The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 52

Tiffany held her ear against Josh’s apartment door and heard the sounds of absolutely nothing useful. Her heart was a war drum, beating loud and fast. Janet stood behind her, holding the tablet in her hands with a calm patience on her face.

They had no way to know how the situation had changed on the other side of that door, but sooner or later, they would have to go in. Tiffany imagined that the assholes inside would be wondering what had become of her by now. The last thing she needed was people leaving the party to look for her. She needed everyone to be there, and to stay there, so she could fix everything.

But she was stalling and she knew it. Shivering, she clutched herself for warmth. Janet had given her a towel when she had turned up soaking and exhausted at her door, but she had refused to change into dry clothes. There was no time for that, but more importantly it would also give away information she didn’t want them to know. Knowledge, after all, was power. So without knowing which of her enemies were waiting on the other side of the door, she was feeling powerless. She couldn’t even open the door a crack as Lucy had likely left some of her droned slaves close to it to prevent her from doing exactly what she planned to.

She was having doubts, even though she knew she couldn’t afford to. She wanted a better plan, but she was out of time. She took a deep breath and placed her hand on the door handle. She’d simply have to assess the situation once she was in there. This was it…

“Tiff?” A voice came from the nearby stairwell. “Is that you?”

Tiffany spun around in surprise. “Oh! Uh, Emelia!”

Janet regarded the newcomer with confusion. Tiffany figured she must have finished her shift, her clothes were now dark and gothy.

“Oh my god are you okay?!” Emelia stared wide eyed at Tiffany as she approached. “Your clothes, your hair! What happened?”

Tiffany’s hand reflexively felt the scraggly mess that remained of her once long flowing hair. “Uh… Yeah. I’m… okay.” She heard how hollow her own words sounded. She let her shoulders deflate. “Yeah, I’ve not really been having a good night.”

Emelia simply stared in shock. Shaking her head, she seemed at such a loss. “Is- Is there anything I can do?”

Tiffany looked at her sadly, because she had already made a decision that she felt terrible about. She subtly prodded Janet, made a quick circle gesture with her fingers, and lighty motioned towards Emelia. All the while, she kept eye contact with the innocent newcomer, shaking her head slowly. “There’s just one thing. And I’m sorry.”

Emelia frowned in confusion. “Sorry for what? What is it?”

“That,” Tiffany said heavily, looking at Janet.

“Wha—” Emelia tracked Tiffany’s eyes and turned right into the outstretched tablet that Janet was holding up. Her eyes initially squinted because it was so close, but almost immediately widened. “What is that?”

Tiffany moved next to Janet, looking over the back of the tablet at Emelia’s face illuminated by the swirling pattern and changing, pulsing colors it emanated. “It’s something that shouldn’t exist,” she said. “It’s temptation and sin and… and… evil.” She sighed heavily. “But you can’t look away, can you?”

“No…” Emelia said in confusion. “What’s going on?”

“You’re dropping into a trance,” Tiffany said regretfully. “Not because you want to, but because I need you to. I need you to stare, and relax, let the colors captivate you. Can you do that for me?”

“Yeah…” Emelia’s breathing was already slower and deeper than before. “I can…”

“Thank you,” Tiffany said with a grateful nod. She waited and watched as Emelia stared into the tablet until her face was fully vacant, her eyes dilated and her awareness had drained away.

Tiffany turned to Janet, muttering, “I don’t know what I hate more… How ready I am to use you both as expendable pawns, or how jealous I am that the tablet isn’t being used on me to take all my cares away…”

Janet frowned, stuck in thought. “I guess…” she whispered, “you feel like you’re doing what you need to do?” When Tiffany simply looked forlornly at the back of the tablet, she added, “That’s what it looks like to me anyway.”

Tiffany shook her head briskly, finding some resolve. “It might suck for her, but Emelia’s going to give us the edge we need here. Fucking lucky, to be honest. Let’s hope that continues…”

“Yeah.” Janet nodded solemnly. “Let’s.”

Facing Emelia now, Tiffany cleared her throat before saying, “Emelia, you are in a deep, mindless trance, aren’t you?”

Emelia kept staring into the tablet, eyes wide and vacant, mouth agape. “Yes.”

“You will stay in this trance until I tell you to awaken, understand?”


“Good. In a moment, I will tell you to enter Josh’s apartment, and you will do so, understand?”


“When you do, you will immediately forget seeing me or anyone else in this hallway. You will enter the apartment as if you’d never encountered us here, understand?”


“You will stay in trance the entire time, but you will act like you are fully awake and aware, understand?”

Emelia hesitated, processing the instruction. “Yes,” she said, finally.

“When inside, if anyone wants to lead you into a bedroom, and sit you down in front of a computer, you will let them. You might want to ask questions or voice any confusion you might have, but you won’t physically resist, understand?”


“And as you sit in that chair with headphones in and staring at the screen they turn on, you will wait twenty seconds before you allow yourself to stop pretending to be active and alert, and instead let yourself show that you’re deep in trance like you are now, understand?”

“Yes,” Emelia said plainly. Tiffany nodded, a grim smile on her face.

“Nobody is able to program you in this trance but me, and you will still be in this trance when you are sat in that chair, understand?”


“You will, however, pretend that anything anyone says to you is programming you the way I am programming you now. If they tell you to wake up, you will once more act awake and alert, and will carry out any instructions given to you that were pretend-programmed into you. You won’t really be programmed by whoever it is that says things to you while you’re in that chair, but you will act like you are, understand?”

Another pause. “No,” Emelia said blankly.

Tiffany frowned. Maybe she was making this too complicated. “Okay, how about this. You will stay in this trance until I specifically tell you to wake up, right?”


“So no matter what else happens, you’ll still be in this trance. But when you’re acting awake and sat in a chair in a bedroom, looking at a large screen with a similar pattern to what you’re looking at now, you will pretend to fall into a trance again, while still being in this trance, my trance. Does that make sense?”


“Okay, at that point you will play along, and make them believe that you are in their trance and can be programmed by them, but it will all be an act, okay?”


“Good, good.” Tiffany nodded. That’s all she needed to do. Break it down, keep it simple. “You will play along with anything they program you to do, anything to convince them they control you, okay?”


“But really, I am in control of you the whole time, and anything I tell you to do overrides anything and everything you are pretending to be programmed with, clear?”


“And even when pretending to be controlled, you won’t reveal anything about me being here or having put you in this trance, clear?”


“Anything I tell you to do, either in or out of trance, you will automatically do for me, with complete trust and dedication, understand?”


“And it would supersede anything else you’re pretending to be programmed with, okay?”


Just then, the tablet made an obnoxious beeping noise, and from the sudden lack of light reflecting off Emelia’s face, it was clear the screen had turned off.

“That’s it,” Janet said. “Crashed again.”

“How long was it this time?” Tiffany asked with a disgruntled glare at the now dead tablet.

“About the same I think. I wasn’t timing, sorry…”

“That’s okay, but time how long it takes for you to restart it.” She then spoke to Emelia once more. “Emelia, you are still in trance, aren’t you?”


“What’s the only thing that can wake you up from this trance?”


“Good.” Tiffany nodded. She spent the next few minutes quizzing Emelia, making sure all of her instructions were properly understood. She seemed to have taken it all onboard, and was ready to be Tiffany’s sleeper agent inside the party.

Tiffany motioned for Janet to back away from the door. Pressing herself against the hallway wall to ensure she wasn’t seen, she nodded to Emelia. “Okay, Emelia. On you go then.”

Emelia opened the door to Josh’s apartment and walked in. Tiffany edged as close to the doorway as she dared, breathing as silently as she could. “Oh hey!” she heard Emelia say right inside the doorway. “The party is still going! Cool.”

“Yeah,” A male voice replied. “Still going.”

Tiffany eavesdropped for a few minutes while Emelia made smalltalk by the entrance. It was two of Josh’s teammates, Eric and Pawel, who were hanging out outside the bathroom and near the apartment entrance. As Emelia excused herself to explore deeper into the party, Tiffany risked a peek through the gap that Emelia left in the entrance doorway.

As she had hoped, the two basketball players were watching Emelia as she wandered towards the kitchen and lounge areas. Tiffany could see the bathroom door nearby to the entrance was closed. Occupied, maybe? Both bedroom doors much further into the apartment were also closed. She could see a tiny slither of the lounge at the far end of the apartment, where one or two slightly flailing arms kept swinging into view.

And now Emelia had stopped by the kitchen island, only half visible to Tiffany. If she took one more step into the kitchen she would be out of sight. So then, who was she talking to?

Tiffany needed to worry about Lucy, Dillon, and Ross, as well as their subordinates. But taking control of one of the main players also let her take control of whoever they controlled. She took solace that she didn’t need to try and subvert the whole party, just cut the heads off a few snakes.

But where were they all? With two guards on the other side of the door, she couldn’t sneak in any further. She could probably use the tablet on the basketball players, but she would much rather go after a juicier target. Even if she only got complete control over one of the main three, the act of turning them on each other would give her an edge.

Emelia was still talking to someone or someones who were in the kitchen, that much was clear, but was it anyone Tiffany should be trancing?

A light tap on her shoulder made her turn to see Janet pointing at the tablet before giving her the thumbs up. She gave a thumbs up back and then motioned Janet to keep waiting. So long as Emelia was in full view of the doorway like this, Tiffany’s gut told her to wait. A few moments later, that feeling paid off as she saw Alice suddenly emerge from the kitchen area, gently shepherding Emelia towards Josh’s bedroom and the Algorithm inside.

Tiffany’s mind raced with ideas of what this could mean. If Alice was the one taking Emelia to the Algorithm, did that mean there were others already in there? Dillon? Lucy? She hated that she couldn’t account for everyone, but it made sense to her that everyone who could go to program Emelia would do so. That meant it was probably only Alice in the kitchen. Dillon, Lucy, and Ross were elsewhere… But where?

All she knew for sure was that Alice would be occupied with Emelia for at least a few minutes. That was enough of a window for Tiffany to use the portable Algorithm on the two guardians of the entrance corridor. She motioned to Janet to get ready to activate the tablet and pass it to her. Janet tapped a few buttons and passed it to Tiffany, screen pointed away.

Tiffany took a deep breath, and prepared to push the apartment’s entrance door wide open.

But then she heard the bathroom door burst open and dived back behind cover before she could be seen. Her heart nearly leapt out of her chest when she heard who it was.

“You two,” Lucy’s unmistakably demanding voice spoke. “Come with me, and if Dillon attacks me or anything, kick his ass.”

The two basketball players murmured in assent. Tiffany waited a few moments before daring to peek through the gap in the doorway once more. Sure enough, Lucy was storming towards the kitchen with what were essentially her bodyguards in tow. She rounded the corner and vanished from view, but the two players remained visible, clearly watching intently.

Tiffany felt a nervous excitement as she re-evaluated her plan. Lucy had gone into the kitchen area, and confronting Dillon was clearly her goal. So Dillon and Lucy were there, Alice was with Emelia in Josh’s bedroom… Ross? Where was Ross? Maybe in the kitchen with Dillon? Tiffany frowned. She somehow didn’t think so. He was too boisterous, and he had Hannah, Marion, Izzy and Libby with him. If he was there, Tiffany would surely know it. Maybe the dance floor? If so, that would be a problem… Tiffany was sure she could trance one person at a time, and if she was skilful and lucky enough, probably two at once. Three or more felt like too great a risk. She needed better intel.

“Okay,” she whispered to Janet. “Turn that off for now. You’re going in.”

“I am?” Janet looked nervous, her eyes shifting from the tablet to the slightly open doorway. She tapped the tablet screen several times without looking at it, deactivating the swirling lights it displayed, before giving all her attention to Tiffany.

“Yes. You’re going to walk in, blend into the crowd, circle the dance floor, and see if you see Hannah anywhere in there. You remember my roommate Hannah, right?

“Yes,” Janet said, gulping heavily. “I do.”

“Relax, you’ll be okay.” Tiffany planted an arm on her shoulder and smiled reassuringly, leading her so they could look through the door together. “You’re wearing that.” She motioned to the glowstick wristband that Tiffany had given Janet from her own wrist. “And you’re short enough that you’ll just merge into the crowd. Don’t stop or look at anyone in the kitchen until you’re already among the dancers though. Stay blended into the crowd and check out everyone in the room. When you have, go to that corner.” Tiffany pointed to the corner of the lounge visible from the doorway. “Give me a thumbs up if Hannah is nowhere to be seen.”

Janet nodded. “Okay.”

“Don’t worry,” Tiffany stressed. “It may feel like you’re still completely autonomous, but I’ve actually programmed you to stay calm and follow my instructions. You’ll do your best, and that’s all I need from you. And once you’ve signaled me, you can begin executing your primary objective. You remember, right?”

“Yes.” Janet nodded stoically. “Find Josh’s phone. Get him to unlock it, then activate the red button app.”

“Exactly. If we’re lucky, it will be in his pocket. But if you can’t find it right away, keep an eye out for me. I’ll signal you if I need you to come help with the tablet.”

“Okay.” Janet nodded one last time, handing Tiffany the tablet.

Tiffany peered through the gap in the door. “Alright. They’re still exactly where they were before. Go now,” she ordered. Janet silently swung the door open and slipped through, briskly walking right down the length of the apartment directly into the crowd of dancers. Tiffany could scarcely breathe as Janet passed the kitchen, walking directly behind the two basketball players who failed to notice her. Clearly neither Dillon nor Lucy saw Janet pass either, as she slipped into the throng of dancers, blending in as though she were another of Lucy’s thralls, glowstick wristband and everything. Tiffany quickly lost sight of her, and turned her attention back to where Lucy had gone.

She couldn’t see Lucy’s interaction with Dillon, but the more time passed, the more confident she was that it was just the two of them there. This was soon confirmed by Janet appearing at the edge of the crowd and shooting Tiffany a quick thumbs up. Tiffany returned the gesture, so Janet promptly vanished back into the crowd, hopefully to complete her main task.

So since Hannah wasn’t in the room, it stood to reason that Ross wasn’t either.

It was just Lucy and Dillon. Tiffany felt an urge to rush in and shove the tablet in their faces, but her gut urged her to wait. They were both very dangerous in their own way, and Tiffany had her doubts about being able to snare them both with the tablet simultaneously.

But she also knew the longer she waited, the more chance there was that Alice would reappear, or worse still, Ross and his harem of psycho girls. A shudder ran through Tiffany as though she imagined Hannah’s unhinged glare piercing through her. Guilt twisted her gut. She had to save her. She had to save all of them.

Her hesitation paid off when she saw Lucy march towards Josh’s bedroom. A small crowd followed her out of the kitchen, her two bodyguards staying with her as she powered through the bedroom door while the rest of the group stood in front of the door, presumably to guard it.

As the bedroom door closed behind Lucy, Tiffany’s mind raced with this new development. By her reckoning, Dillon was now alone in the kitchen, and the way Lucy had programmed people meant that the rest of the partygoers in the room wouldn’t bother her unless she was interfering with their instructions. Now was her best window of opportunity yet. She inhaled as much courage as she could manage and strode purposefully into the apartment, heading directly to the kitchen where she found Dillon looking intently at the guarded door of Josh’s bedroom.

“Hey,” Tiffany said softly from the entrance corridor.

Dillon turned, and his mouth fell open. “You!?”

“Yeah… me.” She entered the kitchen, tablet held behind her back, already pulsing out its entrancing pattern.

“So… That other chick…” Dillon looked like he was actually nervous.

“Erin,” Tiffany said bluntly.

“Yeah, did she…”

“Look for yourself,” Tiffany offered as she swung the tablet from behind her back so it pointed into Dillon’s face.

Dillon fell for it completely, squinting at the screen in confusion for several moments. “I don’t…” he murmured, “what am I supposed to be…”

“Just look,” Tiffany instructed. “I don’t know what you expected, me to have some video of Erin jumping to her death. I don’t, but keep looking anyway. Don’t look away. In fact, accept the fact that you can’t look away.”

“But I…”

“No buts,” Tiffany cut him off sternly. “You don’t need to think, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is look at the screen, follow the patterns, and listen to my voice. It’s so simple and easy, you can do that for me, can’t you?”

“Yesh…” Dillon slurred his reply. “I can do… tha…”

“Good boy,” Tiffany said with cautious optimism. Dillon was ensnared, not completely in trance yet but unable to escape the pulsating pattern before him. She just had to deepen him and program him before anyone could interrupt. “Let your thoughts slow now, focusing only on the screen and my voice. Just the screen and my voice, nothing else matters.”

Dillon, transfixed, slowly sank into the trance. Tiffany watched keenly as his pupils dilated and his shoulders slumped. What had been such a physically imposing man now looked so harmless and unthreatening. Tiffany kept repeating her instructions to him until she was satisfied he was in a deep trance.

“Okay, you will stay in this trance until I tell you to wake up, even if you’re no longer staring at the screen, understand?”

“Yes,” Dillon murmured as a line of drool ran down his chin.

“When awake, you will obey every command I give you. Without hesitation or second thought. Obeying me will be the most natural thing for you to do. Understand?”


“You will fall back into this trance if I tell you to. Only my voice can bring you into trance, and you will only listen to and obey my voice in trance, understand?”


Tiffany glanced around her. The dance floor was still full of people pretending they were dancing because they wanted to. In reality, she could see the undertones of fatigue and a sense of hopelessness radiating off them. The music at least was a useful screen to stop anyone in the adjacent rooms from hearing what Tiffany was up to. She turned back to Dillon.

“When I say your name and the words ‘control mode,’ you will become still and quiet, only carrying out tasks that I and I alone give you, then waiting for your next instructions, clear?”


“When I wake you up, you won’t remember looking at this tablet or going into trance for me. You will—“

She was interrupted by the beeping of the tablet as it died once more. Shit. Was that faster than last time? Shaking her head, she reminded herself it didn’t matter. Dillon was deep in trance, so only her words would wake him now.

The tablet dying did remind her that she was surely running out of time before Alice, Lucy, or Ross reappeared. She needed the tablet working again by that time.

Tiffany scanned the crowd, looking for Janet. After a few nervous moments she spotted her and waved her over.

Turning back to Dillon, she continued from her last instruction. “Dillon, when awake, you will not think it unusual that you obey my every suggestion. You will tell me the truth always and not find it strange that you can’t keep anything hidden from me. Clear?”

She then turned to Janet, who was waiting patiently next to her. “Did it crash again?”

“Yeah.” Tiffany handed over the tablet. “Here.”

Janet took it and held onto it tightly. “It took three and a half minutes to start up again last time.”

“Okay, back into the crowd, and watch for anyone coming out of the bedrooms. I’ll signal you as subtly as I can if I want you to sneak up behind them with the tablet turned on, alright?”

“Okay.” Janet nodded determinedly. A look of concern then came over her face. “I can’t find Josh’s phone anywhere.”

“Keep looking, but stay hidden in the crowd for now.” Tiffany pinched the bridge of her nose. “We just need to do the best we can… The more of them I can trance, the more freedom you’ll have to search, and if you can find that phone…”

“I know,” Janet said. “I’ll keep trying.” And with that, she took the tablet back with her into the crowd of zombified dancers.

“Okay Dillon…” Tiffany turned back to her mesmerised enemy and looked him up and down. She remembered how he furiously clamped his hand around her neck when she had gone to rescue Alice. She remembered how close he was to fucking her as a gift from at the time Mistress Alice. She remembered waking up disoriented and afraid after being stuck in trance for hours from his voicemail. Seeing him like this, entranced and trapped and under her power, it was more of a relief than anything else.

“No matter what happens…” Tiffany said, a cold edge to her voice. “If I somehow end up losing control again to you or Lucy or Ross, you will always, without fail, from the deepest part of your mind and soul, treat Alice well, and never hurt her again. Do you understand?”


“Good,” Tiffany said. “Wake up fully now then.”

Dillon shook his head in a nearly cartoonish manner as awareness flooded back through him. “What did you say?” he asked in confusion.

Tiffany smirked. “I said Erin is alive and well, albeit in a sticky situation with her landlord right now. By the way, how much cash do you have on you right now?”

“I dunno, a couple hundred bucks.” Dillon shrugged. “Why?”

“I need it.” Tiffany held out her hand expectantly. “Give it here.”

Dillon complied without complaint, fishing the cash out of three different pockets before slapping it into Tiffany’s waiting hand. “What do you need it for?” he asked.

“Honestly, I thought you’d be asking how both Erin and I are alive after you assholes sent us to that bridge!” Tiffany glared at Dillon and couldn’t help but notice a momentary guilt flash across his face.

“I want to know that too,” he said gruffly.

“That’s fine.” Tiffany stared at him with a piercing gaze. “First you’re going to tell me where Ross is, and what Lucy’s up to, then I’ll fill you in on everything Alice has been keeping secret from you.”

* * *

Alice emerged from the bedroom clutching her stomach and arm, walking past three or four people guarding the door closely and feeling like there was still an electric tingle in both places. It felt like being bitten by a rabid pikachu on crack. Doing her best to shake it off, she looked around for Dillon, quicking spotting him in the kitchen area talking to…

“Tiff!” Alice’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest as she ran over. She wanted to throw her arms around her, to tell her how sorry she was, to even kiss her if she knew it wouldn’t give her the wrong idea.

Instead she stopped short, because Tiffany had a stern look upon her face. That being said, so did Dillon. They both looked at her with unkind eyes, making her heart beat faster and her mind race with concern.

“There you are!” Dillon scowled. “What were you doing in there with Lucy for so long?”

“Nothing!” Alice said defensively. “I mean, we pretty much bitched at each other the entire time, and she didn’t let me finish programming the girl I took in there.”

“She’s probably compromised,” Tiffany said to Dillon matter-of-factly. “High chance Lucy’s turned her against you.”

Alice looked at Tiffany, an expression of confusion on her face. Tiffany met her gaze with a hard stare, before adding, “That’s what Lucy does…”

“I dunno, man…” Dillon crossed his arms and sighed sharply. “Me and Lucy, we were starting to vibe… I thought we were on the same page.”

Tiffany shrugged. “You’re the one who told me that she went into Josh’s bedroom and left guards at the door to stop anyone else getting through.” She picked up a beer from next to her and took a swig. “My money is she’s playing you.”

“Yeah. But you’re playing me too.”

“Course I am.” Tiffany nodded with a smirk. “That’s the game. You either learn how to play, fast, or you end up like Alice here… A pawn for someone else.”

Alice shook her head, not sure if she was really understanding what was going on. “Tiff! You’re alive!”

Tiffany gave a slight smile. “I am. And so is Erin.”

“Oh, thank god!”

“No,” Tiffany said gratefully. “Thanks to you.”

Alice felt tears in her eyes as she smiled back at Tiffany. “Why did you come back?”

“I had to,” Tiffany said gravely. “I was just explaining to Dillon…”

It was then Dillon properly caught Alice’s notice, and he didn’t look happy.

“Are you okay babe?” she asked with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

“Well…” Dillon said, rounding on Alice with a distrustful expression. “Tiff here has been telling me about how you intentionally worded your instructions earlier so she could break free of her programming.” He looked at her expectantly.

“Yeah. Okay, yeah I did that.” Alice nodded briskly.

“You lied to me,” Dillon said with undertones of anger. “You didn’t tell me.”

“Baby, it’s not like that!” Alice pleaded. “I specifically made sure it wouldn’t hurt you.”

“And she told me about there being another Algorithm. At Erin’s apartment,” Dillon said irately. “When the fuck were you going to tell me about that?!

“Soon!” Alice insisted. “Lucy’s been breathing down our necks all evening. I thought she might have forgotten about it, so I didn’t want to mention it in front of her.”

Dillon looked to Tiffany, who shrugged in response. “To be fair, I don’t think Lucy knows about it.”

“She was there when you mentioned it to everyone, Tiff,” Alice said. “She’s maybe forgotten about it, or maybe just keeping it to herself for her own plans.”

“Regardless,” Dillon interjected. “I’m pissed at you.”

“Baby, I’m sorry!” Alice clutched onto his arm and tried to kiss his cheek, but he rebuffed her. This hadn’t been her plan for Tiffany and Erin at all! She wasn’t supposed to be here, like this… She was supposed to either make it away with Erin or use the other Algorithm to take down Lucy…

But wait, maybe that was happening right now! Maybe Tiffany’s role was to distract Dillon while Erin used the other Algorithm to trance Lucy from afar…

“Hey! Don’t blame Alice, you psychopath.” Tiffany frowned at Dillon. When Dillon looked at Tiffany incredulously, she jabbed an accusing finger into his chest. “Lucy programmed Alice to be completely devoted to you as per your request! She can’t betray you, so if you’re not happy with how she acted, then that’s on you and your lack of clear instructions! Alright?!”

“Alright!” Dillon batted away Tiffany’s hand. “Whatever!”

Alice felt a strong sense of gratitude towards Tiffany at that moment. She still wanted what was best for her, but her just being here changed everything. She needed to know what Tiffany’s plan was. “What now?” she asked anxiously. “What are you doing here Tiff? Where’s Erin?”

“I just finished explaining this all to Dillon,” Tiffany said briskly. “Erin’s batshit crazy landlord is holding her and the other Algorithm hostage until he gets the rent she owes him. I need you to give me $2000 so I can free them both. Then I can use the other Algorithm to take control of Lucy and end this!”

“What?!” Alice’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest. Erin wasn’t in a position to use the second Algorithm on Lucy? But that meant… that meant Lucy would surely have Tiffany programmed the moment she emerged from Josh’s bedroom. And Alice’s deception would also come to light. A feeling of dread wrapped itself around her. Tiffany wasn’t safe here… She needed to leave, quickly, before it was too late…

“We were just getting to the bit where I was asking what was in it for me.” Dillon scratched his stubble, looking at Alice with a glint in his eye. “I have a pretty good offer from Lucy already, I want to know if Tiff here can beat it.”

“There’ll be time to work that out later,” Tiffany said dismissively. “I need that cash and to get out of here before Lucy comes back.”

“Babe.” Alice grabbed Dillon’s arm. “I would much rather deal with Tiff than with Lucy, no contest.” She could feel her plans unraveling around her. She wanted to enslave Lucy for Dillon, not watch them form an equal partnership! If Tiffany wasn’t going to save herself, then she had to convince him that Tiffany was the better option. She had to…

“It’s not up to you, babe,” Dillon said, frowning in contemplation.

“I know…” Alice said worriedly. “But trust me, Tiff is the better option for you.” She wanted him to see her point of view, but he was right… It wasn’t up to her. Whatever Dillon wanted was what she wanted for him, after all.

“I was expecting to have Tiff as my last fuckdoll,” Dillon said, eyeing Tiffany from head to toe like a hungry dog. “It’s what I want, to be honest.”

Alice looked at Dillon, then back to Tiffany. He wanted her. That changed things…

“You can have Lucy instead,” Tiffany replied pointedly. “Wouldn’t you prefer her anyway?”

Dillon tossed this idea around in his head, seemingly considering it.

“What about both?” Alice suggested. Dillon looked at her in confusion, while Tiffany adopted a sly smile. Alice scrambled for her next words, clasping her hands together in front of her face. Her idea was sudden and half baked, but the alternative was Dillon and Lucy forcing Tiffany back in front of the Algorithm, and Lucy having the ultimate say over Tiffany’s fate. That would be unacceptable.

“If we help Tiff…” Alice said slowly, moving towards Tiffany, “help her save Erin, get the second Algorithm up and running… let her take control of Lucy, and therefore, everyone else.”

She was right before Tiffany now, her crystal blue eyes facing into Tiffany’s. Dillon wanted her. A fuckdoll, he had said.

“I’m sure Tiffany would be willing to show us some gratitude…” Alice said with a slight smile on her face. There was a way to still outplay Lucy yet give Dillon what he wanted, she just had to play her part right.

“Hm.” Dillon positioned himself between Tiffany and the quickest route out of the kitchen. “That idea has promise.”

“Let us talk please, Dillon,” Tiffany requested bluntly.

“Yeah, babe,” Alice agreed. “It’s how Tiffany likes it… Girl on girl.”

“Alice…” Tiffany said softly, shaking her head ever so slightly.

“Tell me I’m wrong!” Alice could see the resistance in Tiffany’s demeanor. But it didn’t phase her. She simply needed to break it.

“I mean, come on, Tiff…” she purred. “You need our help here. You’re fucked without it, aren’t you? We could keep you here and the moment Lucy comes out of that room, you’re going back in there… And this time I won’t protect you.”

Tiffany was cornered. Trapped. She wore a determined look, sure, but as far as Alice was concerned, she was here alone, with no backup and no plan… Alice smiled kindly, placing a hand on Tiffany’s cold cheek. “But if we work together, we can take Lucy out of the picture… Then I could protect you, Tiff.”

“Alice, stop,” Tiffany said softly. “This isn’t going to play out how you want it to.”

“Shhhh, Tiff.” Alice placed a finger over Tiffany’s lips. “It’s okay... We don’t have much time, but we’re both finally in a place where we can embrace the way things should be between us…”

“Oh, Alice.” Tiffany said sadly. “A month ago I would have melted for you if you approached me like this. But not now… Not like this.”

“Don’t be shy, Tiff…” Alice soothed her. She then looked purposefully into Tiffany’s eyes and ran a finger slowly down her neck. “Just admit that you’re not in any position to bargain right now.”

“But I am,” Tiffany countered calmly. She made no effort to stop Alice’s meandering fingers. “You want me to take down Lucy for you… You can’t do that without me. Without Erin.”

“Don’t be so sure…” Alice closed in so her lips were nearly brushing Tiffany’s. “All I need is for Dillon to distract Lucy while I program you, then you’ll do everything you’re offering now. Except when it’s all finished, you’ll be completely helpless for me.”

“Alice…” Tiffany whispered earnestly. “This isn’t you… I wish it was, but it isn’t. Please, stop.

“It’s who I am now, dearest.” Alice ran her fingers softly up Tiffany’s thigh and enjoyed the shuddering gasp that escaped from her lips. Tiffany didn’t resist, and didn’t try to get away… Of course she didn’t, Alice reasoned. She’s craved this kind of attention from her for months and months. She was putting on a defiant act, but Alice knew she was weak for her, helpless to her attention, and Alice couldn’t see what she could do except utilize that knowledge to serve Dillon’s desires now.

She leaned into her to whisper, “This is who I am now. I’ll do anything for Dillon, Tiff, anything… I want to get Lucy for him, and I also want you for him, but if you do things my way now, you’ll get to keep at least some of your freedoms.”

Tiffany was breathing heavily, glancing into the crowd of dancers. Dillon silently watched the interaction between them with great interest.

“Because let’s face it, Tiffany,”—Alice smiled, her hands freely roaming Tiffany’s body now—“you like a few freedoms… but mostly you’d like…”—Alice’s lips brushed Tiffany’s again—“to serve me…”

Alice went to kiss Tiffany, but Tiffany pulled away.

“Ahh…” Alice said. “Still fighting it, Tiff? Why?”

“I’m sorry…” Tiffany said guiltily. “Even with everything going on, I still have feelings for you... Clearly. There’s a part of me that still wants you. But this can’t go any further, I’ve already indulged myself enough. At this point, I’m wasting time I don’t have.” With that, she waved at the crowd of dancers for a few moments.

“Oh Tiff…” Alice said teasingly, ignoring her strange gesture. “Why pretend you have any control at all? Why not just admit how much you want me and how willingly you’d do anything for me.”

Tiffany looked determinedly at Dillon, who had a glint of desire in his eyes. But Alice grabbed her chin and gently turned her face back into her gaze.

“I broke you once before, Tiff,” Alice said seductively. “I promise this time will be even better.”

“Dillon…” Tiffany began, “Tell her to s—”.

Alice quickly wrapped her hand around Tiffany’s throat, cutting off her words. With an intense glare in her eyes, she bored into Tiffany. “Tiff, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t know that you wanted it…” She squeezed harder, and Tiffany’s breath hitched as she transfixed onto Alice’s eyes. “You want it… Tell me you want it.”

“Not… like this,” Tiffany whispered through defiant eyes.

“Wrong answer,” Alice said soothingly. “You’re going to help us enslave Lucy and then take your place at our feet, aren’t you?”

Tiffany firmly pried Alice’s grip from her neck. “Can you do something for me first?” she asked as her eyes tracked something behind Alice. “Turn around.”

Alice frowned in confusion, following Tiffany’s gaze. “Turn ar—?”

“Excuse me?” a shy voice said from behind Alice. Alice spun around once more and found herself face to face with a bright pulsating pattern on a tablet screen.


“Relax…” Tiffany was suddenly whispering into her ear from behind. “Just watch the screen.”

Dillon looked at Janet with confusion. “Hey, what’s going o—”

“Dillon. Control mode,” Tiffany stated firmly. “Don’t move or speak until further notice.”

Alice’s eyes widened as the tablet patterns pulsed into her mind. It hit her powerfully, her confusion making it easy for the sudden colors to overwhelm her. “Is that…” Alice tried to avert her eyes but found that she couldn’t. She wanted to face Tiffany again but her head wouldn’t turn. It was beyond captivating. The patterns pulsed and shifted, always something new, yet always the same.

“The Algorithm?” Tiffany finished for her, arms wrapping around her as she pressed herself up against Alice’s back. “Yes. Well, kinda. But regardless, it has you mesmerized…”

“Mesmerized…” Alice echoed, feeling herself drift. She tried to fight it. Tried to slow her descent. “Di- Dillon…?”

“He was caught in it too, I’m afraid,” Tiffany said softly. “And he’s programmed not to interfere as you sink for me…”

“Wait…” Alice tried to protest, but she could feel her thoughts slowing down rapidly.

“No waiting, Alice,” Tiffany instructed. “Just sink for me.”

“Sink…” Alice echoed in a haze.

“That’s good, Alice. Staring at the screen, sinking, and listening to my voice.”

Tiffany allowed herself a moment to breathe out her tension. She had been on edge from the moment she had stepped into the apartment. She didn’t want to jinx it, but so far things were working out okay. It would have been quicker if Dillon had programmed Alice to drop into trance or even to obey him word for word. Instead she had a vague ‘devoted and loyal’ programming in Alice to work with. No, using the tablet on her was more straightforward…

Who was she kidding? She could have made Dillon speak a few words and Alice would have been on her side. The advances she just experienced from her beautiful blonde friend were a result of her own desires once more clouding her judgment. Alice was never going to reciprocate Tiffany’s feelings for her without Algorithmic intervention. Tiffany needed to grow up and accept that. It was time to program Alice and move onto the next target.

So here they were. Tiffany’s eyes were closed as she spoke her instructions into Alice’s ear, lest she find herself caught up in the tablet’s entrapping gaze. But doing things this way was inefficient. She needed to get the tablet from Janet so that Janet could return to her other task.

“Janet, help me out here…” she said, untangling herself from Alice and holding out a hand in the vague direction of the tablet.

Janet’s soft hand gently clutched hers and she was slowly pulled away from Alice to safety.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now,” Janet said.

Tiffany was grateful to see again, and even more so to see that Alice had dropped into a deep, mindless trance. “Good work,” she said to Janet. “Okay, give that here.” She carefully took the tablet out of Janet’s hands, being extra careful to keep the screen pointing at Alice’s face. “Did you find it?”

“No!” Janet shook her head frantically. “It’s not on Josh, or any of the furniture nearby.”

“Fuck…” Tiffany moaned. “You need to find it. Once you do…”

“I know, I know!” Janet stressed. “I’m on it…”. She started checking everywhere in the kitchen, working her way back towards the dance floor.

“Alright, Alice,” Tiffany said, returning her focus to the entranced blonde. “When I and only I tell you to fall into trance, you will immediately drop back into this deep trance where only my voice matters, and you only listen to my voice, clear?”

“Yes,” Alice replied in dull emptiness, still staring into the pulsing patterns on the tablet.

“Good. When I say your name followed by the words control mode, you will remain out of trance but unable to carry out actions unless I instruct you to. Anything I instruct you to do, you will immediately do without hesitation until I tell you to stop or give you another instruction that contradicts an earlier one. Understand?”


“Okay, your previous programming from Lucy is gone, it’s just my programming left in you now. Oh, except for the—“


Tiffany cursed and snapped her head around to see Lucy emerging from Josh’s bedroom with a surprised look on her face.

“No no no!” she muttered in a panic. The tablet wouldn’t have much time left before it crashed again. Maybe, just maybe, it would be enough.

“What are you doing?” Lucy approached her with an odd expression. Confusion, but also relief? Tiffany couldn’t focus on it for too long, distracted by the presence of two of Josh’s tall, athletic teammates following behind Lucy.

“Oh nothing…” Tiffany said innocently, before grimacing as she swung the tablet around to point directly at Lucy. “Except taking back what’s mine!

It was clear Lucy wasn’t expecting that. She stared at the tablet in confusion as the entrancing pattern continued to pulsate and swirl.

“I don’t… What is…” Lucy frowned.

“That’s it,” Tiffany encouraged. “Just stare. You can’t look away. There’s no need to sick your dogs on me, no need to resist, no need to think, okay? Just watch, and listen…”

“No…” Lucy strained, clearly trying to break free. “Tiffany, wait…”

“No, Lucy…” Tiffany stepped forward to fill her vision with the swirling patterns. “You wait… You watch… You lis—“

“What the fuck is going on people?!” Ross loudly declared as he strode out of the spare bedroom. Hannah, Marion, Izzy and Libby all followed him, each of them dressed only in their underwear. He looked at the scene happening between Tiffany and Lucy. He looked at Dillon, stuck in place, albeit eyes darting between Ross and Tiffany. Ross then saw Alice clearly deep in trance. “Jesus fuck, what did I miss?!

Tiffany’s heart started beating faster. “Alice, wake up now,” she hissed behind her. Alice quickly reanimated, looking perplexed as she caught her bearings.

“Hey, Tiff!” Hannah smiled devilishly at Tiffany as she approached. “How was your walk?”

“Fuck you,” Tiffany snarked at the redhead.

“Hey now…” Hannah feigned being hurt. “Is that any way to treat your dear roommate?” Her eyes were then drawn to the tablet, her expression softening as she stared. “Huh, what you got there?”

“Is that…” Ross trailed, the energy in his voice lessening as he too stared at the tablet’s lights.

Heart hammering in her chest, Tiffany nodded and said, “Come closer and see… nice to look at, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Ross said, blinking. But suddenly, Izzy’s hand was over his eyes.

“Master, don’t look!” she urged him, her own eyes tightly closed. “It’s like that larger screen, it’ll put you to sleep!”

“It’s not like that!” Tiffany insisted. “Tell Izzy to open her eyes and take a peek, then she’ll see.” She willed them all to look. They had to look…

“What’s going on?” Alice piped up. “Tiff?”

“Not now,” Tiffany snapped as she stared down her targets. Hannah was caught in the tablet’s thrall now. So was Marion and Libby. Lucy and both her bodyguards were also staring deeply into the pulsing patterns. Izzy and Ross still weren’t looking, but maybe that didn’t matter.

“All of you look and relax, listen to my vo—“

“Shut your eyes!” Ross barked. “If you’re looking at that screen close your eyes and wake up.”

“No,” Tiffany commanded. “Keep—“

“Ignore her!” Ross snapped. “Listen to me, close your eyes, and snap out of it!”

To Tiffany’s horror, Hannah, Libby, and one of Lucy’s bodyguards closed their eyes and their expressions started returning to their faces.

“No!” Tiffany ordered. “Listen to my voice, ignore his—“

“Ignore her, wake up!”

“Keep watching, ignore him, just—“

Tiffany and Ross were practically shouting over one another when a prolonged beep from the tablet sounded and Tiffany’s heart sunk. It had crashed again. She had run out of time. As Lucy shook her head and started coming back to her senses, Tiffany’s dread only grew.

Marion brought herself back to awareness first. “Master, it’s turned off, it’s safe now!” she said urgently.

Ross opened his eyes and grinned victoriously at Tiffany. “Nice try! Very nice try, but you lose, haha!”

Alice growled in frustration. “Would someone please explain what the fuck is going on!?”

Tiffany’s mind raced for solutions. Her plan was falling apart before her eyes, and she had no idea how to stop it. She wasn’t done yet though. She had a few assets in play, some of them even hidden. She just needed a plan. Fast.

“Tiffany has a portable Algorithm…” Lucy rubbed her eyes. She then looked at Dillon, then Alice, then Ross. “Anyone in this room might be under her control…”

“What the fuck!” Ross exclaimed. “How long did you leave her here!?”

“I didn’t know she was here!” Lucy snapped back.

“Dude!” Ross pushed past Tiffany and walked up to Dillon. “You okay? What the fuck happened?!”

When Dillon didn’t respond, Ross violently swung around and shouted at Tiffany. ”What have you done to my friend!?!”

Tiffany was startled by the sudden intensity, but she stood her ground. She looked at Ross coldly and said, “He’s mine now. You want him back? Fine. I’ll trade you.”

“Fuck that!” Ross snarled. He turned to his girls and barked at them. “Gag her and tape her wrists!”

Tiffany’s heart jolted as suddenly Hannah was upon her, quickly followed by Marion and Libby.

“Tiff!” Alice yelped in shock, body blocking Izzy and getting shoved across the kitchen floor for her trouble.

“Fuck!” Tiffany spat as she tried to dodge them, maybe even make a break for it, but Hannah was too fast. The tablet was torn from her grasp and in no time at all, her assailants were grabbing at her limbs and head.

“So feisty, Tiff!” Hannah taunted her, squealing with mock arousal as Tiffany slapped her.

Tiffany knew it was too late for her, but she could still help her friend… “Alice, control mode!” she blurted out, but before she could order her to escape, a hand was firmly clamped across her mouth. She tried to flail and wildly kick her attackers, but with one on each side and a third wrapping her arm around Tiffany’s neck from behind, there was little she could do.

“What a weak ass slut…” Marion scoffed, tightening her grip.

“Is her squirming making you horny too?” Hannah moaned, biting the arm she held just light enough to not draw blood.

Tiffany screamed in pain through the hand that covered her mouth before trying to bite it in desperation.

“Stop fighting us, Tiff,” Libby said coldly, twisting Tiffany’s limb dangerously. “Or I swear I’ll break your arm…”

Realizing her struggle was futile—and not daring to call Libby’s bluff—Tiffany stopped resisting and was held in place as Izzy vanished into the spare bedroom. Her heart pounded in her chest and she felt adrenaline pumping through her, but it was no use. Ross held the tablet now, and was looking it over with interest. He then waved his hand in front of Alice, who was stuck in control mode with no instructions to follow. “Hmm, she’s away now too…”

Tiffany felt a suffocating dread claw its way into her soul. Restrained and gagged, her options were nonexistent… Of her three assets in the room, two were immobile without her direct input, and the third was watching anxiously from within the crowd of dancers who were still carrying out their orders despite the kerfuffle.

Tiffany made eye contact with Janet in the crowd. She looked scared, but Tiffany couldn’t do anything for her now. Janet had to find Josh’s phone… She had to!

Izzy soon reappeared with a roll of duct tape in one hand and a large black ball gag in the other. Tiffany looked at Ross, cursing at him profusely through the hand held fast over her mouth.

She then looked at Lucy, and was surprised to see a look of grave concern on her face. Honestly, she had expected Lucy to be gloating, or at least smiling in that smug superior way she often did. What was happening there?

The gag was stuffed into Tiffany’s mouth the moment the hand was removed. It uncomfortably forced her jaw wide open and was strapped tightly behind her roughly cut hair. Then her wrists were held together, and duct tape was liberally applied until the girls were satisfied that Tiffany had no chance of tearing free. They then forced her onto her knees. She tried to remain defiant, but her heart was gripped with fear.

“You look better this way, Tiff!” Hannah gloated over her. “A real improvement, really!”

Tiffany could only breathe indignantly through her nose and glare at Hannah with resentment.

Her ginger roommate then knelt down in front of her and looked at her with manic eyes. Tilting her head from side to side, and with a demented smile, Hannah softly said, “I’m so glad you made it back, Tiff… We’re going to have so much fun…” She then chuckled to herself. “Well, I’m going to have so much fun…” She placed the tips of her fingernails on Tiffany’s inner ankle and then started very slowly scratching up her leg, to her scared whimper. “But you’re going to beg… and beg…” She really dug the nails into Tiffany’s skin now. “And beg and beg and beg for me to have a little less fun…” By the time she reached the top of Tiffany’s thigh, Tiffany was screaming through her ball gag, her eyes tearing up.

Marion, Izzy, and Libby giggled at Tiffany’s distress. They then took it in turns to grope, grab, and pinch her, laughing and whispering sordid words into her ear. Every squeeze of her nipple or grab or her crotch sent sharp pulses of pain through her, making her involuntarily whimper and moan into the gag. She hated that ripples of pleasure accompanied the pain, trying to coax her into ignoring the grim reality that faced her. This was too much… It wasn’t a fantasy, it was a nightmare.

“For fuck sake, Ross!” Lucy snapped after it had gone on for more than a minute. “Enough! Make them stop!”

Ross, who had been scrutinizing the tablet, threw it roughly down on the kitchen island. “Crappy thing won’t turn back on…” he scoffed, before turning his attention to Tiffany. “That’s enough, girls. Give her a minute.”

Tiffany welcomed the reprieve, but felt an intense fear as Ross stood over her. She bowed her head. Any defiance at this point would be met severely, she was sure.

“You stupid bitch…” He shook his head in pity. “You think you were ever going to beat me and my homie?” He grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him. She tried to maintain her composure, but she trembled despite herself.

“God, Ross, stop…” Lucy insisted, grabbing his wrist and pulling it away from Tiffany. “She’s had enough. They all have!”

“Ha!” Ross turned to her. “Going soft now are we?”

“Not at all.” Lucy glared. “Now let’s put Dillon in front of the Algorithm and free him from Tiffany’s control. Then we can deal with her. Together.” She stressed the last point as if to end the discussion.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Ross said, taking out his phone. “But there’s someone we need to put in front of the Algorithm first.”

Lucy looked at him puzzled. “Who? Tiffany?” She didn’t notice as Marion, Hannah, and Izzy drew close behind her.

Ross pressed a button on his phone, meeting Lucy’s glare with a sinister smile. “You.”

It all happened so fast. The dance music abruptly cut out as Libby hit the pause button across the room. Then Ross’s phone spoke.

’Everyone—hear my voice-

Tiffany’s heart leapt out of her chest. It was Lucy’s voice! Unmistakably! In that same moment, Lucy was grappled from behind. An arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth, with both her arms grabbed and held tightly. Her screams of protest were muffled and she couldn’t wriggle free as Ross’s phone continued.

’you will—obey my voice—Everyone, fall back into a trance for me now, please’

There was a pause as momentary looks of confusion fell across the floor of dancers and the people closer to Lucy. Her two basketball bodyguards were on the verge of pouncing on Lucy’s attackers, but they hesitated. They looked at each other as if to know what to do. It only took one of them fading away into trance for the effect to spread through the room like a ripple across a pond. Tiffany saw Janet looking terrified, looking at her for instruction. Tiffany gave her a quick expression with her eyes urging her to blend in as best she could, hoping no one else noticed.

Lucy’s voice continued as Ross triumphantly held up his phone. ’In a moment, you will hear Ross’s voice instead of mine. You will listen and obey his voice as much as you would mine for all the programming and instructions he gives you.’

Ross looked around the sea of blank faces, and grinned uncontrollably as he put his phone back in his pocket. “Excellent. Excellent. I’m Ross. This is the voice you obey now. You will listen and obey me.”

Tiffany glanced at Lucy, who returned her gaze. Her eyes were full of anger and terror. No amount of struggle was helping her. Tiffany couldn’t help her…

“You will forget any and all programming Lucy ever gave you. You obey me and only me. I am your master now, and you are my slaves. Each of you loves and adores me. Each of you is completely loyal and obedient to me. Your purpose in life is to make me happy and serve my needs, and doing that is what makes you happy.”

Panic filled Tiffany to the brim. It didn’t feel real. Ross… He was taking over, and she was powerless to prevent it.

“Now then,” Ross declared loudly. “Wake up. Wake up and embrace your new life!”

It was surreal. Tiffany watched as awareness flooded back into them, and then reverence overtook them. Two dozen people or so approaching and kneeling for Ross who basked in the admiration. They called him Master. They professed their love for him. They worshiped him. Even the two girls who had been conditioned for Dillon now knelt before Ross. As Tiffany watched in horror, a small voice at the back of her mind reminded her that it could have been her being endlessly worshiped had she made different choices.

Lucy tried to shout in protest. Her eyes were fixated on Trev who was kneeling for and adoring Ross with the rest of the partygoers. Izzy slapped her hard across the face, stunning her long enough for a ball gag to be forced into her mouth and strapped tightly around her head.

“You know…” Ross said. “You’re all far too dressed for slaves. Everyone, strip naked now. Don’t be shy.”

As if of one mind, they all obeyed. All except Lucy and Tiffany, who were both in various states of restraint, Alice and Dillon who were locked in to Tiffany’s voice, and the obedient slave girls who were in the middle of taping up Lucy’s wrists.

Tiffany saw Janet hesitating, but she urged her with eyes to keep blending in no matter what. She had to find Josh’s phone. There was still a chance… Janet copied the slaves around her, unable to control her blushing as she removed her layers. As her bra dropped to the floor and she slowly removed her panties, she averted her eyes from all the naked bodies around her. Another quick glance at Tiffany let her know that she couldn’t afford to be embarrassed, she had to blend in seamlessly, or risk being caught.

Soon, the room was full of naked people. Bare skin filled Tiffany’s vision. Clothes were strewn everywhere. Ross looked around in appreciation at all his nude slaves. He walked among them, stroking their skin or letting them drop and kiss his feet. Then his eyes fell upon Tiffany and Lucy.

“Well well, it looks like some of our slaves are defective…” Lucy glared at him with pure fury, while Tiffany couldn’t hide her apprehension. “Let’s go and take care of you both now.” He clicked his fingers and suddenly there were multiple naked slaves there, ready to obey. “Bring them,” he ordered, as he led the way into Josh’s bedroom. “Bring Alice and Dillon as well, so I can fix them.”

Tiffany watched as Lucy was dragged kicking and screaming towards Josh’s bedroom by the two basketball players that had once been protecting her. Izzy, Marion, and Libby started handling Alice to take her as well.

“Come with me, Tiff,” Hannah purred to Tiffany as she roughly pushed her forwards. “Let’s go and end this together…”