The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Borbin


Email Status: Valid as of October 2021

Story Codes Added Updated
Detention in Stepford High mc md ft 09 Feb 2019
Discussion Thread: Does anyone have any interesting experiences using the Mind Control App? mc mf ff mm md fd 13 Jun 2020
Friend Zoned No More! mc mf md 09 Oct 2021
A Hippy Goes Republican. mc mf md 09 Mar 2024
How Two Best Friends Became Lovers mc ff 04 Jun 2022
If You Can’t Find the Perfect Woman… mc mf md gr 21 Jan 2023
Indian Bride mc mf md gr 04 May 2019
A Lesbian in Stepford mc mf md gr 02 Jun 2018
My Wife is a Lesbian mc mf md 03 Nov 2018
No Straights Allowed mc ff 11 Aug 2018
The Stepford High School Dance mc mf md gr 23 Sep 2023
Stepford’s Agony Aunt mc md gr 22 Jun 2019 09 May 2020
Welcome to Stepford mc mf md gr 22 Jul 2017 11 Aug 2018