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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC tanned women.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105 for her ideas and input.

The Assassins

Robots Are Devoid of Sentiment

Part Three

As the Robots drove they were spotted by a Police car. They were then pursued by the Police who were firing at the sedan.

Robot #101/Emma was in the passenger seat with a machine gun and aimed out the window firing back at the Police car. She was hanging out the door pretty far firing the gun when she was hit by the Police gunfire and fell out the window onto the road. The sedan drove on leaving the dead Emma on the road. The Police crashed their car but recovered the body of the dead Emma.

Robot #103/James felt nothing as they drove off.

But they left her body and evidence of what she was behind.

Nadine was there as she slapped James, “You stupid Robot! You left Robot #101 behind! The Police will figure out who and WHAT she is and may trace her back to me!”

“YES MISTRESS. I FAILED YOU” Robot #103 coldly said.

Nadine grabbed his cock in his PVC pants and said, “Perhaps not #103. She could still serve a purpose even in Death………..follow me my Robot” and he obeyed.

Nadine programmed a series of commands into the signals sent to the dead Emma’s glasses. If anyone handled them or put them on they would become a puppet, like a robot and be controlled by them.

At this moment, an Interpol Agent was examining Emma’s dead body. She was introducing herself to the Spanish Police, “I am Agent Vienne Catrin of the French Interpol…………This woman she is a missing American woman?” As they talked she picked up the black framed glasses and said, “These glasses are strange…… thick and out of style, very retro………..” but she put them on her face. She then managed to say, “They seem like……………………………”

“Seem like what Agent Catrin?”

“Nothing…………….I wish to continue this examination undisturbed………………”

“Oh okay, be sure to put the glasses back in the evidence pouch Agent Catrin I will be in the other room. Call me if you need assistance” the Policewoman said puzzled.

“Yes I will………………” she said robotically.

As Nadine was moaning as her favorite male Robot was pleasuring her as she saw the display light up she knew her plan worked.

She switched the control to “VOICE” and said, “Listen to me you must obey my voice and commands you are receiving. Eliminate all evidence and report to me at once to be robotized. Destroy the body and devices, or take them. Leave no evidence of her there. Erase all files, kill anyone who tries to stop you. Obey my commands” Nadine said as she moaned again as she continued to be serviced by her Robot #103/James.

Agent Catrin said softly, “I will obey” as she picked up the devices, gun and cell phone and pocketed them and she pulled a small hypo from the black PVC outfit and injected Emma’s dead body with it. Her body and outfit disintegrated. Agent Catrin went out wearing the glasses. She was stopped by the Policewoman at her car, “Agent Vienne you are wearing the evidence and where is the body?”

Agent Vienne said nothing, just stared blankly ahead.

“Yes yes……..yes……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her Robot #103/James pleasured her with his tongue at her pussy. Her short dark hair in a bun was a stark contrast to her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Slave pleasured her.


“Yes my Robot yes………” as Mistress Nadine came hard as she said, “My Robot……..that Emma woman was nothing………….I am your Mistress……”

Vienne sat naked in her cell as the cell door opened and Nadine flanked by Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica walked in and they took Vienne out picking her up by her arms as she resisted them.

Nadine smiled and laughed saying, “Welcome Agent Vienne Catrin of French Interpol, apparently you disposed of the evidence of my dead Robot quite well and now you will be taking her place”

“Va te faire foutre!” (Fuck you!)

“Yes you will, but not until you are one of my Robots hahahahha” Nadine said as Vienne looked at the Belgian woman with short dark hair clad in a shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers. High heeled white shoes and wrist length PVC gloves. Her dark hair was pulled into a bun.

Vienne felt strange it was like Nadine was looking through her. Like she wanted to devour her. She smelled a strange smell of latex and sex……….

Nadine fondled Vienne and Vienne yelled “No please!!!!” as Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica dragged her up to a platform above a chamber. They shackled her wrists to a board and as it raised up a trap door opened and Vienne found herself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. She could feel the heat and smelled noxious gases coming from the chamber.

Nadine operated the robotizing controls and she began lowering her in as Vienne thrashed around screaming.

Vienne was terrified as she looked up at the Robots and knew she would soon be one of them.

The two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica stood at attention ignoring her pleas as Vienne was thrashing around.

Vienne was lowered slowly into the chamber and she could feel the heat and electrical shocks on her feet. As she was lowered this moved up to her thighs then crotch then her whole body as she thrashed around, hard to breathe. “no………..uh-h-h-h-h………..” as she tried to resist but Vienne felt shocks in her head and she finally passed out. Like a puppet on strings she was limp and cum and urine drained from her pussy area.

Hung nearly lifeless in the tube, gas and mist sprayed on her naked body as the shocks continued and her skin began to take on a rubbery texture and the pale Vienne began to tan…………….and tan…………….and tan.

A short time later Vienne was hoisted out the two Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica carried her unconscious and tanned body to a table down below the platform where her limp body was cleaned and dried off, and then she was fitted with a catheter in her urethra to a small drain tube by Nadine and her Robots. An IV device was clamped into her left wrist as a new butt plug was forced tightly into her anus. Thong bottom underwear with a high lubed dildo on the inside was on her and pulled tight giving her a camel toe. Black pantyhose were pulled over her bottom and then a long sleeve shiny black PVC/Vinyl minidress was put on her and as it was zipped up her 36DD breasts showed much cleavage. Matching wrist length gloves were put on her along with ankle high stiletto heeled boots. She was placed in a chair her eyes fixed and unmoving. Her long auburn brown hair was brushed put in a ponytail.

The Belgian woman fondled her new Robot’s big breasts and said, “Now you are mine! You will serve me this way for a hundred years you see you will never age now my dear Vienne”

Vienne stared blankly ahead seemingly not hearing her.

She looked beautiful in her shiny minidress outfit with her tanned skin like she had been in a tanning booth or Hawaii for two weeks.

Then Mistress Nadine took a needle and stuck it in a place behind Vienne’s left ear. She had done this many times so she knew the exact place by feel. She withdrew 2 ml of yellow fluid. Mistress Nadine was going to use this fluid to remain young and beautiful forever.

Vienne still stared blankly ahead unable to speak or move. The trauma of being robotized left them unable to speak or move for several minutes. Long enough to redress them and place them in the chairs. At last Vienne blinked and the Belgian woman said, “Ah you are alert now?”


“Yes you are my dear, now we are ready to connect your robotized brain to your robotized body”


“Yes my dear. You are no longer Vienne Catrin from this point on you are the new Robot #101. You are a perfect specimen. You will serve me well, you will call me Mistress”


Then Nadine put a pair of the black framed 60s style glasses onto Vienne’s face and flipped a switch to “TEST” and the robotized Vienne stood and walked through a test program for her new Master. Nadine then flipped the switch to “VOICE/PROGRAM” and she went to obey signals her robotized brain was receiving. Nadine was very pleased. The new Robot #101 was a trained Interpol Agent and her beauty was great. She had her resign to prevent someone from coming to look for her. Then she examined her new Robot more closely………..

“Yes yes……..yes……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her new Robot serviced her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun was a stark contrast to her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her.


As Nadine was pleasured, her loyal and obedient Robots #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica stood guard over their Mistress.

A rival to Nadine was arriving at the airport where her security force met her. The rival was a woman who had her own process for turning women into robots and into Sex Dolls. She had crossed Nadine and Nadine promised her “Je zal boeten omdat je mij hebt tegengewerkt. Je zal een van mijn robots worden” (You will pay for crossing me! You will become one of my Robots!)

As the woman named Felicia Van der Berg and she stole ideas from Nadine and promised to share her processes with her. But then she left her and had one of her Robots try to kill her;

Nadine arrived at a designated meeting place with two of her Robots. She was to meet Felicia to try to finalize a deal. But instead of Felicia there was a beautiful brunette staring blankly ahead, clad in a super shiny latex minidress with stiletto heeled platform boots—shiny black ones with 8″ heels giving her 6 inches to her height. She had matching arm length gloves and she held a gun with a silencer.

She was clearly robotized and she was ordered to kill Nadine. She fired several times and Nadine’s Robots blocked the fire, the bullets striking their long sleeve shiny black PVC/Vinyl minidresses and bouncing off. The Robots then fired and dropped the rival Robot with their own guns. They took the wounded Robot back and questioned her and Nadine rewarded her by re-robotizing her as one of her Robots.

But Nadine was now angry and wanted revenge for the betrayal and Nadine always got what she wanted.

Now Felicia exited the plane and got into a heavily armored limousine. With her were six robotized females, all beautiful blondes and brunettes, each staring blankly ahead, clad in a super shiny latex minidresses with stiletto heeled platform boots, matching arm length gloves and they each held UZIs with silencers. The Chauffer and the woman next to her were dressed in erotic parodies of a chauffeur’s outfit. It was shiny black latex, with a jacket that highlighted by enhanced cleavage. Topped off with a small hats and miniskirts, wrist length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots.

As the limousine drove, she was followed by two black sedans. In them were nine of Nadine’s Robots led by Robots #103/James and #1/Jessica. Robot #103/James called on his special Cell Phone, “MISTRESS WE ARE FOLLOWING THE LIMOUSINE. THE TARGET IS INSIDE MISTRESS………..YES MISTRESS WE ARE READY”

“Proceed” Nadine said, “Capture her and bring her to me my Robots.”

“YES MISTRESS” Robot #103 said as he hung up and told the driving Robot, “ACCELERATE AND FORCE THEM OFF THE ROAD.”

After a short battle, there were eight dead or dying Robots of Felicia’s and Felicia sat in the back seat of the lead sedan between Robot #103/James and Robot #1/Jessica. The other Robots cleaned up the “mess” and eliminated any evidence of a battle.

In the back seat Felicia looked at them. Felicia looked at the robotized James, clad in a shiny black PVC suit covering him completely as though a business suit had been dipped in shiny PVC with ankle high combat type boots, matching wrist length gloves. He had thong underwear like the females with a butt plug and hollow dildo over his penis. His skin was tanned like she had been in a tanning booth or gone to Hawaii. He had a catheter in his urethra and an IV device in his left wrist. His eyes were fixed and unmoving. His grip on her left arm was like a vice.

Felicia looked at the robotized Jessica, clad in a shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottom with camel toe and pantyhose under the bottom with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were big and firm 36D and her minidress showed cleavage well. Her skin was tanned like James like she had been in a tanning booth or went to Hawaii. She had a butt plug in her anus and catheter in her urethra. She had an IV device in her left wrist. She wore black framed glasses 60s style. Her eyes were fixed and unmoving. Jessica’s grip on her right arm was also like a vice.

Felicia then looked at the other women in the car and she knew her fate since they did not kill her.

“Please!!! Let me go!!! What are you going to do to me?” Felicia pleaded but they ignored her.

“I know who you are” she said to Jessica, “Please let me go! You killed my Robots!”

“NO. THEY WILL BE REPAIRED. THEY WILL JOIN US” Robot #103/James finally said coldly in a monotone.

“But they are dead?”

“THEY WILL BE REPAIRED” he coldly said.

She tried to break free but they were too strong. “Please where are you taking me?”


“No!!!!!!” Felicia said as she looked at them and remembered what Nadine told her, “Je zal boeten omdat je mij hebt tegengewerkt. Je zal een van mijn robots worden” (You will pay for crossing me! You will become one of my Robots!)

All the way to the mansion, Felicia was crying and begging to be set free.

Nadine sat clad in her shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers which were unzipped while her Robot pleasured her. “Yes yes……..yes……Ah-h-h-h-h” Mistress Nadine moaned as her new Robot #101/Vienne serviced her. Nadine still wore her short dark hair in a bun.


Nadine laughed as she listened to an open microphone in the car to Felicia’s begging. She was pleased with her robots and that they were bring her one of her longest rivals to be robotized.

End Part Three

(To be Continued……….)