The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Victor Ramierez


Email Status: Valid as of August 2004

Story Codes Added Updated
The Analyst mc mf md bd 17 Sep 1998
Cadre mc mf ff md 10 Oct 1998
Cindy The Alien Baby Maker mc mf 14 May 2011
Controlling Thoughts mc mf md 12 Oct 2002
The Devil Made Me Do It mc mf md 27 Apr 2002 24 Aug 2003
The Flash Effect mc mf md 27 Dec 1998
Just Arrange It: Priestly Actions mc mf 14 May 2011
Master Telepath In Later Years: Liven Up The Meetings mc mf md 03 Sep 2006 14 May 2011
Master Telepath: A Blushing Bride mc mf md in 20 Oct 2002
Master Telepath: A Little Something For Dinner mc mf md 27 Apr 2002
Master Telepath: Church Every Sunday mc mf md 29 Dec 2002
Master Telepath: Family Get-together mc mf md 29 May 2005
Master Telepath: Girl Stuff mc mf ff md 04 Oct 2003
Master Telepath: Grocery Shopping For Fun mc mf md 11 Jan 2003
Master Telepath: Heading Home mc mf md 24 Aug 2003
Master Telepath: Is This The Right Size? mc mf md 12 Apr 2009
Master Telepath: Jogging’s Good For You mc mf md 06 Oct 2002
Master Telepath: Principal’s Punishment mc mf md 17 Apr 2004
Master Telepath: The Proper Rules Of Bridge mc mf ff md bd 09 Aug 2003
Master Telepath: Visiting The Nursing Home mc mf md 16 Feb 2003
Powerful Enough to Stop Time... mc mf md ts 18 Sep 2004 14 May 2006
Time-Travelin’ Telepath 1: Crashing A Wedding mc mf md 06 Apr 2008