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Athenian Beauty For A Jock Bully

October 2008
Classifications: m/f male dominant, mc, humiliation,


A Greek foreign college exchange student falls for a trap, as she accepts the invitation to go to another female student’s house for lunch, thinking that the girl was grateful for saving her neck from a college jock harassing her when in reality the whole thing was a set up. The supposedly gateful girl drugs her drink and puts her under hypnosis, making her become an obedient slave to the first person she sees—the proud college jock whom she had stood up to.

Athenian Beauty For A Jock Bully

Diana Papadopoulus slammed her locker. Across the hallway she saw a tall male student dressed up cornering a much smaller female student. Diana was furious. Even in college students picked on other students. Diana was a Greek student studying in this American college, in Boston, New England. She was originally from Athens. Standing over at 6 feet tall, Diana could pass for a female athlete but she was in fact an IT student. She had olive complexion, long black hair, sky blue eyes and very sexy and slim too, at the age of 25. But guys who gave her the wolf whistles tend not to do it twice as she was known to be physically fit and even was a black belt in some martial art. Those guys who wolf whistled at her ended up being black-and-blued on the face and she remained single as American male students were not her type. Diana walked over to that male student and female student.

“Hey leave here alone,” Diana called out. Her blue eyes piercing at the male student. The female student was being pinned against her own locker, as his hands were on her shoulder. “Well well well. If it isn’t Wonder Woman, champion of women’s rights worldwide,” the male student mocked. Wonder Woman was fictional Greek heroine icon. The male student was a jock named David. He stood tall at 6 feet 5. He had a large body frame; wide shoulders, quite pale which was unusual for a jock, short cropped red hair, green eyes and wore his football jersey. He was known to intimidate younger and smaller students. the female student he was pinning against her own locker was a Filipina-American student named Kristin. Kristin was short at 5 foot 9 and very slim and skinny too. Many other students told her that she resembled a CNN anchor woman and reporter named Kristi Loo Stout. David released his hands on Kristin and then gave his full attention towards Diana. “Did he hurt you?” Diana asked Kristin. Kristin walked away, afraid and intimidated by the jock’s presence. “Now look what you made her do,” David laughed. “Not all of us are intimidated by you you jock,” Diana shot back at him. “Hey no one talks to me that way. Do you know who I am?” David was coming towards her. Before David could lay a hand on her, Diana moved very quick. She kicked him in the balls, jammed her feet at his right knee cap and came up behind him, pulling his left arm backwards at a certain angle. She has David, telling him, “I’m a black belt you asshole. Don’t you ever think you can touch me and harass me like you do everyone else. Ever,” Diana said, as she let go of him and walked away. “You will pay for this you bitch,” David screamed. He just humiliated her. He was going to take revenge.


2PM. Friday. Diana knocked at Kristin’s front door. It was a student accommodation. The front door opened. Kristin stood on the doorway. “Hey glad you could make it. Come in,” Kristin letting her through. Kristin led her to the lounge room, which also was the dining room as the dining table was there, adjoined to the kitchen too. Diana sat down. “So I shall make us pizza,” Kristin smiled, as she was headed towards the kitchen. “You know Kristin you really don’t have to do this. It was my pleasure to stand up for nice girls like yourself who can’t defend themselves from bigger bullies like those jocks,” Diana called back. “Do you want some coffee while I make this pizza?” Kristin called out. “Yes please do,” Diana shouted back her reply. Kristin switched the kettle on, boiling water for coffee. Diana was sat looking around the lounge, “You have a nice lounge Kristin. And all your housemates left for the holidays huh,” Diana staring at the lounge wall, seeing a poster of some American Football Players. The Red Socks they were called. Before Diana could look around, Kristin came up to her, carrying a saucer with a cup on it. “Your coffee,” Kristin handing the cup and saucer to Diana. “Thanks,” Diana taking it. “Drink up. It’s not that hot. I am going to check up on the pizza,” Kristin walked away. Diana slowly sipped her coffee. It tasted very nice. Sweet but in a strange addictive way. She drank it all up, instantly placing the cup and saucer on a nearby table. Diana realised that Kristin stood right in front of her. Kristin was swinging a pendulum in front of her eyes. “Hey Krist didn’t see you there,” Diana sounded funny and looked funny. Like as if she had been drugged.

Diane kept on shifting her gaze, trying to follow the swinging pendulum’s movement. “As you concentrate on this swinging pendulum, you will empty your mind. Your mind will re-programme itself for a new function,” Kristin spoke in a hypnotic tone. Diana kept on looking at the swinging pendulum. “You are getting sleepy. You want to close your eyes,” Kristin spoke. Diane closed her eyes, but her ears still listening to the brainwashing voice of someone she thought was her friend. Kristin’s boyfriend, a white Blond male jock, joined her in the lounge. She obviously lied to Diana that they were all alone. “Hey beautiful what’s up,” the jock kissed Kristin on the cheeks. “Will you just shut the fuck up Jason and let me concentrate,” Kristin whispered to him. Kristin was actually a cheerleader and lied to Diana the first time they met, that she was a law student. Diana couldn’t have known as college was just way to big for her to spend her whole day travelling around. “Diana I will count to ten. When I do count to ten, I will snap my finger. When you open your eyes and consciousness, you will still be yourself but you will obey the first person you see and do whatever that person tells you to do,” Kristin continued. Kristin gazed at her Blond jock boyfriend Jason, “Darling time to tell our friend to get his ass over here,” Jason kissed Kristin one more time on the cheek and said, “Pronto my Queen.” Jason rushed up the student accommodation stairs. Diane remained sat, her eyes closed. Kristin smiling at her victim, wickedly.

Five minutes later Jason entered the lounge, with David. David licked his lips. “Oh my God it really is Wonder Woman,” Jason looking up and down Diana’s sexy body. “You won’t have to worry about her fighting against you back anymore. Now where is the Five Hundred Dollars you promised me?” Kristin asked. David took out his wallet, handing a $500 note to Kristin. Kristin happily took it. She was also a business student and money was important if a female student didn’t want to whore herself around all the time. “Now I shall continue making her your obedient slave. Jason go behind her chair. David stood in front of her,” Kristin suggested. David stood two feet from Diana. Jason was behind Diana. Kristin walked behind Diana as well, still talking loud for her to hear, “Diana I am going to count to ten. When I count to ten, I will snap my fingers. You will wake up and obey the first person you see. One Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Right. Nine. Ten,” Kristin counted. She snapped her fingers. Diana woke up and gasped in horror. David stood in front of her.

“Oh my God what are you doing here?” Diana screamed at him. Diana got up from her seat and then David said to her, “Stand there and don’t move you bitch,” David ordered. Diana stood there. She was puzzled. Why was she obeying this jerk? “Now come to the middle of the lounge,” David instructed her. Diana followed him. As Diana stood in the middle of the lounge, she saw Kristin and another jock which she did not recognised. She realised the truth. The whole thing was a set up from the start and that Kristin inviting here was actually a trap for her. David walked all around his Greek slave. “Well I guess this is Un-Independence Day for you. This is not a democracy. You are my slave. Is that understood,” David pacing all around her, taunting her. Diana wanted to fight back but couldn’t. She was in some sort of spell. And she didn’t want to speak but she responded against her own will, “Yes…master,” Diana stuttered. “You will not try to run away for me nor ask anyone to help you out nor tell them that you are my loyal slave. And I can also do anything I want with you. Now take off those clothes,” David commanded. “Yes master,” Diana responded. Diana stripped off all her clothes until they were all on the floor. Diana was completely naked. David could see how fit she was and that she had black pubic hair. David went to where Diana was originally sat and sat down. “Slave crawl here to me and give me a blowjob,” David commanded. “Yes master,” Diana answered, in defeat. As she slowly dropped down to her knees and then on all fours, she slowly crawled like a dog towards her jock master. “Quick, get the camcorder from my room,” Kristin ordering Jason.

As Diana finally reached David’s legs, Kristin handed Jason a can of beer, saying, “Drink up. Your day is just getting started.” Diana’s face was towards David’s zipper. “Use your teeth to pull the zipper down you slut,” David looked down at his slave. Diana used her teeth to pull his zipper down. Jason finally arrived, turning the camcorder on and starting to film all this. “Make sure you get all of this Jason. This is something I would like to watch again and again,” David broke out in cynical laughter. After Diana pulled his zipper down, she pulled down his brief and started sucking on his large cock. His cock filled up her whole jaw. She was rubbing his cock, making sure that he was going to ejaculate into her normally-argumentative mouth. She was drinking all his sperm, like as if it was orange juice. “I know that you South European types normally don’t go for us North European descended types but for you that is going to change,” David putting his hand on Diana’s head, keeping her in her place. “Well you know what they say. Red haired men love fucking raven-haired Mediterranean women,” Kristin opening up her own can of beer, chuckling at her own joke and started sipping. Her boyfriend Jason laughed at his girlfriend’s joke. “Ah yes keep it up,” David pushing Diana’s head down. He made her suck him off on her knees for over half-an-hour. “Ok stop. There is something else I want you to do,” David commanded. Diana was grateful. Her jaw was aching from his large cock.

David led Diana by her hand, towards the dining table. There was nothing on it. He slowly bent her upper body over the table, making her show her ass towards all three of them. David eyed her ass. He spanked her really hard. His friends once told him that Greek women didn’t let man fuck them on their asses. Not their own husbands. “Is it true that Greek women don’t do anal sex?” David asked. “Yes master,” Diana answered, as her face was facing the table. “Is it true that if a man did try fucking a Greek woman, especially an Athenian woman, that they would scratch his eyes out,” David asked. “It is true master. We Athenian women are proud of ourselves. We will defend ourselves and not let ourselves get bullied,” Diana whimpered, as she answered. “Well that is about to change,” David mocked his slave as he thrust his cock into her ass. As he started pumping her, she started screaming. In agony. In pain. “Now scream in Greek and act like you would act if you were being helplessly raped by a man,” David said. “This is going to be good,” Kristin walked towards the dining table. Jason went there too, zooming the camera, to both Diana’s face and her ass. Diana screamed. She screamed in her own language. David was flooding her ass cheeks, with his cum. David had his hands pulling at her long black hair like as if she were only a horse. David rammed her ass faster and harder for over twenty-five minutes. As he got off her, Jason quickly went behind her asshole and filmed Jason’s sperm oozing out of her asshole. “I guess this is one Greek woman who loves having Nordic cock up her ass,” Jason chuckling at his own joke.

8PM. Diana was dressed up in a French maid outfit, serving food on the table. David, Jason, Kristin and four other Jocks were sat down. A jock named Anthony shouted at to David, “So how much was it that I owed you?” Anthony asked David. “The wager was $700 I believe,” David answered. David wagered with Anthony that he could turn Diana into his bitch. The same tough Diana who took shit from nobody. “Look if you let us all share in this fun I’ll pay you $800. How about that?” Anthony smiled. “You’re on,” David winked. As Diana served them food, many of the guys fondled with her large olive breasts and patted her on the ass. Once they all finished dinner, they were all going to have fun with Diana.

9PM. Jason was sat on one of the sofa chair, as Kristin was giving him a loving blowjob. David stood by. He was letting his four other friends have fun with Diana and that she was to obey all of them. The first jock to have a go at Diana was Anthony. Anthony pushed Diana towards the dining table. ordering her, “Take off your clothes,” Diana took off all her clothes, fully aware of what she was doing. She hated every minute of it. Once she was naked,. He carried her whole body and slowly slammed her back towards the dining table. She lied her back and her legs hung on the air, spread out. Anthony shoved his cock up her cunt, fucking it while squeezing her breast really hard. Diane screamed as Anthony taunted her, “You like that don’t you bitch .” He slapped her breasts a couple of times. His cock was shaking up her entire body. After flooding her cunt with his cock, he pulled out his cock. Two jocks by the name of Jim and John came. Jim was a tall and muscular Norwegian-American nd John was a tall and muscular African-American. Jim told John, “I take her mouth and you take her ass.” Jim came up to her face. As Diana’s head rested next to the side of the table, he was shaking his cock right in front of her face. He was ejaculating and covering her beautiful face with his cum. John on the other hand raised her ass over the edge of the table. He pushed his cock up her ass, fucking it while holding her legs high in the air. John and Jim were finished with her. The fourth jock was Ricko, a Hispanic-America. “I just want to squeeze those tits.” Ricko came up to her as she still lied her back on the table top. Ricko’s hands groped both her breasts, squeezing them really hard. Diane screamed, with her face already covered in cum. Even her asshole and cunt were coated with white cum. White sticky cum. All her male fuckers were Americans and so an American experience. After squeezing her boobs and pulling at her nipples for over thirty minutes Ricko let go.

10PM. Diana still lied her back on the table like some used up object. The six jocks and Kristin stood next to her. “You know what I was thinking you guys,” David said. “What?” John asked. “Since Kristin’s housemates are only coming back next week how about we have a party. Tomorrow night. Party like there is no tomorrow,” David chuckled as he could already tell from Diana’s face that he was causing her so much agony. “And we already have tomorrow’s entertainment.”

11PM. All the jocks already left home. Diana .was taking shower inside the bathroom, with her master David. She was bathing and cleaning him and herself up. As Diana had no boyfriend no one was going to come looking for her. Not even her housemates whom she wasn’t close to. Kristin and Jason were having sex in Kristin’s bedroom. Neither Jason nor David were her housemates but often came.

12PM David and Diana were on the sofa. Diana was on all fours while David was happily fucking her ass and groping at her breasts. The lights were switched off and David enjoyed fucking his new slave. As Diana was getting fucked, her mind wandered off. Tonight was the beginning of her bad ordeals. Tomorrow was going to be worst. She wept.