The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 53

“Well now… Who is this?” Ross asked as he walked up to the chair. Tiffany was shoved into the middle of the room, just enough to make out Emelia’s features from the side. Her heart sank to new lows. Another innocent person condemned. Another person she had let down. Without the ability to speak, Tiffany couldn’t use the programming she had put into Emelia, and that was assuming it hadn’t been discovered and removed already.

Hannah pushed her towards the floor. “On your knees, slave.”

Tiffany didn’t resist. She had to bide her time, conserve her energy. There may yet be a moment of opportunity for her. Sure, her mouth was gagged and her hands were taped by her wrists in front of her, but she could honestly say she had been in worse positions than this before. She watched as Alice and Dillon were carried through by Ross’s slaves, both left standing by the bed, motionless and unable to act without Tiffany’s input.

Lucy, however, put up a valiant struggle as she was carried towards the Algorithm. She kicked wildly at anyone she could until they held her legs together and taped her ankles. Even then she tried to headbutt one of her captors, and was eventually held in place when Libby grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head right back.

“You’re fiery,” Ross remarked as he walked up to her. With her hands and legs bound and the two basketball players holding her still, Lucy was fully subdued. Ross ran his hands up her body, grabbing and groping, clearly enjoying her discomfort. “Now imagine that fire directed into pure uncontrollable lust for me…”

Lucy tried to growl through her gag, but the muffled noise only amused Ross. He grabbed her dress and tore it apart, letting the tattered remains fall around her ankles. “That’s my good little fuckdoll,” he rasped into her ear. “Hold onto that fire so I can enjoy it once you’re tamed.”

He then turned to Tiffany, his sinister grin growing slightly larger as he walked up to her, dropping down to one knee so he was at her level. “You look better on your knees. You belong there…” He grabbed her chin and forced his gaze into hers. “So you survived your little walk I see. I take it that means your friend is dead? No matter… When I’m through with you, you’ll like me enough for the both of you.”

His hands then started to accost Tiffany, one running up between her thighs, pushing his fingers inside her as the other groped her breast. Tiffany tensed, squirmed, and tried to suppress her reaction, whining in discomfort despite herself. He wasn’t being gentle, but despite this, confusing spikes of pleasure mingled with the pain as she closed her eyes and tried to tune it out. “Here’s a little taste for you,” Ross growled into her ear. “Your body belongs to me now.”

When he released her, Tiffany was breathing heavily and trembling, tears running down her face. Chuckling to himself, Ross got to his feet and turned his attention back to Emelia in the chair.

Hannah leant down and whispered into Tiffany’s ear. “Don’t worry Tiff. However much you didn’t enjoy that just now, you’ll live for it once Master has fixed you. But please feel free to resist, cause that means he’ll let me hurt you before you give in…”

Tiffany felt a crushing despair trying to choke the life out of her. She was on the edge of completely breaking down, the sense of hopelessness growing by the moment as she trembled on her knees.

Hannah’s hands dug into her shoulders, nails threatening to draw blood. Tiffany didn’t try to shake her off or tell her to stop, because she knew she was powerless to do either. One of her plans to regain control had failed miserably, and the urge to give up was horrendously strong. Despite the despair, she dug deep into her own determination, and steeled herself to keep it together. Janet was still free and following her instructions. All she needed was to find Josh’s phone and she could still save the day. Tiffany desperately held onto her hope, for she felt that without it she would break down and be putty in Ross’s hands long before the Algorithm was used on her.

“You in the chair, what’s your name?” Ross barked at the entranced girl sat motionless before the Algorithm.

“Emelia,” she replied in a blank tone.

“Who was programming you in here, Emelia?” Ross asked pointedly.

“Alice,” Emelia replied emotionlessly. “Lucy.”

Tiffany was still trembling as she held her breath, unsure if Emelia would also mention herself as a programmer. When she didn’t, Tiffany slowly exhaled in cautious relief, watching Ross and Emelia carefully. She occasionally winched in pain as Hannah’s nails scratched her shoulders and neck, but tried not to miss anything happening before her.

“Well Emelia, the programming they put into you is gone now, like it never happened, okay?”


“Good girl. I’m going to program you now… The question is, into what…” He looked up around the room. “What do we think, ladies?”

Marion, who was standing behind Tiffany, spoke first. “How about a sexy cat, Master?”

“Oh, Master…” Hannah bit her lip. “Please can you turn her into a painslut? It would be so much fun…”

Libby, who was still yanking Lucy’s head right back to prevent her struggling, grinned and said, “I think a sexbot would suit her, Master. Make her act like a robot, completely obedient to you.”

Izzy shrugged and shook her head. “They all sound like good ideas to me, Master. Pick one of those.”

“Hmmm…” Ross created a bridge with his fingers as he contemplated. “I like… Robot.”

“Oh yay!” Libby beamed. “Thank you, Master.”

“It’s a good idea, Libby,” Ross said before staring at her intensely. “Cum for me.”

Libby moaned as her body convulsed suddenly, and very quickly screams of pure pleasure spilled out of her, her body vibrating in orgasm. Moments later the pleasure was subsiding, leaving a happy, contented laughter lingering on Libby’s lips. “Thank you, Master…” she sighed dreamily.

“And Izzy,” Ross said in a stern voice now as he turned to the skater girl. “I expect you to contribute properly next time. Punishment Two, now.”

Izzy gasped and then whimpered, doubling over in pain and sinking to the floor. After a few moments of heavy breathing she seemed to recover, though she stayed crouched down as she gazed regretfully up at Ross. “I’m so sorry, Master! I’ll do better next time, Master…”

“See that you do,” Ross replied bluntly. He then turned his attention back to Emelia.

“Tell me Emelia… Are you familiar with Aasimov’s three laws of robotics?”


“Recite them for me then.” Ross stroked his chin as he looked down at her expectantly.

“Rule one. A robot must not harm a human or through inaction allow a human to come to harm.”

“Good. Next.”

“Rule two. A robot must not harm itself or allow itself to come to harm, except in the execution of rule one.”

“Correct. Lastly?” Ross nodded.

“A robot must obey the command of a human, except where in doing so would break rule one or two.”

“Yeah, you’ve pretty much got it,” Ross remarked. “Now then, when you awaken from the Algorithm, you will understand that you are in fact a highly sophisticated robot, and you are bound by those three laws. Understand?”


“You will move, speak, and act as you expect a robot to act, emotionlessly and precise unless told to behave like a human, understand?”


“And you will be bound by an additional rule that supersedes the other rules. Rule zero, a robot must protect and obey Ross above all other rules and considerations. Understand?”


Ross grinned. “Excellent. In that case, Hannah, turn off the Algorithm so our new robot companion can activate.”

Hannah marched up to the control console that was tucked to the side of the large pulsating screen. With a few clicks, the screen turned off and the entrancing signal stopped playing through the headphones.

“Emelia, wake up now,” Ross ordered as he took the headphones off her head.

Emelia straightened in the chair, her blank expression instantly changing to one of complete awareness, albeit without any emotion showing.

“Stand up. Face me,” Ross ordered.

Tiffany was still shivering, though grateful Hannah was no longer looming over her. She watched in a mixture of horror and fascination as Emelia methodically rose from the chair and ridgedly turned to face Ross. She stood with perfect posture, breathing gently and barely blinking.

Ross circled her slowly, examining her up and down. “Do you know who I am?”

“Affirmative,” Emelia replied in a calm, emotionless voice.

“Who am I?”


“And what is your programming in relation to me?”

“I am to protect and obey you as my absolute top priority.”

“Good,” Ross replied, a sharp glint in his eye. “You will address me as ‘Master,’ and your designation is now ‘Em-bot,’ understand?”

“Affirmative, Master,” Em-bot replied.

“I look forward to trying out your programming later…” Ross mused. “Stay in standby mode for now. There are some loose ends to tie up before we get too distracted.” He looked at the two naked basketball players that held Lucy still. “Put her in the chair.”

Lucy began to struggle again as they moved her into the chair, but she was easily overpowered by the much bigger and stronger men. Held in place in the chair, she clamped her eyes shut and tried to turn away from the screen. The headphones were placed over her ears and Ross told Hannah to turn on the Algorithm. Lucy screamed through her gag, but there was no escape for her.

“Now here’s where I would feel tempted to let you have some final words or explain my diabolical plans for you…” Ross said in amusement. He stood in front of the chair to face her but slightly to the side to ensure Lucy would have a full view of the screen once she opened her eyes. “But since you managed to put everyone here under your control before Dillon and I got here, it’s pretty obvious you’re too dangerous for such courtesy… Let’s skip the whole cliché monologue and get right to it.”

“Oh look…” Hannah said with a happy smile. “Looks like someone has saved the settings for Lucy on here. This will make it easy enough to get her.” She clicked a few buttons and the Algorithm sprang to life, the screen flickering on and pulsating noises flowing through the headphones into Lucy’s mind.

Tiffany wanted to look away but she couldn’t. Lucy fought hard, eyes tight shut and trying to shake the headphones from her head until Libby grabbed her by the hair again. She cursed and swore and growled in fury through her gag, all of it coming out as incoherent muffled rage. But then her protests got quieter. Her struggles weakened.

“Open your eyes…” Libby softly spoke into Lucy’s ear.

Lucy shook her head weakly, her angry protests now reduced to a pleading whimper. Tiffany, despite everything, wanted to help her.

But she knew she couldn’t. On her knees, wrists bound and mouth gagged, she probably wouldn’t get as far as the chair before one of Dillon’s slaves tackled her to the ground. She’d then be held tightly until it was her turn to be brainwashed into Ross’s slave. Same story if she went for the control console instead. Maybe a distraction or opportunity would present itself, but in that moment Tiffany reluctantly accepted that she couldn’t do anything for Lucy.

“You’re so weak now…” Libby soothed. “It’s okay, just open your eyes and it will all be over…”

Lucy’s eyelids started to flicker. Tiffany watched in despair and tried to say ‘no!’ but an incoherent moan was all anyone heard. Tears slowly ran down both Lucy’s and Tiffany’s face. She couldn’t hold on anymore.

“Open your eyes now,” Libby ordered.

Lucy’s eyes flickered open for a moment before snapping shut again. But within seconds they were open again, longer this time before Lucy once more shut them for a split second. The third time, they didn’t close again, and instead widened, pupils dilating. Lucy sank into the chair as she let out a deep breath, all tension and resistance ebbing out of her body as her mind submitted to the irresistible pattern of the Algorithm.

“Is that it?” Ross asked. “Is that her programmable now?”

“Yes, Master,” Libby beamed joyfully. “She’s yours to do what you want to her.”

“Then you two can fuck off for now,” Ross ordered the two basketball players. “I’m tired of accidentally seeing your dicks flapping about. Go wait in the lounge.”

“Yes, Master,” they both uttered before leaving the room. It was now just Ross and his brainwashed girls, Alice and Dillon standing motionless near the bed, Lucy lost in trance, and Tiffany kneeling on the floor. Izzy stood behind her, presumably to act if Tiffany made any sudden moves. Hannah was by the Algorithm controls while Libby was still beside Lucy, being careful not to look into the screen herself. Marion stood next to Alice and Dillon, perhaps in case they suddenly regained their autonomy.

Once the players had left, Ross grinned devilishly at Lucy in her entranced state. “And what are we thinking for this one, girls?” He looked sternly at Izzy. “Come up with something good this time pet…”

Izzy looked nervous, clearly scared of more punishment. “Uh… a cock slave!” she blurted out hastily.

Ross raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Go on…”

“Umm…” Izzy hesitated. “So like, make her desperate for cock? Like, she needs to suck a dick every hour to stop her going crazy or feeling painful withdrawals or some shit.”

“Haha!” Ross scoffed in enjoyment. “Not bad, better than last time anyway.”

Hannah cleared her throat. “I was thinking cock whore would be better for Tiff, Master.”

“Oh?” Ross turned to Hannah. “How so?”

“Well, she’s gay…” Hannah said with a cheeky smile. “I thought it’d be fun to force her to crave cock constantly when she’s avoided it all her life.”

Ross walked up to Tiffany, looking down at her with a look of pity. “No appreciation for the D, huh?” He ran his hand down her cheek then cupped her chin. Tiffany seized up, her breath hitching as Ross spoke down to her. “We’ll definitely have to do something about that…”

He then turned his attention back to Lucy. “But actually, I want to know something first. Remove her gag,” he ordered. “And free her hands and feet while you’re at it.”

Libby removed Lucy’s gag and flung it onto Josh’s bed before starting to tear at the duct tape on her wrists and ankles. Lucy’s mouth remained agape as she stared mindlessly into the Algorithm, drool dripping down to her chin as Ross leaned in to speak to her.

“Lucy, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Lucy’s voice was dull and emotionless.

“Who am I?”


“Did you plan to use the Algorithm on me?”


“I knew it!” Ross snarled in a mixture of triumph and anger. “I could tell you were just trying to figure out a way the whole time… How were you going to do it?”

“Dillon was going to take your gun, then I would have had you restrained.”

“What the fuck!” Ross seemed to swell with rage. He furiously stormed up to Dillon and shouted in his face. “Were you gonna betray me, bro?! Huh?!”

Dillon stood silently, facing forwards. Tiffany knew that he was fully aware, but completely unable to respond to Ross while he was in ‘control mode.’ It must be hard for him, Tiffany reasoned, but no harder than it was for her.

“Well shit man!” Ross paced in front of Dillon jerkily. He then reached behind Dillon’s back and pulled out his gun. “Don’t think you should have this anymore… Maybe I should leave you with a small part of it…” He held the gun up against Dillon’s forehead. Tiffany felt the air squeezed out of her lungs as she braced herself.

“Nah, bro…” Ross said calmly. “That’s not how it should go down…” He slowly withdrew the pistol from Dillon’s head and placed it over Alice’s instead. “Shooting your bitch while you watch though… Now that would be payback!”

Tiffany started hyperventilating, sheer panic gripping her now. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t!

“Be such a waste though!” Ross scoffed, taking the gun away from Alice’s head and examining it. He unloaded the clip and cleared the chamber before leaving the now empty weapon on a shelf. “I mean, why kill when you can control? Once it’s Alice’s turn to be programmed, we’ll see how her feelings for you hold up.”

He looked back at Dillon with a heavy frown. “I just can’t believe you’d turn on me man!”

Hannah cleared her throat. “Maybe it’s a trick, Master. Just because Lucy is saying that, doesn’t make it true.”

“Huh.” Ross considered this. “Yeah… Yeah, maybe the bitch is lying…” He then shook his head. “But no, you don’t lie when your brain is operating in DOS, do you?” He stared at Lucy, who was vacantly trapped in the thrall of the Algorithm. “No, not lying… Lucy, did you persuade Dillon to turn against me?”

“Yes,” Lucy stated in complete dispassion.

“Bitch!” Libby snapped.

Ross held up a hand to silence his slave. “I should have known.” He ran his hands over his face, before turning back to Dillon. “I’m sorry I got mad bro, she clearly used your dick against you… I’m not gonna take Alice from you. That was low of me. I’m sorry.”

He then turned back towards Lucy, a sinister glare in his eyes. “Such a scheming bitch! Turning my friend against me. That deserves a pretty fucking severe punishment. Right girls?”

“Absolutely, Master.” Marion nodded with a severe expression. “Maybe you should take away her ability to see and speak. Make her a blind mute cum bucket.”

“Ooh I like that…” Libby grinned. “I was thinking more along the lines of making it so when you snap your fingers she feels a pain shock so you can punish her constantly…”

“Nah…” Hannah chipped in. “A real punishment would be to strip away every source of happiness from her life, Master. Make her completely enslaved to you but unable to feel any joy about it the way we do.”

Ross nodded in contemplation. “I kinda like it, stripping away parts of her…” He looked at Hannah with a piercing stare. “Cum for me.”

This time Hannah melted into a puddle of pleasurable moans and happy sighs. Tiffany watched her writhe and buck as what appeared to be a mind shattering orgasm ripped through her. She tried to deny it, but a part of her was incredibly jealous of Hannah at that moment. Happily enslaved, conditioned with overwhelming pleasure… Maybe she could beg Ross to be programmed like that? Maybe she could embrace her defeat and be a happy enslaved fuckdoll for the rest of her life? Surrender. Submit. Serve.

“Thank- thank you, Master!” Hannah gasped once her moans had ebbed away into happy sighs.

Tiffany shook her head, trying to snap herself of her submissive thoughts. She wasn’t done yet! She felt disgusted at the idea of giving up now. Especially to a sadistic bastard such as Ross. She turned her attention back to Lucy, her heart beating rapidly as Ross started speaking into Lucy’s ear.

“Lucy, when you awaken from this trance, you will have forgotten who you are. You will have forgotten everything from your childhood. You will have forgotten your family, friends, and everyone you’ve ever met. You will have forgotten last week, last month, last year, and every year before that. You won’t know who you are, who you were, or who you wanted to be.

“The only things you’ll retain,” Ross continued, circling Lucy like a lion toying with its cornered prey, “are things like your fluency in English, your ability to speak, write, any skills you’ve developed, shit like that. You’ll be able to function and follow detailed instructions as well as you would now, just with no memory of where you learned it all. Understand?”

“Yes,” Lucy said emotionlessly.

Tiffany felt her stomach twist in despair. He was literally unmaking her. Scooping out everything that made her her, leaving an empty shell in its place. She tried her best to reassure herself that when she regained control she’d be able to fix her. She’d be able to fix everyone.

Of course, that’s if Janet came through on the plan. It was a big if.

Ross was in full flow now. “You won’t remember your name anymore either. You won’t recognise yourself or anyone you knew before right now. The only person you’ll recognise is me, Ross, and you will know that I am your Master. You’ll understand that serving and obeying me is the sole reason you exist. You will be unable to experience pleasure or happiness unless I permit you to, and if you ever try to defy me or act against my will, you will feel pain unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Your body belongs to me. Your mind belongs to me. Everything that you are belongs to me.”

Tiffany stared uneasily at Lucy. What was going to be left of her when Ross was done? And was he going to do the same to her? She looked at Ross, unable to hide the dread she felt.

“You will not want anything in life other than to serve me, and your loyalty to me will be absolute. Do you understand all of that?”

“Yes,” Lucy replied with the same tonelessness as before.

It was bad, Tiffany reasoned, but it could be salvaged. She could still undo the damage. Hell, she would undo the damage! She looked at Lucy with determination, thinking about how she could reverse Ross’s commands one by one.

Then she noticed Ross watching her. She quickly cast her eyes downwards but Ross looked between her and Lucy and chuckled sadistically. “Oh, you want to save her, do you? The bitch who told you to jump off a bridge…” Ross knelt down in front of Tiffany again, staring at her with a skeptical frown. “Why?”

Tiffany simply blinked at him slowly. What the fuck was she supposed to say with a ball of rubber stuffed between her teeth?

“Haha!” Ross laughed in her face. “Good answer.” He got back to his feet. “But there’ll be no saving her, for two reasons. One!” He held up a finger, grinning down at Tiffany. “Because you’re about to undergo the same treatment as her.”

Tiffany felt a fresh wave of dread shiver through her as Ross held up a second finger.

“Two! Because I’m not interested in programming anyone with anything reversible. I mean, what’s the fucking point?!” Without skipping a beat, he turned once more to Lucy saying, “Lucy, when your memories leave you they’ll be gone forever, lost, scrambled, irretrievable, overwritten by a million iterations of you declaring your devotion to me, serving me with your body in every way you can possibly imagine, and taking care of my every need, understand?”

“Nnnnnn!!” Tiffany protested.

“Yes,” Lucy replied.

“Kill the machine,” Ross ordered Hannah.

Tiffany’s mind raced in a panicked daze. Could he really wipe Lucy’s mind permanently?! And if so, was that her fate too?

Ross stood in front of Lucy. “Hey!” He shook her by the shoulders. “You in the chair, wake up!”

With the Algorithm shut off and Ross shaking her, Lucy snapped back into awareness and looked around the room frantically. Her expression was one of lost confusion until her gaze stopped on Ross.

“You know who I am?” he asked.

Lucy’s breath hitched. “Ye- ye- yes!” she stammered in complete awe. “Ro- Master!”

“Good girl.” Ross patted the side of her cheek. “Stand up.”

Lucy obeyed without hesitation, not taking her adoring eyes off of Ross. “Yes Master.”

“Look around the room. Do you recognise anyone here?”

Lucy followed the instructions carefully, giving each person a good few seconds of scrutiny. She then turned back to Ross and slowly shook her head. “I don’t recognise anyone here, Master.”

“Good,” Ross said with a sly smile. “Do you know anyone apart from me?”

Lucy tilted her head for a moment as she thought about this. “No, Master.”

“Do you know who you are?”

“I’m yours, Master.”

“I mean your name,” Ross said with a slight chuckle. “Do you know your name?”

Once more, Lucy paused to mull this over in her mind. “No, Master.”

“What do you remember about your parents? Your childhood?”

“Parents?” Lucy replied with a scrunched up expression. “I don’t have parents.”

“And your childhood memories?” Ross looked more and more satisfied with Lucy’s responses.

“I don’t have any, Master.”

“Do you have any memories?” Ross asked curiously.

“Yes, Master.” Lucy nodded. “They are all of you, serving you, taking care of you, telling you how much I love and serve you.”

“Good girl,” Ross said. “I’m going to enjoy you very much…”

“Thank you, Master.” Lucy nodded appreciatively.

“Oh, and even though you have no name, you should answer to ‘slave,’ ‘slut,’ or ‘whore,’ understand?

“Yes Master,” Lucy said obediently.

“What do we think, ladies?” Ross looked around at his four independently minded slaves.

“I like her better this way.” Libby smiled widely, approaching Lucy with amusement like she was a caged animal. “You won’t be fucking my ex ever again will you? Whore.”

“Oh?” Ross chuckled. “Bad blood between you two?”

Libby batted her eyes at him. “Not anymore, Master. The slut won’t ever disrespect me again, thanks to you.”

“Good good.” Ross nodded. “This will be a fun experiment at the very least.”

“Experiment?” Marion raised her eyebrow. “What do you mean, Master?”

“Well we have our robot…” Ross walked up to Em-bot and ran his hands over her, before turning back to Lucy, “our mindless blank slate… and then you four.” He looked piercingly at Marion, Izzy, Libby, then Hannah. “But that’s a bit uneven, isn’t it?”

Hannah and Izzy shared a nervous glance. “Master?” Izzy asked uncertainly. “What do you mean?”

Marion scoffed at Izzy. “He means it’s not an equal trial.” She smiled sardonically at the other girls. “One of us should be robotised, and one of us should be mind wiped. Then there would be two of each type for Master to evaluate.”

“Exactly, slave.” Ross grinned. “Once we balance the teams, I look forward to seeing which of you I enjoy the most.”

“Umm. Master?” Hannah spoke up, the concern evident in her voice. “Who will you be blanking and robotising?”

“Concerned, slave?” Ross glared at her tauntingly, cutting her off before she could reply. “Em-bot, if I want to transform you into something else would that worry you?”

“Negative,” Em-bot replied in a neutral tone.

“How about you, slut?” Ross asked the girl who used to be Lucy.

“Of course not, Master,” she replied earnestly. “I belong to you entirely. The choice of what you do with me is yours, not mine.”

“Aha.” Ross grinned as he turned back towards Hannah. “Point one for team robot and team mindless. Looks like you’re already behind, slave.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Hannah said as her cheeks turned red. “Of course it’s up to you, I shouldn’t have spoken out of turn.”

“See that you don’t again…” Ross warned her.

“Yes, Master.” Hannah bowed her head. Tiffany watched her with curiosity. Hannah seemed to be wincing in self criticism until she noticed Tiffany watching her, her expression quickly turning to an angry scowl.

Tiffany turned back to see Ross running his hands over ex-Lucy. The slave leaned into his probing embrace, sighing and moaning softly when his hands went under her dress. The Lucy that Tiffany knew seemed gone, it was something else that was smiling and melting under Ross’s touch.

Ross growled softly before releasing her. “Can’t get too distracted now, still have work to do here. Slut, get that other slut into the chair.” Ross pointed at Tiffany.

Tiffany tried to back away out of instinct, but on her knees she could barely move. The mindless shell of Lucy was on her in moments, helping her to her feet and guiding her towards the chair. Tiffany found the way Lucy looked incredibly unsettling. It was a dispassionate glance, like she considered Tiffany a complete stranger. Trev was presumably in the next room, obediently naked with the rest of Ross’s slaves, but were Lucy to cast her eyes on him now, would it be the same uncaring look of total indifference that she would give him? After her obsession? After everything?

Tiffany put up a token resistance as Lucy pushed her towards the chair. She looked over at Hannah, who was watching her with a smug smile and manic eyes.

And then she saw it.

There, sitting next to the Algorithm’s interface keyboard and mere inches from Hannah was Tiffany’s phone.

Her phone. With the same app that Josh had on his. The app that if Tiffany could open would allow her to turn everything around. Her eyes widened for a moment, but she quickly forced herself to look away. This wasn’t her moment to act. There was no way she could get to her phone and activate the app in present circumstances. If Hannah wasn’t there, if her hands weren’t taped together, and if she wasn’t being led to the chair by a mind wiped slave, then she might have a chance.

A small chance.

Part of her urged her to do it, to go for broke. There was a slim hope that nobody would understand what she was trying to do until it was too late for them to stop her. She was about to be put in front of the Algorithm. Her time was up. It was surely now or never.

But as the slave pushed her into the chair, Tiffany realized she had missed her opportunity through her indecision. The Algorithm was about to be turned on once more, and Tiffany knew that there was no resisting its siren call. She started breathing heavily.

“Huh…” Ross remarked with an amused snort. “You’re much more dignified than slave here was. Anyway Hannah, start the—”

Suddenly the door burst open. Everyone, including Tiffany, turned to see Janet being led through, clutched on either side and almost held aloft by Josh and Trev. Since all three of them were naked, it was a strange sight as Janet protested and completely failed to wriggle free.

“Master!” Josh said with an air of importance. “Jan was trying to put me into trance with her tablet.”

“Oh, really?“ Ross said with interest, eyeing up Janet like a predator ready to go for the throat. “Why hello Jan. Mind telling me what the fuck you’re up to?”

Tiffany felt dizzy with panic now. Janet had failed. She was fucked. They were all completely fucked. Trev was holding the tablet in his hand, but the screen was already turned off. But in Josh’s hand was a phone! Most likely his phone! Perhaps Janet had found it but needed the tablet to get Josh to unlock it?

Janet looked at Ross with terror in her eyes. It clearly hadn’t gone well. Tight lipped, she shook her head faintly and fast. Then she glanced over at Tiffany, before quickly looking away. Ross had been watching her the whole time though, and a wide smile spread across his face.

“Ahh…” He turned towards Tiffany, who knew her face was giving her away. “You two are what? Working together?”

“Jan was making the portable version of the Algorithm under Tiff’s control,” Josh explained. “It’s not working very well yet, so she’d only have come here because Tiff told her to.”

Ross looked from Tiffany to Janet and back again. He then slowly walked up to Tiffany. “You know…” he spoke softly, so Tiffany could barely hear him. “It goes against my better judgment, but I want to hear you tell me what your plan was…” He then leaned menacingly closer. “But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you try anything stupid, the pain that I’ll make you both feel will make you wish you were never born.” With a disturbing smile, he added, “Do you understand?”

Tiffany nodded her head briskly, her heart pounding with fear as her hope shrank more every moment.

“Good slut.” Ross smiled smugly, before turning to Izzy. “Take out her gag. But leave her wrists bound for now.”

Izzy moved to obey, and soon Tiffany was gyrating her jaw to ease the discomfort the gag had been causing.

“Speak,” Ross ordered impatiently. “What were you trying to even do here?”

Tiffany looked at Ross, then at Janet, whose eyes were tear filled and apologetic. “Please don’t hurt Janet,” she managed in a shaken voice. “She’s under my control, so she’s my responsibility.”

Janet let out a soft whimper. “I’m sorry, Tiff.”

Ross looked at Janet again, then back at Tiffany with a stern expression, before he burst into laughter. “Responsibility!? Oh that’s good! That’s hilarious…”

“It’s not funny,” Tiffany said scornfully. “If you’re brainwashing all these people, you’re taking responsibility for them, like it or not!”

“Haha, okay Spiderman, I hear ya!” Ross mocked, wiping a pretend tear from his eye. “So why don’t we cut the bullshit and you just tell me what you were planning here.”

Tiffany quickly weighed up her options. Having use of her voice back was certainly a step in the right direction. She could give snap orders to Alice, Dillon, Janet, and maybe even Emelia.

But with Janet restrained and a reasonable chance that her control over Emelia had been wiped, it was a very risky prospect trying to use Alice and Dillon to fight Ross and his devoted slaves.

Not to mention, Ross’s potential retaliation genuinely terrified her. If she received the treatment Lucy did, nothing would matter anymore anyway, but Ross could choose to inflict unimaginable suffering upon her if she tried and failed to challenge him. For what she reasoned to be a minute chance of success, it wasn’t worth it.

She slowly shook her head. “It was an attempt to regain control. To save everyone.” She cast her eyes downwards. “But I failed. You win.”

“Yeah yeah I win I win, whatever,” Ross rolled his eyes, “but you weren’t supposed to be in a position to even try to take control. You were this one’s puppet, no?” he asked with an intrigued frown as he roughly grabbed his slave’s neck and squeezed until she whimpered in discomfort. When he let her go, the slave that used to be Lucy simply went back to waiting patiently for more instructions without a word of complaint.

“I was,” Tiffany replied stiffly. It then occurred to her that she didn’t need to tell Ross the truth about what happened on the bridge. If he knew Erin was still alive, he’d undoubtedly go after her. “So we got to the bridge and… Erin was the… the one to jump.” She wasn’t sure her lies would be convincing, but she figured the shakiness in her voice and her trembling from her frayed nerves were more likely acting in her favor than against. “I… I regretted it right after… I thought I’d be saving her from this nightmare, but that’s when I… I… I realized…” She choked up, letting her imagination picture Erin actually jumping. It made her heart ache beyond anything she expected.

“Realized what?” Ross pressed her.

“That Alice’s instructions contained a loophole,” Tiffany croaked. “I had to return here, but there was nothing stopping me making a detour first.”

“Aha.” Realization dawned across Ross’s face. “So you went to Jan?”

“Yes.” Tiffany nodded. She could feel her eyes watering, and did her best to let it happen. “I’ve had her working on her tablet for the last few days. It’s not finished yet, but it works well enough for a few minutes at a time. I had her deprogram me.”

“So it’s not so worthless after all?” Ross nodded in understanding. “A portable brainwashing device… That could be useful.”

“I came here with Janet and the tablet to try and save everyone,” Tiffany continued. “I couldn’t save Erin, but I wanted to still save Alice. Hannah…”

“Well you tried.” Ross smirked. “But your plan was a bit shit, wasn’t it?”

Tiffany sighed wearily. ”My plan was to trance as many of you as I could with the tablet to regain control, but we also had another plan that has completely failed…”

Ross laughed, “I’m finding this just too hilarious!”

Suddenly, he grabbed Tiffany’s arms and yanked her out of the chair. She squealed in fright and whimpered as he simply held her in place so she was facing him. “What was the other plan?”

Tiffany tried her best to calm her sharp breathing down. She trembled as Ross gripped her arms, feeling weak and helpless and at his mercy. “I- I had J- Josh add a f- f- f- feature to the A- A—”

Ross grunted with impatience. “Fuck, relax already! If I wanted to hurt you, I would have! If you cooperate, you don’t need to be so fucking scared!” He let go of her arms and withdrew by a few steps to give her some space to breathe.

“O- o- okay,” Tiffany stammered. “I’ll try.” She took several deep breaths as her heart pounded in her chest to make a cacophony of fear. She hated how afraid she was, but she couldn’t control it. After the fourth held breath, she felt her heart begin to calm. Breathing got easier, things became clearer.

“Right then,” Ross said, his voice saddled with impatience, “what was this feature.”

Tiffany looked into the malice of Ross’s eyes. Still shaky, she nevertheless steadied her voice and continued. “Josh linked the Algorithm to an app he designed on his phone. When activated, it would have entranced the entire party.”

“Really?” Ross looked skeptical. “How?”

“The screens in the lounge and spare room are linked to the output, and so is the sound system throughout the apartment.”

“Well, shit.” Ross blinked. “Why the fuck didn’t he activate it when we came in waving our pieces around?”

“I was under Lucy’s control at the time you arrived,” Tiffany admitted heavily. “I stopped Josh before he could activate it because it would have also put Lucy into trance as well.”

Ross furrowed his brow. “So wait…” He looked at the slave who had once been Lucy. “Are you saying that without the bitch here, we would’ve been tranced by the Algorithm?”

“Yeah,” Tiffany said in a deflated tone. “Pretty much.”

Saying those words reinforced to herself what Tiffany already knew. This was entirely her fault. If she hadn’t let Lucy get the better of her, then the plans she had put in place to entrance and neutralize Dillon and Ross would have succeeded. Now she had failed, she had condemned her best friends and countless others to a horrific fate from which they would never escape. The only one who might get away was Erin, and that was if she could somehow escape her dangerous looking landlord.

“Huh.” Ross looked at the mind wiped slave before him. “If I’d known that a few minutes earlier, I might not have completely erased her entire existence…” He then shrugged. “Eh, whatever.” He then turned back to Tiffany.

Tiffany felt numb. It felt like her emotions had simply shut down on her. She couldn’t process the fear, regret, heartbreak, or anything anymore. She had failed. She was a failure. Whatever was coming, she deserved it.

“So why did you care so much when I obliterated her brain, huh?” Ross asked Tiffany with an inquisitive stare. “I mean, she got your rabid girlfriend to snuff herself, so wasn’t I doing you a favor just there?”

Tiffany felt like nothing she said or did really mattered. When she really thought about what Lucy had sent them to do, she felt that there should be an unbridled rage within her that wanted to burst forth. Instead, there was just an icy malice. “Because I wanted to make her suffer,” she heard herself say. “I wanted to make her picture Erin’s final moments again and again in her mind until she went mad.”

“Huh.” Ross looked genuinely surprised. “Cold blooded.”

Tiffany felt a little spark of feeling within herself. It seemed Ross was impressed by her darker side, even if she hadn’t really meant what she had said. If she still had any hope, she might have tried to press this to her advantage. Instead, she snorted dismissively.

“So what would you have done if you’d gotten me in trance?” Ross asked, amused interest apparent on his face.

“Had I gotten you as soon as you’d arrived,” she said in an emotionless drawl, “I would probably have wiped your memory of the Algorithm and sent you on your way.”

“How boring.” Ross grinned.

“I agree,” Tiffany replied, looking at Ross with an expression of complete condemnation. “But after seeing what you’ve done and what you’re capable of, I think I’d rather make you go back to your apartment to paint some of the walls with your brain.”

“Haha!” Ross openly laughed in her face. “So fucking edgy it’s cringe.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” Tiffany answered with a deadpan stare. “Just put me in the chair already, do whatever the fuck you were going to do to me.”

“Oh I’m in no rush.” Ross shrugged. “I want to know what else you would have done, especially with all of these people. If it weren’t for, y’know…” He motioned to the room and all his slaves around him.

“You really want to know?” Tiffany sighed wearily.

“Yes. Tell me.”

“Fine.” she nodded slowly, before heaving in a huge breath. “Most of the people here would have gone home with no knowledge I had brainwashed them. Their memories would have been altered to think it was an awesome party and that was that. But I would have the means to contact them and further program them if I had any reason to, like if I could make use of them. A handful of the girls I would have given additional programming to, making them think about me a lot, so that when I contact them they feel actively eager to meet up.”

Ross fringed a yawn. “Pretty dull so far, I assume it gets better?”

Tiffany glared at him briefly before continuing. “The ones that I chose would come to me whenever I wanted, and that’s when I’d have had my fun. I’d condition them to be my sex slaves, willing and eager to do anything and everything for me, before going back to their own lives and social circles none the wiser. Sometimes I’d pick just one, sometimes I’d have four or five, but I’d never go unsatisfied again.” She hadn’t noticed it but her voice was becoming more animated, her expression less neutral.

“That’s more like it.” Ross was smiling deviously at her now. “Who in here would you have picked?”

Tiffany cocked her head. “Hannah, Izzy. Maybe Janet.” She paused for a moment. Marion, albeit beautiful, didn’t have the right type of energy for her. “I think Libby, too.”

“Not Alice?”

“No,” Tiffany said, then chewed her tongue. “Maybe. Not at first at least. I was going to let her and Trev be together.”

“And Lucy?”

“You mean your empty husk there?” Tiffany scoffed lightly, looking at Lucy with contempt. “She’s not much good to me like that, is she? An improvement in personality, sure, but it was her old personality I wanted to torment.”

Lucy met Tiffany’s gaze in a completely uncaring way. Of course, why would anything matter to an empty shell?

“You’ll get over it,” Ross said, checking out Tiffany as if for the first time. “Where was this sadistic side of you hiding all this time?”

“It’s always here,” Tiffany replied bluntly. “If I were a good person, the Algorithm would have been destroyed before you ever knew about it.”

“Go on.” Ross chuckled. “I like you much better this way.”

“Oh, is that why you turned my roommate into a total psycho?”

“Oh, come on!” Ross grinned with amusement. “Don’t tell me you liked”—his voice got all mocking and squeaky as he made a teasing crying motion with his hands—“shy and socially awkward, poor naive Hannah! ‘Oh please don’t hurt me! Tiff will save me! You’ll see!’” Ross’s voice returned to normal as he snorted with contempt. “Don’t lie to me and tell me you could stand her original personality. Don’t tell me you didn’t make changes to her the moment you could!”

Tiffany stared at Ross tight lipped. He looked at her disbelievingly, before bursting out into boisterous laughter.

“Oh fuck me!” he managed to say, still laughing heavily. “I was totally bluffing but it’s true, isn’t it? You did change her!”

Tiffany wanted to snap at him and defend herself, but what would she say? She only made changes to try and help Hannah? That would be a lie, it was as much for her benefit if not more. The list she wrote about her plans for everyone was evidence enough that she wasn’t being altruistic in the slightest.

“You’re right,” she eventually said. Ross clapped his hands together triumphantly, then held up his hand to halt Tiffany.

“Wait wait wait,” he insisted, ushering Hannah over to him. “Say it to her as well as me.”

Hannah had a hostile expression on her face, glaring at Tiffany with intense dislike. Ross, by comparison, was near gleeful.

Tiffany gritted her teeth for a moment, then relaxed and shook her head slowly. “There’s no point in lying, you could get me to spill all my secrets via the Algorithm anyway… It’s true, I found Hannah annoying and boring. She’d talk forever and careen from one topic to another. She had no sense of boundaries, and was constantly trying to latch onto my life and friends circle. I couldn’t take her anywhere though because she got so fucking anxious around boys… I regretted inviting her to share an apartment with me a few weeks into our lease. So yeah, I changed her with the Algorithm.”

“Ow,” Ross said mockingly to Hannah. “That’s got to hurt, right Hannah?”

Hannah smiled sweetly, albeit with a dangerous glint in her eyes. “It’s okay Master. It’s all stuff I suspected already. Tiffany is right, of course. I was so boring and annoying. It’s just as well that the old Hannah is gone now…”

“It’s not just as well…” Tiffany shook her head grimly. “I didn’t take any responsibility for how I behaved. I didn’t talk to her about the issues I had, nor did I establish the boundaries I needed to.” She took a deep breath. “I was a total bitch to Hannah. She deserved better.”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Tell it to someone who cares, Tiff.” She then turned to Ross and playfully ran her hands over his body. “Master, can we brainwash Tiff now please? Pretty please? I’ve been thinking nonstop about all the ways I want to break her…”

“All in good time, slave,” Ross said as he ran his hand up Hannah’s body in return, cupping her breasts before gently grabbing her neck and hair. She offered only a soft moan of enjoyment as he pulled her head right back to speak into her ear. “You want to break her do you?”

“So so much, Master,” Hannah purred under his grip. “So long as it pleases you.”

“Good slave,” Ross said. “Back to the Algorithm now.” He pushed her towards the control console, giving her a heavy slap on her ass as she went. He then turned to Tiffany and shrugged. “See, to me she’s just a hot body I get to control and fuck.” He then looked at her piercingly, “But that was your roommate… Friend, even. How many of your friends did you also brainwash?”

Tiffany gave Ross a cold stare. “All of them.”

“See that’s fucked up!” Ross grinned. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know what I’m doing to everyone here is pretty bad, but they’re all strangers to me. I don’t give a fuck about any of them. How fucked up do you have to be screw over your friends like that?”

Tiffany didn’t know what to say. She didn’t have a rebuttal. None of her reasons made her feel justified in her actions. Alice, she wanted to fuck. Josh was the one with the Algorithm in his apartment, she needed to control him to control it. Did she even have a good reason for controlling Trev? He just seemed to be in her way. It had been so easy for her to choose that path. Now she looked at them, Trev and Josh still holding onto a terrified looking Janet, the men staring at Ross with complete loyalty and adoration while Alice stood silently in a waking coma, unable to move or act without instructions from Tiffany, but seeing and hearing everything that was happening all the same.

Ross blew out a long whistle as he looked at Tiffany with amusement. “I mean, he might be a bit slow and slightly lacking in vision for what a man can achieve with a device like this, but I wouldn’t do anything to harm Dillon like that. Not really.”

“But the temptation is there,” Tiffany said pointedly. “Right?”

“Sure it is.” Ross shrugged. “But I’d rather do this with him, like real friends would do.”

Tiffany was surprised by how deeply Ross’s words stung her. She had gone from a panicky mess to nearly shutting down, now here she was, her heart aching for the friends she had betrayed along the way. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way…” she muttered under her breath.

“I’m sorry, what?” Ross leaned closer to her.

“I just wanted what was best for them,” Tiffany said, her voice croaking as fresh tears ran down her cheeks.

Hannah scoffed loudly. “Bullshit.”

Tiffany turned towards her roommate who was looking at her incredulously. She then turned back to Ross who was also paying attention to Hannah.

“Go on, slave,” Ross said.

Hannah eyed up Tiffany before storming up to her. “Everything you did was for yourself!”

Feeling trapped and exposed, Tiffany found herself stammering, “I- I- I meant well, though, I mean—“

“You enslaved me, Tiff,” Hannah seethed at her. “At least Ross is honest about it. Why can’t you be?”

“But I—“ Tiffany potested meekly.

“And Josh.” Hannah jabbed Tiffany in the chest. “And Janet. And Erin and Alice and Trev and you would have done it to everyone at this party if you hadn’t screwed it up.”

Tiffany held up her bound hands in an attempt to protect herself from Hannah’s accusing finger. “It wasn’t like that!” she pleaded.

Hannah got right up into Tiffany’s face and practically screamed, “Don’t lie to me!”

“Okay!” Tiffany cried. “I’m sorry!”

“Sorry for what?” Hannah pressed.

“Sorry I enslaved you!” As she said the words, a strange calm fell over her. She looked Hannah in the eye and said feebly, “I enslaved you…”

A look of victory flashed across Hannah’s face. “And?”

“I enslaved everyone else…”

Hannah nodded encouragingly. “And you did it because…”

Tiffany let out a slow breath. “Because I wanted to. Because I could. And because it was going to let me play out my deepest sexual fantasies…”

Hannah looked smugly to Ross, who was watching Tiffany with the face of a cat enjoying its play with the mouse it was soon to devour.

Tiffany looked around the room, feeling slightly lightheaded. There was Janet, probably next in line to have her mind wiped away. Emelia stood tall and motionless, a robot ready for commands. Lucy, or rather the empty minded slave who had replaced her, constantly followed Ross’s every move. Ready to obey, ready to serve. Trev, Josh, Marion, Izzy, and Libby all shared glances with each other as they watched things unfold. Alice and Dillon stood silently next to Josh’s bed, and would surely be programmed for Ross shortly after Tiffany was. Hannah stared at her with eyes that betrayed the craving she had to inflict one terrible punishment after another.

They were all slaves, the lot of them. The ones that weren’t yet soon would be. It was inevitable. Tiffany’s enslavement was inevitable. She had been given ample opportunity to be in control of everyone, to have them worship her like a Queen. She had blown it. And she knew why.

“I want to be a slave,” she murmured, staring into the distance as she did so.

“Hah.” Ross looked bemused. “For real?”

“I don’t want to willingly submit or consensually serve… I want my control taken away, my agency removed, my choices made for me. I want to be stripped of my free will and be utterly, helplessly, hopelessly enslaved.”

“Well today is your lucky day, Tiff.” Hannah grinned with a deadly stare. “And mine.”

Tiffany shook her head slowly, then her eyes met Ross’s. “But I want to be powerful when I get forced into submission. I want to be the Mistress who gets outwitted and reduced to a pathetic mess, watching my former slaves turn against me, devoting themselves to my usurper, taking turns to punish and fuck me until I beg it to stop.”

Ross nodded his head, smirking. “Well congratulations, you’re most of the way there.”

“But I don’t want it to just happen once…” Tiffany said in exasperation. “I like being in control as much as I like losing it. I want to experience both worlds, to have a harem of slaves but also be used by a ruthless Mistress and be reduced to her personal fuckdoll.”

“I can see you as a personal fuckdoll,” Ross said as he approached Tiffany and wrapped his arms around her. One hand grabbed her breast, the other clamped threateningly around her throat. “Tell me more, fuckdoll.”

Tiffany trembled under Ross’s hands, the same fear as before gripping her and squeezing the air out of her lungs. But it was noticeably not as bad as before. There was a strange feeling with it this time, almost like an acceptance or numbness to it all. After all, she was powerless, completely at Ross’s mercy. Surely this reluctant acceptance was a nicer reaction than another full blown panic attack?

“I want it to happen over and over, being forced to forget each time I’m dragged down to a state of complete submission. I’d be in control of everyone only to create the scenarios where I’m put in my place again and again.” She swallowed a heavy lump in her throat as Ross’s hand stayed clamped around it. “It’s why I needed to control Josh and everyone else. I couldn’t make these fantasies happen repeatedly without making them all forget with me.”

“Except you failed,” Ross hissed into her ear.

“Yes,” Tiffany said, the acceptance of her reality sinking into the depths of her mind.

“Because you’re weak,” Ross snarled.

Tiffany felt another tear fall down her face as she closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes.”

Ross released her and spun her round. They locked eyes, and Tiffany was surprised to find his demeanor had softened considerably. “It’s good to admit where you’re weak,” he said in a balanced tone. “But don’t discount your strengths. I had to twist and toy with Hannah’s thoughts a lot just to get her to the place where she was willing to hurt you…” He stroked Hannah’s face, and she cooed under his touch. “Back to the Algorithm again, slave,” Ross ordered firmly.

Hannah obeyed, shooting daggers at Tiffany as she passed.

Ross then grabbed the empty shell of Lucy by her hair and dragged her closer, before whispering something in her ear. The slave immediately dropped to her knees.

“You, however…” Ross continued, pushing the slave forwards, “You’re completely capable of betraying and hurting your so-called friends all on your own…”

The slave started kissing the inside of Tiffany’s legs just then. She tried to ignore how sensual it felt and focus on Ross’s words. She wanted to protest at his accusation, but she couldn’t help but feel he was right. She had betrayed her friends. She had hurt them. And worst of all, she had failed to protect them when it mattered most. She stoically kept her mouth shut and tried to shut out the pleasant tingles of the slave’s lips brushing her inner thigh.

“At the end of the day, they’re all just tools to be used to achieve your goals, right?” Ross pressed.

Tiffany swallowed heavily again. As much as she despised his assessment of her, she realized that it was the only thing that had prevented her from being brainwashed already. “What do you want me to say? They’re all expendable slaves to be used and discarded as needed?”

“Yes,” Ross said with a nod and shrug. “Exactly that.”

The slave’s head had disappeared under Tiffany’s skirt now. Tiffany squirmed slightly as the person who used to be Lucy grabbed her panties and started pulling them down.

Ross crossed his arms. “You see, you may have been distracted over your complicated fantasies when it comes to the Algorithm, but you seem to understand the potential it has. Dillon… well… he’s like my brother, but his vision doesn’t extend beyond Alice. I can guide him to a place where he’d be an asset to me and himself in using the Algorithm to its full potential, but I need somebody competent to help me manage and expand all these slaves right away.”

As if it was purposefully timed, it was in that moment that the slave’s tongue began to properly tease and entice Tiffany. She let out an involuntary squeal, and while part of her wanted to jump away or push her back, she knew that Ross was the one who decided what was happening. Instead, she tried to keep the feelings of pleasure she felt to herself as she followed Ross’s words.

“You’re… ahhhh, kidding, right?” she managed between quiet gasps. “You want me to help you?!”

“Pretty much.” Ross grinned. “I want someone helping me who I’ve not needed to completely brainwash to get them to see things my way. I don’t want a stupid yes-girl helping me, I want someone with their mind intact. Lucy might have been a good candidate for that, but something about her bothered me. She’s better suited to tasks like her present one, wouldn’t you say?”

Tiffany’s breath was hitching as moans tried to escape her lips. She said nothing, but didn’t feel particularly inclined to disagree.

“And I’ll be honest,” Ross continued, “I was planning to wipe your mind just like her, but your plans with the tablet and the phone app were good even if they did fail. You surprised me.”

Tiffany closed her eyes as she let out a prolonged, pleading gasp. This was humiliating. But of course that’s what Ross wanted, and the fact that she was enjoying the pleasure so much sent burning shame through her.

“Honestly, part of me was worried you’d have some other trick up your sleeve, which is why I’ll still need to put you through the Algorithm as well as test your commitment before I truly make you my lieutenant.”

“Fuck!” Tiffany whined. The slave was becoming impossible to ignore, her tongue and lips sending blissful shivers and intense waves of pleasure through Tiffany’s body. It wasn’t fair, it was filling her mind with a lovely pink fog even as she tried to weigh up the implications of what Ross was saying. Forcing her brain to engage despite the distraction, she looked at Ross with a severe scrutiny. “A few minutes ago, you were about to throw me in the chair and brainwash me into your slave…”

“That’s still on the table,” Ross said as he smirked at her. He was clearly enjoying Tiffany’s rising level of fluster and sharp breaths. “But here’s my other offer on the table…”

Tiffany looked at him expectantly, her cheeks burning red as her knees wobbled, pleasure slowly overwhelming her sensibilities. “W- w- well?!” she asked shrilly.

Ross looked her up and down appraisingly. “Hmm, it needs something more. Em-bot, Hannah, come show Tiff’s breasts some affection…”

Em-bot moved towards Tiffany with calculated precision, and after one glance at her breasts covered by her corset determined that the corset itself needed to be loosened. While she worked on that, Hannah approached, the reluctance beyond apparent on her face.

“Let’s see who can do better here,” Ross mused. “Robots are in the lead so far…”

“No no no…” Tiffany pleaded feebly. “It’s too much! Ooooooh!” Her protestations were cut off as Hannah slid her hand under the now loosened corset to grab Tiffany’s nipple. The redhead, although unhappy about it, was determined not to be outdone by her robotic counterpart. Soon they were both kissing and massaging Tiffany’s breasts, all while the slave under Tiffany’s skirt was increasing her intensity.

Tiffany was melting. She knew she shouldn’t let herself be pleasured by Ross’s slaves, right in front of him no less. And Janet was watching too, a look of hopeless confusion having taken her. Alice and Dillon were also watching and listening, not being able to do anything else. Tiffany’s cheeks burned as brightly as her sex pulsed, and her moans became less and less suppressed.

She had lost all control, and it felt so conflicting, utterly pleasurable despite Ross leering at her in a way that shook her to her core. Still, she knew if she resisted or refused he could have her restrained and molested for his amusement. Surely this was the lesser evil. Or was she just making more excuses for herself? There was a point where she stopped willing it to stop and started willing it to continue, and she wasn’t even sure when that had been. Three slaves kissed and sucked her with total obedience to their master, and Tiffany was powerless to resist.

It was probably obvious to Ross when she was close to climax, because she had stopped being able to suppress her moans and cries of pleasure. She was putty under the mouths that stoked her arousal more and more until she was on the edge of a powerful climax.

“Alright everyone. Pause for now,” Ross commanded, a gloating smile on his face. When he saw Tiffany’s eyes pleading with him, he added, “ready to listen now?”

“Yes,” Tiffany let out a harrowing sigh, longing for her release while simultaneously hating herself for wanting it.

“Good,” Ross said. “You’ll be completely loyal to me, that’s non negotiable. Otherwise I’m happy enough to keep you pretty much as you are now and give you complete freedom in how you go about serving me. And I certainly don’t mind you serving yourself in the process as long as my goals are met.”

Tiffany took several deep breaths, the waves of pleasure ebbing away and her thoughts returning to some form of clarity. Even with that though, she wasn’t sure of what she was hearing. “I’m sorry, you’re saying you’re not going to completely brainwash me?”

“Not completely. Just a single piece of programming, really. Total loyalty and obedience to me, with no desire or ability to betray me.”

Tiffany frowned in thought, her forehead beading with sweat as she continued to cool down from her recent arousal. “Yeah, but if I’m totally obedient to you, you can just order me to be your fuckdoll.”

Ross chuckled in amusement. “There’s nothing stopping me brainwashing you into a fuckdoll right now. If you take me up on this, I won’t be looking to micro manage or fuck you. As you can see”—he gestured around him. Izzy, Marion, Libby, Hannah, Em-bot and the slave all looked at him with complete obedience—“I’m set for those things. No, what I really need is someone who not only knows how the Algorithm works but understands how to use it effectively. And someone who sees people for what they really are.”

“Tools,” Tiffany said with a lump in their throat. “To be used as needed and discarded when no longer useful.”

“Yes. Exactly!” Ross clapped his hands together.

Could Tiffany consider this option? How could she possibly agree to Ross’s terms? But faced with the alternative, how could she not?

“You mentioned having goals,” she said nervously. “What are they?”

“Well, first step is figuring out how best everyone can serve me. The girls can become strippers, hookers, or pornstars, whichever suits them I guess. The dudes will either earn me money other ways or be muscle when I need it. The point is, you’ll manage them for me so I don’t have to fuck around with all the shitty little details.”

“And manage them however I see fit?” Tiffany asked cautiously.

“Do whatever the fuck you want with them,” Ross said. “I don’t care, as long as you set things up so the money is rolling in, and we can grow our operation in an efficient manner.”

Tiffany could still hardly believe it. He would really give her such freedom to go about things as she pleased?

“And yeah, you can enact your kinky switch fantasies as much as you like,” Ross said with a roll of his eyes, “so long as it doesn’t get in the way of your tasks for me.”

Tiffany couldn’t help but consider what Ross was saying. If she had freedom of agency, she could protect Hannah and Marion. She could ensure Trev stayed out of harm’s way. She could guarantee Josh would be safe as the chief programmer of the Algorithm. She could go one step further for Janet, wiping her memory of everything to do with the Algorithm and removing her from the peril entirely.

But there was Erin to consider. Shit, she needed to get back to Erin’s apartment soon! Her time would be running out. But if she were to take Dillon and Ross with her, guns at hand, they could easily force Erin’s scary landlord in front of the backup Algorithm. And Erin herself might not agree with Tiffany’s new allegiance, but she could be made to see reason… She would understand that the other choice would have meant…

“What if I refuse?” Tiffany asked, her mind truly racing now.

“Fuckdoll. Robot. Mindwiped slave, or something else entirely,” Ross said bluntly. “Whatever it ends up being, you certainly wouldn’t feel any pleasure anymore. I’d personally see to that. And it wouldn’t come with the perks that this offer does.” He motioned at Hannah, Em-bot, and the slave all kneeling before him, ready to pounce on Tiffany at his slightest command.

Tiffany looked at them and her mind filled with lust. She wanted them to finish what they had started. She yearned to feel their mouths lick and taste her until she cried out with pure pleasure. Her eyes drank in his kneeling slaves as her imagination conjured up images and scenarios of sapphic indulgence. And she could have that, if she took Ross’s deal.

“Why not just use the Algorithm on me to condition me as you want me?” Tiffany asked with a frown. “Why give me a choice at all?”

“Because it matters to me if you accept it or not of your own free will,” he explained with a sternness to his voice. “I don’t need to worry about you breaking free of programming I didn’t need to give you. I don’t know if your loyalty to me will be stronger or not if you freely agreed to serve me, but I’d like to think it would be. That’s why you need to know that I’m not offering this to you without a show of commitment on your part first.”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany asked wearily.

“If you agree to what I feel is a very generous offer, you need to get down on your knees and pledge yourself to me as your Master. Then you will release Dillon and Alice from whatever control you have them under. Then, you’ll complete your challenge.”


“Yeah!” Ross grinned devilishly. “Hannah mentioned that you’re a dyke, so to earn your place at my side, you need to give blowjobs to those two”—he motioned to Josh and Trev—“and Dillon, and make them all cum within 10 minutes.”

“What?” Tiffany blinked several times. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh I’m totally serious,” Ross said, albeit on the verge of more laughter. “What better way to test your commitment than to force you into your discomfort zone.”

Tiffany stared at him with a mixture of disbelief and disgust.

Ross’s expression suddenly changed to an unkind sternness, his tone becoming slow and serious. “Look… You’re going to serve me one way or another. Either refuse and be reduced to just another sex slave, or rise to the occasion and serve at my side with a true purpose. Either way, your old life is over. I’ll give you a minute to decide how your new life is going to look.”

Tiffany stood there in a state of near shock. There was too much to consider. Too much to process. How was she supposed to make such an impossible decision within a week, let alone a minute? There was no right answer here… Her heart was racing.

Be heavily brainwashed into a sex slave that would obey all commands without thinking or be mildly brainwashed into a slave that would have full use of critical thinking and decision making?

Have her ability to feel pleasure stripped away by unwavering obedience or be allowed to create her fantasy scenarios whenever she liked?

Be able to intervene to protect the likes of Hannah, Alice, Janet, and the other girls she knew, or end up kneeling beside them, powerless like them as they all were used and exploited by their master for profit?

Surrender to the life of a slave in which she would never know freedom again and could be made to do anything, or consciously suck off Trev, Josh, and Dillon to keep her freedoms.

Some of her freedoms, that was. She wouldn’t have true freedom even if she took Ross’s offer. She would be programmed to be loyal to him. She would be executing his objectives, and what that really meant deserved more consideration. How many people would he get her to enslave for him? How many innocent lives would she corrupt and ruin in service of him? Dozens? Hundreds?

But if it wasn’t her doing it, surely Ross would find someone else who would. He would have his lieutenant one way or another, and if she refused it, she would be reduced to nothing. A hopelessly obedient slave who would have no influence or control over anything. If she did take the deal, she would have influence and power of her own. She could have a comfortable, pleasurable, fantasy filled life. She could have her own harem of gorgeous slave girls. Erin, Hannah, and whoever else she fancied.

All it would cost her was her soul.

She had come back to Josh’s apartment determined to defeat Ross, and now here she stood, seriously considering joining him. What had happened to her?

Perhaps she could-

“Time’s up,” Ross said bluntly as he looked at his phone screen. “Have you decided?”

“I have,” Tiffany said, realizing that it was true. She wasn’t sure if the decision had been subconsciously made within her the whole time, or if she had made it in that very moment, but she knew what she was going to do. Her heart was beating so fast it was as though it was going to explode.

“You know, they say that a person shows you who they really are in their final moments,” Ross mused. “Since the old you is about to die, show me who she really is.”

Tiffany took a deep breath. “Okay,” she said with a determined stare into Ross’s eyes. “Here I am.”