The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Arousal Inducing Audio

ff, ma, mc


Two girls experiment with sexy subliminals. Not realizing the messages are designed to slowly turn them lesbian.

Chapter 1

We found the file browsing the internet one night. Stumbled across it completely by chance, following some recommendation links buried deep in a blog’s comments.

“What’s this?” My roommate asked off-handedly, after accidentally clicking the link.

The text described some sort of audio track which supposedly uses powerful subliminal components to make the listener slowly more and more horny and aroused.

Something about it grabbed our curiosity. Rather than backtrack, we stayed on the page, skimming the description.

Summary text explained, “... using subconscious aural stimulus buried within a complex spectrum of masked lascivious noises in brain-resonating frequencies with hidden sapphoerotic messages to illicit indirect persuasion of sexual response intoward female listeners, gradually and relentlessly accumulating intensity.”

We did not understand most, or really any, of that psychotechnical gunk. But it captured our interest—could an audio file really make you feel aroused the more you listened to it?

The description noted “... with hidden audio instructions specifically designed to attain maximal effectiveness intoward women. Inducing common sexual responses for females, such as engorged nipples, swollen labia and clit, warmth, wetness, and clenching vaginal muscles.”

With some other themes crosswoven throughout, including lust, libido-building excitement, titty titillation, pussy passion, sapphiconversion, wicked horniness, and all the usual, expected, naughty stuff for a girl. But note, only for girls.

Short explanation: The file did not work for men.

Yet any female listening to it apparently must succumb to powerful subliminal commands and gradually, slowly but inevitably, feel herself growing more and more horny. Or so we figured from skimming the description.

Bored, Riley and I glanced at each other, reaching agreement; “Why not? Let’s try it out.” I settled into my chair next to her, both of us huddled in front of the computer screen, and we started the file.

It sounded weird. Almost musical, but not quite. The strange sounds difficult to describe, like some bizarre harmony of shifting tones, with whispery noises interwoven. Patterns amidst apparently chaotic noise that yet itself almost seemed to carry other buried patterns. The rhythm multi-layered, parts of it calm and soothing simultaneously meshed with other threads slightly faster, or sometimes even a bit frenetic, upbeat and exciting. My heart did perhaps start to beat a little faster, in sync with parts of the rhythm, and I kind of felt a bit warmer.

The version we found came packaged with a video—someone added swirly morphing graphics to the original pure audio track, though the comments noted how visual elements remain strictly optional. Anyway, my attention drifted to the graphics. Pretty color transforms to enhance the experience for some people, while the audio elements still did all the heavy work.

While listening I found myself staring deeply into the morphing fractals trying to follow the twisting colors melding into each other.

The file played endlessly on loop. After several minutes it seemed to repeat, but all the self-similar patterns made it difficult to say just exactly how long it took to play completely once through.

I tried to pay attention enough to catch when the swirls looped back to the beginning, but my focus kept getting lost in the complexity and I often caught myself sort of spacing out, entranced by the shifting visuals and sounds, losing track of passing time.

Meanwhile the audio kept playing, supposedly pumping its potent subliminal messages into our ears and brains. The thought of that, just the possibility of it, seemed rather sexy to me. I noticed myself flush a bit, a sort of warm blush sweeping through me.

I wondered—What if subconscious instructions really could make me horny? How exciting! A subtle tingle started somewhere under my tummy. The idea of secret, unconsciously-heard commands influencing my desires, taking control and cranking up my libido, just seemed to resonate with me. My nipples started to tighten, swelling erect beneath my shirt. Had it already started to work?!

Riley did not seem to react so quickly or powerfully as I did. Perhaps its effectiveness varies slightly from person to person?

“This sounds weird.” She remarked, “Let’s go back to browsing the net.” And she started moving the computer’s mouse to close this browser window.

I quickly stopped her hand and said, “Leave it playing for a bit, in the background. Just open another window for browsing.”

So Riley opened a new window and we resumed surfing websites and blogs. Meanwhile, the audio file kept playing from its minimized window.

Swirling graphics no longer visible, but the audio track continued looping endlessly, supposedly sending its potent signals through the speakers and into our ears while we distracted ourselves looking at stuff.

Surfing the usual sites—watching funny video clips, reading jokes, memes, blog newsfeeds, and looking at silly or interesting pictures. Pics of all sorts of stuff, whatever captured our fancy. To include looking at pics of cute guys, as a couple healthy straight girls often do.

After a while, gradually more and more, our surfing drifted towards blogs and feeds catering sexy material. Photos of firemen with their shirts off and that sort of thing. Nothing new; we browsed hot pics before. But this time there seemed a new dimension to it, more exciting than usual.

I still felt rather horny. Growing increasingly aroused the more time passed. My panties started to feel damp. Perhaps due to the subliminal-loaded audio still playing quietly in the background, I suppose.

Squirming in my chair I wondered if my roommate felt the same. Curious whether her panties felt moist too. The thought of that filled me with a thrill.

Glancing towards Riley, it seemed like maybe she started breathing a little quicker and now looked a little flushed like me.

Riley steered the mouse, clicking more and more often on links leading towards sexy stuff. More and more photos of hot guys and sexy girls, wearing less and less. Increasingly naughty material, gradually trending towards softcore porn. Sexy guys in only boxers. Topless girls with perfect breasts. Some tasteful full nudes. Then some less-tasteful nudes. Couples playing with each other. Hot naked girls giving blowjobs.

We never did this sort of thing before, browsing porn together. Before this it seemed too weird. After all, neither of us is a lesbian, or anything. Not sure either of us even leans bisexual. But no harm in trying it this once. Looking at porn together sure did seem hot.

Feeling incredibly horny. Unable to help myself from discretely rubbing, at first through my clothes. But that only seemed to stir up the heat without satisfying it, so I casually slipped a hand under the waistband of my sweatpants. We definitely never did that sort of thing around each other, but Riley failed to notice me at first. Her eyes stayed glued to the computer screen.

A video on one website showed a gorgeous nude girl sucking dick, leaning forward with her big, marvelous breasts swinging slightly while she bobbed her head back and forth on the long shaft.

My roommate breathed “Damn, that’s hot.” Riley now looked rather flustered. Firm nipples poked up her shirt, like mine. Damn, I agreed. So hot!

Finally Riley took her gaze off the porn long enough to notice how I sat next to her with my hand inside my pants. At first her eyes widened in surprise at my boldness, but then she nodded as if agreeing and said “Okay, screw it.”

I stared transfixed as my roommate unbuttoned her fly, lifted her hips briefly to push down her pants, peeling off her panties too, and sat back down bottomless.

Riley resumed watching the porno, but my gaze lingered on her smooth legs, following her hand to her lap as she started to idly play with herself. Inside my sweatpants, my own fingers moved with increasing need. Watching porn and masturbating together explores new territory for us but it sure feels exciting!

Something did not quite satisfy Riley. She reached to open desk drawers, rummaging through them, taking out a dildo. Riley handed it to me, freeing her hands to keep searching, and asked “Got lube?”

“No.” I answered, “I never need it.”

“Well I usually do,” she explained, “It needs to be wet. Slips in better. I’m going to get my lube.” And she started to rise.

“No!” I blurted. Worried if she left, even temporarily, that might ruin the mood. Still holding the dildo. Not wanting this moment to end disappointingly, I said “Stay here. I’ll get it wet for you.”

Spontaneously I put the dildo in my mouth, slurping on it to make it nice and slippery for her. Sort of copying the blowjob video playing on screen.

Riley’s jaw dropped. She stared at me and said “Damn! That’s HOT! Keep doing that!” I noticed her fingers twiddling her clit while she watched me suck the dildo. My own clit throbbed as I watched her watch me.

Once I made the dildo sufficiently slobbery, I handed it to Riley. She slouched, opening her thighs. I held my breath.

Meeting my eye, she smiled and carefully pushed the dildo up inside her naked pussy. Then she started slowly working it in and out.

Staring at her and playing with myself, my hand sort of tangled inside my waistband.

Riley remarked, “That looks kind of awkward. Why don’t you just take them off?”

Okay. So I shucked off my sweatpants and sat there bottomless like her. Neither of us really watched the porno anymore. Though the audio file still looped in the background.

Gradually, our urgency built, more and more frantic. So hot to watch each other masturbate. Not sure why we never did this before. It feels so exciting, so intense. Then we climaxed, together. Difficult to explain why but it feels so sexy to watch my roommate spasm with orgasm, feeling that same blissful shudder sweep through me too.

It hooked me.