The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Nicky Noxville


Email Status: Valid as of July 2016

Story Codes Added Updated
Adventures of Admiral Columbia: Reunion mc mm ds hm ws sf cb 23 Feb 2019
Arabian Night mc mm in hm bd ex 23 Mar 2019
The Desmond Brothers mc mm in 09 Jul 2016
Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Dilemma mc mm ds hm ft sf 21 Sep 2019
The First Dive mc mm ft 16 Oct 2010
Hard Candy (Nicky Noxville) mc mm 16 Oct 2010 13 Sep 2014
Push (Nicky Noxville) mc mm ma hm 23 Mar 2019
Seven Minutes in Devin mc mm ds hm 02 May 2020
Smoke and Drums: The Scout mc mm ma hm bd ds ex sf 28 Sep 2019
The Student Becomes the Master (Nicky Noxville) mc mm hm 26 Jan 2019
The Student Becomes the Master: Spin the Wheel mc mm hm 26 Jan 2019
Summoning Demons for Pleasure and Profit mc mm 12 Jan 2019
Supernatural mc mm 16 Oct 2010
Toothpaste mc mm 13 Sep 2014
The Virtue of Chastity mc mm ma hm 12 Jan 2019
Wormholes mc mm ma ex hm 08 Aug 2020