The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Aginor


Email Status: Valid as of May 2008

Story Codes Added Updated
The Doctor: Donna and Jack mc mf md hm ma 22 Jun 2013
The Doctor: Gwen and Shawn mc mf md ft hm 11 Jul 2015
The Doctor: Jenny, Max, and Melissa mc mf ff md fd in hm 04 Oct 2014
The Family mc mf ff md fd in 18 May 2008 15 Feb 2009
In Therapy (Aginor) mc mf md fd 21 Sep 2008
Newlyweds mc mf 20 Nov 2010
Room for Rent mc mf md in hm ma 12 Nov 2011
A Time and Place mc mf md fd hm 18 Mar 2017
What I Do mc mf md 13 Oct 2001
What We’re Thankful For mc mf md in ft 27 Nov 2011