The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Cindy Silver Eyes


Email Status: Valid as of May 2011

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Story Codes Added
Café Beirut mc mf ff md 16 Jul 2011
Captured Mind mc mf md hm 21 May 2011
Cruel Dominatrix Alexis mc mf ff bd hm 16 Jul 2011
A High School Reunion of Different Sorts mc mf md bd hm 13 Aug 2011
Obnoxious mc mf ff md 21 May 2011
Owned by Olivia mc ff bd 09 Jul 2011
Principal Power mc mf ff md hm 07 Apr 2012
Sisters (Cindy Silver Eyes) mc mf ff md hm in 21 May 2011
The Tip mc mf md 26 Jun 2011