The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: SleepyShamrock


Email Status: Valid as of September 2021

Story Codes Added
Aurora Awakens mc mf md 02 Oct 2021
Aurora is a Pretty Girl: Pretty Girl Sleeps mc mf md 05 Mar 2022
Being Neighborly mc mf md 18 Sep 2021
Daddy Owns Us All mc mm ft 06 May 2023
Daddy’s Spiral Girl mc mf md 01 Jan 2022
Daddy’s Spiral Girl Undone mc mf ff md fd 26 Feb 2022
Don’t Fall Asleep in Class mc mm 11 Sep 2021
Falling Ashes mc md 26 Feb 2022
How to Deal With a Bully mc mf md 25 Sep 2021
Living My Dream mc mf md in 20 May 2023
The Session Must Not Be Interrupted mc mf mm md fd in 03 Jun 2023
Valentina’s Night Out mc mf fd hm 19 Feb 2022