The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: D. Holzer


Email Status: Valid as of February 2002

Story Codes Added
Cassie’s Challenge mc mf md 02 Jun 2001
Crazy from the Touch mc mf md 08 Sep 2001
Gene, Jean, and the Go-Between mc mf md fd bd 13 Oct 2001
Indirect Action mc mf md 19 Jan 2002
Just Go Along With It mc mf md 23 Sep 2001
The Latest Virgin mc mf md fd 30 Jun 2001
Mesmerized By A Christmas Elf mc mf fd 29 Dec 2001
Motherlode mc mf fd in 21 Jul 2001
My Brief Career mc mf md hu 23 Jun 2001
My New Career mc mf md hu 14 Jul 2001
My Real Estate Career mc mf md hu 11 Aug 2001
Penny’s Turn-On mc mf ff md rb 13 Jul 2002
Release mc mf md 21 Oct 2001
So Very Happy mc mf md 29 Jun 2002
Ugly, Stupid and Fat mc mf md ft 03 Aug 2002