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Am I Your New Addi(c)tion? [Volume 1]

by Entermindgled

Added 16 July 2022

Updated 18 February 2023

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After the sudden passing of her twin brother, Rhiannon surprisingly finds solace in comforting her brother’s long past lover. Although both were relatively estranged from the deceased Rowyn, the two women find it’s the company we keep that truly helps keep us together; no matter if we’re falling apart while inside or out of trance.

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 1401 words 16 Jul 2022
Chapter 1 1212 words 16 Jul 2022
Chapter 2 2151 words 16 Jul 2022
Chapter 3 1619 words 16 Jul 2022
Epilogue 3437 words 18 Feb 2023