The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Arousal Inducing Audio

Chapter 4

When we masturbated together, Riley used a dildo, where I used fingers. But no longer my own fingers anymore. Now Riley uses her fingers to masturbate me. Skillfully she pleasures my horny wet pussy.

Boldly she started to explore more parts of my body. Such as groping my breasts and playing with my nipples.

It all felt amazing, so I just allowed it. Too lost in the pleasure to resist her exploration. We reached a sort of unspoken agreement that she may grope or touch or play with any part of me however she wants, without asking my permission first. It feels great!

In return she let me explore her body too. So I curiously tried holding and cupping her big breasts, my fingers finding her firm nipples, gently twisting them. She gasped and urged me not to stop. With her encouragement I began rather aggressively playing with her tits. They must feel sensitive because Riley enjoyed it tremendously. So much fun!

Riley likes watching me lick and suck her dildo—at first I did that just to make it wet for her. Now she makes me clean it off with my mouth after each time she uses it. Secretly I even started to like the taste.

Our masturbation routine now means sitting together nude on the bed, or perhaps laying side by side, playing with each other. Hands roaming, caressing, touching and exploring. And of course, helping each other orgasm.

I loved laying back naked on the bed, Riley leaning over me, spreading my legs wide open for her expert hands to play with my throbbing clit and finger my hungry wet pussy. She loved my fingers inside her too.

Riley did still sometimes like to use the dildo in her pussy, while I lean in to watch up close. My face only a few inches away. One time, just before she eagerly started using the dildo, she remarked “You’ve got to make it wet for me.”

I nodded, but she did not hand the toy over for me to suck and lick. Instead she said “How about you just lick along the dildo while I use it? Just lean forward a little more and stick your tongue out, make it wet as I slide it in?”

Kneeling between her legs, bent over with my face close to her lap, it seemed relatively easy to skootch forward a little more and follow her suggestion, so I did.

She worked the dildo in and out while I licked its length. Though my actions probably did little to make it wetter since I immediately noticed the musky flavor of her juices thoroughly coating the dildo, making it plenty slick enough. Despite the redundancy, I kept licking the dildo all while she used it, enjoying the taste and smell of her filling my senses. She reached a whopping huge orgasm and it felt good to know I helped.

Putting my face into Riley’s lap to slurp the delicious juices dripping from her toy was fun so we did it that way again after that.

Though she did not want the dildo every time. Sometimes, more and more often, she just wanted my fingers and let me lick them while I masturbated her.

One time, she wanted to play with me at the same time. So I laid back as usual and spread my legs for her to play. This time she positioned herself straddling over me, turned the other way and kneeling on each side, sort of squatting directly above me. Laying there, I looked straight up into her pussy and it seemed easy enough to reach my hand up to touch.

We started playing with each other and it felt marvelous. So exciting. As Riley fingered my pussy, she thrust her own hips down onto my hand. Her juices dribbling down my fingers. As usual, I licked them clean. My licking tongue maybe sometimes brushed her flesh slightly. She gasped at that, and thrust her hips harder.

Her fingers felt wonderful inside me and I started to lose myself in the pleasure. Riley also apparently started losing herself in the moment since she began really grinding and bucking her hips, with my face directly beneath her.

The position seemed awkward, sort of cramping up my hand too close to my face. So I pulled out my fingers, moving my hands aside, and I was about to say something when Riley thrust her hips down again, likely seeking my absent fingers and she squatted down low, directly on my face. Almost habitually, my tongue darted out to lick.

Riley groaned, desperate for more, and pushed her pussy toward me more, sort of sitting down onto my face. With the bed beneath, I had nowhere to escape. But all the while, Riley kept expertly fingering my pussy and I felt almost dazed with the pleasure of that, so I just went along.

When my tongue ran along her pussy lips, she went wild, arching her back, thrusting toward my mouth, moaning. I kept licking, enjoying the taste of her lovely nectar straight from the source. Her fingers thrust inside me. My pleasure climbing towards it peak along with her. Feeling an orgasm approaching, closer and closer to the edge.

Just as I started to orgasm, she did too. Squirting onto my face as I shuddered and clenched around her fingers, stronger and more intense than ever. Wow! In that moment I realized for the first time how hot it is to lick pussy.

Masturbating together now includes using our mouths. My tongue laps her pussy. Or we might suckle each other’s nipples. Or kiss, tongues and bodies entangled, hands caressing. I never knew how much fun it feels to hold and kiss a girl! We learn and discover new things about each other and about ourselves every day.

I grow increasingly skilled at licking pussy. Riley loves granting me chances to practice. Straddling above me, she holds my arms and sort of pins me down with her body, making me feel so sexy and helpless while she sits on my face. Usually reaches her hand to masturbate me at the same time, which feels amazing. I just love helping Riley cum by eating her pussy!

Neither of us pays much attention anymore to our computer across the room, or that weird audio file. We no longer need it to grow aroused with each other and watching porn is much less fun than just playing with each other.

Besides, who knows if subliminals even work? Maybe the first few times just happened as coincidence. It’s probably totally unrelated.

But sometimes I wonder if maybe that file somehow helped guide us down the path to our current phase of experimenting and self-discovery. The thought of that, of being controlled or changed by subliminals, does seem rather naughty and exciting for some reason.

Anyway, nothing to worry about. We masturbate and play with each other all the time now. That feels totally normal and healthy. Since it seems harmless, we just leave the audio play quietly in the background and ignore it.