The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Baochai Jya


Email Status: Valid as of April 2009

Story Codes Added
Bellwether Ranch mc mf fd 29 Aug 2009
Butterfly Dreams mc mf fd ft hm 20 Mar 2010
Catsuit mc mf fd ft gr 18 Apr 2009
Happy Birthday, Mistress! mc ff 08 May 2010
Instar mc mf fd gr ft 05 Sep 2009
Luv Bunny mc mf md gr 25 Apr 2009
Man, What Is He Good For? mc mf fd 04 Jul 2009
Perpetuating Plutonian Propogation Punishment mc ff mf fd md gr hu in sf 03 Oct 2009
Puppy (Baochai Jya) mc ff ft 20 Mar 2010
Sea Foam mc ff mf fd ft gr in 04 Dec 2010