The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: CNP


Email Status: Valid as of March 2009

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Story Codes Added Updated
Ashley Wants A Fat Cow mc mf ff gr la 28 Jun 2014
Candace the Cowherd mc ff gr la 17 Aug 2013
Cash Cow mc ff gr la 31 Jul 2010
Cowherd mc ff gr la 01 Mar 2009
The Customer is Always Right mc mf ff 28 Mar 2015
Dry Doctor to Wet Nurse mc ff la 28 Mar 2015
The Facial Spa mc mf ff ma la gr 16 Aug 2014 23 Aug 2014
Ghost Demon of the Tree mc ff la gr 13 Sep 2014
Her Husband’s Hucow mc ff ma la gr ds 02 Nov 2019 21 Dec 2019
It Would Behoove You to Believe Me mc mf ff gr la 01 Feb 2014
It’s Only Fair mc mf ff la gr be 28 Mar 2015
Luxury Pets mc mf la gr 23 Aug 2014
Malaking Suso Resort and Spa mc mf ff ma la gr ds 28 May 2016 01 Oct 2016
Milk Island mc ff mf gr la 16 Nov 2013
Milking the Bank mc mf gr la 05 Oct 2013
The Modern Erotic Doll mc mf gr la 23 May 2015
Moo Thai mc mf md gr la 03 May 2014
Mooed to Order mc mf gr la 12 Dec 2015
Rebuilding the Herd mc mf ff bd gr la 25 Jan 2014
Subconscious Reality mc mf md gr bd ft 05 Mar 2011
Unholy Spirit Hospital mc ff gr la 11 Oct 2014
Ventriloquism mc mf gr la 26 Oct 2013
When the Cows Come Home mc mf ff la gr bd ds 26 Jul 2014
Why Buy the Cow mc mf gr la 24 May 2014