The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Arousal Inducing Audio

Chapter 2

The next day, sitting around our room together, I nervously asked “You wanna try listening to that sound file again, while we surf the web?”

An odd expression crossed her face while she pondered it. Finally Riley shrugged and answered, “Sure. Why not. That was fun.”

So we sat at the computer and found the audio file again. This time downloading the mp3 to our desktop to play it quietly in the background, endlessly repeating while we searched for porn.

We found more hot pictures of cute guys and sexy girls, some gifs, and short videos. Blowjobs. Hot babes stripping, showing off for their guy. Girls masturbating. Threesomes. All sorts of stuff.

Already I started feeling more aroused. My hand slid between my legs. Like yesterday I pulled down my bottoms to make it easier to rub my favorite spots. Riley did also. After a while she even went further and peeled off her shirt too, revealing her bra.

Riley glanced at me, perhaps feeling a bit shy, then she mumbled “Screw it” and reached behind to unclasp her bra and shrug it off also, remarking, “Damn that feels better!” as she sat back down, bare naked.

She noticed me staring and explained “I like to play with my boobs, but a shirt and bra makes that awkward. It’s easier topless. You can do it too.”

Feeling hot and with her invitation, I took off my top to join her in full nudity. Watching porn together. The current video a threesome with two girls and one guy.

Growing steadily hornier, idly rubbing myself. I glanced over at Riley who cupped her big breasts and tweaked her nipples to hardness. Damn!

Soon Riley apparently wanted to play with her pussy too, because she reached for the dildo. To my surprise she handed it to me saying “It needs to be wet first. I liked watching you suck on it yesterday. Do that again.”

So I slipped the dildo in my mouth and sucked while my roommate watched and played with herself, rubbing her clit with one hand and cupping her large breasts with the other, pinching and tugging at her long, firm nipples. Growing more and more aroused.

Once I made the dildo wet enough, eager to see the next step, I passed it to her. She slouched in her chair and moved her knees up wide apart, spreading open for the dildo. At the same time I sort of copied her pose, slouching in my own chair, legs spread wide to finger my pussy. Facing each other.

We watched each other masturbate. Both of us moaning as the pleasure built, climbing toward the peak, cresting, reaching the edge. My eyes glued to her every action. All the while the audio file quietly playing in the background.

Then finally, we each crashed over the edge into wonderful release, watching each other cum.