The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Xban


Email Status: Valid as of August 2020

Story Codes Added Updated
Hypnosis Gone Wild mc mf ff md ex hm ft rb ts 19 Dec 2020 26 Dec 2020
Influencers mc ff ma hm ex ts 30 Apr 2022
Kollars mc mf md hm ex ts rb 15 Aug 2020 26 Sep 2020
The Maid’s Motto mc mf md fd ma hm ex ft 26 Sep 2020 29 Oct 2022
The Perfect Body mc mf md ex ts 26 Dec 2020
Royal Jewel mc mf fd hm ex 26 Dec 2020
Ruby (Xban) mc mf md hm ex 15 Aug 2020
Rules of Their Own mc mf md fd hm ex ts rb 19 Dec 2020
Transform or Dare mc mf ff md hm ex gr ts 26 Sep 2020 16 Jan 2021
Triggers (Xban) mc mf md hm ex ts 15 Aug 2020 26 Sep 2020