The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Adam Lily


Email Status: Valid as of November 2014

Story Codes Added Updated
Adam at the Arcade mc mm mf fd 05 Dec 2015
After Work mc mf mm fd 10 Oct 2015
After Work: Into the Fold mc mm fd ex hm 03 Sep 2016
Andi’s Escape mc mf ff md fd hm 12 Dec 2015
Animal Husbandry mc mf ff md in be 27 Jul 2019
At Work mc mf fd hm 17 Oct 2015
Atta Girl mc mf md ma hm ex 24 Oct 2015
Becca at the Bar mc mf md ex hm 12 Nov 2016
Camille’s Investment mc mf mm fd md 07 Jan 2017
Cleaning Time mc md ex be 03 Sep 2016
Dogged in the Dirt mc mf md be hm 15 Apr 2017 29 Jul 2017
Doggies Don’t Wear Clothes mc mm fd 01 Nov 2014
Doggies Make Good Maids mc mf fd hm 16 Jan 2016
Doing Daisy and Donna mc mf ff md hm in 02 Jan 2016
Drilled by Desmond mc mm fd hm 14 Nov 2015
Hashtagged mc mf md 02 Dec 2017
Herded mc mf ff mm md in la 07 Jul 2018
LoveLocked mc ff md hm in 28 Oct 2017
LoveLocked: Locking Down Stepdaughter mc ff md in 04 Nov 2017
LoveLocked: WokeWired mc mf mm fd 02 Dec 2017
Tommy’s Wife Turns Him Out mc mm mf fd hm 06 Aug 2016