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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC tanned women.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105 for her ideas and input.

The Assassins

Nadine’s New Toy

Part Five

“You are fucking crazy Nadine! What is this?” Vera asked, “Karl will be worried about me!”

“Relax, you are never going to see him again. He is safe at home, if you force me I will eliminate him” Nadine said coldly.

Then the door opened and Robots #1/Jessica and #103/James allowed another Robot to walk in carrying a lunch tray, a redhead. The new Robot created from the Policewoman. Vera looked at her in her shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottom with camel toe and pantyhose under the bottom with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were big and firm 36D and her minidress showed cleavage well. Her skin was tanned bronze like the others. She wore black framed glasses 60s style. Her eyes were fixed and unmoving. Her red hair was in a ponytail. She delivered the tray and bowed and walked out.

“Another perfect Robot. An hour ago she was a Policewoman hahahaha” Nadine said.

“Nadine?! What has happened to you? You never used to be like this?” Vera asked, “How have you become like this? How did you come up with this?”

“Vera I always have wanted this. I wanted to be able to turn women into my Robots. And when I met a scientist who accidently came up with part of my process I used what I knew, and we created the process together. I then robotized her as my first Robot hahahaha. Her name was Cecelia” Nadine said coldly.

“And you brought me here for what Nadine? To help you with them? I need to get back to Karl!”

“Enough Vera! Karl Karl Karl! You will never see Karl again! I brought you here to join me yes, but as one of my Robots” Nadine said as she motioned and

Robots #1/Jessica and #103/James stepped forward and Nadine said, “Take her and prepare her!”

“YES MISTRESS” both Robots responded as they grabbed Vera’s arms and lifted her easily off the floor. Vera was kicking and screaming but she was helpless against the two robotized people. As Robots the process made them 5x stronger. Vera looked at them both and especially at Jessica/#5, and knew she was going to be just like her—a puppet for Nadine. Vera looked at the shiny black minidress, her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Jessica’s grip on her right arm was also like a vice. Vera considered maybe she could trick Nadine to get out of this.

“Wait Nadine! Please maybe I can work for you willingly, please don’t turn me into a robot! Please I………..ack…………” as the Robotized James injected her in the neck with a hypo silencing her. Vera’s eyes went wide and vacant as she shuddered in orgasm as she squirted on the floor as her mind went blank.

Nadine laughed as her Robots silenced Vera.

For Vera some time passed and she found herself still enslaved, laying on a table, looking up at the robotized Jessica/#1 and James/#103. Vera looked at them as they undressed her. She looked at the robotized James, clad in a shiny black PVC suit covering him completely as though a business suit had been dipped in shiny PVC with ankle high combat type boots, matching wrist length gloves. She saw the dildo over his penis. And she was no longer afraid, she wanted to obey.

She looked at the robotized Jessica/#1, her beautiful tanned face, and her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She knew she would soon be one of them. She felt the cum squirt from her as she had thoughts of obeying them. And she felt Jessica shave her sex area as she was being prepared.

She then saw Nadine clad in her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers, high heeled white shoes and wrist length PVC gloves. Her dark hair was pulled into a bun. Vera came at seeing her Mistress and Nadine fondled her saying, “Yes my Robots she is ready…………Vera are you ready to serve me now?”

“yessss Mistress……..” Vera said as they lifted her off the table and carried her to the robotizing area.

Nadine said, “I would love to leave you like this Vera, a Slave, but the injection will be wearing off in a few moments, and you will revert to your stubborn self” as the robots carried the naked Vera up to the robotizing platform.

Vera began coming out of the effects of the drug she was injected with and realized where she was and yelled “No please!!!!” as Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica ignored her and dragged her up to a platform above a chamber. They shackled her wrists to a board and as it raised up a trap door opened and Vera found herself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. She could feel the heat and smelled noxious gases coming from the chamber.

Nadine operated the robotizing controls and she began lowering her in as Vera thrashed around screaming like all the others before her.

Vera was terrified and the two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica stood at attention ignoring her begging and pleading as Vera was thrashing around in panic.

Vera was lowered slowly into the chamber and she could feel the heat and electrical shocks on her feet. As she was lowered this moved up to her thighs then crotch then her whole body as she thrashed around, hard to breathe. “No please………………uh-h-h-h………no!.......………..” as she tried to resist but Vera felt shocks in her head and she finally passed out. Like a puppet on strings she was limp and cum and urine drained from her pussy area.

Hung nearly lifeless in the tube, gas and mist sprayed on her naked body as the shocks continued and her skin began to take on a rubbery texture and the pale Vera began to tan…………….and tan…………….and tan.

A short time later Vera was hoisted out the two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica carried her unconscious and tanned body to a table down below the platform where her limp body was cleaned and dried off, and there she was fitted with a catheter in her urethra to a small drain tube by Nadine and her Robots.

Nadine fondled Vera saying, “You are mine now hahahahaha” as she put an IV device into her left wrist as a new butt plug was forced tightly into her anus. Thong bottom underwear with a high lubed dildo on the inside was on her and pulled tight giving her a camel toe. Black pantyhose were pulled over her bottom and then a long sleeve shiny black PVC/Vinyl minidress was put on her and as it was zipped up her 36DD breasts showed much cleavage. Matching wrist length gloves were put on her along with ankle high stiletto heeled boots. She was placed in a chair her eyes fixed and unmoving. Her long red hair was brushed put in a ponytail.

Vera stared blankly ahead seemingly not hearing her.

She looked beautiful in her shiny minidress outfit with her bronze tanned skin.

Then like the others, Nadine took a needle and stuck it in a place behind Vera’s left ear. She withdrew 2 ml of yellow fluid. Nadine used this fluid to remain young and beautiful forever.

Vera still stared blankly ahead unable to speak or move. The trauma of being robotized left them unable to speak or move for several minutes. Long enough to redress them and place them in the chairs. At last Vera blinked and Nadine said, “Ah you are alert now?”


“Yes my dear. You are no longer Vera, from this point on you are the new Robot #112. You will call me Mistress”


Then Nadine put a pair of the black framed 60s style glasses onto Vera’s face and flipped a switch to “TEST” and the robotized Vera stood and walked through a test program for her new Master. Nadine then flipped the switch to “VOICE/PROGRAM” and she went to obey signals her robotized brain was receiving. Nadine was very pleased.

“Thank you my new Robot………..Well done Robots #1 and #103, I am very pleased” Nadine said as she kissed her Robots, and fondled them.

“Yes ……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her new Robot #112 serviced her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun was a stark contrast to her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her.

The two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica stood at attention guarding Nadine as she was pleasured by the robotized Vera/#112.

* * *

Several weeks passed, and Robot Vera/#112 served Nadine well with her Robot sisters and brother as #103/James was the only male Robot left after others were killed.

Vera/#112 was sent on an assassination mission and was photographed by a witness and her photo ended up in the newspaper.

Karl foolishly began looking for Vera. And when Nadine learned he was in the area of her mansion, asking questions in the local pub, she sent Vera/#112 with Robots Jessica/#1 and James/#103 to eliminate him. She never considered using him as a Robot.

Karl was walking with a female reporter after meeting with a third woman, a very beautiful woman who was “helping” Karl for her own interests. She was trying to locate other missing women including Jessica. Her name was Mel Dedigama and publically was a fashion model. In fact she had her own Robots and Slaves in France and the UK.

Now she sat in her black Audi clad in a sleeveless PVC mistress dress, wrist length PVC gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform PVC boots and sat smoking her odorless cigarettes which were a type of drug which made her strong and immune to some forms of drugs and mind control. Her hair was back and she looked extremely beautiful. She signaled her own Robots, “Robots the husband of one of the missing women is here, he is sure she is one of the tanned Robots and is here. He is a fool and is being very overt, certain to attract the attention of those who took his wife. Stay concealed, and when they show themselves we will follow them and I will make them all mine hahahaha.”

Unseen by most were two ordinary looking vans with six women each inside, all clad in shiny black PVC bodysuits with arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots. They were covered from their necks to their feet in shiny black PVC. They wore belts with devices and there were dildos and devices including guns in their boot tops. They had unusual earrings which were communication devices and they all had their hair down wore headbands which had small antennas. They had golden lips and eyelids. Their faces were blank of all expression and their eyes were covered by mirrored sunglasses/visors which were connected to the headbands. They wore shiny black collars which were seamless and could not be removed. All were fit, extremely fit and athletic types, with small breasts. These Robotized women were created to act as kidnappers, killers and thieves. Mel had other types of Robotized women to serve in other roles. But these Robots were all kidnapped athletes, military, models, porn stars, all women who were super fit already and robotized they were 10x stronger and faster. Some of her Robots were once rival models and supermodels, now obedient Robots. Each Robot was now a skilled assassin and skilled in the use of guns and weapons—as they were programmed. These Robots were more than a match for Nadine’s tanned PVC clad Robots. But was Mel a match for Nadine?

Mel coldly watched as the Robots arrived as anticipated. She watched, smoking her odorless cigarette as two of the three Robots got out of the car—Vera/#112 and James/#103 and she watched as Karl, who recognized Vera, pleaded with her;

“Vera honey? No!” as Vera coldly shot and killed him with her French made 9MM gun and James/#103 grabbed the reporter and put her in the car. As he put her in the car he injected her in the neck to make her cooperative, two more men ran up to help the dying Karl and stop them. Vera/#103 shot one of the men, while James/#103 grabbed the other and snapped his neck easily. Both men fell dead next to the dying Karl whose last word was “Vera……………”

The Robots drove off leaving the three dead men, and Mel followed them in her Audi along with her two vans of Robots.

Mel called her Robots again, “We must stay back or these Robots will see us and report us.”

But as they drove, Jessica/#1 said to James/#103, “THAT FEMALE IS MOST SUITABLE.”



“I WILL NOTIFY THE MISTRESS” James/#103 said but then they seemed to lose them. So he did not report this to their Mistress.

But Mel was no fool, they stayed way back and using her knowledge of the route, knew there was nowhere for them to turn off for a little while.

But when they got to the end of the road, there was no sign of the sedan. Mel knew they must have turned off, up one of the drives into a house between where they pulled back and now. She would backtrack.

The Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica took the reporter to their Mistress Nadine as #112/Vera led the way. They arrived to the main room where Nadine was sitting at a throne-like chair clad in her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot #2/Cecelia pleasured her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun.


The Robots bowed, as Nadine saw the captive, and said, “Well done my Robots, three males dead, including Karl, and a new toy, excellent!”

“YES MISTRESS” all three Robots said simultaneously in their monotone voices.

“Who is this girl?” Nadine said as she looked over the new captive.


“Good and I suppose you took all of her research, camera and so on as well?” Nadine asked.

“NO MISTRESS” James/#103 said.

“Stupid Robots! Slave did you take photos of my Robots and have research in your car or hotel room?”

“yesssss…… and research…… my car” she said, still under the effects of the enslaving drug.

Nadine got up and using a riding crop she had slapped it across the robotized male’s shirt/jacket. SLAP

“Stupid Robots! Now you have to go back there and collect it! You are……..” then she stopped herself, remembering they were robotized and would only do what they were told. Not much more else. “Very well, we will robotize this pretty girl and then you three will go back and get it while Vera pleasures me” Nadine said.

“YES MISTRESS” Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica said bowing.

“You messed up, but you did well to collect this one, she is lovely, next time question the Slave and then collect any evidence BEFORE you leave the area or call me for instructions unless pursued”


“Next time call that in, even if you think it is a false alarm, understood?” Nadine said.

“YES MISTRESS” all three Robots said.

Nadine questioned the French reporter, she was a lovely auburn haired brunette. She looked like Danielle De Metz, a famous French actress and once questioned fully, she was starting to come out of the effects of the drug she was injected so Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica took her up to the robotizing platform and shackled her wrists to a board and as it raised up. The trap door opened and the reporter now free, found herself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. She felt the heat and smelled noxious gases coming below.

Nadine operated the robotizing controls and laughed as she watched the beautiful girl turned into another one of her loyal and obedient Robots.

Her name was Nathalie Duhamel, now Robot #227 clad in a shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottom with camel toe and pantyhose under the bottom with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and her long auburn brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were big and firm 34C and her minidress showed cleavage well. Her skin was tanned like she had been in a tanning booth or went to Hawaii. She had a butt plug in her anus and catheter in her urethra. She had an IV device in her left wrist. She wore black framed glasses 60s style. Her eyes were fixed and unmoving. Nathalie was given her first “duty”, her first order. Five minutes later,

“Yes ……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her new Robot #227 serviced her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun was a stark contrast to her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her.

The two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica stood at attention guarding Nadine as she was pleasured by the robotized Nathalie/#227. Vera/#112 took over the servicing of the Mistress and the three Robots got into a black sedan and headed back to Nathalie’s car.

As they drove Mel and her Robots saw them and she had one of the vans follow them at a distance. Mel stayed there and to avoid being seen on the side of the road drove into one of the drives. She had her Robots take over the house as a temporary base. She found it was being rented as a vacation house and the four women there were easily subdued. Two of them were Americans and two were from the UK. All four were friends and would be models. Mel had distain for them, as she considered them rivals.

She had them robotized, using her own version of the Robotizer in the van. Her Robotizer looked more like a silver vintage hairdryer. Mell had the women placed one at a time in the chair and strapped in against their wills. Then the Robotizer was lowered over their heads and in a short time, their brains not their hair was washed. Washed and reprogrammed as human Robots. The process emitted large amounts of robotizing radiation, so much so any free woman in the van while the Robotizer was in operation would be partially Robotized and it would sterilize and kill a male.

Two of the women were quite big chested, and were robotized into SexBots. Two were smaller chested and fit and added to her Robot type in the van Mel called her Robots and told them to follow the three Robots and make no attempt to capture them—yet. Then Mel examined her new Robots. She thought it unusual the mix of the four women so she examined their belongings. She was stunned to find the women were in fact NOT models, but posing as models. The women were in fact Interpol Agents, who were doing the same thing they were—trying to spy on Nadine’s operation.

Nadine’s Robots tended to capture only beautiful women to turn into Robots, so Interpol sent four of their prettiest Agents to work together and try to infiltrate Nadine’s forces. Even if it meant one of them would be sacrificed/robotized.

Mel laughed as she realized she gained four very skilled Robots, but she had a new problem as Interpol would go after her.

“Robots we will need to destroy all evidence of our time here when we leave, we will use one of the bombs from the van” Mel said.

“YES MISTRESS” one of the robotized Agents said as she waited for the report of her Robots following the van, and examined the information the Agents had acquired on Nadine and her Robots.

* * *

The three Robots #103/James, #1/Jessica and Nathalie/#227 arrived in the black sedan at her car which was now a crime scene.

There were Policewoman all around as they saw the covered bodies of the men on the ground, and there was a single Policewoman near Nathalie’s car.

Nathalie/#227 and James/#103 moved to the car and the Policewoman saw them and she said, “Hold it who are you?”

“THIS IS MY CAR OFFICER” Nathalie/#227 said as they moved closer.

“W-why are you two dressed like that? And those tans? I’m going to………” she said as she started to go for her radio but James/#103 grabbed her covering her mouth as Nathalie/#227 injected her with a hypo in the neck. He then said “YOU WILL ASSIST US. YOU MUST OBEY” as he let her go.

“yesss…..I must obey” as the robotized Nathalie got into her car and recovered the cases with the information in them and they had the Policewoman follow them to their sedan. She got into the back and they drove off.

As Jessica/#1 drove Nathalie/#227 and James/#103 sat with the Policewoman and would use her if they were stopped. Once out of the area they undressed her and prepared her to be robotized. The beautiful brunette Policewoman was cuming as they undressed her and James/#103 told her, “YOU WILL SOON BE ONE OF US.”

“yessss………….one of you” she said as she came hard squirting. The injection made her completely subservient and she wanted to obey them and be one of them.

The Robotized James/#103 saw the van following them in the distance. He called his Mistress as ordered, “MISTRESS THIS IS ROBOT #103 WE HAVE THE DATA AND A SUITABLE FEMALE FOR ROBOTIZATION—A POLICEWOMAN. BUT WE ARE FOLLOWED BY ONE OF THE VANS AGAIN.”

“Stop and engage them, attempt to capture them. I will send additional Robots, signal location” Nadine said.

“YES MISTRESS” James/#103 said as he relayed the command and they stopped.

A small gunfight ensued and then Robots fighting each other, but Nadine’s Robots were outnumbered two to one. They repelled Mel’s Robots, but James/#103 was captured by them when they removed his glasses and he stopped fighting.

The other two escaped with their captive. James/#103 was taken to Mel to be examined.

End Part Five

(To be Continued……….)