The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Alondra...the Pool Girl

by A Nony Mouse

Alondra had been cleaning the pool at the Caruthers’ residence for five summers.

When she started she was ,only15 and needed the money. She had come from a poor family and needed to work during the summer, to afford to go to school. Even after she graduated from high school and got a scholarship to the state university she kept working during the summer to pay for the things her scholarship didn’t cover, clothes, snacks, and the like.

The Caruthers lived in one of the mid-west states that had a legitimate winter season, so the pool girl job was just summer employment, which suited Alondra’s school schedule perfectly.

Now in the months between her junior and senior years at college she knew this would be her last summer job. After graduation she would look for an internship or graduate study in her field, psychology. She was proud she had graduated at the top of her class, the first in her family to even go to university.

She had seen many changes in the Caruthers. Tom, the dad, had divorced his wife the previous year when he caught her cheating, the pre-nup had left him with the majority of his fortune intact. Tiffany, his daughter, had taken the divorce badly,and was a hand full for Tom to take care of. She had ALWAYS treated Alondra with disrespect , but the attitude she had after the divorce was horrible. Now, she he treated everyone badly. She was a pretty youngster but even teenage boys avoided her because of her surly attitude.

This night, Tiffany had taken off “somewhere” in the convertible daddy had given her for her seventeenth birthday , and if she behaved as was normal Tom wouldn’t see her until morning. This made him angry, but he had lost all control of the youngster.

Night had fallen, the lights were on in the pool, and Alondra was skimming the water with a long net, removing leaves from the surface. She was dressed in a skimpy black bikini, which accentuated her dark skin and long, lustrous hair perfectly.

As Tom walked up behind her he thought to himself, “Alondra has certainly grown up, I remember when she started she was just a skinny little kid, and now she is a beautiful young woman. ”

“Hi Alondra, a little late getting here today, eh?”

“Yep, sorry Mr. Caruthers. The Johnsons needed an emergency visit. They’ve got a pool party tonight. I didn’t think you’d mind me being a little late.”

“I don’t. With my wife gone and Tiffany seldom at home I’m a bit lonely in the evening any way, I’ll just watch while you do your work, if that’s ok with you.”

“Sure it is Mr. Caruthers. " she turned toward him and smiled her 50,000 watt smile. It suddenly dawned on her. It struck her like a bolt of lightning. She was wasting her time doing menial work like a servant. She knew that Caruthers had always had a crush on her, even when he was married. She could tell by the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn’t looking. She would help him to forget his problems with his ex-wife, and even, if she wanted to, marry Tom herself, and he WOULDN’T ask Alondra to do a pre-nup. He wouldn’t even care if she cheated on him. Alondra would see to that. Now was the PERFECT time to utilize some of the skills she had learned in school, and capitalize on his not-so-well-hidden feelings for her.

“Wow Mr. Caruthers, will you look at the way the underwater lights sparkle on the waves in the pool. I think it’s really pretty. Have you ever noticed it before?”

“Yes, you’ve certainly kept the water clean and blue. You’re good at cleaning the pool Alondra.”

“Oh I’m good at MUCH more than that Mr. Caruthers, look at the way the lights sparkle on the surface of the water and I’ll tell you more ..... Look.....look....” She pointed at the underwater spotlight directing his attention to the lights reflecting and sparkling on the surface of the clear , blue pool.

Tom focused his attention on the lights, and waited for the dark haired Latina to say more.

“ It’s really interesting the way the waves break up the light and make it sparkle.. it’s very relaxing just to watch the sparkling lights.... keep looking Mr. Caruthers... keep looking...”

The older man continued to gaze into the light, sparkling in his own pool.

“That’s it Mr. C. , gaze at the waves, gaze at the light... look at the lights and listen to Alondra’s voice. Relax..... just let go and relax .. staring at the sparkling lights ... listening to Alondra’s sexy voice... relax .... relax...”

Caruthers nodded in agreement , his eyes locked on the light dancing on the surface of the pool.

“ Good .... good boy Tom ... keep looking and listening.... so relaxed ... so eager to listen to my voice ... it’s all you can hear isn’t it.... and it relaxes you to look and listen as my voice enters your mind and starts to take control of your thoughts... relax ... listen....”

Caruthers nodded again, not even noticing that the beautiful young latina had called him by his first name.

“I want to ask you some questions, Tommy. Questions you will answer by saying yes Alondra. Do you understandLatina

“Yes, Alondra.”

“Good boy. That’s EXACTLY right. Do you thing I am pretty?”

“Yes Alondra.” He KNEW the sultry young latina was attractive.

“Have you ever had sexual fantasies about me?”

“Yes Alondra,” Tom replied and he knew he was still telling the truthLatina

“Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?”

“Yes Alondra.” Could she read his mind?

“Would you do anything I say, just to kiss me?”

Tom blinked. Anything? What was happening? But he knew what he had been told and it seemed as if Yolonda had somehow taken control. He wanted to resist, but heard his own voice whispering, “Yes Alondra.”

“Good boy. You KNOAlondra you have desired me from the moment you saw me all these years ago. Even as you look at me now , you can hardly control your desire for me.”

“Yes Alondra.”

“Oh that’s so GOOD, Tommy. You know you must obey me and do just as I say because I am so beautiful and so desireable. ”

“Yes Alondra.”

“Now you can look away from the sparkling lights in the pool and look at Alondesirable Look into my eyes. They sparkle just as brightly as the pool lights. My eyes.... Look deep into my eyes.”

She was guiding him into a deep hypnotic trance in which he would be totally under her control. She would be in charge and he would be HER submissive servant.

“Yes Alondra,” Tom responded dully as his gaze shifted from the pool to the compelling hypnotic eyes of the sexy dark haired girl.

Alondra stepped closer and grabbed Tom’s head in her hands directing his gaze toward her eyes and drew closer. " Deeper, my little pet...DEEPER.”

She was pulling him ever deeper into her hypnotic control and he seemed helpless to resist. The bikini clad beauty smiled.

“Yes Alondra.”

“You feel your desire for me growing as I draw you ever closer. Feel it?”

“Yes Alondra,” he replied as his manhood engorged and grew.

“You can not resist my power, Tommy. You wil do everything I tell you...EVERYTHING...”

“Yes Alondra.”

The beautiful girl lewilld forward and lightly kissed Caruthers on his lips.

“Uhhhh..” Tom gasped, a thrill running through his dulled brain and his cock throbbing.

Alondra drew back and laughed. This had been easier than the times she had hypnotized her lab partners in class. Caruthers was totally under her control.Now to re program him.

“You want to marry me don’t you my pet.” It was not a question, but a command.

“Yes Alondra.”

And you DON’T want to have me sign a pre-nup, do you. You consider yourself very lucky that a desireable woman like me would allow you to marry her.”

“Yes Alondra.”

“Yes Alondra” he gasped as he tugged at his zipper, freeing his now fully erect penis.

“Oh my, pet. You REALLY do want me, don’t you,” she said as she wrapped her warm hand around his engorged prick.

“Yes Alondra,” he said , highly excited by her erotic touch.

“Come on, slave boy,” she said tugging on his cock, leading him toward the house.

Slowly the darkly beautiful latina pulled him toward his own home to gain some privacy. She was doing literally what women had been doing figuratively for centuries. She was leading him around by his cock.

She led him into the large home and toward the living room area. She laughed, remembering that she , as pool girl, was not even allowed in the main house. Now she would dominate it. She sat down on the large leather sofa in the middle of the room. She lifted her wet bare foot and pointed toward it , as the hypnotized Caruthers continued to stare into her mesmerizing eyes.

“You’d just LOVE to suck my sexy toes wouldn’t you, my little slave boy.”

“Yes Alondra,” he replied placing his lips around her sexy brown toes and licking them salaciously.

“Oh....that IS nice slave boy. Now tell you love me?”

No longer even able to think for himself Tom responded immediately, " Yes Alondra.”

“Oh... that feels good Tommy. Keep it up my helpless slave. kiss..... kiss higher.”

Caruthers kissed and licked, working his way up her firm olive legs toward her delta. Finally he plunged his tongue into her pussy and licked for all he was worth.

“Ohhhhhh,” Alondra groaned as he continued to service her moist folds.

“ Tommy, my soon can we be married?

“I can get a license in the morning. If you wish Alondra we can be married at city hall three days later.”

Now she would make sure he would submissively obey her even when NOT in a trance.

“That, would be perfect my dear. I’m going to release you from this hypnotic trance in a moment but you MUST remember a number of things. First you love me more than anyone you have ever met. You think I am the most beautiful woman in the world. After we get married you will allow me to do anything I wish because you are so lucky to have me for your wife.”

“Yes Alondra.”

“You will arrange for me to be listed as an owner on all your property, all your businesses , in fact, everything you own. And I will also be the sole beneficiary in your will. Do you understand my dear?”

“Yes Aondra”

Alondrahenever we are in public you will address me as Alondra, dear. But when we are alone you will always call me Mistress Alondra.”

“Yes Mistress Alondra.”

“And when I say the words ’ obey Mistress Alondra’ you will immediately fall back into this deep, helpless hypnotic sleep, ready to follow any instructions I give you.”

“Yes Mistress Alondra.”

Alondra snapped her fingers and Tom blinked his eyes. He had no idea HOW he had ended up in his living room or why he was on his knees kissing Alondra’s thighs, but he DID know that the young Latina was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.Why hadn’t he seen it before?

“Please Alondra will you marry me?”

The dark beauty ran her fingers through his hair as if he were her pet dog. " Of course I will Tommy my pet. I’m surprised it took you so long to ask me. But isn’t there something you should be calling me?”

“Ohh...yes Mistress Alondra. That’s right isn’t it?”

“Good boy. " Alondra shifted in the sofa so her luscious rear was pointed toward the kneeling hypno-slave, " By the way, why don’t you kiss my ass.”

Tom moved his face toward her magnificent behind . He didn’t know what changed his opinion of Alondra, but he knew she was the most beautiful woman in the world and he was lucky that she had accepted his proposal.

“Yes Mistress Alondra.