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Synopsis: An archaeological dig unleashes an evil power

The Artefact

Karen settled into her cot with a lot less worry. Her father, Professor Hank Pilkington had done it. He’d uncovered the tomb of Queen Nefertiti IV

The “Eye of Hathor” was the major find. This large amulet of gold gilded on bronze, with a huge green jewel in the centre-piece showed a workmanship that should have been beyond even the most skilled craftsmen of the Seventh Dynasty.

Karen lay on her back staring at the plain white of the tent over her; almost smug in the knowledge that Sir John Stokes would be eating crow when her father appeared before the Royal Society.

John Stokes, Baron Cuthbertson had been a major and vociferous critic of her father. They had both started as friends—meeting in King’s College, Oxbridge. They were both interested in Egyptology.

But the Baron rejected the egyptocentric hyperdiffusionism that Pilkington proffered.

And, as Pilkington progressed to professorship, John Stokes failed to have his own doctoral dissertation accepted.

At that point Stokes, using his enormous family fortune began to undermine belief in the young, unorthodox—and poor professor. Hank had none of the family connections that the 8th Baron Cuthbertson had

It took Hank years to get enough interest in his projected dig. It took several subscriptions from the public till he had his first major trip. It became a cycle… a dig… running out of money… returning to England…. seeking other assistance… returning to Egypt… running out of money… and so on

Now in his twenty-second year of this cycle of poverty and discovery. In between he’d married Elsie Buckett, and fathered three children, Michael, Karen, and Fiona.

Only Karen was interested in her father’s work. And this was the third time she had accompanied him to Cairo.

Karen began to sleep. Immediately she began to dream. A river, cool. Banks steep, leading down to water reeds

Karen found herself naked. The water inviting

She stepped down the steep bank and touched the water with her toe… not to cold; inviting. She slipped into the water. It caressed her and stuck to her like oil.

She heard a woman’s voice. She spun around to see lying on a bed of reeds a dark haired, olive skinned woman. Also, naked

Karen felt an immediate attraction to the woman. The woman spoke to her, without moving her lips

“Hello” she said

“Hello” Karen said, also without speaking

“I am Hathor” the woman smiled, she was a goddess. She spun around to face Karen, with her legs dipping over the side of her raft into the oily water Karen was buoyed by

Then, Hathor opened her legs. Karen gazed at the slit there. Karen had never been a lesbian but she was drawn, forward. She wasn’t swimming but she moved forward, as like metal to a magnet

The hairless slit opened like a mouth. And Karen found herself drawn into it, and it was warm, wet, and inviting. She felt safe

Karen woke up in a cold sweat.

She rose immediately and went to the main tent. She saw the “Eye of Hathor” there on a table amongst her father’s notes. She lifted it into the air before her eyes and gazed at the jewel

She turned and left, with the amulet draped around her neck.

“Father?” she purred. He lay asleep in his cot, still wearing his work clothes. He had collapsed there exhausted, only his boots had been removed.

Hank opened his eyes as his daughter climbed up onto him

“Huh?” he gasped

“I love you” she said, bending over and whispering into his ear.

“Karen?” he gasped still half-awake

She opened up her top, the pendant hanging between her breasts. The jewel glowed. Hank gazed into it

Karen lifted herself up slightly and tugged at her father’s pants.

She took his cock. She lowered herself back down, guiding it into her virginal slit

“Please…. Karen” he gasped, his voice dry and raspy

She took him into her

“Oh, yessssss” she sighed as she was penetrated for the first time.

“Please” her father begged again

Karen was enraptured by the burning feeling she felt between her legs. Her father cried, but his cock remained rigid to her touch

His turgid shaft was lubricated by her flowing juices. She groaned and moaned with delight

“Please” he cried again. He felt his heart racing—his temple pounded

She humped him harder, faster…

Suddenly he came

“Oh, yessss” she cried with delight as she felt his energy pour up into her. She squeezed his cock with her muscles

She came, and then came again

When she came down from her high she looked down at the desiccated, decomposing body that had been her father.

Karen felt alive. She had drained him of energy and it now coursed through her veins.

She had never felt so alive.

She felt a power in her

* * *

There was commotion and consternation when they discovered the remains of the professor

Karen was missing too.

She was already on her way to Alexandria to catch a packet steamer home to England.

Karen felt so alive. She wanted to wreak havoc on mankind, and one man in particular. But for now she felt the hunger grow in her again

On board the steamer she drew a porter to her room. His name was Waleed, and he was an Egyptian. Her eyes bored into his and she imprinted her will upon him.

Waleed’s skin was dark, and course. She made him obey here, simply with a look. She mounted him and rode him—and fed. She fucked him till she drained him

She took his desiccated carcass and pushed him out through a porthole. She again felt so alive. The energy she had bled from the young man was enough to sustain her all the way to Portsmouth… and then she needed to feed again.

In a dark alley-way, the old Tar, Pete had been ashore for only a few hours from a long cross-Atlantic trip. He was fifty-eight but his winkled aged skin made him look much much older.

Karen found him lying on the ground -a recently emptied bottle of gin lying beside him.

She gazed into his eyes and he relaxed as she hitched up her dress and squatted over him. His cock was dirty, like the rest of him and it stung her as she took him into her.

She winced at the feel of it, but she fucked him anyway—she was hungry. And she fed.

In the morning the dust-man, dragging his dust-cart down the alley, cursorily sweeping as he went would find the empty sailor’s uniform, and a powdered grey sand-like material that would give no indication having once been vibrant man-flesh.

Karen made her way to Crinchley Park in Woking, the estate of Baron Cuthbertson.

Ivan Davis, the gate-keeper came out onto Bradford Road to see a young woman standing at the estate’s gates

“Can I help you Miss?” he asked

“I want to go in?”

“And what business would you have…?”

“I want to kill the Baron” she said turning to him

“Alright, Miss” he said, with an audible gulp “You better leave here before I call the watchman!”

“Don’t you get it?” she smiled as she sauntered up to him, “You’re not going to be able to stop me…”

“I…,” he began but he was caught in her gaze.

She smiled as she felt the weakness of his mind—so easy to overcome

“Take me” she whispered into his ear…

He took her hand and lead her back towards his house

“No! Here!” she smiled, hitching up her dress. She turned around and bent over, offering herself to him

The road was a small country lane—and was not busy. There would be no one along this way for some time—but Karen didn’t know that. She didn’t care. She would have fucked him on a busy thoroughfare.

Ivan was in his sixties. He was also rock hard—the first time in a decade. He took off his breaches and pushed into her slick slit.

“Oh, yes… that’s it” she gasped. Suddenly her vaginal muscles clamped down onto his cock, like a hand grabbing him, and she pulled him forward, into her.

He was shocked. He felt her squeeze him deftly

It was too much and he came.

As he did he felt his life run out and into her.

Like the others before him he was still conscious when he was inside her. He had still a sense of self, but no sense of anything else; without a body to feel.

He was simply ‘soul’.

Karen stood up, straightened herself out and looked at the husk that had been her ‘lover’. She could feel his life within her thighs; and she smiled, sensing his confusion.

It would be some hours before the voice was extinguished; as she absorbed his life into her.

Karen went to the gate and leaped over it in a singular effort. She ran up the long tree-lined private pathway that lead from the road to the manor house.

It only took her a half a minute to traverse the mile long stretch.

She was impressed by its size.

She looked about. Her inhuman ability allowed her to sense heat patterns inside the building.

She noticed a singular one in an upstairs room and she went towards it.

Her fingernails extended into talons and she leaped up two stories and dug her nails into the wooden window-sill.

She looked in the lead-lined window and then finding it unlocked slipped inside.

She could smell the human there, but it was not a man.

The Lady Jane Cuthbertson was nineteen. She had just stepped out of the water closet having done her morning’s ablutions.

Wearing only a long linen underdress she was surprised to see the woman standing there, smiling menacingly at her

“Who? Who are you?” Jane said, holding her hands over her already covered privates.

“Who are you?” Karen said

“I… I am Jane, daughter of John Stokes…” she said, wondering why she felt compelled to speak

“I want to know…” Jane began

“Is the Baron around?”

“Yes…” Jane said, “Wh… what’s going on?” She was confused. Karen’s eyes held her fast. They were irresistible. She could not look away.

“Take off your undergarment” Karen said

“I will not!” Jane snapped in protest, but her hands went to work and disrobed herself—as if her hands belonged to someone else.

“What…?” she began to cry as she watched her clothes fall to the floor…

“Come” Karen said as she turned and walked Jane over to the bed.

Karen laid Jane out on the mattress. “Please…” Jane begged

“I’ve never done this with a woman” Karen smiled as she hitched up her dress.

Jane stared in amazement. The slit of Karen’s pussy was long, almost up to her bellybutton. Karen’s sex was hairless.

“Spread your legs” Karen said

Jane complied, and now began to cry. Tears welling up… “Stop making me do this…” she begged.

Karen lifted one of Jane’s legs and slid forward, under it, pressing her cavernous vagina against Jane’s.

Her vagina opened and part of Jane was taken in between Karen’s legs. Karen’s vagina formed a seal over Jane’s sex.

Jane felt something move into her. She didn’t know, but it was Karen’s clit, growing long and hard.

“Oh, yesssss” Karen gasped as she fucked Jane. Jane cried, her virginity broken. She however felt a warmth rush over her.

Soon Jane felt a burning she had never known before.

“Ohhhhhh!” she cried out, and came.

“What on earth!?” John cried from the door. He watched his daughter and Karen scissor, fucking, groaning, coming.

Karen turned to him and her eyes glowed. “Come to me!”

“I will not!” he spat

Karen was surprised. She tried again “Come to me!”

“No!” John yelled

Suddenly Karen saw a pendant around his neck—it was the Ram of Osiris. She spat. She looked down at Jane

“Don’t leave me” Jane begged, thrusting her self up hard against Karen’s pussy.

Karen came. She flooded Jane’s crotch with girl jizz.

Karen got up off the bed and confronted John

She hissed, and she made her nails into talons to kill him

He held the amulet up, the Ankh-shaped protection made her hiss in pain

He stepped back however, luring Karen away from his daughter’s room

Karen shadowed him out down the hall.

John knowing the lay-out of his own house had the advantage. He lead Karen towards the billiards room.

She followed, hissing, but keeping her distance from the amulet.

In the room he glanced about and saw his shotgun

He took it, but he didn’t load it with lead—he knew this would have no effect

“Who are you?” he asked as he stalled

“I am Karen Pilkington… “ she said, “Here to kill you”

“Why?” he asked as he stepped back towards a silver cutlery set.

“You drove my father to despair”

“I heard he died…”

“I killed him…”

“You killed your own father… but you challenge me?” he gasped

“He was weak.. you made him weak!” she said, But her motives were confused.

He suddenly loaded up the shotgun’s mouth with pieces of silver. He turned, and fired

She screamed as the silver pierced her flesh

He ripped the amulet off and drove it into her chest.

The evil force shot out black like oil released from a derrick

It shot up to the ceiling and plastered the surface with its thick black goo

John rushed back to his daughter

“Jane! Jane, my dear?” he wept as he scooped his daughter up into his arms

“Daddy?” she gasped, her mouth dry

“Yes, dear?”

She looked into his eyes, they glowed

She took his hand and ran it over the huge slit between her legs. It opened like another mouth

“Please… Jane…?” he cried

Her transformed self rose up and straddled him

“I want you so bad… daddy” she smiled….

The End