The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Mesmer Eyes


Email Status: Valid as of October 1999

Story Codes Added
After Sales Service mc mf md 05 Aug 2000
The Butler Did It mc mf md 14 Oct 1999
The Confidence Trick mc mf md 25 Aug 2001
Cruise Control mc mf md 12 Aug 2000
The Gambler mc mf ff md 09 Dec 2000
Heaven Scent mc mf md 20 Dec 1999
Love Thy Neighbor mc mf md fd 19 Jul 2003
New Directions (Mesmer Eyes) mc mf ff md fd 10 Feb 2001
Rubber Ball mc mf md ft 07 Nov 1999
Sharp Practice mc mf md 10 Feb 2001
Sitting Target mc mf md 23 Apr 2000
Zaretia and the Hypnotist mc mf md 13 Jan 2001