The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Topper

Story Codes Added Updated
Are There Aliens Out There? mc mf fd 19 Sep 2009
The Assassin mc mf fd 07 Aug 2010
A Dangerous Alluring Enchantress = Lorelei mc mf fd 27 Feb 2010
Destiny mc mm 18 Oct 2009
The Foreign Student mc mf fd 26 Sep 2009
From Hire Help to Goddess mc mf fd 31 Jul 2010
From Riches to Rags (Topper) mc mf fd 10 Sep 2010
The Hair Dresser (Topper) mc mf fd 09 Jan 2010
I Lost My Mind and Virginity to a Widow mc mf fd 08 Aug 2009 03 Jan 2010
The Island of Doom mc mf fd 25 Apr 2010
New Neighbors (Topper) mc mf fd 06 Feb 2010
Selena My Mistress and Goddess in One mc mf fd 31 Jul 2010
Step Mom mc mf fd 03 Sep 2010
Veronica mc mf fd 13 Feb 2010
Was it the Wine or Her Blue Eyes? mc mf fd 20 Dec 2009