The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Trent Wolf


Email Status: Valid as of January 1999

Story Codes Added Updated
Accommodating the Couple mc mf md 14 Jun 2009
The Adventures of Freedom Chick: Trials of Dr. X mc mf ff md bd cb 06 Feb 2000
The Blackmail of Calico mc mf ff md 23 Mar 2013
The Blue Room mc mf ff md 01 Jul 2000 19 Aug 2000
Britley’s Indecent Proposal mc mf md 15 Jul 2000
Calico: Ensnared by the Red Octopus mc mf md cb 25 Nov 2012
Callie Colt: High Plains Grifter mc mf ff md fd 17 Jun 2000
The CD mc mf ff md 27 May 2000
CEO of the Year mc mf md 05 Jul 2014
The Chronicles of Dare Doll: Dr. Nightingale I Presume mc mf ff md cb 03 Sep 2006
Codename: Dominoe mc mf md 12 Dec 1999
Connections mc mf md 23 Apr 2000
Conscientious Objector mc mf md 17 Dec 2000
The D.A.T. mc mf md 26 May 2001
Danger Agents: Zoot Soot’s Torment mc mf ff md 14 Apr 2001
Dare Doll: Day of the Dead mc mf ff md 19 May 2001
Devlin: Rogue Spy Hunter mc mf md 18 Apr 2009
The DVD mc mf md 26 Aug 2000
The Erotic Legend Of Sleepy Hollow mc mf md 05 Dec 1999
The Hotter Than Hell Anthology mc mf ff md 02 Jul 2006
Jackie Fox: The Rookie Years mc mf md 26 Mar 2000 08 Apr 2000
Jackie Fox: Vice Detective—Black and Blue mc mf md 14 Aug 1999
Jennifer and Kim mc mf md 05 Apr 2009 10 Apr 2009
A Lesson for Laurel mc mf md 12 Sep 2009
Lilith mc mf md 31 May 2014
Lip Service (Trent Wolf) mc mf md 14 Dec 2008
Lost Neptune mc mf md sf 22 Dec 2001
Majikverse mc mf md 25 Oct 2009
Melting Ice mc mf md 19 Jan 2002
Mistress Fatale: A Tale of Two Masques mc mf md bd cb 31 Aug 2008
Payback (Trent Wolf) mc mf md 01 Feb 2014
A Perfect World mc mf ff md 12 Feb 2000
The Secret Place mc mf ff md 07 Nov 1999
Silver Seraphim: The Menace of Dark Depredator mc mf md cb 23 Aug 2008
Story Silver Seraphim: Hitmen, Inc. mc mf md cb 16 Sep 2023
The Superheroine Bride mc mf md cb 07 Sep 2008
Switching the Witches mc mf md 02 Oct 2021
Tales from the Club mc mf ff md 29 Jul 2000
Tales from the Club: Redefined Lines mc mf ff md 21 Dec 2013
Tales from the Club: Taming of the Cougars mc mf ff md 16 Aug 2008
The Taming of Diana mc mf md 18 Apr 1999
Up and Comer mc mf md 24 Jan 1999
What a Girl Wants mc mf md 30 Sep 2000
The Wheel of Fate mc mf md cb 25 Apr 2009