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Alien Son

Chapter Three: Santa Barbara, California—Part 2

It isn’t unusual for me to wake up with an erection, but this morning the erection was in Bobbi’s mouth. There was enough early morning sunlight coming in the window to see what was happening. I watched as she slid her lips over my flesh, her hands caressing my balls and cock. Sliding her mouth up, her tongue licking the purple head, she looked into my eyes.

“Bobbi,” I gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t you like it?” she said, her lips just touching the tip of my cock. “I want to make you feel good, darling.” With, that, she once again forced her mouth over my cock, sliding her soft lips down the shaft, her tongue swirling over the tip.

“God, it’s great. Don’t stop.”

As I moaned with pleasure, Bobbi pulled up, gasping for breath, her hands running over the taut flesh. “Do you like that,” she asked. “You don’t know how excited it makes me doing this.” Then, once again, she took my cock into her mouth, using short, quick strokes, her tongue swirling over the sensitive tip, her cheeks sinking in as she sucked. I sat up, looking at Bobbi, aroused by the sight of her mouth moving over my cock. Stroking up, taking a breath, she looked directly into my eyes as her tongue flicked the tip. Overcome now with passion, I pulled her head down, forcing the full length into her. I heard her moaning, her mouth and tongue and hands working on the rigid flesh.

The feeling was incredible. Bobbi’s lips were at the base of my cock, her tongue massaging the shaft, her soft hair brushing my thighs. Her hands were moving on my balls, softly rubbing them, her fingers caressing the sensitive spot between my anus and scrotum.

As I watched Bobbi, her lips tight on the root of my cock, I saw her right hand moving down, sliding between her thighs. Then she was moving her hand toward her pussy, inserting her fingers. I saw her hand moving as she worked her fingers inside herself, masturbating as she sucked me.

Watching Bobbi masturbating, I became even more aroused. I could feel my balls tightening, the semen forcing itself into the back of my cock. I pulled Bobbi’s head tight, wanting the sensation of full penetration. Bobbi was moaning constantly now, her right hand moving at her pussy, her tongue massaging my cock.

Then I was coming. I could feel the jets of semen shooting out of me into Bobbi’s mouth ... into her belly as she swallowed the thick fluid. She began coming too, her hand moving up and down as she stroked herself. The vibrations of her moans creating incredible sensations as I continued ejaculating.

I was done ... exhausted. Bobbi was done too, laying her head on my thigh, she let my softening organ slip from her mouth. “That was wonderful, darling,” she said, licking up the drops of semen oozing out of the tip of my cock. “I never knew it could be like this.”

Looking at the bedside clock, I saw the time was a little after seven. “Let’s sleep some more,” I told her. “We’re on vacation.”

Laughing, Bobbi slipped into my arms. “I’m a model; this isn’t early for me. You go to sleep. I’ll go back to my room.” Then, kissing me lightly on my lips—letting me know for the first time what my semen tasted like, she put on her clothes and went to her room.

It was past 9:30 when I woke up again. I took a quick shower, put on a tee-shirt and my swim trunks, then went downstairs.

Candace was in the family room, on the phone. Her hand over the mouthpiece, she said quickly, “Rob, Your dad’s in his office. The girls are on the veranda. Luis, in the kitchen, can get breakfast for you.”

Through the patio doors I could see Bobbi and Claudia on the veranda, sitting next to each other, talking and giggling together. As soon as I stepped onto the veranda, Bobbi hurried over to me. “Rob, how do you feel? Did you get enough sleep?” she asked, kissing my cheek, pressing her soft bosom against my arm.

Hand in hand, we walked over to the lounges next to the ocean wall. This area was sheltered from ocean breezes and received more of the morning sun. Claudia jumped up, “Let me get some coffee for you, Rob,” she said, heading for the coffee pot on the veranda bar.

“Thanks, cream and sugar, please,” I replied. Noting a momentary look of concern on Bobbi’s face, I put my arm around her, pulling her close to me. “Don’t worry about Claudia,” I said.

“I’m not worried. Claudia’s my friend,” Bobbi said, nuzzling my chest.

During the next hour, I again found myself with a beautiful bikini-clad girl on either side. Today, Claudia was wearing a yellow bikini, and Bobbi had on a white bikini—this time with the bikini top and no tee-shirt. I asked Bobbi why she wasn’t wearing a tee-shirt, like yesterday. “I won’t be doing much swimming today. I think I got enough exercise last night,” she said, smiling.

Bobbi and Claudia laughed easily at my small jokes and openly flirted with me. They both took every possible opportunity to touch my body—my hand, arm, leg. Bobbi was a little bolder in touching me, occasionally giving me a quick kiss on my cheek, or neck, or lips.

When my dad and Candace came out, I had just finished my second cup of coffee. Sitting on the lounge, a beautiful model on either side, each with a hand on one of my legs, I was becoming excited again, considering inviting Bobbi up to my room.

“Eric, do you want any more coffee, or anything?” Candace asked my dad as they came out.

“No, nothing, thanks,” he told her, then coming over to me. “Well, Rob, how are you feeling? Did you sleep well?” he asked me, his question causing a deep blush over Bobbi’s face and neck.

“Dad, there’s something I need to talk to you about—in private.”

“Let’s go downstairs to the beach. You haven’t seen our little beach yet, Rob,” unlocking the gate and showing me the stairway leading down to the ocean.

Once we had reached the bottom, I understood why the beach wasn’t used very much. It was just a thin strip of sand abutting the cliffs. Dad showed me a couple of rocks we could sit on. “Well,” he said.

It was difficult for me to talk to my dad about sex, but it was something I needed to do.

“Um ... um ...,” I looked down, then up at his face, seeing the corners of his mouth turning up in a small smile. “Dad, you probably didn’t notice, but Bobbi really came on to me yesterday.”

“I noticed Bobbi seems to like you. Claudia seems to like you too,” he said. “What about it?”

It was still hard for me to talk, but finally I said, “Um ... well, last night she came to my room, and ... and ... well, she spent the night. Dad, there’s something I need to know. Did you pay her ... Bobbi? I mean, did you pay Bobbi to have sex with me?”

“No, Rob, I didn’t pay Bobbi ... or Claudia, to have sex with you. And I don’t need to pay Candace. I told you I had a secret for attracting women. That’s what I used on both Bobbi and Claudia ... for you. I know you haven’t had much luck with girls. I just wanted to help you and make your visit here a little more enjoyable.”

“Dad, somehow that doesn’t seem right. I mean, it’s kind of dishonest, isn’t it?”

“How they feel about you is absolutely authentic. Don’t worry about that; just enjoy yourself for now. There’s nothing wrong with Bobbi and Claudia, they’re not prostitutes, and they’re not sluts. They’re just normal, healthy, good-looking girls, with normal sex urges, who right now think you’re the most attractive guy they’ve ever met.

“They’re both on the pill, and free of STDs—I had that checked—and they’re crazy about you. You must have a fantasy or two they can help you with. Don’t worry—they’ll be willing to try anything you want, and they’ll find you the most satisfying lover they’ve ever dreamed of. Enjoy yourself, that’s why they’re here ... for you.”

“You mean they really feel like that, both of them? Their feelings are real? How can that be? It’s hard to believe.”

He gave me a peculiar look, “Believe it. That’s the way it works. What they feel for you is just as real as if you were Tom Cruise or some other famous stud. Maybe even more real.”

“But how do you do it? What’s the secret?” “Don’t worry about the secret for now. We—you and I—need to fly to Las Vegas tomorrow. If things work out like I think they will, you’ll learn the secret then.”

I was intrigued by the idea of learning his secret. But, I was more intrigued about what my father had said about realizing some of my sexual fantasies. An eighteen year old virgin has plenty of those.

“Well, dad, if you say it’s alright, I guess I’ve got to believe you.”

Putting his hand around my shoulder, “Tomorrow will be a big day. Take it easy today ... enjoy yourself.”

“Okay, dad,” I said, still feeling a little embarrassed talking about sex with my father.

When dad and I came through the veranda gate, Bobbi and Claudia were giggling together again. As soon as they saw us, both girls stood up. Bobbi, coming toward me. “Rob, lunch is almost ready,” she said taking my hand.

The servants—three men, I had learned they also functioned as guards—had erected a long table on the veranda, which was now set for lunch. I sat on one side of the table, between the girls, my dad and Candace on the other side.

It was a light lunch—a variety of fruits and vegetables, with sliced turkey, to make our own salads—crusty french bread, and low fat dressings. I guess the low-cal food was for the girls, all three of them were models—probably had to be careful about what they ate.

After lunch, dad and I stayed at the table, talking about tomorrow’s trip to Las Vegas. Candace went inside, and Bobbi and Claudia returned to their lounges, resuming their giggly conversation, casting glances my way every so often.

“Don’t worry about waking up early,” dad told me. “It won’t take that long to fly to Vegas. We might as well spend the night and come back Tuesday.”

“That sounds good,” I said. “But when will I find out about the secret, and what does Las Vegas have to do with it?”

“Now isn’t the time. You’ll know about that tomorrow.” Then, yawning, “I’m gonna take a little nap now.” Looking toward Bobbi and Claudia, “Enjoy yourself for the rest of today. That’s one of the main benefits.”

I didn’t know what my dad meant by “main benefit,” but I knew I was going to follow his advice about enjoying myself.

The temperature on the veranda had warmed since morning. Deciding a swim would help me digest my lunch, I stripped off my shirt, kicked off my shoes, and dove into the pool. The cool water was a refreshing shock. I started doing laps. Swimming is one of the few sports I’m really good at.

“Can we come in, too?” Bobbi and Claudia asked in chorus.

With my approval, they entered the pool—Claudia jumping into the deeper water, while Bobbi waded in from the shallow end. I guess she was afraid of losing her top again.

I swam a couple more laps, then went over to Bobbi, still in the shallow water. Putting my arms around her, “I thought you weren’t going swimming today,” I said smiling.

“Well, since you wanted to go in, I thought I’d keep you company.”

“And such nice company,” I said, pulling her to me, my lips on hers. She melted against me, pressing her breasts against my chest, her lips opening under mine as I penetrated her mouth with my tongue.

As we broke our kiss, Claudia came up behind me, pressing her body against my side, her arm around my waist. “What now?” she asked, looking at me.

“I was just telling Bobbi what great company she is. And now here you come, some more great company.”

With my right arm still around Bobbi, I boldly moved my left arm to embrace Claudia. Pulling her toward me I kissed her deeply. Smiling, she pressed her firm body against me, her lips opening, our tongues meeting. Bobbi was pressing herself against my right side, her tongue in my ear, while Claudia rubbed her thigh on my hardening cock.

As Claudia and I broke our kiss, Bobbi covered my mouth with hers, her tongue seeking mine. Claudia, pressed herself tight to me, rubbing her thigh against my crotch, whispered, “Rob, I want to ....”

I pulled away from Bobbi, catching my breath. Bobbi pressing closer, “Please, Rob, can’t we ....”

This was great. I had two beautiful girls begging me to fuck them. Looking at Bobbi and then Claudia, remembering my fantasies, “So, can all three of us be together?”

Bobbi, pressing close to me, “Whatever you want, Rob. We just want to be with you.”

“We want to make you happy.” Claudia said, still rubbing her thigh against me. “If you want us together, that’s what we want too.”

Looking at both of them, laughing, I said, “You know, I think we need to take an after-lunch nap.”

Claudia grinned, “I know I really need a nap. Don’t you, Bobbi?”

Bobbi, producing an obviously fake yawn, said, “Yeah, I really do.” With a significant look at me, “Let’s go upstairs and take a nap.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” I said, the girls taking my hands leading me out of the pool. We dried ourselves and headed upstairs to my room. As we passed my father’s room, I seemed to hear a faint moan through the thick door. “Guess dad’s enjoying his nap,” I said, causing a fit of giggling in the girls.

By the time we got to my room we were all laughing uncontrollably. “You know ... you know what,” Bobbi said laughing. “I think Candace’s enjoying her nap too.”

“And ... and, you know what else, my dad’s ... my dad’s enjoying Candace,” I gasped, laying back on the bed, laughing uncontrollably.

Claudia, giggling, “And Candace is enjoying your fa ... your father’s big ... your father’s big tool.”

Sitting up, smiling, “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Don’t you know?” Claudia said, still laughing. “Candace told us. Your father’s organ is really big—huge—and he can do it all night. She said she’s never been so happy.”

Bobbi, hugging me quickly, “Rob, yours is beautiful. I’ve never been so happy as you made me last night. It was better than I ever dreamed possible, and I told Claudia, too.”

Our mood seemed to be changing, or maybe it was my mood that was changing. I knew I didn’t like the idea of being compared to my father, especially when it was about sex.

“Let’s get something to drink,” Claudia said, heading for the bar. The room had a bar with a small refrigerator, like in a hotel.

“Do you want a cooler?” she asked Bobbi. Hearing Bobbi say yes, she asked, “Rob, do you want anything, a beer, or ...?” I told Claudia I’d have a cooler too.

While Claudia was getting the drinks, Bobbi was kissing my face, my neck, crushing her breasts against my chest, licking my ear—my cock hardening. I remembered what my dad told me about them, thinking to myself “They’re so crazy about me they don’t care about the size of my dick.”

Claudia brought the coolers over to where I was sitting on the bed, Bobbi almost on top of me. Taking the bottles from Claudia and placing them on the table, I pulled her to me roughly, forcing her mouth open under mine, my tongue entering her. Moaning, she pressed herself hard against me, while Bobbi rubbed herself against my back, her lips on my neck and ear.

Breaking the kiss, I reached behind Claudia’s back, unfastening her bikini top, sliding it down her arms. Claudia’s breasts were large and firm, not as large as Bobbi’s, but large enough, and well shaped, the nipples still wrinkled and hard from the pool.

I pulled Claudia’s left nipple into my mouth, sucking, licking, biting gently around the swollen aureole. “God ... that’s good, that feels so wonderful,” she moaned. When I moved my mouth to her other breast, she held my head with both hands moaning with pleasure while my lips and tongue and teeth worked on her erect nipple.

Moving my hands to Claudia’s hips, I slid her bikini bottom down. Still sucking the hard nipple, I touched her pussy, amazed to find it smooth. Releasing the nipple, evoking a moan of disappointment from Claudia, I glanced down, confirming that Claudia’s pussy was totally hairless.

Bobbi continued rubbing herself against me, kissing my face, my neck, my ear, stroking my cock through my trunks. Pulling away, I looked closely at Claudia’s naked pussy, touching it, slipping a finger inside the smooth labia, feeling the moisture of her arousal.

Looking up, “Bobbi, undress,” I ordered.

Bobbi quickly removed her top, “Remember these?” she asked, dangling her large breasts in my face.

I was stroking Claudia’s moist pussy, eliciting more moans and gasps from her. As Bobbi slipped off her bikini bottom, I released Claudia and had the two playmates stand side by side in front of me, naked.

I looked closely at Claudia’s vagina, fascinated by its smooth nudity. Then glancing at Bobbi, confirmed my memory of her pussy, shaved, but with a tuft of blonde hair just above the cleft, and a shadow of silky hair outlining the lips.

“I’ve never eaten a pussy. Claudia, lay down on the bed and spread your legs.”

Claudia’s voice was husky with arousal. “Rob, are you really going to do that ... to eat me there?”

“Yeah, and you’re going to teach me what to do.”

I guided Claudia to the bed—on her back, lying on the edge of the bed, her legs spread, her feet on the floor. I knelt on the floor in front of her, positioning myself between her legs. I examined her pussy. Fascinated by the smooth skin, I touched the swollen labia.

Claudia gasped, then moaned as I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit; her pubis becoming more and more moist as her arousal grew. “Do you like this? Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Yes ... yes, don’t stop, please,” Claudia gasped, her voice trembling.

Her rich scent was coming to me now, my arousal matching hers as I breathed in her pheromones. Using the thumbs of both my hands, I spread her lips, staring into her scarlet interior.

As I stared into Claudia’s open vagina, Bobbi pressed her naked body against me, her hard nipples rubbing against my shoulder. “Do it, Rob,” she whispered. “Eat her pussy.”

I bent forward, kissing and licking Claudia’s tanned thighs, working up to her swollen labia. Holding my face over her vagina, I could feel the heat rising from her, the pheromones assaulting my nose. I lowered my head, my tongue gliding over her vagina, lapping at her nectar.

Looking up, “Is this how you like it?” I asked Claudia.

Her only response was to moan more deeply, grabbing my head as she arched her pelvis up toward me. Bobbi was still rubbing her naked body against my back and legs. She had reached inside my swim trunks and was caressing my erect organ and balls as she kissed and licked my neck and back and ear.

My tongue found Claudia’s clitoris rising out of its hood. As I slowly licked around it, she began gasping more quickly, until her breath was coming in quick, short pants. I fastened my lips over the erect tissue, sucking deeply while I allowed my tongue to play over the surface.

“Oh ... oh ... oh,” she cried, hugging my head with her thighs while her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

As the grasp of Claudia’s thighs on my head loosened, I looked up at her, her eyes closed, still panting, but more slowly now as she came down from her peak.

Bobbi, sliding my trunks down my legs, “Rob,” she whispered. “Let me suck you. I want to suck you ... please.”

I stood, stepping out of my trunks, pulling Bobbi to me, my dick pressing against her belly, I kissed her deeply. I knew Bobbi could taste Claudia’s drippings smeared on my mouth as our lips and tongues worked together.

“Lie down, now it’s your turn,” I told Bobbi, pushing her back onto the bed next to Claudia.

“Rob, you don’t need to,” Bobbi protested.

“But I want to,” I said, pushing her onto her back. “Now lie back and enjoy yourself.”

I reached my arms under Bobbi, cradling her soft butt in my hands. Leaning forward, I began licking and kissing the inside of her knees, then moving down her thighs.

I looked up at Bobbi, her head thrown back, eyes closed, her hands on her breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples, moaning softly. Claudia awake now, her eyes bright, watched Bobbi masturbating her breasts.

“Play with her breasts,” I told Claudia. “Her nipples are very sensitive.” Her eyes looked into mine, then, brushing aside Bobbi’s hand, she placed her hand on Bobbi’s left breast, gently squeezing the full flesh.

Bending forward once more, I allowed my lips and tongue to caress the soft skin of Bobbi’s thighs. Moving forward, I finally reached her vee. I licked the moist, silky hairs outlining Bobbi’s labia, eliciting deeper moans and gasps of pleasure. Spreading her swollen labia with my fingers, I stared at Bobbi’s distended clitoris. Looking up once more, I saw Claudia sucking and caressing Bobbi’s swollen breasts.

Extending my tongue, I licked around and over Bobbi’s erect clitoris. As I pressed my lips over her nub, sucking and licking, she cried out, “OH GOD ... OH GOD ... OH GOD ... DON’T STOP ... PLEASE ... DON’T STOP.”

Bucking her legs out of my hands, bracing her feet on the floor, Bobbi arched her body, forcing her steamy vagina into my face as she convulsed in orgasm.

I was ready to come now. How I had managed to hold off so long was a mystery—probably having spent the night with Bobbi was part of the explanation. Standing, I saw Claudia and Bobbi embracing, their mouths locked together as they kissed deeply.

As they broke their kiss, Claudia looked back at me, her eyes hooded. Grabbing her slim waist pulling her toward me, “Kneel,” I said. “I want you dog style.”

Panting, she knelt on the edge of the bed, legs spread, her face on the bed looking toward Bobbi. I ran my hands over Claudia’s heart-shaped butt, grasping the smooth, firm flesh, as I slowly pressed myself into her pussy.

She moaned deeply as I entered her, stroking my cock in her tight vagina, bearing down so it rubbed against her clit. I felt her shift her body slightly, as Claudia and Bobbi embraced again, their hands on each others breasts, their mouths together.

As I stroked my cock in Claudia’s warm vagina, I noticed her pink anus winking at me—opening and closing with the rhythm of my cock strokes. Outrageously, Fitzgerald’s “Great Gatsby” came to mind. Claudia’s winking anus reminding me of the light blinking on Daisy’s dock, representing all that was unattainable by Jay Gatsby.

But not by me. Pausing, with the tip of my cock just inside her entrance, I pressed my thumb against Claudia’s anal ring. Bending forward, “I want this ... your ass,” I whispered. “I want to fuck you in the ass.”

Breaking from Bobbi’s kiss, looking back at me, “I never ... I’ve never done that,” Claudia said. “But, if you want it, Rob ... go ahead ... do it ... do my ass.”

“Bobbi, get some lotion from the bathroom,” I ordered, then smeared the oily cream on my dick and around Claudia’s anus. I had Bobbi kneel on the bed next to Claudia, facing me, her right hand caressing Claudia’s pussy as I slowly forced my cock into the ring of muscle surrounding Claudia’s tightest hole.

“How is it?” I asked when the head of my cock had just penetrated inside Claudia’s anal ring.

“Alright,” she gasped. “It feels so big like this. Just go slow.”

Slowly, I pressed forward, pushing deeper into her. Bobbi’s hand was working faster now, moving inside Claudia’s pussy, increasing her arousal as I pushed deeper into Claudia’s rectum.

“OH ... OH ... do it ... DO IT,” Claudia gasped. “Give it to me ... give it all to me.”

Holding tightly onto Claudia’s buttocks I shoved the rest of my cock into her hole, my thighs pressed tight against her butt. I was gasping too, holding in place, trying to control myself as Claudia’s sphincter squeezed the base of my organ.

Bobbi circled my neck with her left arm, pulling me to her, her mouth opening under mine, our tongues intertwining while I rode Claudia’s butt. I pulled my mouth from Bobbi’s, reaching up momentarily to tweak a nipple, then grabbing Claudia’s buttocks again, I began stroking my cock inside her tight rectum. In ... out ... in ... out while Bobbi caressed her steaming vulva.

I began stroking deeper into Claudia’s asshole, cries of pleasure coming from her. It felt like my cock was growing bigger, widening and lengthening as I stroked it in and out of her tight anal hole. My hands were on her buttocks, pulling her toward me with each forward cock-stroke, spreading her anus for the fullest, deepest penetration of my dick in her asshole.

“GOD ... GOD ... GOD,” she moaned, shoving back ... squeezing her ass around my pistoning cock.

My cock was moving deeper into her anus with each stroke, and she was loving it, moaning with desire. Now, she was rocking back at each forward stroke of my cock, forcing more of her hot, incredibly tight rectal passage around my thrusting dick.

“Fuck it ... fuck it hard ...,” Claudia cried.

My strokes were unrelenting, thrusting the rigid organ deep into her asshole, my balls pressing against her butt as I drove forward. I felt her shudder, her rectum contracting around my driving cock as she moved into orgasm. Trembling, moaning, shuddering, she shoved her ass back, her anal ring contracting around my driving cock.

I felt her coming ... the orgasmic spasms moving from her vagina into her anus. A tremendous, convulsive anal orgasm overcoming her, squeezing ... sucking my cock. “GOD, I’M COMING ... I’M COMING,” she cried.

The beautiful young woman cried, moaned and shuddered through her climax, continuing to shove and squeeze her hot rectum around my turgid cock.

“DO IT, COME IN MY ASS,” she moaned.

I was ready to come now. I felt the semen boiling from my balls up into the back of my dick, now ready to explode into her ass. Squeezing her buttocks, pulling her butt to me as I rammed my cock into her, I cried out as my cock exploded in her rectum.

As she felt my cock spasming in her anus, the hot semen boiling in her ass, it brought on another convulsive anal orgasm for the beautiful young woman, milking my cock with tight rectal contractions as I filled her with viscous ropes of semen. “Mmmmph, Mmmmph, God, it’s good,” was all she could moan as she pushed her butt back while I rammed forward into her.

Slowly, as the quakes shaking her subsided, Claudia collapsed face down on the bed, sighing softly. Pulling back, I slowly withdrew my dick from her ass ... my penis softening now. Exhausted, I allowed myself to collapse on the bed next to Claudia.

Bobbi kissed first me, then Claudia as she lay on the bed, slowly stroking Claudia’s sweat damp hair. “Wow, what a turn on,” Bobbi said.

Claudia turned toward me, her hand stroking my shoulder. “Thank you, darling,” she whispered. “That was wonderful. The best ever.” Then, she kissed me softly on the lips, before resting her head on the bed once more.

“Well, let’s take that nap now,” I said, moving my body so I was lengthwise on the bed. The girls quickly followed suit, cuddling against me, one on either side.

Then, remembering where my dick had been, “I’d better clean myself off before I go to sleep,” I said.

“Let me,” said Bobbi, bringing a damp washcloth from the bathroom. As she wiped off my organ, I looked for signs of feces from Claudia’s anus, but found none. “Guess it’s just too short,” I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

We slept for a while, then the girls went back to their rooms to shower and change for dinner. I showered too and put on slacks and a polo shirt.

Because my dad and I would be away tomorrow, Candace decided we should eat inside—in the dining room. It was another light meal, but this time with a Mexican flavor. I enjoyed the meal, trying some minimally spicy food and even drinking a bottle of light beer to help wash down the hot food.

After a leisurely meal, we went out to the veranda. My dad and Candace on a lounge chair, me with a girl on either side, cuddling, on another lounge. Looking out to sea, we could see the occasional shooting star arc across the sky.

“Look,” said Bobbi. “There goes another one.”

Turning towards me, her soft bosom against my chest, Claudia asked, “What do you think, Rob? Do you think there’s any other life out there, any aliens?”

“I guess there probably is something out there,” I said. “The universe is so big it’s hard to imagine we’re the only life there is—even the only intelligent life.”

“That makes sense,” dad said. “I’m certain there’s intelligent life out there, more than one species ... I mean, given the vast size of the universe, the billions of stars out there, that just makes sense.”

“Billions and billions ...” said Candace, smiling, mimicking Carl Sagan.

With a small laugh in his voice, dad said, “That’s right ... billions and billions of stars. Well, it’s getting late. We’ll be going to bed now. Rob, I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy yourself tonight.” Then, looking at the girls, “I mean all of you. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” we echoed, watching as dad and Candace walked inside, their arms around each other’s waists.

Giggling, the girls pressed themselves to me. “Rob, you need to help us enjoy ourselves tonight,” Bobbi said.

“And we have to make sure Rob enjoys himself too,” Claudia giggled.

“Well, we can all enjoy each other tonight,” I laughed, sending the girls into a giggling fit.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said. “I think it’s about time we got all this enjoyment started.”

Once more, we walked up to my room together, a playmate on either side of me. Once we reached the room, I went to the fridge and got a Snapple for myself and coolers for the girls.

They were standing by the door, whispering together. I looked at them, wearing almost identical short, straight summer dresses—sleeveless, with low necklines showing a good bit of cleavage (and pretty clearly without bras)—Bobbi’s white and Claudia’s a dark blue.

Handing them their drinks, “Well, what is it?” I asked.

“Rob, sit down,” Claudia said gesturing for me to sit on the edge of the bed. Then, with one of the girls on each side, taking my arm, “Rob, we want to be your girlfriends.”

“Can we ... can we be your girlfriends?” Bobbi asked holding my other arm against her bosom.

Once more, I was finding it difficult to understand what was happening. “You mean both of you ... you both want to be my girlfriends? What do you mean? What happens if you’re my girlfriends?”

“We want to belong to you, to be your girls” Claudia said. “Bobbi and I can share an apartment in LA, and then you can come visit us when you have school vacations. Or when you visit your father here, we can come to be with you, just like now.”

“We want it to be like it is now, with all of us together,” Bobbi said. “Of course, if you want to be with just Claudia sometimes, or just me, that’s alright too.”

“And what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Just let us be with you and love you,” said Claudia.

“We just want to belong to you, that’s all,” Bobbi said.

“Let me think about it,” I said. “I’ll talk to my dad about it and see what he thinks.” That seemed to mollify them for the time being.

“Now, let’s get started enjoying each other” I said grabbing the girls, kissing one and then the other as we began our night of pleasure.

That night, Bobbi insisted that I introduce her to the pleasures of anal sex, as I had done with Claudia. I arranged the girls in a sixty-nine position, with Bobbi on top, and then fucked her in the ass while Claudia ate her pussy—Bobbi clearly enjoying the experience. The night continued with a variety of three-way combinations until exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, while Claudia was sucking my cock, Bobbi licking my balls and anus, dad knocked on the door, “Rob, you need to think about getting up now. We should be leaving soon. Finish what you’re doing with the girls, and then come on downstairs.”

Following my dad’s orders, I finished up with the girls, coming in Claudia’s mouth, she swallowing my semen. “You two better go back to your rooms and shower and change,” I ordered. “I need to get ready. I’ll see you downstairs in a little while.”

Slipping on their panties, without putting on their dresses, holding their clothes in front of their bosoms, they ducked out the door and ran down the corridor to their rooms. “Don’t forget about what we talked about,” Claudia said, kissing me briefly on the lips as she slipped out the door.

Half an hour later, showered and shaved, wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and athletic shoes, I was in the dining room having a light breakfast with my dad and Candace. “Don’t worry about packing any clothes,” dad said. “What you’ve got on is okay for the flight, we’ll get you some new clothes when we get to Vegas.”

“Aren’t my clothes good enough?” I asked, a little upset at my dad’s lack of tact.

“Rob, your clothes are fine, don’t worry about it—you’ll understand later. Just bring your personal things—your toothbrush, comb, razor ....”

I went upstairs to pack the few things I would be taking to Las Vegas, meeting Bobbi and Claudia on the stairs as they were going down to breakfast. Again, they were dressed almost identically, wearing short shorts and white tee-shirts, and were obviously braless. Pausing on the stairs, they embraced me briefly, brushing my cheeks with their lips, before continuing downstairs.

It didn’t take long for me to throw the few things I would be taking into a sports bag. I didn’t even bring a change of underwear, guessing that would be purchased in Las Vegas too.

Downstairs, I found Bobbi and Claudia drinking tea and eating a light breakfast.

Looking at me, dad said, “Rob, Candace can drive us to the airport if you’re ready to go.”

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s get going.”

“Can’t we go, too, to say goodbye to Rob?” Claudia asked.

“Please, we want to say goodbye to Rob at the airport,” Bobbi said.

“Sure, why not,” dad said. “Let’s all of us go.”

All five of us climbed into the Expedition, Candace driving, dad next to her, and me, behind them, with a playmate on either side again. During the trip to the airport, Bobbi and Claudia paid constant attention to me, stroking my arm or chest, rubbing their bosoms and legs against me, cuddling, kissing. You’d think I was going to be away for a month instead of just one night.

When we reached the airport, we waited outside while dad checked the weather report and filed his flight plan. God knows what others thought as I stood there, my arms around Bobbi and Claudia, being kissed and caressed first by one and then the other. I was becoming so aroused I was thinking about taking one of the girls into the Expedition for a quick blowjob when dad came out.

“Let’s go,” he said, pulling his overnight bag out of the vehicle, then kissed goodbye to Candace and headed across the tarmac toward the plane.

“Rob, call us, please,” Bobbi begged, kissing me goodbye.

“I’ll ... we’ll miss you,” Claudia said.