The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Downing Street


Email Status: Valid as of September 1998

Story Codes Added
Acid of the Mind mc mf ff md gr 14 Oct 2000
Bawdy and Soul mc mf ff fd 14 Aug 2004
Beauty and the Boots mc mf ff fd ft 31 Jan 1999
Benched mc mf md ft 21 Mar 2015
Bimbeauville mc mf md gr 09 Jul 2016
Bimbo Eyes mc mf md ft 27 Nov 1999
Birthday Present (Downing Street) mc mf ff md ft 30 May 2015
Business Reversal mc mf md ft hm 04 Nov 2000
Carlotta’s Colourful Christmas mc mf ff md ft 14 Dec 2002
Cassandra’s Late Lunch mc mf md ft 08 Mar 2003
The Chair mc mf ff md 02 Oct 2005
Chapter 7 mc ff md ft 02 Feb 2019
Child Psychology mc mf ff md ft 24 Feb 2001
Conversation Pieces mc mf md 12 Mar 2000
Cora, the Craft, and the Company mc mf ff fd ft 17 Apr 2004
Cromwell’s Court Case mc mf md 20 Sep 1999
Evening Commute mc mf ff gr ma 02 Jan 2016
Happy to Oblige mc mf md ft 05 May 2001
Harry Boobday mc mf md gr 21 Jun 1997
Heather Hurts Her Hand mc mf md gr 08 Feb 2004
The Hotter Than Hell Anthology mc mf ff md 02 Jul 2006
I Beg to Differ mc mf md 26 Aug 2000
Incident at the Airport mc mf ff md ma 24 Mar 2001
Investigative Journalism mc mf md ft 24 Jan 1999
Iris and the Virus mc mf md ft 06 Mar 2010
Jaywalker mc mf md ft gr 26 May 2018
Lovebright Academy mc mf md 11 May 1998
The Man in the Park mc mf ff md fd 24 Oct 2015
Movie Mania mc mf md ft 06 Feb 2000
Nice Guy (Downing Street) mc mf md 17 Apr 2005
Oral Exam mc ff md ft ma 21 Nov 1998
Patient 614 mc mf ff md ft 28 Mar 1999
Pink Elephants and Yellow Boots mc mf md ft 04 Jun 2006
Preposterously Posh mc mf ff fd ft 21 Dec 2019
Quickies mc mf ff md 24 Sep 2005
Ringtones mc mf md ft 05 Feb 2006
Shrink, Rapt mc mf ff md in 09 Aug 2003
Simon Says mc mf md ft 21 Nov 1998
Sleep Time mc mf md 12 Feb 1997
Split Ends mc mf md hm ft 04 Nov 2000
Stanley’s Science Project mc mf md in ft 15 Aug 2015
Stealing Sleep mc mf md ft 26 Jun 2004
Stripnotized mc mf ex ma hm 04 Jun 2016
Stupid Boots mc mf md ft 13 Jun 2004
Summer Holidays mc mf md ft 24 Jun 2000
Talked Themselves Into It mc mf ff md ft 10 May 2003
Thrillatex mc ff mf fd 19 Mar 2016
Two For the Road mc mf ff md 14 Nov 2004