The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: TexTrance


Email Status: Valid as of November 2000

Story Codes Added Updated
Allison On Top mc mf ff fd 20 Jan 2001
Barbara Becomes Bi mc ff mf fd 07 Jul 2001
Body and Soul mc mf fd 19 Sep 2004
Chloe Finds Fraternity mc mf md 24 Jun 2007
Circle of Power (TexTrance) mc ff 14 May 2011
Counting the Cupcakes mc ff 17 Sep 2010
Dragon Influence mc ff mf mm fd 13 Jul 2008
Dragon Spirals mc ff 24 Feb 2008
Getting Her Number mc mf ff md fd 04 Jun 2006
Going the Other Way mc mf ff fd 05 Jan 2003
Gordon Gets the Message mc mf fd 09 Feb 2008
Helping Erin Out mc ff 05 Feb 2005
Howard and the Hooker mc mf fd 20 Apr 2008
The Jaguar Princess mc mf ff fd 09 Dec 2000
Lana Leads the League mc ff mf fd 05 Jan 2002
Larry Learns the Loop mc mf ff fd 01 Mar 2008
Lost Weekend, Found Lifestyle mc mf mm ff fd 25 Nov 2000
Meeting Megan Again mc ff 08 Jun 2002
Small Is Beautiful mc ff mf fd 04 Oct 2003
Turning Things Around mc mf ff fd 15 May 2010 22 May 2010