The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Cait


Email Status: Valid as of June 2000

Story Codes Added Updated
All My Sins in Silver mc mf md rb 02 Dec 2000
And Then She Was Gone mc mf md 16 Feb 2003
Beating the.... Christmas Rush: A Perfect World Christmas mc mf md fd rb 02 Dec 2000
Brainwash in Warm Water to Prevent Shrinkage mc mf md ft 07 Jan 2001
Diaries I Wrote in My Head When Alone and in Chains and Loving Every Moment of It mc mf md bd 03 May 2003
Doctor Bob mc mf md 29 Oct 2000
Doctor Dick and Jane mc mf md fd 09 Feb 2003
Doggie Style mc mf md 29 Oct 2000
Dressing Deborah mc ft rb 25 Nov 2000
Edge of Oblivion mc mf ff md fd hu sf 09 Dec 2000 21 Jul 2001
Genetic Makeup mc mf md gr 13 Jan 2001
Goo mc mf md fd 30 Dec 2000
Goo 3: The Right to Remain... Sticky mc mf 21 Jul 2001
Goo2: Here Today, Goo Tomorrow mc mf 20 Jan 2001
Good Night’s Sleep mc mf md 27 Jan 2001
In a Perfect World mc mf md fd rb ft 18 Nov 2000
In Her InterFACE mc mf md gr 20 Jan 2001
Insert Dildo A into Slot B mc ma 30 Dec 2000
Inside the Box mc mf md 11 Nov 2000
Job Placement mc mf md in 10 May 2003
Men ARE from Mars and Women Love Penis mc mf md 10 May 2003
Mother Knows Best mc mf fd hm ma 10 May 2003
Princess Wets the Rug mc mf md 14 Jul 2001
Remote Location mc mf md fd rb 18 Nov 2000
Sometimes It’s What’s Inside That Counts mc mf md rb 17 Feb 2001
This Program was Brought to You by the Color Purple mc mf md 16 Feb 2003
This Program was Brought to You by... the Number 2 mc mf md hu ft 12 Apr 2003
Tiffany Red Vs. Sonya Green—Spy on Spy mc ff hu ds rb sf 02 Feb 2003
Tom Shackley Tames A Shrew mc mf md 24 Jun 2000
You’re All Mime mc mf md 16 Feb 2003