The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Sonya Esperanto


Email Status: Valid as of February 2006

Story Codes Added Updated
Athenian Beauty For A Jock Bully mc mf md hm 19 Oct 2008
Babysitter Becomes A Slave mc mf md be 28 Sep 2008 11 Jan 2009
The ‘Beating Winter’ Deception mc mf md 19 Oct 2008
Blond Foreign Gods Sold to Brunet Gothic Devils mc mm mf md fd hm 24 Jan 2009
Dinner at Soraya’s mc mf fd hm 02 May 2010
Doggy Mommy For The School Bully mc mm mf md hm be bd 28 Sep 2008 16 Nov 2008
Don’t Mess With Raging Rodents mc mf md hm be bd 19 Oct 2008
Emmanuel and Sean’s Mom mc mf md in 09 Apr 2006
English Girl’s Revenge mc mf fd hm 19 Mar 2006
Ex-Girlfriend Under Mind Control mc mf md hm bd 19 Oct 2008
Fairmaiden Under Mind Control mc mf ff md fd hm cb 02 Apr 2006
Fall of a Devout Boy mc mf fd hm bd ft 19 Oct 2008 29 Nov 2008
Fall of the Anti-Amerikaners mc mf mm md bd 19 Oct 2008
German Slaves mc mf fd bd hm 17 Apr 2010
Greek Girl’s Fun mc ff hm be 26 Mar 2006
Gypsy Style Vengeance mc mf fd hm bd 19 Oct 2008
Humiliation Of A Vampire Slayer mc mf md hm 19 Oct 2008
Libyan Girl Bully’s Slave mc ff bd hm rb 28 Sep 2008 19 Oct 2008
Lucky Day to Be in Sweden mc mf md be 19 Mar 2006
Ms Americana Fallen mc mf md hm cb bd 19 Mar 2006
Ms Americana: Programmed to Obey mc mf md cb 05 Mar 2006
Ms Americana: The Mistake mc mf md cb 05 Mar 2006
Ms Americana’s Descent mc mf md be cb 13 Mar 2010
Owned Teacher mc mf md ft 02 Apr 2006
Persian Bitch For An Arab Master mc mf md bd 29 Nov 2008
A Persian Princess Falls mc mf md bd hm 19 Oct 2008
Persian Style Vengeance mc mf mm md be 19 Feb 2006 05 Mar 2006
Remote Control Mommy mc mf md rb 02 May 2010
A Russian Policewoman Becomes A Slave mc ff hm 19 Oct 2008
Russian Slave for an American Master mc mf md hm bd 07 Dec 2008
Slave Wife for the Loan Sharks mc mf md hm bd be 16 Nov 2008
Tim and Nita mc mf fd bd hm 25 Apr 2010
Tough Cop To Scaredy-Whore mc mf md hm be 19 Oct 2008
Tutor Being Tutored: Weekend Sleepover mc mf md hm 20 Mar 2010
Tutored Being Tutored mc mf md ft 19 Oct 2008
Venezuelan College Student with Two Blonde Danish Slaves mc mf md hm be bd 08 May 2010
Whoring in Manila mc ff mf fd md hm bd 19 Oct 2008
Y Chromosome mc mf md 09 Apr 2006