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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC tanned women.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105 for her ideas and input.

The Assassins

Nadine Always Wins

Part Four

The cars arrived at the mansion and Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica dragged/carried Felicia by her arms to their Mistress.

Felicia saw her “dead” Robots were walking in naked, they had been brought back/repaired as said. They were being taken to be re-robotized to serve Nadine.

Felicia saw Nadine sitting at a throne-like chair clad in her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun.


Felicia recognized the Robot servicing Nadine as a troublesome Interpol Agent Vienne.

Nadine laughed and said, “I listened to your pathetic begging and whining all the way here. Good thing my Robots are immune to that, I told you Felicia, You would pay for crossing me! You will become one of my Robots now. Don’t you want to beg?”

“Fuck you!” Felicia said spitting at her.

“Yes you will…………take her” Nadine said as she was stripped down and taken to the robotizing platform.

Felicia yelled “No please!!!!” as Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica dragged her up to a platform above a chamber. They shackled her wrists to a board and as it raised up a trap door opened and Felicia found herself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. She could feel the heat and smelled noxious gases coming from the chamber.

Nadine operated the robotizing controls and she began lowering her in as Felicia thrashed around screaming like all the others before her.

Felicia was terrified as she looked up at the Robots and knew she would soon be one of them. She wondered if this would hurt…………if this was going to be like torture………..How could it come to this?

The two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica stood at attention ignoring her begging and pleading as Felicia was thrashing around in panic.

Felicia was lowered slowly into the chamber and she could feel the heat and electrical shocks on her feet. As she was lowered this moved up to her thighs then crotch then her whole body as she thrashed around, hard to breathe. “Nadine.………..uh-h-h-h-h………..” as she tried to resist but Felicia felt shocks in her head and she finally passed out. Like a puppet on strings she was limp and cum and urine drained from her pussy area.

Hung nearly lifeless in the tube, gas and mist sprayed on her naked body as the shocks continued and her skin began to take on a rubbery texture and the pale Felicia began to tan…………….and tan…………….and tan.

A short time later Felicia was hoisted out the two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica carried her unconscious and tanned body to a table down below the platform where her limp body was cleaned and dried off, and there she was fitted with a catheter in her urethra to a small drain tube by Nadine and her Robots.

Nadine fondled Felicia as she put an IV device into her left wrist as a new butt plug was forced tightly into her anus. Thong bottom underwear with a high lubed dildo on the inside was on her and pulled tight giving her a camel toe. Black pantyhose were pulled over her bottom and then a long sleeve shiny black PVC/Vinyl minidress was put on her and as it was zipped up her 36DD breasts showed much cleavage. Matching wrist length gloves were put on her along with ankle high stiletto heeled boots. She was placed in a chair her eyes fixed and unmoving. Her long brown hair was brushed put in a ponytail.

The Belgian woman fondled her new Robot’s big breasts and said, “Oh Felicia I told you never to cross me…….hahahahaha”

Felicia stared blankly ahead seemingly not hearing her.

She looked beautiful in her shiny minidress outfit with her tanned skin like she had been in a tanning booth or Hawaii for two weeks.

Then Mistress Nadine took a needle and stuck it in a place behind Felicia’s left ear. She had done this many times so she knew the exact place by feel. She withdrew 2 ml of yellow fluid. Mistress Nadine was going to use this fluid to remain young and beautiful forever.

Felicia still stared blankly ahead unable to speak or move. The trauma of being robotized left them unable to speak or move for several minutes. Long enough to redress them and place them in the chairs. At last Felicia blinked and the Belgian woman said, “Ah you are alert now?”


“Yes you are my dear, now we are ready to connect your robotized brain to your robotized body”


“Yes my dear. You are no longer Felicia Van der Berg. From this point on you are the new Robot #109. You are a perfect specimen. You will serve me well, you will call me Mistress”


Then Nadine put a pair of the black framed 60s style glasses onto Felicia’s face and flipped a switch to “TEST” and the robotized Felicia stood and walked through a test program for her new Master. Nadine then flipped the switch to “VOICE/PROGRAM” and she went to obey signals her robotized brain was receiving. Nadine was very pleased. The new Robot #109 would give her all of her own assets and Robots.

“Robot #109, call your FORMER Robots and forces and order them to obey me, AND turn over all assets to me” Nadine said laughing.

She dialed the number as instructed and said, “THIS IS YOUR MISTRESS FELICIA VAN DER BERG……………YES FROM THIS POINT FORWARD YOU WILL ALL OBEY NADINE VA…….” She continued giving orders and ended with “THIS ORDER CANNOT BE UNDONE” the Robotized Felicia then turned over all her assets and bank accounts to her new Mistress as this portion of her memory and mind was intact, she was simply controlled.

“Thank you my new Robot………..Well done Robots #1 and #103, I am very pleased” Nadine said as she kissed her Robots, and fondled them.

Five minutes later,

“Yes ……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her new Robot serviced her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun was a stark contrast to her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her.


As Nadine was pleasured, her loyal and obedient Robots #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica stood guard over their Mistress.

The next day, squads of Felicia’s former Robots arrived and were supplementing her security. All beautiful blondes, brunettes and redheads, each staring blankly ahead, clad in a super shiny latex minidresses with stiletto heeled platform boots, matching arm length gloves and they each held UZIs with silencers.

Nadine inspected her growing Robot empire and wanted more.

Nadine heard from her friend Vera. Vera and she had always been close—very close and had been friends since grade school in Belgium. But as Nadine became involved with her Robots she had drifted from Vera.

Vera was married to Karl, and Vera and Nadine grew up together, went to the same school, shared all each other’s little secrets, and were on the same swim team where Vera was the better of the two. Vera got married while Nadine stayed single. Her husband Karl was good friends with free Nadine and they had no kids.

Vera was about the same height as Nadine 5′2″/1.70 MT and very athletic. She was a beautiful redhead and just had her teeth done. She was a paralegal at a law firm.

But now Nadine wanted to add Vera to her Robot army.

She sent her Robots to collect Vera. As for Karl she did not want him around, so he was to be killed if he interfered, otherwise he was to be left alone.

Vera was shopping alone when she was grabbed by Robots #1/Jessica and James/#103. She struggled but they were incredibly strong. They easily put her in the back of a black sedan and they drove off.

Vera looked looked at the robotized James, clad in a shiny black PVC suit covering him completely as though a business suit had been dipped in shiny PVC with ankle high combat type boots, matching wrist length gloves. He had thong underwear like the females with a butt plug and hollow dildo over his penis. His skin was tanned like she had been in a tanning booth or gone to Hawaii. He had a catheter in his urethra and an IV device in his left wrist. His eyes were fixed and unmoving. His grip on her left arm was like a vice.

Vera looked at the robotized Jessica, Vera recognized her as a missing model/porn star clad in a shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottom with camel toe and pantyhose under the bottom with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were big and firm 36D and her minidress showed cleavage well. Her skin was tanned like James like she had been in a tanning booth or went to Hawaii. She had a butt plug in her anus and catheter in her urethra. She had an IV device in her left wrist. She wore black framed glasses 60s style. Her eyes were fixed and unmoving. Jessica’s grip on her right arm was also like a vice.

She saw two more of the tanned women were in the front of the car.

“Who are you? Where are you taking me! The Police will stop you!” Vera pleaded.


“Who are you working for? Who is making you do this?” Vera asked.

Then Vera heard an intercom open in the car, “Vera you will be at my mansion soon, I will explain everything to you.”

“Nadine??!!! You are behind this?! What are you……….” Vera said as there was a HISSSSSSSS and a gas filled the back seat of the car. The Robots were unaffected, but Vera fell fast asleep.

“My Robots ensure she is undamaged. When you arrive undress her and lay her in my bed” Nadine commanded.


Ironically enroute a Policewoman had pulled the car over based on a report of a previous kidnapped woman and the Policewoman was subdued and now sat in the front seat of the sedan, soon to be a new Robot as well. She was cuffed with her own handcuffs and like Vera put to sleep by gas. The redhead would make a beautiful Robot for Nadine.

An hour later,

Vera awoke naked, in the bedroom of Nadine, she was the two Robots who captured her guarding the door.

“Where the hell are we?” Vera demanded.

They ignored her, but she heard Nadine as she walked in clad in her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers and Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun. Nadine said, “In my bedroom in my mansion Vera, where you belong”

End Part Four

(To be Continued……….)