The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 8

Tiffany kept glancing up at Lucy as the petite, brown haired girl stared into the screen. She was still aware, as far as Tiffany could tell, as her cold grey eyes looked sharp and focused. Tiffany tried increasing the visual frequency while reducing the audio frequency now, to see if that had any effect. Still nothing.

Tiffany felt overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. Amidst the hot, sticky arousal she felt at being consciously controlled and the thrill of being a prisoner in her own head was the terror of what the reality of that would actually mean, knowing exactly how Lucy regarded her. Added into that was the anxious excitement of her attempt to break free as the idea spun around her mind blindingly fast. And now a new fear started to creep into Tiffany’s mind... What if Lucy couldn’t be tranced? What if she was somehow immune to the program? Tiffany’s idea borne of desperation relied on Lucy actually succumbing to the program’s relaxing signals. If she couldn’t be put under, she’d eventually get bored of sitting in the chair and give up on trying to experience what it feels like.

And then they would all be completely screwed.

A bead of sweat started to form at the crest of Tiffany’s brow. She was concentrating so hard on not hyperventilating, keeping her breaths deep and slow even as her heart raced like a greyhound. Once Lucy was in trance, she planned to summon Erin. It would be incredibly risky, as here she stood, naked, dripping with arousal, and unable to do anything about it, because that would mean she had to stop trying to put Lucy into trance. As soon as Lucy was enthralled by the program, she had her standing instructions of what to say. Then she would wake Lucy up. But all of that would take at least a couple of minutes... And while Lucy had specifically said that Tiffany couldn’t say anything else to her while she was under, she hadn’t said that Tiffany couldn’t say anything else whatsoever.

That was Tiffany’s loophole, and she planned to exploit the fuck out of it.

But first, she needed to get Lucy to go mindless and blank... She continued to work the dials, slowly enough that she could continuously check if they had any effect before changing them again, but quick enough that she could get through a significant range of the available frequencies. Still Lucy looked into the screen, calmly, but clearly still aware, her expression starting to show signs of impatience. Tiffany looked back anxiously to the control dials again. The sound waves had bottomed out at 20Hz. Trev had left a note there that anything below that was outside the range of human hearing and might not even work. But none of the higher noise frequencies had worked! Tiffany was desperate, so she prayed silently to any higher power that could hear her as she plunged the dial into infra-sound.

The effect was nearly instantaneous. Firstly, a look of confusion swept across Lucy’s features as she presumably wondered why the headphones had stopped emitting anything. But then, her face drained of all emotion, her breathing deepened, and she sank slightly in the chair. Tiffany couldn’t begin to describe her relief and elation. This was instantly tempered by the concern that she was only feeling this way because she was obeying the command Lucy had given her. The relaxed girl’s eyes were still semi coherent, however, so Tiffany imagined she needed to fine tune the visual output in order to complete the mind blanking that the inaudible sound waves had now begun.

As she continued to adjust the visual output, she wondered if now was the right time to try and bring Erin back to awareness. Lucy wasn’t fully under the effects of the program yet, so it might be risky. Tiffany remembered how hard it had been to think when her frequency had started to drum into her mind, but could she be sure Lucy would experience the same thing? It would be much safer to wait... Wait until she was truly in a deep trance. But at that point, Tiffany’s instructions would kick in, and she might not have any time at all for what she needed to do if she was busy being compelled to impart Lucy’s words back to her...

She fought with the idea as she continued to alter the light frequency, but it soon became a moot point, as Lucy’s eyes glossed over, her pupils dilated, and she remained starting at the screen, yet a million miles away.

“Fuck.” Tiffany uttered with a jolt. She had to call Erin, now! Instead, she said. “Lucy, are you in deep trance now?”

“Yeees,” came the slow, monotonous reply from the ruby red lips of the small brunette. Tiffany felt sharp panic rise within her. She had to resist for just a few moments, she had to...

Now was surely the time. She’d get Erin to come over, because Erin could impart any instruction she liked into Lucy.

“Lucy, you will forget writing on the piece of paper that you wrote on just now.” The words spilled out of Tiffany’s mouth before she could think, before she could even try to intercept them. She clasped her hands over her mouth. Crap! That wasn’t the plan. Why hadn’t she called to Erin instead? Tiffany struggled with the idea of deviating from Lucy’s instructions, but it was incredibly difficult to get her head around it. She simply felt so compelled to obey the commands that she had been given, and there was no reason to delay. It came as easy and as naturally as breathing.

So Tiffany held her breath.

Physically, and metaphorically, she froze with the effort. She reasoned that her mind had a certain elasticity that could maybe give her the moments she needed, but she also knew that the longer she pulled away from completing the suggestions, the more the suggestion would have built up energy when that elastic finally snapped back.

Tiffany fought the growing urge to continue Lucy’s prescribed instructions and felt a wave of nervous relief wash over her as she managed to call out “Erin! Remove curse!”

From Tiffany’s perspective, it felt like Erin took hours to shake off her chicken persona and look around her with full awareness. When her awareness came back to her, it came with a full helping of anger.

“Again! Tiff? Again?! Are you seri- Woah!” Erin interrupted herself, her fury briskly extinguishing as she walked over to Tiffany and Lucy. “Tiff you are ALL kinds of naked!” she instead grinned, before whistling cheekily.

“You are ALL kinds of observant!” Tiffany snapped back. “I need your help. Lucy is controlling me, she’s making me impart some instructions to her and then I’ll wake her up and she’ll take control of you, then Alice, then the guys!”

“Well...” Erin said, frowning. “We can’t have that...”

Tiffany felt her muscles clench all over her body, the amount of effort required to not give Lucy her next prescribed instruction was doubling by the second. She watched as Erin quickly eyed her up, drinking in her naked body with greedy eyes. Still grinning, she turned to address Lucy. A stab of dread jolted Tiffany’s already frantic heart. She knew that look in Erin’s eye. She wasn’t about to free her, she was about to take over the control of her.

“Lucy...” Erin started.

“Erin, forget about trying to enslave me! Forget you want to!” Tiffany blurted out in a panic. “Urghhh....” The effort of holding back on Lucy’s instructions was causing a dull throb in her head now, a pain that quickly spread down her spine. Erin blinked twice in quick succession, and then looked confused.

“I don’t know what I was about to say there...” she murmured.

“Lucy, you will experience a blissful euphoria of happiness and well-being every time you touch your left ear, understand?” Tiffany said urgently, sighing deeply once the words had left her

“I understand.” Lucy murmured in robotic reply.

That was it, thought Tiffany. She needed to wake Lucy up now. She had no choice, but she strained against herself anyway, and whimpered with the effort.

“Tiff... I don’t understand, what do you need me to say?” Erin looked both kindly and confused now.

Tiffany walked over to the control console. She knew she needed to choose the right wording but her mind was racing against herself. The growing strain of resisting was too distracting. “Erin, you need to… When she wakes up she’ll make you forget… She’ll take you too… Tell her… tell her…” Tiffany tried her hardest, but couldn’t get the words out.

Instead, she sighed, and murmured, “I’m sorry.” As her hand reached for the program’s power switch and pressed it.

The screen instantly switched off and the headphones stopped emitting their silent signals. Lucy blinked a few times and began to emerge from her daze.

Tiffany’s heart sank to a depth of despair she barely knew. She had failed. She was going to have her memory erased and her mind manipulated by Lucy. Her inability to resist had doomed her friends to the same fate, possibly worse. She hoped that Lucy would at least force her to enjoy her new role as her secret slave… Make it that she wouldn’t have to live with the guilt of the knowledge that she could have stopped it from ever happening. She let out a deep, harrowing sigh, her grief stricken expression painted across her features.

Lucy’s mind was fast returning now, and she smiled as she saw the pain on Tiffany’s face. But then suddenly, she frowned with uncertainty as she looked at something behind Tiffany.


“Light’s out, Lucy.” Erin smirked as she pressed the power switch. The program immediately resumed, the visual pattern spiraling and pulsing on the screen once more.

“No! Wait...” Lucy’s face lit up with passion and her hand shot out towards where Tiffany and Erin stood. But then just as quickly, her face drained of its emotion and awareness like it was being siphoned out of her. Her hands tried to reach up to the headphones that were once more pulsing silent sound into her mind, but quickly drooped back down to her side as If dosed with anesthetic. The lingering malice in her gaze dissolved as her eyes fixed on the screen once more, wide, glossy, and blank.

Tiffany watched in amazement. Everything felt numb. Her standing orders were to wake Lucy up, and she had done that. Then she was to help Lucy put Alice and Erin into the chair. But she couldn’t very well do that if Lucy was back in trance already, could she? She wondered if she would feel an urgency to obey and try anyway, but none came. She felt the pressure around her skull lessen and a deep sense of relief fill her up.

“Erin…” she turned to face the tomboy who held a smug expression now. “You did it!”

Erin took a careful step up to Tiffany, and placed one hand on each of her bare shoulders. Looking deeply into Tiffany’s eyes, she then heaved in a deep breath.

“Did what?!” she asked in exasperation, shaking Tiffany in a jerky motion. “Can you please now tell me what the fuck is going on!?”

“Soon, alright! Geez!” Tiffany replied, shaking Erin’s hands off. “First, a couple of important things... I need you to tell Lucy that I can speak freely to her in the trance.”

“Uh, no.” Erin said bluntly. “Like I said, do you want to explain all this to me? Start with why the fuck you made me a chicken again.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Fine.” she said. She stared at Erin’s mouth. Those lips... that tongue. So distracting. Tiffany felt like she had been riding on the edge a wave of pleasure for minutes, hours even, and she needed her release. She remembered how easily she got Erin to be a chicken again. She made her remember that the trigger was never removed. Could she make Erin remember things that never actually happened? The wording of the instructions they gave Erin when she had been in the chair made Tiffany think it might be possible. Hell, it was worth a try.

“Erin, remember that I planted a trigger in you that will make you drop into a trance like being in the chair whenever I say ‘sleep, Erin, sleep’, okay?” Tiffany said, biting her lip as she watched the tomboy hopefully.

Erin’s face contorted as the ‘memory’ slammed into her. She closed her eyes tightly and let out a sharp breath.

“Fuck...” she said, eyes wide. “Yes, you did…” Her gaze then fixed on Tiffany suspiciously. “What are you up to Tiff? We have a truce, remember?”

Tiffany smiled broadly. “Sleep, Erin, sleep.”

Erin had barely started to utter a protest before her pupils dilated wide and all evidence of thought drained from her face. Her whole body slumped as everything relaxed, and for a moment Tiffany was worried that she would let herself drop to the floor, but she remained standing, albeit in a gently swaying way. Her face was bare of all emotion, a blank slate for Tiffany to enjoy.

Tiffany sighed, feeling the control empower her by the second. “Are you in a deep trance for me now, Erin?”

“Yes.” Erin uttered, barely above a whisper. She was so helpless, so malleable. Tiffany fought hard to resist the urge to run her hands through the blank girl’s hair. She wanted to unwrap Erin to reveal the tight catsuit body beneath her baggy clothes once more, but she reminded herself not to get too distracted... Yet.

“Good. First, tell Lucy to tell me that I can now say anything I want to her while she is in trance.” She ordered succinctly.

“Lucy, tell Tiff that she can now say anything she wants to you while you’re in trance.” Erin repeated the instruction in perfect monotone. Hearing it sent shivers down Tiffany’s spine.

“Tiff, you can now say anything you want to me while I’m in trance.” Lucy uttered, her voice also flat and emotionless.

Tiffany felt Lucy’s instruction ripple through her mind, and a weight was lifted. She knew now that she could say anything to Lucy, and she fully intended to. However, the aching need that had been building up in her pussy couldn’t be ignored any longer. She needed her release.

She smiled in almost dreamlike bliss when she realised that she now had three candidates in the room with her that would all be more than willing to do everything she wanted with but a few words. However, as she needed to feel blissful touch on her sex as soon as possible, her focus fell onto the one nearest her

“Erin, drop to your knees.”

Erin compiled without question, or even a change in her expression. Tiffany moaned softly at how hot she found the robotic obedience. She was ready to use Erin the way she deserved to be used. At least, she thought she was. Despite her nearly irresistible arousal, a small annoying voice at the back of her mind nagged her. The truce. What about the truce?

Tiffany gazed inquisitively down at Erin, the girl now on her knees looking blankly ahead into space, despite Tiffany’s naked crotch being inches from her face.

“Erin…” Tiffany said slowly, cupping her hand under Erin’s chin to guide her face up. Erin’s blank eyes now stared through Tiffany into an obedient mindless abyss that Tiffany now knew. “Tell me, were you going to honor the truce between us?”

“No.” Erin said, blank and plain.

“I don’t get it.” Tiffany frowned. ”Why offer it, then?”

“To make you feel safer around me. To make you lower your guard.” Came Erin’s dull reply.

“Ok. Then tell me this…” Tiffany said, annoyance flavoring her voice now. “You came up with this spinning bottle idea didn’t you? Was it to get Lucy in the chair, or me?”

“I did.” Erin said, still staring into nothing. “It was to get you, mostly. Getting Lucy would have been a bonus.”

Several emotions within Tiffany fought for control now. Anger was a strong contender, but so was amusement, seeing how things were turning out. Guilt was somehow involved, and also a feeling of longing. What would it have felt like to be Erin’s slave?

She shook her head, dismissing such silly ideas. No, the dominant feeling that now filled Tiffany up was a deep sense of satisfaction. Her pussy purred in anticipation. Had Erin truly meant to honor the truce she had proposed, Tiffany wouldn’t have considered what she was currently planning.

“I’m going to make you my slave, Erin.” Tiffany stated matter-of-factly, her heart pounding with excitement and her mind dripping with fantasy. “I’m going to twist your scheming mind into one that has complete and utter loyalty to me, do you understand?”


Tiffany felt a surge of pleasure as Erin uttered her blank, uncaring acknowledgement of her impending mental bondage. She exhaled a deep breath of anticipation as she grabbed Erin’s head and guided it to her warm, waiting clit.

“Good girl. But first, lick. Pleasure me like I’m your lover.” She commanded.

From the first touch of Erin’s accommodating tongue, Tiffany felt pleasure rush through her every nerve. She stifled a moan, then another, and soon was biting down on the folded paper that had been in her hand. Her body shook with the sensations, and she grabbed a fist full of Erin’s hair, partly for balance, and partly to push her further in.

“Fuck fuck fuck oh fuck fuck fuuuuuuck!” she rasped, the paper falling out her mouth and her eyes rolling back in her head. This was real, this was happening, each motion of Erin’s skillful and eager tongue was sending waves of ecstasy crashing through Tiffany’s body. She though that her legs might spasm and give way from underneath her, then she thought that she might be suffocating Erin because she was holding the blank girl’s face so tightly against her dripping needy sex, and then she thought nothing at all as the sheer bliss of pleasure pushed everything else out of her mind.

“Yes! Yes yes yes like that keep doing that! Keep doing that! Yes fuck yes oh! Oh fuck! OH!” Tiffany clamped her free hand over her mouth just as her mind exploded into orgasm. Her screams of intensity were barely muffled and she shuddered violently as pleasure washed over her like a tsunami.

“Stop… Stop!” She soon gasped through quick heavy breaths. Erin ceased her ministrations immediately, staring blankly ahead as she waited for her next instruction. Tiffany half laughed, half hyperventilated as she slowly sank down to her own knees, draping herself over the reactionless tomboy. She hugged her tightly and whispered lovingly into her ear.

“Such a good girl for me. You’re going to love being my slave, you’re going to love being such a good girl for me. Every time I say ‘Sleep Erin Sleep’ you’ll drop right back into this deep mindless trance for me, won’t you?”


“Mmmm, good girl.” Tiffany sighed happily. “And when I call you good girl, you will feel pleasure and happiness, understand?”


“Awesome… And when I wake you up, you won’t remember being in this trance or anything that happened while you were in it, clear?


“Fuck…” Tiffany sighed under her breath. She really had Erin now, didn’t she? She glanced around her. Alice was awake, and looking dazedly over towards her. Pleadingly, even. Tiffany immediately felt a pang of guilt spread through her. She had only meant Alice to be tied up and restrained for a few minutes, ten at the most. How long had it been? Double that? Triple? Tiffany couldn’t imagine being restrained while constantly drunk and stoned in such a manner, though she could imagine that it wasn’t fun anymore. Yes, it was definitely time to set Alice free…

Then there was Lucy in the chair. The petite brunette still stared mindlessly into the screen that was endlessly blanking her mind, her head pumped full of the silent audio signal that subdued her every attempt at thought. Oh, she wasn’t done with Lucy, not by far.

As the afterglow of her orgasm started to distill into a general feeling of satisfied contentment, Tiffany’s other bodily needs, having waited patiently, all hit her at once. God, she really needed to pee! And she was starving! And thirsty… Plus definitely more tired than the start of the evening. And to top it all off, aches and pains in her shoulders made themselves known to her, the muscles demanding rest or some pampering.

“Ok, enough fucking around…” Tiffany sighed. She reached for her panties that had been unceremoniously discarded at the command of Lucy. Oh! That was important, she had nearly forgotten. “Lucy, tell me I no longer need to obey any command you give me.”

“Tiffany, you no longer need to obey any command I give you.” Replied Lucy’s bland voice.

Tiffany felt something shift in the deep recesses of her mind. It was a strange feeling, like a pressure had been released, yet she only realized it had been there by the memory of what it had felt like when she hadn’t noticed it. Weird.

“While I’m at it, whenever I say ‘Sleep, Lucy, sleep’ to you when awake, you will fall back into this deep trance state you are in now, understand?”


Good, thought Tiffany. She felt like Lucy’s damage was undone and that she could drop her whenever she wanted to. Now she could focus on sorting everything else out, and then she would replay Lucy for the aforementioned damage in full. With interest.

She had her panties and jeans back on before she noticed the folded up paper by her t-shirt. That’s right! Lucy’s little note to herself. Tiffany, still topless, unfolded the note, too curious to wait.

Her face drained of all color as she read the note over and over.

“Erin. Wake up.”