The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Terinas Tiger


Email Status: Valid as of July 2016

Story Codes Added Updated
An Artifical Life mc mf fd fu gr la 26 Dec 2020 02 Jan 2021
Changes Made mc mm ma ft fu ex 04 Mar 2017
Dragon Milk mc mm 31 Dec 2022
The Guardian of Set: A Tiger Tail mc ft 23 Jul 2016
Pathogen: Locked In A Room mc mm ma fu hu sf 04 Jan 2020
Sisselixer 2: Free Refill mc mm gr fu 26 Dec 2020 13 Mar 2021
Tiger Tails: SissElixer mc mm ft ds ex sf hu 20 May 2017
Tiger Tails: Three Weeks a Hypno-Bear mc mm 23 Jul 2016
Welcome to the Jungle... Nursery mc mm sc ws hm fu 07 Jan 2017 08 Apr 2017