The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: If I Was Not You


Email Status: Valid as of June 2014

Story Codes Added Updated
Back to Nature (If I Was Not You) mc mf ff md sf 18 Mar 2017
Belonging mc ff 05 Jul 2014
Brave New World mc ff 09 Aug 2014
Career Switch mc mf ff md fd 16 May 2015
Charade mc ff 21 Jan 2017 04 Nov 2017
Common Decency mc mf in 21 Feb 2015
Continuous/Updatable Neuropositive Therapy mc ff in 22 Nov 2014
Disconnected from the Hive mc ff 28 Jan 2023
The Enchanted Forest mc ff sf 03 Dec 2016
Everyone Is a Hypnotist mc ff 22 May 2021
The Fountain of Youth mc ff mf fd md 10 Sep 2016
Hired Help mc ff ft rb 04 Jun 2016
I, Robot-Maid mc ff mf rb 05 Mar 2022
Master PC: The Sisters mc ff in 24 Jun 2017
MasterPC: Office Politics mc mf ff md fd hm 14 Nov 2015
MasterPC: Victimology mc ff mf gr 04 Nov 2017
The Neuro-Device mc ff 21 Jun 2014
Nymphos of the Sky mc ff mf sf 08 Apr 2017
Pink Mirror mc ff sf 03 Mar 2018
A Shot in the Dark mc ff 06 Feb 2016
Space Invaders of the Mind mc mf ff md sf 22 Nov 2014
Tramp Stamp (If I Was Not You) mc mf ff md 21 May 2016
True desire mc ff mf 13 Sep 2014
Upregulated mc ff sf 06 Jul 2019