The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Arousal Inducing Audio

Chapter 3

My roommate and I masturbated together several times a week, gradually more and more often until nearly every day. Each time stripping naked to start, and with the arousal audio file playing in the background.

We even put the file into a bootup script to start automatically on low volume. From then on, whenever our computer turned on, that subliminal track always played, quietly but constantly, softly filling our room with its noise. Never too loud to overwhelm whatever else we listened to or watched, but always there.

So much fun to get naked, search the internet, and watch porn together. Videos of lovely girls masturbating. Threesomes of one guy and two girls teasing him by playing with each other. Or sometimes just naughty girls together, experimenting. I never realized how sexy that sort of stuff looked.

Over time our masturbation got less about watching the pornos we found and more about watching each other. So hot to watch Riley pleasuring herself. Playing with her lovely tits and beautiful pussy. So sexy seeing her aroused.

Riley still liked to watch me suck on the dildo, so she usually asked me to do that for her each time. I always granted her request, glad to know it excited her.

Growing comfortable with each other, and less shy about it, we started hanging out together wearing less clothing. Like just our underwear. Or perhaps a silk robe, sexy pajamas, or lingerie. Often going topless, or even sometimes fully naked. Toweling off in the open after bathing and stuff like that. Gradually our room turned clothing optional. Now we regularly hang together completely nude. Enjoying the thrill of casually exhibiting our bodies to each other. Getting so turned on that we must satisfy our needs a couple times a day now.

We stopped sitting in separate chairs to watch each other masturbate and moved to sitting on the nearby bed now, which feels more comfortable, facing each other. Plus this allows us to skootch up next to each other for a better view.

Across the room our computer still played that subliminal audio track softly in the background, but we long ago stopped paying attention.

One time when I started warming up she asked, “Can I watch you up close?”

I nodded acceptance, so she leaned forward to inspect my pussy, her face only a few inches away, to watch how I played with it. When she exhaled, I felt her breathe between my legs and it drove me wild. It felt more intimate, more exciting with her eyes so close to my bare pussy, intently watching every second I teased myself.

“Damn... so sexy!” She remarked, then offered “You want to try it?” Immediately and without thinking much about it, I eagerly nodded.

So Riley let me kneel between her legs, leaning forward, to watch up close how she guided the dildo into her slippery wet hole. I noticed the sexy scent of her feminine musk. Damn, she was right—Close in like this allowed a great view!

Feeling horny I kept playing with myself as I bent over peering close between her thighs while she pumped the dildo. Teasing myself, growing more and more aroused each moment, closer and closer to the brink.

But then she suddenly stopped and took out the dildo. Confused and a bit dazed—still feeling all horny and aroused—I sat up, wondering why she stopped before the end.

She explained, “I just realized you forgot to suck on this. That looks so hot and I want to watch you do that. Here.” She handed me the dildo.

Accustomed to always slurping it at her request, I reflexively put the dildo in my mouth. It still dripped with her juices but I felt too dazed with arousal to care. Lost in the moment, I went to work sucking her toy.

Holding the dildo with one hand my other hand played with my pussy, but awkwardly, not accustomed to using my off hand. Riley apparently noticed because she offered, “Here, how about I help you?”

Riley reached between my legs. Just soft gentle assistance, like maybe holding open my labia for my fingers. The touch of her hands felt new and odd, but it felt nice too, so I did not complain—besides, my mouth was full.

Growing bolder, she helped more, experimenting, gently rubbing my clit, and then around my vulva. It felt strange with another girl touching my most intimate and private place, but actually it felt marvelous. Anyway, I still felt super horny and too aroused to stop her.

Riley moved my hand aside, out of the way, for better access. Then she really started in rubbing, faster and deeper, probing and learning how to stimulate me. I just leaned back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, letting Riley do everything. Never had I allowed another girl to touch me this way before, but now I cannot believe why not. It feels incredible!

Briefly I did wonder about our recent behavior. Uncertain whether it normal. Was the subliminal audio file somehow making us do this? Listening to it helped us grow hot and ready to masturbate, but maybe the subliminal noises also made us hot for each other? Perhaps our new behavior should seem alarming. Then Riley’s finger circled around my throbbing clit, distracting me, and I lost that train of thought.

She kept playing with me and my attention drifted to focus on her touch, losing myself and completely forgetting whatever I was just thinking about. More and more aroused each minute, nearing the brink. I moaned around the dildo in my mouth, the lingering taste of her still coating it, my pleasure cresting as she masturbated me.

And then finally I climaxed, clenching muscles around her fingers, arcing my back and cumming hard. I never knew how amazing it feels with another girl helping me cum.

From then on, our masturbation proceeded that way. Riley always helped me reach orgasm. Her fingers grew quite talented at pleasuring me. She learned the best ways to tease me, make me all wet and steaming hot, bringing me to the edge and hold me there awhile before finally releasing me to cum.