The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Jackpot


Email Status: Valid as of September 2001

Story Codes Added Updated
Becoming Her Maid mc ff 23 Sep 2001
The Bra mc ff mf fd md ft 15 Jun 2002
Bred by My Secretary mc ff 13 Oct 2001
Doctored Into a Cage mc ff mf fd md bd hm 15 Mar 2009 27 Nov 2010
In His Own Sex Land mc mf fd 07 Mar 2009
Ms. Calypso and the Vanishing Act mc ff bd 18 Apr 2009 25 Apr 2009
Sink mc ff mf fd ft bd 10 Nov 2001
Social Security Slut mc ff mf fd 29 Sep 2001
White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers mc ff mf fd be 05 Jul 2003