The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 42

Tiffany could barely focus on her lessons all day, her mind fixed on Friday’s party and all the time she could have with Erin in between. She shared a couple of classes with Hannah, in which they didn’t talk much. Tiffany passed this off as Hannah being her usual studious self, although there were a couple of moments where she noticed her roommate looking particularly troubled.

They parted ways at lunch, though the way Hannah seemed to avoid eye contact as she scarpered off made Tiffany slightly uneasy. Yet when a text from Erin asking to meet for lunch came in, her concerns over her roommate took a backseat.

Erin was waiting for her by an empty classroom she had scouted out previously. Usually the rooms were locked between uses, but there were often lazy TAs that left them open when they ran out for a quick lunch. Not wasting time, Tiffany pushed Erin inside.

“Do these doors lock from the inside?” She asked as she closed the door behind them.

“I don’t think so.” Erin shrugged with a grin. “Feeling daring?”

“Oh you have no idea…” Tiffany grabbed Erin’s clothes and practically threw her on top of a desk.

“Woah!” Erin gasped. “Tiff!”

“Are we alone?!” Tiffany asked sharply as she jumped on top of Erin and placed her hand around Erin’s neck. She was careful to avoid constriction, yet kept her grip as firm as she could. A quick glance around the room showed her nothing but empty desks and vacant chairs.

Erin looked up at her, eyes full of surprise. Before she could catch her bearings to reply, Tiffany shook her head with impatience and deftly unfastened Erin’s buckle. “Let’s hope nobody comes to class early, right?”

“Right, yeah, oh fuck! Tiff!” Erin squirmed as Tiffany slipped her hand purposefully into Erin’s jeans.

Tiffany applied a short, sudden squeeze to Erin’s neck. “Excuse me?” She glowered down at her.

Looking lost for a moment, Erin soon corrected her mistake. “Mistress! Sorry, Mistress… Oh! Oh fuck!

“Better,” Tiffany purred, taking her hand away from Erin’s neck to instead stroke her cheek. “Much better. Who am I?”

“Mistress.” Erin didn’t miss a beat this time, biting her lip as Tiffany smiled with approval and gave Erin an affectionate touch.

“And you…” Tiffany leaned in to stare deeply into Erin’s eyes. “You are whatever I want you to be, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Erin whispered.

“My pet, my toy, my doll, my slave…”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl.” Tiffany scratched Erin behind her ear and playfully instructed, “Say you’re my pet.”

Erin looked away for a moment before meeting Tiffany’s gaze. “I’m your pet.”

“Hmm, wonderful.” She then grabbed a tuft of Erin’s hair and pulled just enough to make Erin gasp. “Now say you’re my toy…”

“I’m your toy,” Erin replied, straining her head to follow Tiffany’s pull, yet still keeping her eyes fixed on Tiffany’s.

Tiffany released Erin’s hair and instead gently grabbed her wrist and lifted it up over her head. “And my doll…”

“I’m your doll,” Erin said softly.

Tiffany smiled again before climbing down from the desk and guiding Erin off it. She then sat back on the desk and snapped her fingers, pointing to the floor. Erin seemed to understand as she lowered herself to her knees in front of her Mistress, cheeks burning red. Tiffany kicked off her shoes and pulled Erin closer with her feet. She looked down at the flustered tomboy expectantly.

Erin stared up at Tiffany and chewed the words in her mouth for a moment. Briefly, Tiffany wondered if she had pushed Erin too far. Erin could, after all, drop her into trance at any moment. The balance of power as it looked in that moment was an illusion, ready to be flipped on its head.

Tiffany couldn’t help but imagine being suddenly put in trance to wake up kneeling where Erin was now, a gloating look on Erin’s face as she whispered commands that Tiffany couldn’t resist. She imagined her willpower being stripped away layer by layer at Erin’s leisure until there was nothing left but wonderful, vacuous obedience. The fact that it could happen so easily sent an excited shiver down Tiffany’s spine, but the fact that it hadn’t happened filled her with resolve. She had no doubt about what the next words out of Erin’s mouth would be.

“I’m your slave,” Erin stated unambiguously as she held Tiffany’s gaze.

“Good girl,” Tiffany purred, and then pulled Erin slightly closer with her feet. “And are you happy?”

Erin paused to consider this, momentary confusion quickly replaced by an earnest smile. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied in a peaceful tone. “Very, actually.”

The answer warmed her, and it showed in her smile. “Awesome.” She then pulled Erin under her short skirt and bit her lip, adding, “Now show me just how much…”

* * *

“Josh! Janet! My two favorite nerds!” Tiffany beamed as she walked into Josh’s apartment to see them both hunched over the kitchen island, which had become a war zone of dismantled tablets that smelled of hot solder.

“Who are you calling nerds?” Josh remarked playfully without looking up. Janet just shrugged in acceptance.

“I hope you’re not missing too much class to work on the tablet, by the way…” Tiffany approached the kitchen island to examine the work in progress, though she kept a safe distance in case anything she touched exploded.

“Nothing vital,” Josh remarked casually. “Besides, once we have a working version of this tablet, using it to ensure our grades are as they should be will be very straightforward to achieve.”

“You mean brainwashing our professors?” Tiffany asked in surprise.

“What, you haven’t thought of doing that?” Josh raised an eyebrow, looking up at Tiffany for the first time since she entered.

“Of course I have,” Tiffany shot back. “I’m just surprised it’s crossed your mind, mister perfect four point oh!”

Josh grinned briefly. “I wasn’t planning on giving myself a free ride, Tiff, I was more thinking it would be handy to undo the damage done over the last week by most of us skipping class and ignoring our studies due to someone getting carried away with the Algorithm…” He tried to intimidate Tiffany with a stare but couldn’t keep a straight face. Tiffany found herself chuckling with a playful grimace.

“Sure, mistakes were made…” Tiffany threw her arms up in the air. “But I swear I’m being more careful now.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it…” Josh scoffed in jest, before looking thoughtfully at Tiffany. “Of course, the other enticement of trancing our professors is the thrill of flipping the power dynamic in the student teacher relationship…”

Tiffany shook her head, still smiling. “I fear I have been a very bad influence on you…” She then turned to Janet, who was splitting her attention between the conversation and the work in front of her. “What say you, Janet? Trancing our teachers, yay or nay?”

“Oh… Umm…” Janet looked up like a deer in headlights. “I mean, I haven’t really thought about it…”

“Oh come on, Jan,” Josh added heartily. “Janet, I mean… Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy seeing Dr. Dawson mindless and blank… Mr. Towers maybe? Or… someone else?”

Janet kept her eyes fixed on the clutter in front of her, until a moment later when her breath hitched and her cheeks flushed a mighty hue. She took a risk at glancing at the others, only to bury her head once more in her work, tapping away with her soldering iron. “I guess that would be interesting…” she murmured, her voice barely audible.

Tiffany could only laugh in response. “Looks like Janet already has someone in mind. Care to share? If you do, we can ensure we show them our little project here… Consider it your reward for helping us out with all this.”

Janet’s tapping grew louder as Tiffany slinked closer, but she made no effort to reveal the person she had in mind. Tiffany only grinned all the more. “A mystery, huh? Sounds fun.” She put her finger to her chin in mock contemplation. “I bet… it’s Mr. Lombard. All the girls seem to have a thing for him. He’s not for me, but I can certainly see the appeal.”

Tiffany studied what she could see of Janet’s face, hoping for a clue on how close she was to the mark. When that got her nowhere, she huffed. “All right, keep your secrets. Just know the offer still stands. One gift-wrapped lover, just for you.”

Janet nodded, her shoulders relaxing.

Giving up on her interrogation for now, Tiffany spun around excitedly to Josh. “Okay! I have two super important questions to ask you before Hannah and Erin get here.”

“Hannah and Erin are coming here?” Josh replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, sure. After last period, anyway.” Tiffany smiled guiltily. “I hope that’s okay…?”

Josh sighed. “I mean, yeah, just don’t expect this tablet thing to be ready as fast if everyone is hanging out here every evening still. I mean, I don’t mind skipping the odd class here and there, but no way am I skipping practice. And then there’s this party you’ve arranged for Friday night.

“Well, yeah…” Tiffany grimaced. “But the party is important, unless we get this tablet up and running before it, I don’t know how else we’re going to get to Dillon in a way that will work… It’s all part of the plan you see.”

Josh burst out laughing. “Tiff, when have the plans ever worked out before?”

Tiffany couldn’t help but concede to Josh’s point. Everything set up by Tiffany herself seemed to backfire in the worst way possible lately. The fact that she was back in control now was more due to Erin’s efforts than her own. When Josh saw her dejected expression, he was quick to apologize.

“Oh Tiff… I’m kidding, I’m kidding, it’ll be okay. One way or another we’ll figure it out.”

“Yeah…” Tiffany sulked. “I guess.”

“C’mon, Tiff.” Josh shoved her playfully. “You said you had a couple of questions. I assume you want to know how it’s going with this?” He motioned to the kitchen island full of electronics and half-dismantled tablets.

Tiffany looked over the workstation before turning to Josh. “Bobby,” she said calmly. “First, I want to know how things went with Bobby.”

Now it was Josh’s turn to blush, and Tiffany noticed Janet perk up from her hunched over position, clearly interested as well.

“Ha… Well…” Josh rubbed his elbow and looked around him for something to distract Tiffany with.

“Josh… C’mon.”

Josh sighed before breaking into a smile. “It actually went really well. I put in the basic suggestions as we talked about. But honestly, Tiff, I didn’t want to do anything beyond that. What I did do was finally work up the nerve to ask him out.”

”Fuck yes!” Tiffany shrieked. “And? And? And?”

Josh chuckled. “He’s bi, not gay, so no wonder I was confused. He told me he’s suspected me for a while now but was too nervous to say. You know how sports are…”

Tiffany looked thoughtfully to the side before replying, “I really don’t, but I’m glad it went so well. Wait, so are you two a couple now?”

“We’re going to hang out after practice tonight, and we’ll take it from there. He’ll be at the party, all going well. But let’s avoid such loaded terms for the time being.”

“Haha, fine…” Tiffany rolled her eyes. “As you wish.”

“Speaking of couples, though… What’s happening with you and Erin? I got a really nice message from her this morning. I dared to hope that you two might be in a good place now? Especially since you mentioned she’s coming here…”

Tiffany let her mind wander back to the last twenty four hours with Erin. From skate park mishaps to angst filled conversations in hallways, to the intense surrender that Erin had finally agreed to, and the fun and control Tiffany had enjoyed since then.

“Hmm… You could say we’re on the right track.” She smiled wistfully as both Josh and Janet looked at her expectantly. “And that’s all I’m saying for now…”

“Oh come on, Tiff.” Josh moaned. “Did you make up? Did you make out? Did you or her turn anyone into a crazy dominatrix again?”

Janet coughed out, “A what now?”

“It’s fine...” Tiffany waved her hand dismissively, though her voice cracked a bit. “That only happened once…” She then turned sternly to Josh. “But you’ll see a crazy dominatrix right now if you keep pushing me.”

“Oh-ho! There’s the fire.” Josh grinned, holding his hands up in a mock surrender. “Fine, whatever, what’s your next question then, o’ crazy one?”

“You were right about the other question. How’s the progress coming?” Tiffany motioned to the table scattered with electronics and scribbled notes. Josh had a laptop set up in the corner that had several wires coming out of it going into various half-dismantled tablets.

“Umm…” Josh sucked the air slightly. “Jan? Janet, sorry. What do you reckon?”

“I think we’ve made some really good progress today.” Janet sounded upbeat as she tucked her soldering iron back in it’s holder. “We’ve identified all the problems with the Algorithm as it’s set up on Josh’s main computer, and have determined how to make it theoretically work on a tablet. The challenge now is just making a tablet powerful enough to run a compressed but optimized version of the original program.”

Tiffany looked at Janet and then to Josh, who was nodding along. “I’m sorry, can you maybe break that down for me a bit? What was wrong with the Algorithm?”

Seemingly more comfortable in her element, Janet spoke with a lot more confidence. “Well, nothing for what you’ve been doing with it so far, but for putting it into a tablet, there were several issues we had to get around. Take the need to adjust the frequency for each individual you use it on… Josh’s computer has that small second monitor to the side with the keyboard and mouse to let you adjust everything as needed. You couldn’t do that on a tablet without looking at the pattern yourself, and you couldn’t adjust the frequency without bringing up an interface that blocked part of the screen.”

“I see…” Tiffany thought the problem through. “I guess I never thought of that.”

“And the other main issue was the sound.”

“The sound?” Tiffany asked, frowning. “That’s like, half the whole thing though?”

“I know, but from a user perspective, there’s a big difference between sitting in this big comfy chair with a small cinema screen in front of you and then being asked to wear headphones, and bringing out the tablet to use subtly in public but having to interrupt the whole process with headphones. Most people you try to catch off guard wouldn’t willingly put on headphones, and trying to play the sounds through the tablet speakers causes more problems than it solves, because the bass line is pretty vital.”

“So what does all that mean, will it even work in tablet form?” Tiffany asked, wondering if they were just wasting time. This seemed like an impossible dream when the idea was first conceived.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Janet said optimistically, flipping through a black notebook. “It’ll still work… We’ve identified most of the issues and are figuring out solutions for them. Honestly, at this rate, I think we could have a rough prototype whipped up in a couple of days. I’ve also been inspired for a few different ways to approach it from scratch, but those would take much longer to develop, so no point right now.”

“A couple of days?” Tiffany perked up. “You made it sound like it was going to take ages!”

Janet looked momentarily horrified. “Oh, I’m sorry!”

Tiffany nearly burst out laughing in response. “Don’t be! This is great!” She ran around the island to hug Janet, who at first tensed in surprise before hugging Tiffany back as her cheeks started to turn rosy pink.

“Ahem.” Josh scrutinized the pair with narrowed eyes.

“Oh relax, I’ll never forget you…” Tiffany beamed as she ran around once more to tackle Josh. “So tell me how you sorted all the issues with the tablet. How is it going to work?”

Janet fixed a loose strand of hair. “Well, the primary weakness that the existing Algorithm has is that unless things are set at the right frequency, it doesn’t have an immediate effect on the, erm, recipient…”

“Victim,” Tiffany corrected her with a mischievous glint in her eye. “You can say victim.”

“Yeah, okay.” Janet gave a nervous chuckle as she fidgeted with a nearby semiconductor and did her best to regain her momentum. “Yeah… so, the um, victim… would typically have a few moments in which they could tell something was up, so our plan was to reconfigure the visual output with a constant cycle of several frequencies interlinked…”

Tiffany’s mind wandered pretty quickly. She didn’t so much care how this tablet version of the Algorithm was going to work, her concerns were with how many opportunities it would present her with. The requirement to have her victims sit in Josh’s chair and stare willingly into an ominous swirling screen while a clunky set of headphones pulsed a sinister repeating noise into their ears was a flaw that needed to be addressed.

If the tablet could be made to trance someone at first glance, could the main Algorithm be given the same treatment? It still wouldn’t let Tiffany bewitch whoever she liked. Luring them into Josh’s bedroom would hardly work on just anyone. She’d need to be out in the world to ensnare her prey. Her imagination ran wild with the possibilities. Janet held up a tablet in front of her, it’s screen blank and half of its back cover missing, with several wires running out of it to more equipment on the kitchen island.

She could spot a beautiful woman anywhere, go up to them, flirt with them. She could casually mention a funny video she had seen, or pretend to ask for a phone number. She’d activate the tablet and watch as her soon-to-be slave would be helplessly trapped by the irresistible pattern that stole their mind. It would provide her unfettered access to anyone, anywhere….

“Maybe a demonstration would be better?” Janet suggested in the background. She glanced towards Josh, who only nodded in return.

No one would be safe from Tiffany’s will. She could be as subtle or as blatant as she wanted with it. Perhaps she would create a cult of devoted disciples who would build a commune in her name. Or maybe a hidden network of sleeper agents, thousands of unknowing puppets positioned around the globe.

Janet flicked a switch and the tablet in her hand flickered to life, a pulsing, swirling light pouring out of the screen.

Whoever held the tablet could be a ruler. A god. The power to bend infinite minds to her will would be hers.

“Josh, hold her still please.”

Light danced around Tiffany’s eyes.

If she controlled the tablet, she could be a goddess among mortals. But she was a mere mortal herself. She could be ensnared just as easily. Heat rose through her body at the idea of it.

“And you probably didn’t even notice when it took hold of you…” Janet’s voice was so distant, yet so encompassing. “But pay attention now, Tiffany. Look. Listen. Obey.”

Janet held the flimsy-looking tablet up before Tiffany’s eyes, the swirling light pulsing out of it seeming so familiar and yet so different.

“You would be wondering if you had the ability to understand just how this happened,” Janet said softly. “As it is… all you can really do is stare and relax, listen and obey.

“I of course was programmed to help you, and that was my intention, true.” Janet shrugged. “But within that logic, I knew that I could help you better if my mind wasn’t constrained by the creative limitations put in place by such programming, however unintentional they may have been.”

Janet leaned in towards the mesmerized Tiffany, a satisfied smile on her face. “While Josh was preoccupied with Bobby, it was child’s play to hack the Algorithm and deprogram myself. And equally easy to program them. As much as I wanted to help you still, Tiffany, I wanted to help myself so much more.”

Janet snapped her fingers. “Strip.”

Tiffany began to remove her clothes, all the time staring transfixed at Janet’s tablet as Janet savored the reveal of Tiffany’s caramel flash. Slack jawed, Tiffany slowly pulled off her top, removed her bra, then slid down her skirt and panties, never once stopping to think about it.

Once naked, Janet nodded in approval. “Kneel.”

Tiffany knelt. There was no thought, no resistance.

“You can’t have truly realized what you had here, Tiffany,” Janet said wistfully. “If you had, there’s no way you would have been so careless with keeping it safe. Listen to my voice now, in this deep trance only my voice matters, you don’t need to stare anymore to stay in this deep, mindless trance.” Janet tossed the tablet carelessly to one side and began removing her own clothes. “That’s good, Tiffany. Just stay there, so mindless, so obedient, so helpless.”

Fully naked now, Janet approached and circled Tiffany, running her finger over Tiffany’s exposed flesh. “You’re going to wake up in a moment, Tiffany. When you do, you will have full memory of the trance I put you in, and will also have your free will back. However, you will have an irresistible urge to kiss me, to touch me, to lick me, to… worship my body with yours, and when you do, you will feel pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. The urge will grow stronger by the second, and the more you resist or deny it, the more overwhelming it will become.” Janet smiled sweetly down at Tiffany’s blank expression and gently stroked her face.

“But you should know that each touch, each kiss, each lick or caress or bite, your mind will be gradually sucked out of you. It’ll be mild at first, you’ll forget childhood memories or lose some of your more finely honed skills, but if you keep at it, soon you’ll forget who you are, how to speak, and even how to perform all but the most simple tasks. Your mind will drain away until you become a witless thrall, able to follow basic commands and nothing else. Understand?”

“Yes,” Tiffany replied automatically.

“Good girl,” Janet cooed. “Wake up now, Tiffany.”

The awareness slammed back into Tiffany, and the panic of being in the vice of someone’s control was disturbingly familiar at this point. Janet’s body was all she could focus on. It took all of her willpower not to lunge towards it and start devouring it with her mouth and hands. Instead, Tiffany was able to take a sharp breath and stare Janet down. “Why? Why, Janet?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Janet replied serenely. “You turned me into your unwitting helper, you just made it look innocent to make yourself feel better about it. But with the kind of power the Algorithm holds, you’re a fool not to use it to completely enthrall your… how did you put it…” For the first time Janet’s smile held a hint of something sinister. “Ah yes… victims.”

“This isn’t right,” Tiffany stated as she felt an indomitable pull towards Janet. Anticipation pulsed through her, heat building in her loins at the mere idea of giving in to her greatest desire.

“Oh, Tiffany…” Janet chuckled softly. “There is no right and wrong here. There’s only who is in control, and who isn’t.” She walked towards Tiffany and placed her thumb on Tiffany’s lip.

Tiffany let out a gasping moan as a wave of pleasure flowed down her body from her mouth. Her mind raced, trying to think of a desperate way to escape her fate. Even as she tried to resist, she started sucking on Janet’s thumb as her hands greedily started to grab and caress the naked girl standing over her.

She could trance her still! Say Janet’s trigger, then order her to reverse this… this… she lost all concentration as waves of sheer bliss vibrated through her body. She gasped, moaned, and started licking the girl’s leg, grabbing her everywhere she could.

“Mmm…” Janet sighed with enjoyment. “Careful now, Tiffany. If you don’t stop yourself soon, you’ll be gone forever… You see, I plan to surround myself with useful tools much like you did, but none of them will understand what the power I wield is, and none of them will ever be able to think of taking it from me…”

Tiffany wasn’t sure what the girl was talking about. What was her name again? It didn’t matter, all that mattered was touching her, kissing her, licking every inch of her. Tiffany felt like a dog in heat, moaning, whining, shuddering as the pleasure of her affections cascaded within her.

“Oh, what would Erin say if she could see you now?”

Tiffany didn’t pay much attention to the voice. She didn’t know any Erin. All she knew was that licking and sucking felt good.

“Goodbye, Tiffany.”

Who was Tiffany? Where was she? She sucked, and moaned, and couldn’t think of anything else.


The pleasure she felt at being an empty husk was incredible.


Janet’s betrayal had been so deliciously hot and…


“What? Sorry!” Tiffany snapped out of her reverie to see Josh and Janet standing side by side with an inactive, half broken tablet. Josh looked annoyed, Janet a bit crestfallen.

“I’m really sorry…” Tiffany sighed heavily. “I was away there.”

“Yeah, looked like.” Josh frowned. “Did you hear a word of what Janet was saying just now?”

“Like, two or three.” Tiffany scratched her head. She also did a quick reality check. She was wearing clothes, Janet was wearing clothes, there was no working tablet on the kitchen island. She was not a mindless sex zombie… Fuck, her mind had run wild with that one… She could still feel the ripples of pleasure from it, even though it hadn’t been real.

“So, do you want me to say it again?” Janet offered half heartedly.

“No. I’m sorry, I’m clearly not in a good headspace right now. Thank you for at least trying to explain it to me.” Tiffany bashfully turned her attention to the pile of half dismantled tablets. What she really wanted to do was pull Janet into the spare bedroom and play out her fantasy in a controlled way. The tension she had worked up was driving her to distraction, and her body ached for release.

She promised herself she would do something about her needs very soon. In that moment however, she knew she had to pull herself together. Straining to recall what Janet had been talking about before she had zoned out, she suddenly remembered one detail that had become a part of her steamy daydream. Turning back to Janet, she said, “I do remember you saying that you had found a way to combine the frequencies on the tablet…”

“Yes, that’s right.” Janet smiled, clearly grateful that she hadn’t been entirely ignored.

Josh nodded. “It’s our favorite workaround for avoiding the need to identify and adjust to an individual’s frequency. We don’t know for sure, but we think it’s less potent than the main Algorithm, so it might take longer to bring someone down into a trance, but it should make it harder for them to look away from that first moment they see the pattern.”

“I like the sound of that,” Tiffany replied, deliberately stopping herself from disappearing into another fantasy. “Can we apply that to the main Algorithm? It feels like it would make things easier there as well.”

“We definitely could,” Josh said reservedly. “In fact, using the main Algorithm to test the idea was how we decided to move ahead with it for the tablet version. It’s on its own setting, so we can decide which one to use at any one time. We still don’t understand exactly how or why it works the way it does, Tiff. I’m reluctant to mess with it too much, you know? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…”

“Okay, sure,” Tiffany said. “But it does give me an idea for the party…”

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Josh replied gravely.

“Oh relax,” Tiffany scoffed lightly. “It’ll be fine. Listen…”

Just then, the door to Josh’s apartment burst open and Erin boisterously made an entrance.

“That’s right people!” Erin announced. “Your favorite slacker is back!” Then in a much milder voice she added, “Oh yeah, and Hannah is here too.”

As Tiffany rushed to greet Erin, Hannah shyly walked up to the kitchen island, waving briskly at Janet and Josh. Tiffany practically leaped at Erin and passionately kissed her. Erin flung her backpack across the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Tiffany. After the affections persisted for several moments, Josh made a farting noise with his mouth and the girls broke from their embrace. Tiffany’s cheeks were flushed and she wanted nothing more than to devour Erin on the spot.

She watched as Erin greeted Josh with a hearty high five before turning to Janet and pointing a finger. “Hm. You, I don’t know.”

Josh stepped in to introduce them while Tiffany approached Hannah and pulled her into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here again.” Tiffany smiled.

Hannah seemed a little nervous. “Me too, Tiff. How is it going?”

“Good, yeah,” Tiffany said. Though in truth, she was barely holding on. She looked over at Erin, and was already undressing the tomboy with her eyes. Hannah, Josh, and Janet were obstacles to what she wanted, but she knew that they didn’t have to be.

“So Tiff, what was that idea you were about to tell me?” Josh asked. As Erin and Hannah looked at her with interest, Tiffany decided what she wanted to do.

“Oh, I’ll tell you about that later. Right now I have a different idea. The Algorithm is set up so that you can have commands show up on the screen, right?”

“Oh it can do much more than that!” Josh boasted. “But yeah, if words are what you want, we can do words.”

“Great!” Tiffany went to the fridge and grabbed a can of soda. “I want to have a few preset programs ready to go so that all we need to do is click a button to turn someone into an emu.”

Hannah squinted. “What’s an—“

“Don’t,” Erin cut her off, shaking her head but not managing to hide her amusement from Tiffany.

“But that’s just one example. If you combine it with a parameter that sets a time limit on the transformation, it’s a quick and easy way to turn anyone into anything we want, so long as the program is in place for it. We could make someone into a maid, maybe less intense than what Trev was the other night. We could have strippers, doggies, drones, dolls, you name it…”

“So you want me to make a bunch of preprogrammed personalities, basically?” Josh asked, nodding as he thought of the implementation.

“More than just personalities, though,” Tiffany stressed. “I’d want them to truly believe that they’re a drone. Not just act like one, but practically become one unwaveringly, y’know? At least until the programming wears off. That way even I can be turned into something and not worry about things going wrong, because it would be temporary. Does that make sense?”

“Makes sense to me.” Erin grinned. “I won’t lie, the idea of turning you all into dogs crossed my mind when we first started messing around with this thing. It would be funny as fuck seeing you all believe it to your core… Scratching ears, rolling around, and loving bellyrubs. Fucking like animals, y’know? I’d film the whole thing, obviously.”

“Right.” Tiffany nodded. “I’d have to ensure that video never got out, but that’s what I have in mind. How about you, Hannah?”

Hannah looked surprised to be addressed, and gave Tiffany a nervous look. “M- me??” she stammered. “I don’t know…”

“Come on Hannah… relax.” Tiffany smiled as she slowly approached her roommate. She stared intently in her eyes and said, “You feel comfortable enough to share your fantasies here, you’re in good company. If you could turn us all into something… Anything for a few hours, what would you do?”

Unable to look away, Hannah sighed, the tension ebbing out of her. “Could I program myself as well?”

“Absolutely.” Tiffany grinned. “What have you got in mind?”

Hannah blushed as a slight smile appeared on her lips. “I’d make myself believe I was a princess, and you would be my handmaidens and servants.” She sheepishly looked at Tiffany, Erin, and Janet. “You would help me get ready for my date with Prince Charming…” she then turned to Josh, who considered this for a moment before grinning in approval.

There was a moment of silence before Erin patted Hannah on the shoulder. “Hannah that is so fucking cute and wholesome I might actually barf dandelions.”

“I honestly think I’d make a pretty decent Prince Charming…” Josh nodded. “And if we’re doing this Disney style, which I assume we are?” Hannah made an unsure expression and wobbled her hand. “Well either which way, it’s all in the name of the fantasy, right?”

“And speaking of…” Erin interjected, “What’s yours? We are all entirely the wrong gender for you to properly enjoy, I’m sure some other horny bastard would love a sexy little harem for a while…”

“Haha, no.” Josh stroked his stubbly beard as he considered it. “I think I like Tiffany’s drone idea to be honest. Having you all emotionless and blank save for some carefully programmed behaviors would make getting this little side project done a whole lot easier. Plus I’d get to feel like a mad scientist, and that’s always nice.”

Tiffany nodded in approval. “I should mention though that the drones I had in mind run on pure pleasure, and regularly fuck each other to reinforce their programming of complete mindless obedience…”

“Well, I’m sure if it doesn’t get too much in the way we can work with that.” Josh sighed. “So that just leaves…”

All of them turned to Janet, who buried her head in one of the half dismantled tablets at once, trying to hide her bright scarlet cheeks.

“Oh oh oh!” Erin jumped up and down with excitement. “You’re thinking of something good! It’s written all over you.”

“What…? No…” Janet said while looking off to the side. “It’s… embarrassing, you’ll just laugh at me…”

Tiffany wandered up to the kitchen island across from where Janet was perched. “Janet. Look at me,” she said softly.

Janet tried for a moment to keep her eyes averted, but an invisible pull carried her gaze up to meet Tiffany’s. Once she was looking into Tiffany’s eyes, she couldn’t tear herself away. Tiffany smiled, savoring the control.

“Janet, you feel good about sharing with us your deepest, most secret fantasy of what you would do if you were able to program us for several hours. You feel confident that none of us will judge you or tell another living soul about it.” Tiffany turned sharply to the others. “Otherwise they’ll have me to reckon with, and it won’t end well for them…”

Hannah physically flinched at this, while Erin wore a knowing smirk. Josh seemed unfazed, more interested in what Janet was going to say.

“I… if I was in control, and could make you do anything I wanted?”

Tiffany nodded.

Janet took another moment to ponder her answer. She then turned to Josh with sheepish eyes. “It meant a lot to me when you asked for my help. I think… I’d make sure that we could continue to do things together, even after I’m done with this.” She gestured towards the table full of electronics.

Erin reached up to rub her own neck. As soon as Janet was no longer looking, she furrowed her brow, an awkward expression on her face. Only the threat of Tiffany’s laugh kept her from letting out a chuckle.

“Um, Janet,” Tiffany began. “That’s not quite what we had in mi—”

Janet then glanced over at Tiffany, though it was clear she was fighting the urge to look away again. “I know I don’t know you that well, but… I also think it’d be fun to do… things with you. Like… I could have you pose for me nude, like a model, desperate for my attention.” Janet closed her eyes as she envisioned Tiff presenting herself. “My gaze on your skin would feel better than an orgasm, but you’d be unable to relieve your own growing pleasure unless I allowed it. Your beautiful body would exist only for my appreciation.”

Tiffany blinked in surprise. That was certainly more like it, but she hadn’t expected Janet to come out with something that sounded so… erotic.

Erin let out a long whistle. “Damn, Janet” she said, eyeing her up with some newfound scrutiny. “Leave some Tiff for the rest of us!”

Janet sank back into her chair and squeaked out an, “I’m sorry.”

After shooting a quick glare in Erin’s direction, Tiff put her hand on Janet’s and said, “Don’t apologize, that actually sounds really hot. I think Erin is just feeling left out. Don’t hold back now, tell us what you would have her do.”

Janet tried to sneak some furtive glances Erin’s way, hoping to spur some inspiration but not wanting to be caught staring. After some more encouragement from Tiff, she closed her eyes once more. “I… I could have her devoted to my pleasure. I’d make it so that everything she did to me, she would feel two-fold or more. Her need for her own release would continue to grow, but the only way to relieve herself would be to service me. Doing so would be the only thought in her head.” She kept her eyes closed, her voice growing more confident as she lost herself to the scene playing out in her head.

Erin shifted awkwardly. “So, yeah, just who is this person again?”

Not missing a beat, Janet let her imagination run wild as she turned her attention towards Hannah. “I guess you’d be next…”

Hannah didn’t know how to respond, equal parts curious and frightened at her role in Janet’s fantasies.

The change in Janet’s demeanor had Tiffany begin to have flashbacks of her previous fantasy, a domineering Janet outsmarting her to take absolute control, leaving Tiffany helpless but to slip into utter, delicious submission. The new girl towering over her, because the only rightful place for Tiffany was on her knees before such a creature. The colors on the screen, held by her new mistress, already sucking the will out of her, as if the tablet in her mind was just as effective as the algorithm in the other room.

Tiffany shook it off. Now was not the time. If her plans for the tablet worked, she could always indulge herself in such fantasies later. It had to be under her parameters, she couldn’t just dive in, much as she wanted to.

“...for me,” Janet said.

Thanks to her daydream, Tiffany had missed what Janet had just said. Judging by the stunned expression on Hannah’s face and the refreshed grin on Erin’s, she knew it must have been good.

After a moment of silence, Janet’s eyes went wide, it just now dawning on her what she did. She covered her mouth with both hands. “I can’t believe I just said all that… And that… I enjoyed saying it?”

Erin mouthed a ‘wow,’ as Tiffany moved in and placed an arm on Janet’s shoulder. “It’s okay. Like I said, no judgments here. Right guys?” She watched as they all shook their heads in stunned silence.

“Wait… what about me?” Josh asked. “How do I fit into this? Or was it just the friend thing, cuz you don’t need to program me for that.”

“Um… You could… I’d have you…” Janet shifted in her seat. “Make me food?” Even she seemed unsatisfied with her answer.

“You mean like… naked?”

Janet tilted her head. “Why would you need to be naked?”

“It’s just that… you know with the others…” Josh was at a loss over how to respond. Janet’s answer to the original question had seemed so unlike her, from what he came to know.

Erin jabbed him in the side, chuckling. “Don’t worry dude, you can always help Hannah with her task. I’m sure she’ll need it.”

“Um…” Hannah said, the blush on her cheeks growing brighter after being reminded of her role in Janet’s fantasies. To her relief, Tiffany clapped her hands, distracting them all.

“Well it sure sounds like we have plenty of great options, and I honestly would like to try all of them at some point. But right now…” Tiffany leaned on the counter, grinning at everyone around her. “I have a craving to surround myself with dolls.

“Dolls?” Josh asked.

“Yeah…” Tiffany nodded. “Living dolls. Unable to move or think for themselves, but can be posed and commanded to follow simple instructions. Unlike drones, they don’t have an active mind that can think and process orders from their administrator. They can follow the most basic instructions from anyone but mostly only to do with posing or repeating a simple motion. They also can adopt a range of expressions when told to, whereas drones struggle to emulate human emotion. Unless told otherwise, they have this empty, vacant look in their eyes. Just like an actual doll.”

“So you pose and play with them.” Erin grinned.

“Exactly,” Tiffany said. She leaned across the kitchen island and caught Janet’s eye. “Janet, do you know what I mean when I say doll?”

Janet was caught in Tiffany’s gaze. “I think so. Like, a living mannequin type thing? You can pose them but they don’t do much else?”

“That’s right. No thoughts. No memories. Empty plaything…” Tiffany smiled.

“Right.” Janet nodded in understanding.

Tiffany stared firmly into Janet’s eyes as she said, “You will become a doll for me now until I tell you to return to normal.”

There was a momentary look of surprise in Janet’s eyes before they began to gloss over and stare vacantly into the distance. Stuck in the hunched over position she had been in while talking to Tiffany, she remained motionless and unresponsive.

“Oh, fun!” Tiffany lit up with excitement. “Josh, Hannah, help me move her to the middle of the room so we can pose her.”

Josh and Hannah each took an arm in order to guide Janet as instructed. Janet’s feet moved sluggishly so that they didn’t have to physically lift her. Once in place, Tiffany grabbed Erin’s hand and led her over to where Janet stood frozen.

“What do you think, Erin? A doll for us to play with…”

Erin tilted her head in silent contemplation for a moment, before turning back to Tiffany. “You know, whenever I had dolls when I was younger, I stripped them naked and posed them in stupid positions nearly all the time.

“Why am I not surprised…” Tiffany chuckled. “How about you Hannah?” She turned to the redhead who was examining Janet closely for any sign of activity. She nearly jumped when Tiffany addressed her.

“What?” Hannah looked embarrassed as Tiffany approached her.

“Hannah, relax…” Tiffany soothed her as she looked into her eyes. “I was just asking how well you looked after your dolls when you were younger.”

“Oh, um, I took really good care of my dolls.” She offered a sheepish smile before murmuring, “I mean, I still do…”

Tiffany placed a hand on Hannah’s shoulder. “That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything it’s a good thing. Tell me honestly, would you enjoy looking after some life-sized dolls sometime?”

Hannah looked thoughtfully at Janet for a moment, before nodding her head. “Yes, I think I would…”

Tiffany grinned. “Great, we’ll have to turn you into a doll keeper sometime.”

Hannah turned back to Tiffany and her eyes seemed to gleam with happiness at the idea. “Okay, Tiff. This is all so weird, but I have to admit that would be fun.”

Tiffany stared deep into her eyes. “But for now, become a doll for me.”

The gleam in Hannah’s eyes faded away before she knew what was happening, and Hannah was quickly rendered motionless.

“And then there were two…” Erin grinned as she meandered over to Janet and started lifting her arms above her head. “What do you think, Janet as a ballerina, Hannah as a teapot?”

“Sounds like a good start.” Tiffany nodded, before turning to Josh.

“Let me guess…” Josh sighed. “You’re going to turn me into a doll too?”

“Absolutely,” Tiffany said without blinking. “But first, remind me later to tell you about that idea I have for the party, okay?”

“Okay…” Josh nodded. “I will.”

“Great. Now you can become a doll for me.”

Josh was in the middle of shaking his head when all expression and motion drained away from him. He was left standing there, looking into the distance, one more doll ready to be posed.

Tiffany turned and watched as Erin took off Janet’s top with a giddy smile on her face. When she noticed Tiffany looking at her, she paused and tilted her head.


“Nothing…” Tiffany shrugged. “I just like looking at you.”

“Hah. You’re so soppy, Tiff.” Erin rolled her eyes jokingly.

Tiffany moved over and grabbed her waist, pulling her close. “And you actually love that, don’t you? Nobody’s ever been soppy with you before, have they?”

Erin looked away awkwardly. “You gotta stop doing that, Tiff…”

“Doing what?”

“Reading me.”

Tiffany pulled Erin’s face back in front of her own. “I’ll never stop. You’ll have to make me.”

As Erin’s eyes met Tiffany’s, she opened her mouth to say something, but hesitated.

Tiffany planted a kiss on Erin’s lips and said. “Now… your turn. Become a doll for me.”

Erin looked at her in confusion.

“I know you’re not programmed, but all you need to do is pretend, empty your mind, and imagine you’re a doll. Do it for me?”

Erin stared at Tiffany with intensity for a moment, but then her eyes lost focus and she became perfectly still. To Tiffany, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and it gave her an immeasurable boost in her confidence. Erin trusted her. It meant she should trust herself as well.

“That’s my girl…” Tiffany whispered. “Now, let’s have some fun.”