The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: In Cognito


Email Status: Valid as of November 2022

Story Codes Added Updated
The Bernheim Academy Project mc mf ff md fd 26 Aug 2023 09 Sep 2023
Daniel’s Dilemma mc mf ff md 02 Dec 2023 16 Dec 2023
A Daughter Dilemma mc mf ff mm md in 04 May 2024
The Fetterville Complex mc mf mm ff md fd 21 Jan 2023 25 Feb 2023
Georgie Tells Her Tale At Last mc mf ff md in ws 17 Dec 2022
Gilligan’s Gift mc mf ff mm md in ws 04 Nov 2023
Her Pleasure My Purpose mc ff mf fd ws 20 May 2023
Hotel Anteros mc mm 05 Nov 2022
Hotel Anteros — The Return mc mf mm 12 Nov 2022
I’ll Do Anything, If It’s For Research mc mf ff mm sc be 20 Apr 2024
New Sales Horizons mc mf mm md 04 May 2024
Owning the Chief Exec mc mf ff md 04 May 2024
Restaurant Service mc mf ff mm md 27 Apr 2024
Sonia’s Slide Into Servitude mc mf ff fd sc 17 Feb 2024
Victoria’s Vanishing Volition mc mf ff md fd be 11 May 2024 08 Jun 2024
Who’s A Pretty Toy Then? mc mf ff mm md in 11 May 2024
Winterstead mc mf ff fd md 19 Nov 2022 04 Feb 2023