The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Griz T. Orc


Email Status: Valid as of February 2010

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Story Codes Added Updated
Alpha Male’s Paradise mc mf ff md ds ex ft 11 May 2019
Bluepilled mc mf md in ds sf 24 Aug 2019 07 Sep 2019
Capes and Crepes mc mf md ft ex ds hm bd cb 09 May 2015
The Executive Executive Assistant mc mf md bd ds ex ft hm 30 Apr 2016
Free Hugs For Sale mc ff cb 23 Feb 2019
The Great Debate mc mf md ft bd ds ex rb sf ts 28 Apr 2018
Hard Sell mc ff mf md ds ex ft sf 22 Jun 2019
Julia’s Power mc mf ff md fd 09 Apr 2016
The Last Warlock mc mf ff md fd ft 18 Jun 2022 28 Oct 2023
Links of the Chain mc ff 28 May 2016 04 Aug 2018
Nice and Tidy mc mf md 20 Feb 2010
Nine Months Ago mc mf md in 25 Apr 2009 20 Feb 2010
River City Stories, Volume 4 mc mf ff md fd rb cb 29 Jun 2019
Teach That Girl A Lesson mc mf ff md in bd ds hm 11 Feb 2023 18 Feb 2023
Teaching Her a Lesson: In the Dungeon of the Dragon mc mf ff md fd bd ds ex ft hm hu 03 Sep 2022 17 Sep 2022
Teaching Her a Lesson: Long Term Substitute mc mf md 26 Jun 2021 17 Jul 2021
The Witch and the Watch mc mf md ds gr 07 Jul 2018 31 Oct 2020