The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

And… Freeze

Chapter 3

Cassie’s hands worked quickly, smoothing out the chiffon-and-lace romper, and then neatly folding it in three quick movements. The final package was trim but sturdy, ideal for stacking on Entranced’s mahogany shelves.

“Well done,” Calliope commented blandly. “You’re a quick learner.”

Cassie nodded in appreciation, then glanced to her left, where Sara had folded three other such garments, and was already flipping through another issue of Esquire. “Took you long enough,” teased her sister, sotto voice.

All the new hires were completing “Entranced Boot Camp,” the fairly underwhelming but still important course of skills required for any shopgirl. Crammed into one of Entranced’s small employee breakrooms, Piper, Violet, Alexis, Lila, Kaylee, and the twins struggled to master every skill Calliope had to teach.

Her lips pressed together, Calliope consulted the checklist on her tablet. “Very good, girls,” she remarked rather tonelessly. “Now: we still have to review store closing procedures. And I’m concerned that you don’t know the summer catalogue as well as you should.”

Cassie sighed inwardly. It had been three days since she and Sara had started at Entranced, a mere three days since she had posed as a freeze model. She couldn’t stop thinking about the posing. While listening to Benedetta, it was as if the world had receded and a peace Cassie had never known had settled over her mind. Like being under an enchantment, she thought forlornly.

Reflexively, the nineteen-year-old girl crossed her legs. Every time she thought about being frozen… It was strange, but there was definitely an erotic connection. Even now, it was arousing to remember how her limbs tingled and then seemed to float away. Cassie craved more.

“But perhaps we should tour the stock room again?” Calliope was thinking aloud. “Every time a customer requests an item, you should produce it within two minutes. No longer. Are you girls certain you’ve—“

The breakroom door opened, and Benedetta herself thrust her head into the small space. Cassie sat up eagerly. She hadn’t seen the shop’s owner since the freeze posing.

As always, the Italian businesswoman looked stunning. Her French suit was creaseless, hugging but not flaunting her voluptuous figure. But there was tension in Benedetta’s beautiful face.

“Calliope darling,” she said heavily.

Her executive manager raised her thin eyebrows.

“The Phillips booking,” Benedetta said, clearly worried. “You have his instructions?”

“Absolutely, ma’am,” Calliope acknowledged. “His people called about an hour ago. Said he’ll be arriving tonight at—“

“Mr. Phillips just called,” interrupted Benedetta. “He’s pushed up his appointment. He’ll be here in fifteen minutes. I couldn’t refuse, darling, I couldn’t. Whom can we spare?”

Calliope looked stricken. “We’re stretched thin as it is, Benedetta. Giselle and Nichole are on the sheik’s party; Wendy, Sandra, and Liana are hosting Lady Gaga’s entourage. And Maurissa and Bebe are with—“

“The ambassador, I know,” Benedetta fretted, rubbing her forehead. “Who is on the main floor?”

“Just Jaimi and Candice,” replied Calliope. “I suppose I could spare one of them…”

“No,” the Italian proprietor snapped. “This is Thom Phillips. He directs too much business our way, my darling. We can’t afford to offend him. He always needs two girls.”

Cassie sensed anticipation among all the new models. Every one of them were fidgeting in their chairs, watching Benedetta with wild hope in their eyes. A chance to pose!

The owner of Entranced scanned the new hires, finally landing on Cassie and Sara. “What about these two?” Benedetta asked, as if the twins were pets.

Calliope grimaced. “For Mr. Phillips? Oh, Benedetta, I don’t know… All the new hires still need at least a week—“

A week??? Cassie almost groaned aloud.

“I can do it!” she declared impulsively.

The older women regarded her, making calculations in their minds.

“I can!” Cassie insisted.

“She’s not ready,” warned Calliope.

Cassie aimed a mental kick at the dark-haired manager’s head. Jesus, just let me pose, she impatiently pleaded in her mind. I just wanna be frozen again!

The end of Benedetta’s mouth turned downward. “Cassie and Sara, they’ll have to do,” she said tightly, her Italian accent thicker than usual. “Mr. Phillips, he always requests blondes. Blonde twins, that will greatly please him.” She waved a dismissive hand before Calliope could object. “And I will attend Mr. Phillips with them.”

Calliope’s mouth dropped open.

The Italian businesswoman nodded once, indicating the decision had been made. “This man, Thom Phillips, he is the Chief of Production at one of the largest studios, darlings,” she told Cassie and Sara in a grim voice. “He is a very difficult customer, yes, but he spends lavishly here. And he sends much of his talent here also. We must make sure he is satisfied. Capire?”

“Absolutely,” Cassie assured her. Sara nodded quickly.

Benedetta sighed, but she did not question the twins’ sincerity. “Very well,” she said, tugging at her blazer. “Sara, get changed into the Oh Si Maigre, please. You will pose.”

Cassie’s smile melted from her face.

* * *

The heart of the Entranced boutique was a lavish showroom, available to customers directly from the Wilshire Blvd. entrance. But for those who demanded exclusive treatment, four private suites were available from the second floor. None but the most pampered customers knew these rooms even existed.

After changing into a tiny black party dress that stretched tautly across her stomach and chest, Cassie joined Benedetta in the last remaining suite. Here, there was a wide modeling platform, a full bar made from chromium steel and tinted glass, a leather couch facing the platform, and a long one-way mirror that allowed one to look down upon the main showroom. The lighting was dark, but illuminated the modeling platform with a soft glow that looked warm to the eye. Paintings of reclining, nude women hung on the walls.

Benedetta cast a withering eye over Cassie as the blonde teen entered the suite, but made no comment. The Italian woman was visibly nervous. Cassie absently patted her hair, hoping everything was in place.

The two women could hear muffled chatter and music from the other suites. The other VIP parties were in full swing.

Benedetta glowered at her Movado Amorosa watch, and with a thud in her heart, Cassie realized that Sara was late, as always. Where was that girl?

The side door opened, and Sara stepped into view, wearing nothing but a tiny bra and panty set. Both underthings were so delicate and clung to the blonde twin’s body so tightly, they might have been hand-painted by a Renaissance master. The outfit did nothing to keep Sara from jiggling as she moved.

“Sorry,” the blonde girl blushed. “Had to get my makeup just right.”

As Benedetta and Cassie glared at her, Sara climbed up a narrow metal staircase, then stood at the tip of the platform. This placed her perhaps three feet above the dark red carpet. Without being told, the twin assumed a simple pose, her right arm extended out before her.

Benedetta seemed to compose herself. “Very good, darling. And… freeze.”

Cassie watched in bitter envy as Benedetta’s special enchantment swept over her sister, petrifying her where she stood. Sara’s expression softened as she was pulled into a trance; her mouth opened slightly and her eyes grew soft and hazy. Her fingertips stretched out just a little before her last muscle was locked in place.

Looking up at her sister, Cassie knew: now that her body was robbed of the power of movement, Sara’s mind was sinking into ecstasy.

A soft chime sounded; Calliope was signaling from elsewhere in the store.

Benedetta strode to Cassie, her face gaunt. “He is here,” the Italian woman said, tension lacing her voice. “Remember, darling: do nothing until I expressly direct you. Always smile; never speak. You have two minutes to fetch anything he may ask for. And most importantly—“

The suite’s doors banged open. A squat, balding man in a custom-tailored Dormeuil Vanquish suit lumbered forward, a flustered Calliope scurrying after him. For once, Calliope did not have her tablet.

Exuding a gruff charisma, Thom Phillips was in his mid-fifties, his face lined with wrinkles from a lifetime of too much scowling. His beady eyes swept about the small chamber.

“Thom, my darling!” Benedetta exclaimed, immediately becoming sunny and enchanting. She glided over to the dumpy man, extending her arms. The two performed awkward air-kisses.

“Your people got my instructions?” Mr. Phillips grunted, actually patting Benedetta on the rear. Then without acknowledging her, he moved and sank into the couch.

“Yes, darling, of course,” Benedetta said, her voice uncertain.

“Great,” crowed Mr. Phillips, and snapped his fingers, once. Loudly.

Calliope sprang to the bar, indicating that Cassie should follow her. The blonde twin obeyed, watching the manager closely.

Meanwhile, Benedetta was doing her best at small talk. “How long has it been, Thom darling?” she cooed. Cassie noted that the Italian businesswoman was careful to stand two paces away from their leering customer.

“Too long,” Mr. Phillips grunted, running a course hand over his face. “You don’t know how badly I needed to come here.”

Calliope was reaching for a crystal decenter when Cassie heard the hum of a vibrating phone. The dark-haired manager muttered a curse. With swift movement, she pulled the phone from her breast pocket, and Cassie saw the text message:


Calliope’s face went white. “You’ll have to take over,” she whispered tensely to Cassie. “Do not disappoint Benedetta.” And then she was gone.

Pushing aside her own nervousness, Cassie snatched a brandy glass and the decanter, then slowly and carefully poured a double. Thankfully, there was a silver tray tucked under the bar. With a confidence she had to fake, the teen set the glass upon the tray and then glided to Mr. Phillips’ side.

The studio exec accepted the drink, pausing only to stare at Cassie’s chest as she bent down before him. He sipped the caramel-colored liquid, then let out a long sigh. “Oh, yeeeaaaahhhhhhh…!” he moaned, and crumpled back into the couch.

The man took another grateful sip, allowing his eyes to drift up to the frozen Sara.

“Mmm,” he muttered to Benedetta. “New girl? I don’t recognize her tits.”

“Si, darling,” Benedetta smiled.

“Very nice,” complimented Mr. Phillips. He sipped again.

“Hey,” the burly man said suddenly. He swung around to look closely at Cassie. “Holy shit! Twins?” The man cackled, an unpleasant laugh. “Blonde twins? Oh, Benedetta. You are a naughty one.” He swiveled again, this time to waggle a plump finger at the Italian. “Very naughty!”

“Si, darling, yes,” agreed Benedetta, playing along.

Cassie allowed herself to slowly exhale. Mr. Phillips seemed like he was enjoying himself.

Still gazing at Benedetta, the studio executive demanded, “C’ere, you!” And he patted the seat next to him.

The Italian businesswoman hesitated, but then gingerly sat. Without the slightest bit of shame, Mr. Phillips wrapped one arm around her narrow shoulders and pulled her close.

Cassie’s eyes bulged. How was she to take subtle direction from Benedetta now?

“Ah,” Mr. Phillips grinned, then took another swig of his brandy. With a gesture of his head, he indicated Sara. “Tell me about this one.”

Suffering in dignified silence, Benedetta cleared her throat. “Yes, well… This is Sara, darling. She is new here, but—“

“No, not the girl,” snarled Mr. Phillips. “I mean the bra and panties! They’re from this season’s catalogue?”

“Of course not, darling,” Benedetta said quickly. “Those are Oh Si Maigre, from Yanis, our latest Paris designer. Next season’s catalogue. You know I would never show you anything except the exclusives, darling.”

“Very nice,” leered Mr. Phillips, staring up greedily at Sara. “Are her tits just naturally that perky, or is the bra holding them up?”

Cassie saw the ends of Benedetta’s mouth fold down in a flash of discomfort. “There is some support, darling,” she conceded. “But Sara… well, she is young.”

“Yes, she is,” agreed the studio honcho, absently strumming his fingers on Benedetta’s shoulder. “Mmmm, yes she is.”

There was a pregnant silence as Mr. Phillips contemplated. “I might buy two of those,” he mused aloud. “Yeah, two. Hmmm.”

Cassie sincerely doubted that the exec was shopping for Mrs. Phillips.

The powerful man took another gulp of brandy, draining his glass. “I wanna see her ass,” he demanded, pointing at Sara.

“Of course, darling,” Benedetta agreed. “Sara, darling… rotate.”

Up on the platform, Sara’s body came to life. The entranced teen stepped gingerly, turning about so that now she faced the opposite direction. Her face never once flickered its expression. Once revolved, she became motionless once again.

Her bra and panty set were little more than thin ribbons from the back, which meant her hair, toned back muscles, rear, and legs were almost fully nude. Mr. Phillips sighed in contentment.

“Oh, nice,” he mumbled. “So nice. What colors does this set come in?”

“Black, rose, lavender, violet, and pure white, darling.”

The studio exec smiled lazily. Cassie noted he was fingering his empty glass.

Without a word, the blonde girl floated back to the bar, and poured a second double. She returned to Mr. Phillips’ side, and he allowed her to swap vessels. The man’s eyes never left Sara’s exposed backside.

Benedetta shot Cassie a grateful look.

While pleased with herself, the blonde girl knew… she’d, at best, bought a little time. In a few minutes, Mr. Phillips would want to see more lingerie. The VIP clearly expected that his wishes were known in advance. What had he said? “Your people got my instructions?”

So what were those instructions?

Cassie bit her lip, weighing her options.

“Tell me,” Mr. Phillips rambled on, pointing to Sara, “will my girl’s butt look that fine when she wears this?”

Moving silently, Cassie retreated, then ducked out of the suite. Now in the outer corridor, she looked about, her mind racing.

What had Calliope said earlier? When Mr. Phillips’ people had made his appointment, his people had passed along his instructions. So where were those instructions? What would Calliope done with…

Cassie’s wandering eyes fell on a little marble table, standing just outside the suite doors. Sitting on it, was Calliope’s tablet. The manager must have absently set it down there, and immediately forgot it in the day’s crazy scramble.

Oh, it can’t be that easy, Cassie thought with hope, and scooped up the little device.

She swiped the screen. A login page with Entranced’s logo appeared, asking: PASSCODE?

Cassie swore. Calliope could be anywhere in the store, there wasn’t time to find her.

But perhaps…

A desperate plan popped into the blonde girls’ head. Forcing bravery, she reentered the suite.

“Let me see her in profile,” Mr. Phillips was saying.

As Benedetta issued the commands to rotate Sara one-quarter turn, Cassie moved directly behind her employer, touching her lightly on the shoulder. The Italian woman tensed.

Taking care to move silently, Cassie slipped the tablet into Benedetta’s surprised hands. Then the teen glided to Mr. Phillip’s side.

“May I offer you another whiskey, Mr. Phillips?” she murmured, bending slightly at the waist.

Fooled by the distraction, the exec looked up into her cleavage and smirked. “Whiskey?” he harrumphed. “You mean cognac!”

“Oh, of course,” gushed Cassie, playing the shamed waitress. “A cognac. I should have known. One moment, Mr. Phillips.” She paused, just long enough to flirt with her eyes.

Then Cassie moved along the back of the couch, taking care to pluck the tablet from Benedetta’s hand with as little movement as possible.

Mr. Phillips had never noticed the slight-of-hand between the two women. Focusing back on Sara, he sighed happily once again. “Alright, to business. I think I’ll want three sets of those bras and panties. In black, lavender… and light blue? You can do that?”

At the bar, Cassie glanced down at the tablet in her hands. Benedetta had unlocked the screen! Thank God. Cassie scanned the icons, looking for one that said… “PHILLIPS.” Perfect. She tapped it once.

A detailed list appeared. Mr. Phillips wanted to see eight items. It would be a busy session.

Working fast, Cassie memorized the list.

Then, after making a third drink and then setting it next to the executive, the blonde shopgirl hurried down to the stockroom. She had mere minutes to pull items.

* * *

By a stroke of insane luck, Cassie located everything on Phillips’ list, even down to the clip accessories and design variants. Stacking every box neatly into an oversized carrying bag, the blonde girl hauled the booty back up to the suite level.

When she slipped back into the room, Benedetta was standing before Sara, saying, “…and now… release!”

Sara’s eyelids fluttered. Her arms lowered and she stretched her back, not unlike a waking cat. The blonde model seemed a bit surprised at waking from her trance.

“Well done, darling,” Benedetta told her.

The Italian glanced to the back of the suite, making eye contact with Cassie. The girl held up the shopping bag, mouthing, “I’ve got everything here!”

Visible relief poured over Benedetta’s face. “Yes, darling,” she said aloud, “well done, indeed.”

“Then let’s proceed down my list,” Mr. Phillips ordered, staring into his alcohol. The pudgy man was still oblivious to the little drama that had swirled about him.

“Yes,” Benedetta agreed. “Only now… I think Cassie shall pose for you.”

Cassie’s heart leapt.

“Oh?” Mr. Phillips grunted. “Sure, sure.”

While Benedetta distracted the executive in discussions on the latest trends, both twins retreated behind a dressing screen. The girls stripped off their clothes, working quickly.

Sara still seemed a little dazed. “Oh man,” she moaned quietly. “I don’t know how Benedetta does it to me, but…”

She pulled two tissues from a silver Kleenex dispenser. Then, in a quick gesture, she swabbed between her legs.

“Look,” Sara marveled. “I’m wet. Oh, man.”

Cassie stared, in awe. “Freeze posing is that powerful for you?”

“You have no idea,” replied Sara, shaking her head. “When I’m posing… its like… wow. Once I got Nat Johansson to eat me out, remember that? Posing here… I can’t describe it. Its like being pleasured in the same way… but in slow motion, so the amazingness lasts… and lasts… and…”

“Okay, okay,” Cassie mumbled, almost trembling with anticipation. Somehow she threaded her legs into the Così Striminzito panties, trying to concentrate on what she was doing.

* * *

When Cassie was ready, she stepped out from the curtain, absolutely itching to climb onto the podium. Sara had assumed the role of cocktail waitress.

Mr. Phillips craned his neck about, already gaping at Cassie’s practically nude body. This lingerie set was even smaller than what Sara had worn earlier. Cassie’s body was clad in two thin, black ribbons. One threaded under her breasts, holding them up and barely covering the nipples. This garment was less a bra and more a wire shelf for her bobbing chest. The second ribbon looped over both hips, diving downward to cover her crotch in a sexy letter “V.” Had the outfit been any color than black, an observer might have mistaken the clinging lingerie to be little more than reverse tan lines.

“Amazing,” Mr. Phillips grunted in approval. “C’ere, doll.”

Cassie saw Benedetta’s eyes grow wide in alarm.

But with no choice, the model stepped forward, standing before the preening Mr. Phillips.

The man sipped his cognac, then passed a hand over Cassie’s voluptuous body without actually touching her. It was as if he wanted to pet her, but his hand was stayed by a force field.

“Mmmm…” murmured Mr. Phillips in the softest of voices.

There was a fragile silence as he admired Cassie.

“I see the hottest women in Hollywood,” he mumbled to no-one in particular. “I woo their agents, I promise them money, fame… if they only show off their bodies on camera. They don’t have to be naked. But they do have to show their curves.”

“This store…” he sighed. “This store is so much better than Hollywood. Here, you arrange the bodies you want to see. You can see anything you want, any pose you want, wearing anything you want. Here’s women’s bodies are worshipped, I tell you.” He sipped again. “If I get to heaven, I swear, it will be nothing but sitting in this room gazing at lovely, frozen creatures like you.”

Cassie offered a small but genuine smile.

The executive leaned forward a little. “I gotta know,” he muttered conspiratorially, “how’d they get you to stand so still? That’s the secret of this place. You girls are like living statues, like a flesh-and-blood erotic photograph… How do you do it?”

Cassie smiled again. “They use hypnotism on us,” she whispered proudly. “This place is Entranced… after all.”

“Huh,” Mr. Phillips said. From his expression, Cassie could tell that he thought she was joking.

“Come, darling,” Benedetta coaxed, her voice firm but not displeased.

Cassie raised her head, then climbed up to the platform. She assumed a simple pose.

Benedetta stood before her.

Oh… the girl thought, her heart fluttering a little, here it comes…

“And… freeze,” the Italian woman commanded.

Immediately, Cassie felt her muscles tingle. It was as if Benedetta’s one spoken word had transformed her body into simmering energy. The sensation bathed over the young woman, seeping into every fiber of her being. She felt relaxed, so relaxed. The wonderful feeling was impossible to resist.

Dimly, Cassie knew her limbs felt weightless and were locked in place. Had she wanted to, she would have been unable to move any part of her body.

But the relaxation now reached deep into Cassie’s mind, putting her thoughts into a deep, powerful sleep. The blonde girl felt as if she had no desires, or concerns, or no will of her own. The surrender was sweet and blissful. Inwardly, she smiled.

And then…

The sensation Cassie truly craved began to emerge. As she felt herself relax more and more, a warmth, a sexual warmth appeared deep within her. The model almost physically gasped aloud. The more she let go, the more she permitted herself to drift along into this magic, the more this warmth grew, deep within her vagina.

It was like a sunrise, a gradual illumination within the essence of her womanhood. The warmth was the most giving of lovers, caressing her ever so gently. A human lover would apply their tongue or fingers inside her, their appendage stroking with a rhythm and varying pressure. This warmth was subtler, but its presence was constant and far more erotic than anything Cassie had ever believed. It was as an angel was making love to her, activating her pleasure centers with a grace and stimulation that was beyond the possible.

Cassie sighed and gave herself completely to the loving relaxation. She was already wet, and the session was just beginning. Her erotic pleasure took root, and the girl sighed in delight. Her vagina was blooming.

Soon she knew nothing but bliss.