliss, her lips softening and her tongue tentatively teasing Erin’s. Tiffany watched with a smirk on her lips as Erin clearly held herself back from unleashing the full pent up passion that was bubbling under her surface.

Guiding Hannah’s hands now, Tiffany positioned one on Erin’s cheek and the other on her waist. Hannah. Erin moaned and arched her back, once more tugging on her wrist restraints to check for any give. Tiffany was thoroughly enjoying Erin’s mixture of pleasure and frustration, and could feel her own desire to hold herself back waning by the second. The temptation to slip a hand down to indulge her own enjoyment was hard to ignore, but she knew it wasn’t time yet. Hannah and Erin were kissing each other with slow, deliberate intimacy now, their tongues dancing with each other while Hannah’s hands caressed Erin’s face and body.

“Hannah,” Tiffany whispered. It took several full seconds for Hannah to react and break away from Erin. When she turned to face Tiffany, she looked like she had just emerged from swimming deep in a pool of tactile pleasure.

“Yes, Mistress?” Hannah gathered herself, albeit subconsciously, looking back at Erin’s lips more than once with longing.

Tiffany motioned with her finger for Hannah to come closer. Hannah drew towards Tiffany like a moth to a flame, her complete attention focusing on the gentle instructing finger. Tiffany brought her beckoning digit closer to her lips the nearer Hannah drew until it rested lightly on her lip with her roommate hovering inches away. Tiffany then locked her eyes onto Hannah’s and blinked slowly. Hannah seemingly understood the instruction, leaning in and letting her lips brush against Tiffany’s

Tiffany felt a warmth spread through her as they began to kiss, slow at first but escalating much more quickly than Hannah had with Erin. The redhead’s lips were soft, and her tongue was warm. Tiffany’s hands wandered of their own accord, sliding up Hannah’s tight leather outfit before tangling themselves in her curled ginger hair, pulling her closer for a more passionate embrace. Hannah’s soft moans echoed Tiffany’s own, and she soon found the courage to let her hands explore Tiffany’s body.

Wet, sticky thoughts to match her hot, tantalized body filled Tiffany up, and once more she had to concentrate hard to stop herself from being consumed by her primal instincts. She instead gently pushed Hannah away, just enough so the redhead could see Tiffany run her fingertip deliberately down to rest on her neck. Hannah’s eyes followed it, and when it came to rest she leaned in and started kissing Tiffany’s neck. Her warm mouth tingled Tiffany’s skin, and she let out a contented sigh as her roommate continued to nibble her caramel skin.

It was at this point that Tiffany turned to look Erin directly in the eye. Erin had been watching them play, yearning, but quickly met Tiffany’s gaze. When Tiffany saw the hungry longing evident in Erin’s eyes, she couldn’t help but enjoy it. What would Erin give to trade places with Hannah right now? Tiffany was almost tempted enough to ask her, but she was enjoying her silent control all too much, so she instead blew Erin a teasing kiss.

Erin’s face scrunched up as a mixture of annoyance and amusement washed over her. She shook her head while offering Tiffany a snide smile in return. Tiffany bit her lip as she enjoyed Erin’s predicament, knowing it was filling her with anticipation. Not breaking eye contact with Erin, she continued to guide Hannah to administer loving affection on the top of her breast, then pulled up her top to let Hannah kiss her stomach, and soon enough had her kissing the top of her feet.

It was then she motioned Erin with her finger, drawing her in the same way she had Hannah. Erin leaned forward awkwardly, her bound arms and legs restricting her movement. Tiffany then pointed to the foot that Hannah wasn’t kissing, and Erin carefully knelt down. With one last hungry glance up at Tiffany, Erin bowed down and started kissing Tiffany’s feet as well.

Tiffany took a moment to bask in the sensations of the two girls worshiping her feet. In that moment she felt like she had all the power in the world, and the will to use it. This was, after all, just the beginning. She had been trying not to let herself hope that things would work out in her favor, but now it was hard not to.

“You’re both such good girls for me,” Tiffany purred. She couldn’t help but remind herself that neither of them were acting under the direct influence of the Algorithm. They were only under the direct influence of her. With the full power of the Algorithm completely under her control, she was only limited by her imagination. She stroked the hair of her obedient girls and beamed down at them. “We’re going to have so much fun.”

TIffany pulled on Erin’s and Hannah’s hair gently to let them know to stop their adoration of her feet. They both rose into a kneeling position, looking at Tiffany with expectation. Hannah’s cheeks were rosy red, while Erin looked ready to devour Tiffany head to toe.

“Now here’s what we’re going to do first,” Tiffany said, struggling to contain her own anticipation. “Listen closely.”

* * *

Tiffany awoke to aching muscles, daylight assaulting her eyes as she struggled to sit up in bed. Her ankle thrummed with a dull ache, and she could feel the scrapes she had earned yesterday in her attempts to show off. As she looked over to see Erin tangled in the covers and sprawled across her bed, she couldn’t help but smile even as she nursed her injuries. It had all been worth it.

She ran her hand over Erin’s bare skin, and the tomboy started to shift, groggily waking and looking up at Tiffany. “Oh good,” Erin murmured. “Last night wasn’t just a dream.”

Tiffany smiled and ran her hand up to Erin’s neck, gently squeezing as her fingers coiled around her throat. “Oh it was a dream, slave… But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.”

Erin moaned and squirmed under Tiffany’s touch. “Mistress…” she whined in need. “How may I serve you?”

Tiffany grabbed a tuft of Erin’s hair and pulled her closer, causing Erin to gasp and scramble to keep up until she was wrapped within Tiffany’s legs. Gazing up at her Mistress, she saw the powerful gaze in Tiffany’s eyes and shivered in anticipation.

“Here,” Tiffany said firmly. “Let me show you…”

* * *

“Good morning!” Hannah chirped as Tiffany entered the kitchen area followed by Erin.

“Morning, Hannah.” Tiffany smiled, taking a seat at the small table and stretching her arms up.

Erin took the other seat and planted her face onto the table. “Is there coffee?”

“Absolutely!” Hannah was by their table in a moment pouring out two cups. “And breakfast is nearly ready.”

“You made us breakfast?” Tiffany gratefully took her cup and started adding generous amounts of sugar.

“Yeah!” Hannah danced back to the stove. “Pancakes and scrambled eggs, just like my mom makes me when I go home. They’re the absolute best! What you do is you—” Hannah all of a sudden stopped, shook her head, and turned back to stirring the eggs with a silly smile on her face.

Erin stirred enough to stare at her coffee with her chin still on the table. “Coffee coffee coffee…” she murmured excitedly, rousing herself enough to take a sip.

Tiffany watched Erin, then Hannah, allowing her mind to picture and enjoy all the images from the previous night. Erin roused somewhat at the first sip of coffee, allowing her the resolve to join in on the discussion on which classes they had that day as Hannah finished cooking..

Soon enough, Hannah poured scrambled eggs onto three plates of fluffy pancakes. “Here you go!” she announced, placing one each in front of Tiffany and Erin, both of them expressing their thanks. The third she held and began to eat as she leaned against the kitchen counter, there being no more space at the table.

Tiffany frowned at this. As she watched Erin start to cut into her pancakes, she cleared her throat. Erin looked up with curiosity, and Hannah stopped to pay attention as well.

“Hannah, you take Erin’s seat.” Tiffany instructed calmly. “Erin, put your plate on the floor and eat it there.”

“What?!” Erin and Hannah’s surprise came out in near unison. Erin spluttered over her mouthful of pancakes. “What the fuck, Tiff?”

Tiffany sighed in mock disappointment, trying to hold back the amused smile on her face. “If you talk back again, you’ll be eating with your hands bound behind your back.” Erin looked shocked, then incredulous, then a mixture of impressed and annoyed. Tiffany simply stared her down. “Floor. Now.”

Erin bit her tongue and made a slow deliberate show about her reluctance to follow the order. It was pushing the boundary, but Tiffany was satisfied she was still following the command enough. She’d punish her for the attitude later that evening. She was already planning out a long intimate session where she’d explore every inch of Erin’s body, and figure out exactly which parts were the best for pain and pleasure.

Once Erin was in place with her plate on the floor, Tiffany turned to Hannah with a sweet smiles. “Hannah, please join me at the table.”

Hannah’s eyes were wide as she looked at Erin, then Tiffany. Silently, she nodded and then brought her own plate and coffee to where Erin had been sitting.

Tiffany waited a few beats, taking a sip of her coffee before setting it down and leaning forwards towards her roommate. “So, Hannah, how are you this morning?”

“I’m good! Really good! Good good good!” Hannah grinned, but the uncertainty in her eyes told a different story.

“Hannah…” Tiffany lay her hands on the table, palms up. “Talk to me. It’s okay.”

“Okay…” Hannah stared down at her plate and stabbed her pancake idly. “Okay… Fine.” She sighed and took a long drink of her coffee before looking at Tiffany sourly. “I guess I just feel like I chickened out last night. I…” She tried to add something, but instead deflated. “Yeah… Just that really.”

“Oh Hannah…” Tiffany soothed. She reached across and grabbed Hannah’s free hand, gently pulling it into the middle of the table. “You absolutely did not chicken out last night. You were amazing!”

Hannah looked at Tiffany, thoroughly unconvinced. “Really?”

“Really!” Tiffany assured her. “You went further than I thought you would, but I didn’t want to push you too far, it wouldn’t have been fair.”

Hannah looked down at Erin, her hand interlinking with Tiffany’s, then she glanced back up at Tiffany’s reassuring expression. “Yeah?”

“Look,” Tiffany began, “Losing your virginity should be something you do on your terms, not as part of our… whatever you call it. Had I pushed you to come to bed with Erin and I, I feel like the conversation we’d be having today would be of a different kind of regret. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’d rather it be this way around, because if you’re dead certain it’s something you want to do in future, you still have that choice. You can only lose your virginity once, it should be special.”

“I guess…” Hannah murmured.

“Tell me honestly, a week ago would you be considering a threesome with your roommate and her sex slave as what you wanted for your first time?”

Hannah blurted out a light chuckle. “I guess when you put it that way…”

“I could tell I was pushing your limits,” Tiffany explained with a smile. “When we showered together, and afterwards when you were bound watching Erin and I… uhh, mess around… I think you very much got caught up in the excitement of it all, but I never wanted to push you too far too fast.”

Hannah looked thoughtful for a moment, before glancing down at Erin. “I guess maybe I felt excluded when we parted ways, but I understand that you two are…”

“We’re in a totally different place.” Tiffany nodded. With her free hand she started stroking Erin’s hair. “In a way, we’re just getting started, sure, but in another, we’re in a deep place of intimacy that I didn’t want to suddenly spring on you.”

Erin, although listening intently, was content to eat her breakfast from her place on the floor. Occasionally she looked up to meet Tiffany’s eye, a slight smile appearing on her face each time.

Hannah seemed more at ease and sagged slightly into her chair. “Okay…” she sighed. “I see where you’re coming from… I… hmm.” Her gaze was into the distance.

Tiffany cocked her head to one side. “Go on. What is it?”

“Oh.” Hannah turned her focus back to Tiffany. “It’s just… I keep thinking back to last night.”

“Me too.” Tiffany grinned. “Any favorite parts?”

“Gosh, I don’t know… All of it?” Hannah started blushing again. “I feel like I was dreaming for such a long time, and yesterday I woke up and felt things I never had before.”

“I think I know how you feel.” Tiffany squeezed Hannah’s hand. “This past week I’ve felt more alive than ever before. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster, but the fear has given way to thrill, and I’m just loving the ride right now.”

“I um…” Hannah hesitated again.

“It’s okay.” Tiffany stroked her hand. “What is it?”

“I’m just wondering… What happens now?” Hannah twirled her hair with her free hand and looked like she was pushing through embarrassment. “Like, do we just go back to being just roommates? Or something else?”

“That really depends, Hannah,” Tiffany replied with a neutral tone.

“On what?”

“What do you want to happen next?” Tiffany asked.

“I don’t know…” Hannah mused. “I mean, when I look at Erin, and you, I wonder about a lot of things…”

“Can you be more specific?” Tiffany asked.

Hannah blushed again. “Haha, yeah. Like, what would it be like to be in Erin’s place? What would it be like to be in yours? What would it be like if I just had more confidence in general with boys and stuff? Can that computer thing at Josh’s apartment really change me into whatever I want?”

“It can,” Tiffany said. She leaned back, her expression more serious now. “And I can. I could drop you into trance right this moment and make you into anything.”

“Seriously?” Hannah gaped in disbelief. “But how? How is that even possible?”

Tiffany grimaced in reply. “We don’t know. Honestly, we should probably spend more time finding out and less time fucking around…”

Hannah chuckled nervously. “I think I can understand why you don’t though. That kind of power… I guess I’d find it hard not to use it as well.”

“You are being incredibly cool while knowing I could brainwash you,” Tiffany said with a coy smile.

“I guess, Tiff…” Hannah bit her lip for a moment. “If you wanted to, you would have done so already.” A tense silence hung between them for a second as Hannah’s inquiring eyes met Tiffany’s. Tiffany was tempted to be honest, and say that she had been incredibly close to doing exactly that already, and had it not been for experiencing first hand having all her agency stripped away by a sociopathic dominant Alice, she probably would have. Maybe Hannah didn’t need to know how close she came to being a helplessly brainwashed puppet to do Tiffany’s bidding… Better to just answer vaguely perhaps.

She opened her mouth to reply, but the silence was instead broken by Erin’s sudden input. “Fucking right she would have!”

Tiffan felt the color drain from her face as Hannah turned to Erin. “Yeah?” the redhead asked with eager curiosity.

“Oh, absolutely. Our Tiff has come a long way in handling all the power and shit. She’s really matured with it since this has all started, if you’d been in front of the Algorithm even three days ago, you’d probably be where I am now, except naked save for a collar.”

“Erin…” Tiffany warned.

“Oh, sorry Mistress…” Erin grinned unapologetically up at Tiffany. “Just praising your newfound restraint is all.”

“Wow… Okay.” Hannah nodded with wide eyes. “Erin, what does it feel like?”

“Well, I’m not in that condition right now. I’m programming free.”

“For now.” Tiffany muttered with squinting eyes. The implication was not lost on Erin, but she brushed it off.

“Really? So then why are you on the floor and doing everything Tiffany asks?”

Erin shrugged. “I could ask you the same thing regarding last night. You were under no actual compulsion, right? All of that was a choice, yeah?”

Hannah blushed for the dozenth time that morning. “Well… yeah…”

“So it’s like not having a choice I guess. Or rather, not ever wanting to not make the choice you make.” Erin tilted her head. “When I was under Tiffany’s control via the Algorithm, she was very caring in the way she did it. I knew I had to obey her, sure, but I think I had plenty of agency in how I could go about obeying her. I wasn’t like a rigid robot that could only respond in one way to anything she said or did. I still felt like me, just… controlled? Tamed?”

“Conditioned,” Tiffany interjected.

“Conditioned, right, yeah.” Erin nodded. “But now I feel like I want to act in all the ways I did when I was conditioned, but I know at any moment I could say fuck it and just stop. Before, it wasn’t so much that I knew I couldn’t do that, more like I didn’t see any reason to want to.”

“So she could have made you do anything?” Hannah asked trepidatiously.

“Before, almost. Now, no.” Erin explained. “When I was conditioned, I knew I wouldn’t do anything crazy like throw myself in front of traffic or anything else as stupid or dangerous, but I worry that in the wrong hands that’s exactly the kind of thing the Algorithm could make someone do.”

“Wow, really?”

Tiffany had been content to follow the interaction, her mind debating itself whether or not being conditioned was better for Erin than her simply obeying out of her own free will, but she came back with her own insight. “I’ve been thinking about that,” she declared in a tone that made Erin and Hannah go silent. “I’m not convinced the Algorithm can make someone harm themselves in that way. We’ve never tested it to that kind of extreme, and I’m frankly not in a rush to. But I think the human brain has powerful survival instincts, and I’m just not sure the Algorithm could overcome them, even if someone was thoroughly brainwashed.”

“I’m not so sure, Tiff.” Erin sighed heavily. “When Alice had us under her thumb, I was concocting quite a few horrible things to do to you under her orders. Had I not deprogrammed myself, I have no doubt I would have gone through with them, and they were things I’d never do to anyone under any kind of coercion.”

“Right…” Tiffany nodded slowly, her heartbeat speeding up at the thought of the horrors she had managed to luckily avoid. “But there is a difference between thinking something horrible and following through on it when the time comes.”

“I guess…” Erin grinded her teeth slightly. “That doesn’t make me feel any better about it all though.”

“Yeah, me neither…”

Hannah looked at both of them in confusion. “Sorry, what happened with Alice?”

“You don’t want to know,” Erin was quick to add.

Tiffany shook her head. “I could tell you, but you’d have to keep it a secret. And right now we need to finish up here and get to class.”

“Yeah, okay,” Hannah said, though it was clear she had much more to ask.

“It’s okay, we can keep talking in general,” Tiffany said. She then leaned forwards and stared intently into Hannah’s eyes. “But Hannah…”

Hannah caught Tiffany’s gaze and found that she wasn’t able to look away.

“You don’t feel worried about anything we talked about this morning. You understand the importance of keeping this stuff a secret. If you need to talk to anyone about it, you will talk to me, won’t you?”

Unblinking, Hannah nodded slowly. “Yes,” she murmured. All of a sudden, it looked as if a weight was lifted off of her, and her expression returned to its usual upbeat nature.

As they all finished their meal, Hannah continued to ask questions, and Tiffany answered with the occasional input from Erin. As they all got ready for class, Hannah learned about the first evening of the Algorithm, with Erin as a chicken, Alice as a stripper, and the tension that had initially existed between Erin and Tiffany because of it. She also learned an abridged version of the bottle game, with certain details left out because neither Tiffany nor Erin wanted to recall some of the memories from that evening.

“So do you think I could use Trev’s compulsive cleaning programming on you sometime, Tiff?” Hannah joked as they all left the apartment.

Tiffany mocked outrage while Erin chuckled. “What else would you do to Tiff if you were the one in charge, Hannah?” Erin asked with genuine curiosity.

“Oh, um… I don’t know!” Hannah shrugged. “Maybe… like… make it so that she watches what I want to watch on the nights where I really don’t want to watch her shows?”

“Woah. Pure Evil,” Tiffany remarked.

“Haha, tame but functional. I approve.” Erin gave Hannah a hearty thumbs up, then saw that Hannah was blushing once more.

The conversation dissolved into more class related talk the closer they got to the college. They all had fairly full rosters of classes that day, but they agreed that they would meet at Josh’s apartment at the end to both plan the party and allow Hannah to see the Algorithm in action on someone else. On the edge of campus, Erin stopped them and, looking around to ensure there was nobody nearby to overhear them, spoke to both Tiffany and Hannah.

“Look, both of you. I just wanted to thank you both so much for making me feel so welcome in your home. I so often feel like a burden, but with you guys, I feel like…” She closed her eyes and dug deep in herself for the courage to keep talking. “I feel like I’m wanted… So, um… yeah. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Erin.” Hannah beamed. “Actually, I should thank both of you for letting me join in with you last night for as much as you did. It was… probably the most intense and enjoyable experience of my life…”

“So far…” Tiffany raised her eyebrows. Hannah went wide eyed at this, and Erin grinned. Enjoying both reactions, Tiffany held out her arms and invited them both. “Bring it in!”

As the three of them huddled into a hug, Erin more reluctantly than Hannah, Tiffany felt a warmth of belonging spread through her.

She wasn’t at all prepared for Erin to whisper “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” into her ear.

Tiffany wasn’t able to even register surprise before all thoughts and emotions drained out of her. As Erin and Hannah withdrew from the hug, they saw Tiffany staring blankly ahead with unfocused, dilated eyes.

“What did you do that for?” Hannah asked in dismay, looking around frantically to see if anyone might see them.

“Relax, we have a few seconds.” Erin grinned. “Now listen closely.”

Hannah tried her best to focus on Erin, although she still ended up glancing around them every few seconds, worried that someone would see them, that they’d know.

“I’m still getting to know you, but you seem to have a good heart. I want to give you a present,” Erin explained briskly. “Tiffany, when Hannah… hmm, yeah, when Hannah puts her hand flat on the top of your head, you will drop into a trance every bit as deep as the one you are in now, understand?”

“Yes,” Tiffany murmured.

“Erin, what!? Why?” Hannah almost squeaked in protest.

“Because, you’ll learn this about me, but I like to have failsafe after failsafe and make plans within plans. This is a decent backup plan to have in case things go a bit wrong again, but it’s also a present to you…”

Hannah just looked at Erin with a panicked expression.

“Use this to get your way with the TV remote and have Tiffany do her fair share of the dishes.” Erin grinned. “And maybe some other things around your place to ensure Tiffany isn’t using her power over you unfairly all the time. Because make no mistake Hannah, Tiffany has brainwashed you, it’s just subtle and mild by design so you don’t even notice…”

“But- I- Ho—” Hannah looked lost as she nervously scrutinized Tiffany’s blank, vacant expression.

“Two rules.” Erin held up her fist, before poking up a finger. “One: Make sure you cover your tracks, as in make sure you don’t let her remember being put in trance by you, don’t let Tiff find out about this, and definitely don’t fucking let her find out I did it.”

Hannah, mortified, stared at Erin’s hand as Erin pointed up a second finger. “Two: Be careful how you word things, try not to make anything permanent, and don’t go crazy.”

Hannah looked like she was about to blurt out a dozen questions at once.

“Oh! Three!” Erin stuck up a third finger. “Bonus rule: relax, and have fun with it!”

“Have fun wi—?!” Hannah stammered.

“Now look alive, I’m gonna wake her up.”

“Ahh!” Hannah clamped her hands over her head. “Erin!”

Ignoring Hannah’s distress, Erin spoke softly to Tiffany. “Okay Tiffany, when you wake up from this trance you will have no memory of being put in trance and won’t suspect that you were in trance at all, clear?”

“Yes,” Tiffany murmured.

“And for the next few minutes, you will be completely oblivious to how flustered Hannah is, and will think she is just being her usual self, understand?”


Erin grabbed Hannah and pulled them all into the same group hug as before.

“Tiffany, fully wake up now,” Erin whispered into her ear.

Tiffany’s eyes fluttered back into awareness, and she sank into the cozy cuddle. It was beyond nice. She could live like this…

“Okay okay, enough soppy affection!” Erin squirmed out of the embrace.

Hannah was oddly silent, though as Tiffany looked at her she saw that she looked like her usual self.

“Okay, I guess we better get to class, huh?” Tiffany motioned for them all to proceed into the college grounds. “And then, it’s time to plan a party…”